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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 1.03: Daisuke Part 3

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat, Keito

Version: 1.04


Daisuke Part 3

Moira high school, a private university-affiliated high school that was located not far from Housawa Town. Even though it was a new school that was established along with its university counterpart few years ago, due to its casual environment and ethos of free style being widely acclaimed, the number of students enrolling were actually quite high. In addition, its trendily designed uniforms and high graduation rates were the top reasons as to why it was so popular.

Aside from those, the school was also famous for its mechanism that allowed the students to govern themselves and focus more on developing students’ creativity. Even though the effectiveness of the actual implementation was still unknown, it was one of the main reasons that Haji resided Senri in Housawa Town.

The whole school had about seven hundred students, compared to other high schools within the Housawa Town, it was quite a large number. In addition, most of the students from Moira High school came from the other cities.

During the morning homeroom, the teacher introduced Daisuke to the whole class.

“I’m Kusuriya Daisuke, nice to meet you all.”

After his short-introduction, large amount curious gazes were projected on Daisuke, yet he didn’t mind much because he had already gotten used to it.

At the last row of the classroom, near the door, Senri was waving at him quietly; her hair was tied into two twin tails above her ears. Daisuke had entered the same class as Senri, first year C class.

Sitting next to Senri, the teenage girl named Sunakozaka Azu was also smiling at Daisuke. While at the corner near the window, the teenage boy named Endou Iori was staring at Daisuke with his sharp glare.

Under the instruction of the teacher, Daisuke walked to his seat, which was the last one against the window; the seat right behind Iori.

After Daisuke seated, the morning homeroom soon continued. Right after the Teacher was finished with roll calling, he announced the safety measures of an incoming field-trip that would take place in two weeks; which were very much the same in every other schools.

Just then, Iori turned his head around to check on Daisuke.

“We met yesterday right? Please take care of me, Endou-kun.”

Daisuke greeted very friendlily, yet Iori responded with silence before turning his head around.

Like a bucket of cold water being poured against a wall, Daisuke’s kindness was demolished just like that. Just then, he felt someone was looking at him from the side; He then turned around and saw Azu was holding her hands together into a posture as if she was saying “Sorry”.

“Hey, I’m Kanari Yoichi. Nice to meet you! Kusuriya-kun!”

The teenage boy who sat next to him kindly greeted him, with a relieved feeling, Daisuke replied with:

“Nice to meet you”.

Although Kanari seemed like a very friendly and honorable student, Daisuke noticed that he had a tattoo sticker that was quite popular recently around his neck area. It was not very obvious, but does the school really allow such thing?

“Do you know Endou-kun?”

Yoichi asked quietly, which Daisuke nodded in response.

"Me and Senri --- Haji-san already knew each other before this. It was because of her that I knew about Endou-kun."


Yoichi then revealed a kind smile.

"If you came across anything that you don’t understand, don't hesitate to ask me! This school has quite a lot of weird rules after all."

"Thank you."

Yoichi’s friendly attitude relieved Daisuke. Even though it was for the sake of accomplishing mission, Daisuke was still having a hard time getting use to a new school. Having a friendly classmate in the classroom would actually help him to calm down a lot.

After the teacher finished talking, he left the classroom right away.

And then, as if he was waiting for that moment to come, Iori suddenly stood up and grabbed Daisuke’s arm forcefully.

“Come with me.”


Even though Daisuke looked puzzled, he still stood up. Iori then clutched onto his arm and dragged him to the classroom door.

“W-Wait, Iori! Where are you going?”

“Eh… Iori-kun? What happened?”

The teenage girl named Azu and Senri who heard Azu’s voice, both turned their head at them.

“This guy is not feeling so well, I’m taking him to the infirmary.”


Ignoring Daisuke’s confusion, Iori dragged him into the corridor after pushing away Azu who was in his way.

On the corridor was left empty after the morning homeroom ended, another teenage boy appeared from another classroom.

Since Daisuke met him at the train station yesterday, he had already remembered his appearance. The teen’s name was Ogata Akatsuki. The smiling face that he showed yesterday was stiffening now due to nervousness.

Iori used his chin to point at the stairway like a signal, which Akatsuki nodded his head in response. After they met in front of the stairway, they went up the stairs, dragging Daisuke along with them.

“W-Wait a second! Isn’t the class starting soon? ……”

Facing Daisuke’s complaints, Iori and Akatsuki responded with silence. Daisuke tried to shake away Iori’s hand, but he was surprisingly strong, completely different to his skinny body figure.

The three of them climbed the stairway with a pace of two stairs per step until they finally arrived at the door to the rooftop.

Iori then used his other hand to dig out a key from his pocket and threw it at Akatsuki. After catching the key, Akatsuki swiftly stabbed the key into the hole and opened the door. Their teamwork was flawlessly as if they had practice it over and over for many times already.

The glare of the sun and cold morning’s breeze began to pour in endlessly.

Since the school was just constructed not so long ago, the rooftop was still clean as if it was brand new; there were even orderly arranged flower gardens around, as well as few benches set up around them.


After arriving at the roof, Iori forcefully threw Daisuke in front.

“What… Why are you guys taking me here? If we don’t go back, the class will start ---“

Right before Daisuke could finish with his sentence; the bell sound of next class rang mercilessly, caused Daisuke to sigh while scratching his head.

“Ahhh, Damn it…… It is my first day of transferring here…“

The first iron rule of being a watcher of the SEPB was to avoid doing things that would make them stand out. Daisuke had never imagined that on his first day of school, he was forced to skip the first class of the day. Even though he had been transferring all over the place in the past due to his missions, but something like this was actually the first time it happened.

Meanwhile, the two teenage boys were still staring at him silently, Iori with his sharp gazes, and Akatsuki with his nervous and stiff expression.

Just when Daisuke was about to blame them, Iori suddenly spoke something that was expected:

“You’re the watcher from the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau right?”

Daisuke was dumbfounded.

Iori then reached out his hand.


On top of the teenage boy’s index finger, a small insect appeared out of nowhere.

The insect looked very similar to an ant, yet it was different than the average ant. With a cyan colored body that was divided into head, thorax, and abdomen, while its head that had antennae on top seemed rather big.

Akatsuki then blew a very soft whistle.

A tan colored insect crawled onto his shoulder from his back. Its tail was divided into two parts, which looked very similar to a mayfly.

These guys… are Mushitsuki?!

Daisuke reflectivity reached his hand behind his back, but when he realized that he didn’t bring his handgun, he suddenly recalled his mission…

Prohibited to perform any combat behaviors within Housawa Town.

“Judging from your reaction, I can’t be wrong.”

Akatsuki muttered.

Why are there two Mushitsuki by Senri’s side? And how come they knew about the existence of SEPB? This is not a joking matter anymore…

Daisuke’s expression suddenly became serious.

“I definitely won’t hand Senri… to some unknown organization like Special Environmental Preservation Bureau…”

While whispering softly, a look of obvious enmity surfaced on Iori’s face.

“We will protect Senri!”

In front of the motionless Daisuke, Iori’s (Mushi) gradually became bigger.

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