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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 1.02: Daisuke Part 2

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat, Keito

Version: 1.04


Daisuke Part 2

“Dai-kun, it feels like your hand has become much warmer and gentler than before.”


Housawa Town --- A country side town with a population of around thirty thousand residents presently, and declining gradually over the years— mainly due to the fact that the young residents were moving out one by one.

And since most of the large buildings were concentrated near the station, if one was to leave the station and walk along the national highway for a bit, there would be only a few sporadic entertainment facilities waiting ahead of them.

After the two of them walked for almost ten minutes from the station; fresh air began to fill their lungs as the tip of a mountain that was crowned in snow could be seen in a distance.

Daisuke was holding hands with Haji Senri as they walked at the outskirts of the town. The surrounding scenery was divided into two, either residential area or farm land, by the path they were walking on. And since the time was just a bit past noon, they could barely see anyone on the road.

Senri smiled as she spoke while maintaining her gaze on Daisuke's chest.

Daisuke’s heart felt a slightly throbbing pain.

Senri had the most pure and frank smile out of everyone. Whenever he saw her smiling face, he would feel himself immersed in a familiar sense of comfort. Yet, it was as if Senri could see through the guilt that piled up in Daisuke’s heart, with her pair of eyes that could never gaze directly at Daisuke’s eyes.

“I’m not gentle at all...”

Daisuke exposed a wry smile, and re-gripped Senri’s hand. Her hand was much more gentler and warmer than his. Even though they were small, Daisuke could feel his hand being enveloped by her warmth.

Senri giggled lightly.

“Ara, Dai-kun, are you being shy?”

“… Ah, Red light. Stop for a second.”


The two of them stopped walking in front of the red light. Daisuke who was carrying his Boston backpack, and Senri who was holding her cane with one hand, were holding each other’s hands as they exhaled a blow of white mist.

A brief silence then fell between them.

Senri was congenitally disabled.

Daisuke met Senri when they were both in sixth grade in elementary school. And Daisuke at that time had just been adopted by Haji, and shortly after, Haji introduced Senri to him. Daisuke felt slightly troubled at first, but after he realized that, besides being blind with a frail body, Senri was actually a very normal girl, he then felt much comfortable being with her. Later however, the fact that Senri was extremely sensitive to smells and changes in others feeling, often surprised him.

Daisuke used to live here at Housawa Town with Senri, back when he was in Junior High. Ever since then, he always treated the always thoughtful and smiling Senri as his own younger sister.

Just then, a truck drove by in front of them.

Senri suddenly coughed a few times; and upon seeing this, Daisuke pulled Senri’s hand.


“It might be a bit longer, but we should take the field path.”



“Nope, not at all!”

Senri exposed a rather happy smile.

“Ah, I can hear the signal of the green light. Let’s go!"

Senri then began to jog across the crosswalk with a fast pace, while holding Daisuke's hand; which clearly showed her trust in him.

"Wait, there's crack in front, be careful."

"Hehe, you’re just like Miki-san and Iori-kun — always so worried over me. They would always get angry at me whenever I start running."

After crossing the crack with her cane, Senri puffed her cheek slightly and complained.

The Miki that Senri just mentioned was the woman that's currently taking care of Senri now, while Iori supposed to be one of Senri's friends that he just met before.

After getting into a field through the gap of the roadside fence, the two of them resumed their walking on a road that was covered with sands.

The countryside road during winter time was always very quiet. Their footsteps sounded lightly before blending into the quiet surroundings, and disappeared into the fresh air. Raising her hand which was carrying the cane, Senri stretched her body outward.

"Ah --- It feels so good! I haven't walked here for a long time. I think I stopped coming here after Dai-kun left for Ouka City."

"Happy is good, but be careful not to fall in."

"Eh --- What should I do? If I fall in, would you come and save me?"

"I won't save those that deliberately fall in!"

"Ah --- So mean! I take back what I said; you're not gentle at all!"

Even though Senri was puffing her cheeks as if she was angry, she immediately returned to her smiling self afterward. Daisuke also smiled as he helped Senri to adjust her direction.

At the end of the field, a big residential area could be seen; the apartment that Senri was living in was among them.

"Oh, by the way Dai-kun. Is Onii-chan okay?"

--- Thump

His heart skipped a beat.

In order to conceal his shaken emotions, Daisuke pretended to be calm while answering:

"The usual stuffs... He has to take care of a lot of troublesome cases, very busy."

"He hasn't contacted me lately, so I'm a bit worried... I guess the work of a government official is really hard."

After seeing Senri expose a wry smile, Daisuke eased his tensions.

Since Senri was extraordinarily sensitive to others' change of emotion, it was very difficult to deceive her. Moreover, the fact that he was deceiving her itself was unbearable to him.

Senri believed that her older brother, Haji, was actually just an ordinary government official of the Bureau of Legislative Affairs. She didn’t know anything about the SEPB or its secretive content. And of course, she didn't know about Daisuke's secret as well. Senri could probably never imagine that Daisuke is a Mushitsuki, and the fact that Haji is the one in charge of him as well.

"Does he eat on time? Even though Onii-chan is smart, he doesn't know how to take care of himself."

"Mhm --- That guy does have that sort tendency."

"Dai-kun, you're also the same!"


"When you're sad, you always think about something else. And even if your hands are cold, you tend to ignore it. I always felt that... you seem to hate yourself."


Senri held up the expressionless and quiet Daisuke's hand closer to herself. Before overlapping it with her other hand that was holding the cane, and then she held tightly onto Daisuke's hand.

"Even now, your hands are feeling colder than usual."

"… It’s probably because the wind is colder now."

"Then when I'm the only one by your side, let me warm you up ... …"

From the smiling Senri's hand, came waves and waves of warmth; the same warmth that had melted away his confusion and mixture of emotions many times before.

While immersing himself into the sleeping-like sense of comfort, he thought to himself:

---- Senri, I'm sorry, I …

He suddenly recalled the promise made between him and Haji Keigo.

Before losing his consciousness, Haji had entrusted his will onto Daisuke. Yet, Daisuke was unable to say his will now... a drilling pain pierced through his heart painfully.

"Ah... sorry for stopping all of sudden. Let’s go."

Senri released one of her hands, and took a step forward. Yet on her face that turned away, a slight faint blush could be seen.

"I'm happy that I can go to school with Dai-kun again! It must be hard for you that your uncle is constantly switching place right? How long can you stay here for this time?"

Senri shyly finished up her words. And because Daisuke hadn't told her about his true reason for coming to Housawa Town yet, it seemed like the story has become something like his uncle was moving here due to his job. Consequently, Daisuke had to transfer here before him; and until they can find a place to stay, Daisuke would have to stay over at Senri’s Apartment for the time being.

"Mmm --- Probably not going to stay for so long."

"Really? I'm actually very happy at school right now; it'd be fun if you can stay for a bit longer."

"Is it because of those three that I met at the station before?"

Daisuke recalled the three teens that came along with Senri to the station. After a brief self-introduction to Daisuke, they left immediately after. It seemed today was their last day of winter recess, and they were there just to see Senri off.


Senri's expression suddenly brightened.

"They are all very nice and kind; tomorrow I will properly introduce them to you. Iori-kun and Azu-chan are in the same class as me. Dai-kun should also get along with them!"

It seemed like their relationship was quite good, Senri's expression was indeed very happy.

Because the SEPB had already finished Daisuke's transfer procedures a few days ago, and tentatively placed him into Senri's class, he could go to school tomorrow right away.

Daisuke then suddenly recalled the same age teens that he met before.

The guy named Iori was probably the guy who had sharp eyes, and a messy spiky hair. His full name should be Endou Iori.

"Iori-kun he umm... is actually very handsome guy! Even though he acts quite cold toward others, he is still very famous among the girls. And not to mention he had already became the ace of the soccer team despite him being only a freshman. But he worries too much over me, every time he sees me walking on the street alone; he will immediately lose his temper."

"Oh, that guy is actually quite simple eh?!"

Right after Daisuke finished, Senri tilted her head in puzzlement and said: "He is simple?"

Upon seeing Senri's expression, Daisuke could not help but to smile wryly as he immediately understood that boy named Iori would probably have to work a bit harder, if he wished for Senri to find out about his feelings.

"Azu-chan is Iori-kun's childhood friend. I heard they’ve been together ever since kindergarten. Even though they appeared to quarrel all day long, their relationship is actually quite good. Azu chan's family believes in Christianity, hence she's a devoted Christian."

Azu was probably the girl who blindfolded Daisuke earlier on; her full name should be Sunakozaka Azu. Daisuke then remembered that she was wearing a cross necklace on her neck.

"Akatsuki-kun, umm what to say: He feels like a sunset."


Daisuke then recalled the teen that was standing next to Iori, a rather peaceful looking boy. His name was Ogata Akatsuki; a somewhat unique name.

"Mhm, He is very kind, but gives off a little lonely feeling sometimes. Maybe it's because he has a lukewarm personality? Ah, isn't sunset gold in color? So I think Akatsuki-kun must also be gold in color as well."

That was the first time Daisuke heard that sunset was gold. Did Senri heard from someone else? Or was it her own unique perception feelings?

"If I was to describe Iori-kun in color: it should be the rather cold yet precious water blue color. And since Azu-chan is always busy in and out, gets angry quite often, she should be the flaming red color."

"What about me?"

"Dai-kun... Hmm...?"

Senri sank into deep thinking, and became speechless.

Just then, Daisuke suddenly felt a surge of dizziness, as if he had fallen into a bottomless hole.


His knees weakened.

--- What... What is going on?!

After Daisuke had come back to his sense, he was already kneeing on the sand road, a strong sense of powerlessness then enveloped him. He completely didn't understand what had happened to him.


Because of Daisuke's sudden behavior, Senri suspiciously turned her head around.


On the ground ahead, a small insect flew about and landed in front.

That was Daisuke's (Mushi), a green colored Kakkou Mushi.

The tips of the Kakkou Mushi's wings were covered in burning flames, and those flames were slowly eroding its wings.

The powerlessness that enveloped Daisuke --- felt very similar to the moment when his dream was devoured by the (Mushi).

How come this is happening...?!

Daisuke looked up to Senri as she asked with a puzzled expression:

"Dai...Dai-kun, what happened?"

She then stretched her hand outward to look for Daisuke, and grabbed tightly onto him when she touched his arm.

Senri is a Mushitsuki.

Yet she herself didn’t know anything about it. Probably because she was still young at that time, or might have thought of it was just a dream, she had already forgotten everything about her becoming a Mushitsuki.

In addition, the reason why she was not aware of the fact that she is a Mushitsuki, was probably due to herself being blind and the unique trait of her (Mushi) that was infesting her.

Senri's (Mushi) would not devour its host's dream, but the dreams of others instead. Besides the existence of (The Original Three) that could give birth to Mushitsuki, Such a (Mushi) type had never appeared before in the past

However, even though Senri's (Mushi) would devour the dream of others, it didn’t give birth to Mushitsuki because of it. Not to mention her (Mushi) was very picky with its food, it would only devour the dreams of those that it likes. So far the target that it "eyed" on had only been Senri's older brother, Haji Keigo, and Daisuke. Yet ---

…… It had never devoured so much in one go in the past before! Why is it?

Daisuke's expression tensed as he whispered to himself in his mind.

He could feel a sense of emptiness, as if his chest was hollowed out. Even after the eroding flames disappeared from the Kakkou Mushi, the feeling still persisted.

"… I'm fine, just tripped over."

Daisuke stood up as he gently released Senri's hand that was clutching tightly onto him.

"Really... are you really sure? Are you not feeling well somewhere?"

"I'm just fine! Here!"

When he finished, he immediately went in front of Senri and bent down.


Daisuke lifted Senri onto his back in one go. After feeling her light weight upon him, He could not help but to think that, even the Boston backpack on his back was heavier than her.

"D-Dai-kun! What are you doing?! Put me down!"

"Senri, you look much worse off than me! Is it because you have walked too much?"

"Dai-kun, you still have luggage to carry...! I'm fine, h-hurry up and put me down now!"

"Hold on tight!"

"Eh? Ahya!"

Daisuke then started running across the field while carrying Senri. Senri's screaming could be heard behind him, echoing up and down.

After entering the residential areas, Daisuke finally let Senri down.

He wheezed as Senri next to him began to press her hand against her chest to stabilize her breathing.

"That... That sure was breathtaking after all … Let me take a rest."

"I can't believe it! Dai-kun, why are you forcing yourself?!"

Daisuke immediately replied with weak laugh in order to ease Senri's anger. If he were to take a short rest now, the energy that he had just used and his spiritual energy that was devoured, should be able to recover. If he didn’t do so, the perceptive Senri would definitely notice his abnormal condition...

The orange sunset was hanging at the end of the residential area.

Daisuke would always think of some people in the evening.

Shiika, and … Tachibana Rina.

They were the Mushitsuki that had the same dream as him. And even now, Shiika is still trying her best to overcome her (Mushi), While Rina --- she passed away in Daisuke's arms.

Just by thinking about them, Daisuke could feel the emptiness within his heart gradually being filled.

"Dai-kun, I'm sorry..."

Daisuke's heart raced a bit.

Turning around, he noticed that Senri was biting her lips lightly. He originally thought that she was apologizing because of her (Mushi), yet it didn’t seem to be the case. It looked like she was apologizing for the fact she had a frail body, and it made Daisuke worried.

“That’s not the right thing to say, is it?”

Daisuke adjusted his breathing rhythm, while holding Senri's hand and said very cheerfully:

“Shouldn’t it be “Thanks”?”

Senri then revealed a surprised look, before reverting back to her usual self while smiling:

"Mhm, Thanks..."

"Yup, that's more like it. Let’s go."

After walking for a few minutes, they arrived at the building that Senri was living at. They then took an elevator to the fourth floor where Senri's apartment was at and pressed the doorbell, the door immediately opened.

"Welcome back."

The one who greeted them was a smiling, tall, and slender female. She had a slender body figure and beautiful appearance; even her hand that clutched onto the door handle was quite slim.

Her name is Hasegawa Miki, the woman that had been taking care of Senri up until now. After Miki saw Daisuke, she invited him in with a smile.

"Daisuke-kun, welcome back to you as well!"

"I'm back."

Revealing a shy smile, Daisuke walked into the apartment.

The interior of the apartment was quite spacious. And perhaps the heater was turned on; Daisuke could feel a warm current flowing throughout the living room as he took off his coat.

Through the balcony that was outside of the window, the outdoor scenery could be seen. And since there weren't any tall buildings like theirs around the area, one could see the view of the whole residential district of Housawa Town in one glance.

After Senri finished saying, "I'm going to get changed", she left the living room. And since she was capable of handling daily life at home all by herself, all Daisuke and Miki did was watched her off.

"Give me your coat! I'll hang it up for you."

"Ah, thank you."

After passing his coat to Miki, Daisuke sat on the sofa.

"It has been almost three years since last time you lived with us right? Yet I felt like it just happened a short while ago, time sure flies… By the way, does saying stuff like that make me sound old?"

"Well, I felt like it happened long time ago, after all, I only lived here for a month."

"Daisuke-kun must have gone through quite a lot right? Well here at Housawa Town... no matter how many years it has been, things will never change. Oh, there would probably be less and less residents at most."

"Mhm, this place sure hasn't changed at all."

Daisuke sat on the sofa, and looked at the scenery outside the window.

Even after three year time period, Housawa Town’s scenery still hadn't changed a bit. Opposite of Ouka City that was in fast development, this town was known for its lush yet tranquil environment, which was exactly the reason why Senri is convalescing here right now.

"Daisuke-kun, you seem to have changed."

After Miki hung the coat on the hanger, she said that as she walked into the kitchen. She then poured the drinks from the refrigerator into cups before returning back. While taking the cup of drink from her, Daisuke tilted his head as he answered:

"Really? Senri just said that as well."

"It felt like you're manlier than last time I saw you. Ah, could it be that you gotten yourself a girlfriend?!"

"*Poof* ……!"

Upon seeing the chocking Daisuke, Miki raised the corner of her mouth to reveal a grin as she laughed:

"Ahaha, I see! Ohh, so Daisuke-kun is the type that will do it when he needs to eh?"

"I... I haven't done anything! And... she's not my girlfriend..."

"Huh? Not a girlfriend? But you still did what you have to do right? Arara, Daisuke-kun, that's bad ---"

"I said I haven't done anything yet!!"

Facing Daisuke with blushing red cheeks, Miki giggled maliciously with a smile. Just then, Daisuke suddenly recalled that Miki was the type that likes to tease people whenever possible.

Even if he was to argue any further, he would definitely get led by Miki for sure. Putting on a poker face, Daisuke began to quiet down as he slowly recalled Anmoto Shiika's shallow shy smile.

Shiika ----

How is she doing now?
Every time when he recalled her: a warm fuzzy feeling could be feel expanding within his heart.

"Daisuke-kun, why are you giggling to yourself like that?"


"Ah, I guess it can’t be helped after all, you're already that sort of age anyway. But even so, don’t you dare lay your fingers on Senri-chan! Keigo-san will butcher the shit outa you for sure!"

"I... I won't do anything of that sort okay?!"

Facing Daisuke's protest, Miki threw a "Who knows?" untrusting gaze at him.

"I'm gonna go get change as well."

It'd definitely be his disadvantage if they were to argue any further. Daisuke carried the Boston backpack that carried his luggage and stood up unhappily.


Miki's call made him turned his head around.

"I had already heard from you on the phone, Keigo-san's situation...…"

Daisuke saw Miki expose a rather delicate expression, but he kept it to himself.

Miki was originally a magazine model before becoming a home-stay fashion designer. Even though she was just an ordinary citizen that had no relationship with the SEPB at all, she knew about Haji and Daisuke's work. And despite Haji declaring their relationship as "friends", a friend normally wouldn't ask to take care of other's sister without asking for anything in return, right? Daisuke thought that it was quite suspicious.

"I know, I haven't said anything yet. But is Senri's condition really...…?"

"She's still pretending that everything is alright... but according to the result of the previous diagnosis, she has weakened quite a lot. So please, don't say anything or do anything that would provoke her right now, keep things as it is for the time being... okay?"

Daisuke bit his lips as he left the living room.

---- “I have words that I want you to…..pass on to my loved one"

Daisuke suddenly recalled Haji's words that he said before he lost consciousness. Even though he had made a promise to Haji, he was unable to even fulfill that promise now.

After standing in front of a room, feeling depressed, Daisuke opened the door.


The one, who sounded that voice, wasn’t Daisuke.

The first thing that reflected into his view, was her snow white skin.

Facing Daisuke, the teenage girl was about to put on her causal clothes after putting her former clothing onto the bed next to her.

Daisuke's thinking ability short-circuited right on the spot.

"W-Who is it? Don’t tell me..."

A voice then suddenly sounded behind Daisuke, which almost scared the living soul of out him.

"Sorry, sorry. Because you're too slow I came to check you out but I forgot to knock on the door. "

When he turned around, he could see Miki was standing behind him, squinting at him with her eyes.

Senri then eased her expression as she pulled some clothes in front of her chest.

"Miki-san... Please don’t scare me like that."

"I'm about to make dinner now, let me know right away if you want to eat something okay?"

After seeing Senri nodding her head, Miki closed the door.

"Daisuke-kun, didn't I told you already? ... Avoid any action that would provoke her?"

Daisuke didn't dare to say anything to answer Miki who was whispering at his ear. She then continued nonchalantly in whisper: "Oh, I forgot to mention, the room that you were using three years ago, Senri is using it now."

This woman must have done it on purpose! ---- Daisuke cursed loudly within his heart.

"This incident, I will hide it from Keigo-san. But remember! You owe me a big favor from now on!"

Miki snickered as Daisuke covered his blushing face with one hand and heaved a sigh, while shaking his head.

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    Just remembered that I'm supposed to be commenting on a chapter, ok, first of all, Senri is probably the cutest blind girl I've even seen, both in RL and in this twisted Japanese 2D universe, and somewhat I fell that the osananajimi effect is not that strong here, probably due to them being separated for so long, nonetheless, the force is strong with this ones.

    And overall, that seemed to be a very pleasant stroll, I can't remember that last time I did something like that, probably when I still lived in Brazil, need to do it again. By the way, I'm actually starting to consider finding a girlfriend just to do that, ok, no just for that... but it would be nice though.

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