Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mushi Uta Volume 2: Main/Content Page

The Dream Calling Flame Moth
Author: 岩井恭平(Iwai Kyohei)Illustrator : るろう (Rurou)

Story Synopsis:

Devouring the dreams of humans, but giving its hosts supernatural powers in exchange, are the (Mushi) that appeared a decade ago. Kusuriya Daisuke, who belongs to a top secret agency and also known as the strongest Mushitsuki (Kakkou), is sent on a surveillance mission at Moira High School. The target to be monitored is a blind girl who treats Daisuke like an older brother, Senri. But then, due to an attack by one of the most dangerous Mushitsuki known as "The Original Three","Shinpu"; Senri was forced to go to an isolation facility via train!

On a journey that borders between love and hate, will burn the hearts of those who dream!!!


Chapter 0.00 Prologue: The Others
Chapter 1.00: The Others
Chapter 1.01: Daisuke Part 1
Chapter 1.02: Daisuke Part 2
Chapter 1.03: Daisuke Part 3
Chapter 1.04: Touko Part 1
Chapter 1.05: Daisuke Part 4
Chapter 2.00: Daisuke Part 5
Chapter 2.01: The Others
Chapter 2.02: The Others
Chapter 2.03: Daisuke Part 6 
Chapter 2.04: Touko Part 2 
Chapter 3.00: Daisuke Part 7
Chapter 4.00: Daisuke Part 8
Chapter 4.01: The Others
Chapter 4.02: The Others
Chapter 4.03: Daisuke Part 9
Chapter 4.04: Touko Part 3
Chapter 4.05: The Others
Chapter 4.06: The Others
Chapter 4.07: The Others
Chapter 4.08: Daisuke Part 10
Chapter 4.09: The Others
Chapter 4.10: Daisuke Part 11
Chapter 4.11: Touko Part 4
Chapter 4.12: The Others
Chapter 4.13: The Others
Chapter 4.14: Daisuke Part 12
Chapter 5.00: Senri The Last
Chapter 5.01: Daisuke The Last
Chapter 6.00: Touko The Last
Chapter Epilogue: A Heart

Afterword/Feedback from TL staffs + Fan arts

- PDF Download -

Wing (Translator)
Skat (Editor)
Akios (Editor)
Keito (Editor) - MIA -

Other Volume:
Sveroz (Translator)
Nooby2 (Editor) - MIA -


- Terms Corner -
SEPB’s classification:

Kashu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had outstanding ability in combat. Almost all of the currently existing Mushitsuki belong to this category.

Ishu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had some sort of special ability.

Hishu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had all sort of unique condition. This title is one of the rarest, not that many was given such title in the whole series. So far Shiika is the only one that had obtained this title. (Because she’s the only one that awakened from Fallen status.)

(Mushi) Types:

Minion Type: Also known as separation type whereas the Mushi would be separated from the host themselves. This is the most populated type of all, near 80% (estimated) of Mushitsuki population had this type.

Special Type: Every Mushi of this type have no physical shape of itself, but might form one when it actives its ability which would mostly likely be control of certain medium within its territory. IE: Fire, electricity, gravity, etc.

Fusion Type: The rarest type of all. The Mushi of this type would fuse itself with Mushitsuki’s body + weapon to active its ability and further grant super human strength, speed, and durability to its host.


If you know any translator that would like to help out, either Jap or Chi is fine, just post below or email me at Mushiutateam@hotmail.com and I'll get back to you.

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  1. well the content pages are certainly interesting...Senri looks so kawaii!XD

  2. Yeah, the content pages make this volume look quite interesting. Apparently Mushi-Uta didn't run of character intrigue and twists after volume 1. I'd like for Shiika to play a major role, but I guess I won't count on it. Good luck with everything and I look forward to more Mushi-Uta as your various obligations permit.

  3. Looks interesting. I see Kakou's gun is different in the picture then it was in the anime.

  4. I shall take this moment to thank Skat in joining the team, without him I would be the one editing the whole of volume 2, and that is way beyond Keito's capabilities, and as I am, what Wing sometimes defines as a drinker, I can be a little unreliable.

    Nonetheless, I signed up for this stuff when I agreed(or should I say was dragged into) joining the team, and i shall take the responsibilities, although, girls are still my top priority.

  5. The "Chapter 1.01: Daisuke Part 1" link here is hashtagged to the comment portion of the blog post.

  6. who's [ubuki]????? is it a girl O.O

    1. She's the cover page girl of Volume 3, a Fusion type user that has no-rank. [Other than her, all other Fusion type users are level one ranked <3~xD]

    2. ohhhhh....whats with that weird bandana on her head???

    3. it shall be explained in Volume 3 why she wears that bandana xD

    4. lol XD i cant wait

  7. @ wing-
    question; what is ubuki's dream and is it considered a weak dream since her fighting skill is a lot lower than the other fusion types o.o ?
    PS; from what i heard from various spoilers, her flying skills OP or somethin XD. if u had to rank her flying skill from 1-10, what would it be???

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. thnks for the answers and using ur time to give us some spoilers, wing

  8. Hey guys, sorry there was some mistake with some of the character's name.
    Endo Lori => Endou Iori [i'm fvking blind with that "I"]
    Goromaru Toko => Goromaru Touko [this i had no knowledge of until sveroz told me]

    And as for Touko's title, we changed it to Deputy branch director. [rather than minister].

    Sorry about those~
    I have already went back to the earlier chapters and fixed them.
    That's all

    And P.S: I finished TLing Chap 1.05 yesterday ^^, hopefully i can release it tomorrow or the day after.

  9. does any heroine ever die in mushiuta, other than rina lol xD

  10. whens sveroz translating mushiuta bug?

    1. He is finished with the first chapter of Mushi Uta Bug from what i have heard(it's pretty long, like 30 smth page in doc. However, it's probably gonna take him bit more longer since he is going through the Jap raw to make it more accurate + He doing some other stuffs. When the time comes, he will release it. Sorry for the wait he said.

  11. ranking of level one mushitsuki based on strength???

    1. Uhh, if i understood your question correctly, then yes. The ranking are based on strength, effectiveness of ability, experience, and etc.

    2. sooooo....is shiika the strongest?

    3. Her (Mushi)'s ability is very [OP/cheap], judging from what i have read. She is one of the strongest, but not the "Strongest". There's still other level ones down the road [IE: Harukiyo, (Hunter), (Marker User), etc] And not to mention (The Original Three) <- those are what you call, strong lol.

    4. lol (Marker User)?? best title ever XD!!!

    5. Ahah, thats my nicky for her so far. Dont look down on Markers!!! they own! especially this one~ U'll love her story =d

    6. owning markers?? WOW

    7. Hell ya she ownz! the warrior of "art", with 7 rainbow colors and each color has its own affect! Ahh, so much love for her as well, cant wait to release her volume =P.

  12. AHHH~~~ all this mushi talk makes me wish i could read the volumes.... do u have any chinese translated versions of mushiuta volumes???? =(

    1. ya i do, but can you read chinese? o.O It'd be useless if i hand it to you and you cant read it. (well you can still look at the pics but it would ruin all the fun xD)

    2. ya, i can read chinese, just that im too lazy to actually buy the volumes online XD
      can u send me the translations u have of mushiuta??? dont send me volume 1 or 2 b/c ur already translating it

    3. Lol, you don't have to buy them, it'd be nice if you do but if you can't [Wanna save up enough so i can buy some jap one]. There are other Chinese translated Mushi uta around. You can easily find them by using "Google" lol.

      Nevertheless, here's the one that i use to translate:

      For cover pictures and novels picture, you have to do a bit research around it. Beside that, you can just read the series there.

    4. Np! Let me know when u feel like helping out wif the translation lol, an extra hand is always nice. and Btw, keep the spoilers to yourself, don't go around telling what would happen and etc, [Only i can do that, xD jk].

      And also, i recommend you start reading from Volume 0.

    5. where can i read mushiuta bug??

    6. Ermm... It's not out yet, the first chapter should be here at the end of this month, i think. And also there will be a short teaser for it this week ( if i have time). stay tune =)

    7. Oh, if you're asking where to read the Mushi uta bug Chinese version, its in the same link that i gave above. If you mean the English version, its coming~

  13. thank you for the translation...
    i hope you can continue this project.....
    i want read the next chapter as soon as possible >.<

    1. Me and editor are currently busy with exams atm, but don't worry, all of the final chapters should be out very soon (in about a week or so, in probably in a pack =D)

  14. i wish you can translate this story until the last volume....
    i really want to read it >.<
    i really happy when i found this blog, i really sad when i know there's no second season for the anime... this blog is very helpful
    sorry i not really good in english especially in grammar-_-"

    1. It's fine. The latest volume for this series is volume 13th, which just came out this month. So ya, there's still a long way to go. There's only so much we can do in regarding to speed of the release, but don't worry, we won't abandon this series (at least for now, and only if theses a big issue).