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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.08: Daisuke Part 10

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat

Version: 1.01


Daisuke Part 10

Daisuke suddenly heard Akatsuki's scream as he tightly hugged Senri's shoulders.

“Iori-kun! Iori-kun!”

Something must have happened to Iori, but Daisuke could do nothing but feel anxious. Judging from the view through the window, the new bullet train didn't seem to have any signs of slowing down; it was still traveling at high speed.

The carriage that Daisuke and Senri were in was still covered by a burning aura. Senri’s (Mushi) appeared from the ceiling, widening its eyes while dangling its flame tongue at them.


The pale-faced Senri heard Daisuke’s call, and slightly opened her eyes.


At that instant, the flaming (Mushi) on the ceiling suddenly stopped its movement.

“Where is… everyone?”

Senri asked with a weak voice.

Daisuke bit his lips.

“They will be back soon! So you gotta pull yourself together okay?! Didn’t you want to see Haji?”

Upon hearing her brother’s name, she began to smile weakly as if she recalled him. Her slender fingers, that were holding Daisuke’s hand, gripped slightly stronger.

“I’m……fine, did you tell everyone that?”

Senri then tried to squeeze a cheerful smile.

The flaming (Mushi) seemed to have realized that that moment was not its best time to revolt. Its body slowly began to lose its color, as the flaming red aura enveloped the whole carriage, began to fade away.

Upon seeing this view, Daisuke then felt a glimmer of hope.

It...It’s not too late yet! If we were able to stop the new bullet train at once and allow Senri to recover… Then!
The reason why Senri began to lose control over her (Mushi) was definitely because of her body's condition was worsening. As long as she took a break, she would definitely be able to regain her stamina. That way, they would be able to avoid the maturation of Senri's (Mushi)… the worst outcome.

As if she was feeling sleepy from fatigue, Senri slowly closed her eyes.

In the carriage that regained its silence, Daisuke carefully placed Senri into her seat.

After taking a glance at Senri’s sleeping face, he bent down and picked up his goggles and revolver, as well as the pitch black long coat.

He heard from Ishimaki that reinforcements weren’t coming.

If so, then there was only one way left to protect Senri now.

“(Konoha), tell me the current situation……”

Daisuke said while facing the goggles.

He immediately got a response, but it was not from (Konoha), but rather Ishimaki.

“You need to hurry up and get out of there! If things have become like this already, then you have to live no matter happens. We can’t afford to lose you!”


“In regard to Haji-kun’s sister, I can only say it’s regretful but there’s nothing we can do…… Please endure it no matter what happens. If we lose you, there will be more and more Mushitsuki in the future. You’re the only one left that can defeat (The Original Three). So please!”

Daisuke softly caressed sleeping Senri’s forehead.

“I’ll be right back……Senri… so please wait for me… I’ll bring you to see Haji really soon.”

Senri was just like a little sister who admired him innocently. There was no way Daisuke would abandon her, not to mention he still hadn't pass on the words that Haji entrusted onto him.

After smiling weakly at Senri, Daisuke immediately put up a serious expression.

“The battle at the end of the train is still continuing…… and I have yet to confirm the situation in the front car. In addition, I have also heard the ringing sound that proves that (Shinpu) is near my position……”

“You can’t! Please immediately get out of there! The Headquarters intended to eliminate you along with Haji-kun’s sister.”

“Even without engaging, there’s still a way to stop the train.”

After Daisuke briefly spoke, he began to move toward the front car. Although he said so to Ishimaki, he didn’t know whether or not he could do it for certain.

(Shinpu) is at the front, huh…

Daisuke then wore the pitch black long coat over his uniform.

“Didn’t you want to protect (Fuyuhotaru) at the East Central Division?”

Ishimaki’s sudden line strongly caused Daisuke's determination to waver.

Shiika ---

He input more force into his hand that was holding the revolver.

The new bullet train probably needed tens of minutes before it could arrive at Ouka City. As long as they could reach Ouka City, there would eventually be a solution to solve everything.

With a turn, Daisuke began to walk forward once again.

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Btw, Mushi Uta's 13 volume is coming out in Oct 1st, really excited ^^.


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