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Oreimo volume 10 - Chapter 2: Summary and thoughts

> At the new apartment, Kyousuke's taking a rest from his studies
> Six tatami wide bedroom, with a ten tatami wide living room
> Kirino in casual clothes watching TV at the living room
> She's his roommate
> Kirino asks him to prepare dinner that does not exceeds 300 calories in a snobbish manner
> Specially grants him the right to have dinner with her today
> Kyousuke went into kitchen and put on apron and stuff
> Even though he had tried going against the one-sided relationship, he's used to it by now
> Reason: Kirino's currently the person feeding him, since she's the breadwinner
> Has even addressed her as "Mistress" before, and calls her S
> Turns out the reason for his current situation is because he failed his exams in his third year
> One year has passed
> Kirino suddenly asked him what he's doing
> Kyousuke said he's preparing her favorite dish, and asked her if she hates that
> Kirino said she likes whatever he cooks, but she's talking about his attire
> He's wearing a Meruru apron on top of his parka and jeans
> Kyousuke said Kirino's the one who bought the apron
> Kirino said that's not the point. The point is, why is he not doing the naked apron
> Kyousuke asked who'll be happy to see his ass while he's cooking, and Kirino said she will be happy
> Kirino said he should be able to do that for her, since they are cohabitating
> Kyousuke then grab Kirino by her wrists and says that she must be a fake
> Even though his sister is very moe and someone who loves eroge, but she's not a pervert who will want her own elder brother to show his ass while he's cooking

> Alarm rings
> It's just a dream
> Kyousuke thinks the reason for his dream is because of seeing Mikagami's elder brother, which caused him to subconsciously think of the scene of him living off his sister
> Been less than two days since he went to Mikagami's house
> Room has basic stuff like computer, tables and etc
> Feels a little lonely

> After school, chatting with Kouhei and Manami
> Even though Manami has been treating him differently these days, she's back to her old self when it comes to this topic (living by himself)
> After going to Mikagami's house, he had went over to Manami's house to tell her, as well as informed Kuroneko and Saori online
> Manami asked if he's lonely
> Kyousuke says no, and he's glad not to see Kirino's face
> Kouhei laughed and said Kyousuke said the exact same thing back when Kirino went to America, which Manami agreed
> Kyousuke thought to himself that Manami of today was teasing him as well
> Manami started lecturing him the importance of having proper meals, and Kyousuke thought to himself that Manami has went into the old-granny mode
> Kouhei says he'll give him the old toaster in his house
> Kyousuke said he really does not know how to cook
> Kouhei said he'll try making a meal for him
> Kyousuke thought to himself that it's straight out of an eroge scene, only that Kouhei's a guy
> Kyousuke asked if Kouhei knows how to cook, and Kouhei said it's sort of a hobby
> Kyousuke reminded Kouhei not to tell Sena about it, since she's a fujoshi
> Kouhei said Kyousuke will probably be much happier if Manami cooks for him
> Kyousuke agreed, since her dishes are extremely delicious
> Manami was embarrassed from the praises
> Kouhei said Kyousuke should suffer from divine punishment
> Manami suggests a party to be held next weekend
> Talks about preparations for exams etc, Manami says she'll lend him some reference texts and stuff
> Kyousuke thanked Manami, and thought to himself that she'll always know what he needs
> Manami clutched her fists in front of her chest, smiled and said he can call her anytime if he has any questions
> She said she'll do her best since she wants to go to the same university as Kyousuke

> Upon returning back to his apartment, his door was opened
> Kirino's there in her uniform, delivery man left the apartment
> Kirino gifted him a mini fridge, which costs 30k yen
> Kyousuke asked why she gave him that
> Kirino: "...... Well, you see, back during the family meeting, you're chased out of the house...... And even though a small part of it is my fault...... so, well...... You are someone who won't buy much things. And if I am to leave you as it is, you'll probably just settle your meals by eating the packed meals bought from the convenient stores......"
> Kirino: "Therefore, I bought you a fridge! Are you happy about it!?"
> Kyousuke thought that his nightmare of living off Kirino was already taking shape slowly
> Kirino shot him a fierce glare, so Kyousuke thanked her
> Kyousuke asked her why she came over to his place and bought him a fridge, despite the reason for him to be moving here
> Kirino said that it's just their mother's misunderstandings, and it will be fine if she did not know Kirino came over. Also, it's not like they are doing anything shameful
> Kyousuke noticed that Kirino's slightly angry, and wonder if it was because of their mother or him
> Kirino said that she had no idea for their parents misunderstandings, and asked if Kyousuke's feeling the same way she does
> Kyousuke placed his hand on Kirino (who's at a very close distance away from him), and explained that it's probably because they were on extremely bad terms all these while, but their relationship suddenly improved recently. That's why it seemed like they are getting a little too close together
> Kirino: "...... Can you don't say something that disgusting? It's not like we are on really good terms with each other...... and take your hand off my head."
> Kyousuke did as he told after teasing her, and asked her to live her life normally, since she did not do anything wrong
> Kirino: "O-Of course!"
> Kyousuke: Yeah, of course. How can there be anything going on between me and my sister? It's not like this is a game.
> Kyousuke asked Kirino not to be angry about it, since he's not really affected by it
> Kirino seemed to have suffered from a blow by his words, and with her back facing him, she said she's going back home
> Kyousuke thanked her for the fridge
> Kirino said it's ok, and that the fridge will probably be thrown away when he returns home
> Kyousuke said he'll never do that, and will place it in his room
> He thought to himself that since it's a present from her, he'll bring it along with him even after he moved out of the house after his graduation
> Kirino suddenly turned back. She seemed fidgety
> She asked if he has the urge to take a rest during his studies
> Kyousuke said he'll usually read the manga and surf the net (and he did not tell her this, but he's refering to the pictures of Ayase on the fanblog)
> Kirino then took out an eroge and passed it to him with a really cute smile on her face
> Eroge's titled: < The Intruding Imouto-wife ~Forbidden Cohabitation of the Two~ >
> Kirino seemed very happy while she was handing him the game
> Kyousuke said that's the last thing that he should in his possession, given the situation he's in
> And it's the first time he's heard of the term "Imouto-wife"
> Kirino said he should just play it, since it's really interesting, and one of the leading works to be released recently
> Kyousuke said that he'll be a perverted elder brother who wants to have a forbidden live with his "imouto wife" should he accept that from her
> Kirino said he's disgusting and asked if that's how he's looking at her all these while
> Kirino said she gave him the fridge and eroge so that she'll not be owing him anything, and that she's feeling incredibly refreshed after doing so
> She then said that it will be impossible for him to get an A anyway
> Kyousuke's pissed, and asked if she wants to bet on him not getting an A
> Kirino said it's an interesting proposition
> If he does not get an A, he will have to be her slave for the rest of his life
> Kyousuke said the same goes for her if he managed to get an A
> Kirino said he's disgusting, and she had actually recorded it down on her iPhone
> Kyousuke thought to himself that her methods are incredibly dirty, and she's not to learn from Ayase
> Kirino said that the recording will be proof
> If he gets an A, then she'll give him a reward - a chance for him to ask her to do anything that he wants
> Kirino then hurriedly left the apartment after saying that

> 10pm
> Kyousuke taking a break from studying by working out his timetable
> Still pissed at Kirino
> Thinks of how interesting it will be to see her expressions when he returns home in triumph
> Motivated at how he can make her do anything he wants
> Phone call from Kanoko
> Kanoko asks if he wants to be the manager of her and Bridget
> Kyousuke says he's still a student, Kanoko's disappointed
> Says he's much better than their current manager, so if he's interested, the position's open
> Current manager fusses too much about Kanoko, and she prefers a relationship where that's more equal
> Kyousuke gives Kanoko a really good feeling
> As a reference for future his future job search, Kyousuke asks Kanoko what exactly constitutes to giving a really good feeling
> Kanoko: "Eh? Well...... Like being really in love with things...... about me?"
> Kyousuke realized he had to apologize to Kanoko about the live performance
> Kanoko brought it up before he could say anything
> Kyousuke apologized immediately, and surprisingly, Kanoko accepted his apology quickly
> Kyousuke asked how he should make it up to her
> Kanoko wants his address
> Kyousuke said that's a bad idea, since she'll be visiting him alone
> Kanoko said she don't really care, since it's not like Kyousuke will do anything to her
> Since Kyousuke has nothing much in his room, he won't be able to serve her any food, only tea.
> Kanoko was happy when she heard that, and told him it's fine
> He will be her lab rat

> Next day, after school
> Kanoko came to his apartment in her casual clothes
> She brought him a bento box
> The food looked extremely good
> Kyousuke asked if she did everything by herself
> Kanoko said she's slowly learning
> Kyousuke said he's really lucky to be able to eat the food cooked by a future star, and Kanoko was easily pleased by that
> Kyousuke tried the food, and it tasted exactly as nice as those made by Manami
> There's a separate portion of the same dishes, which tasted bad
> Kanoko laughed, and told him not to eat it if it is really bad
> Kyousuke asked if the bad portion's made by Kanoko, and Kanoko admitted to it readily
> She says it does not matter, since it will only be a matter of time for her cooking to be as delicious as the nice portion
> Kyousuke said it's still edible (especially compared to Kirino's valentine's brick cookies), and finished both the nice and the bad portions
> Kyousuke asked if he was of any help in her "experiment"
> Kanoko blushed and said he probably did. She then swing her fists about and asked him not to question her any further
> Kyousuke asked her why she started learning how to cook
> She wants to cook for her parents
> Her relationship with her parents are bad
> Kanoko's living with her elder sister for now
> Father's sick recently, and Kanoko thought that she should try to make up with her parents
> Her teacher's introduced to her by Ayase
> The teacher's an Oba-san with specs, and a really good teacher with incredible skills
> With a smile on her face, Kanoko then asked Kyousuke about the "Imouto-wife" eroge
> Kanoko asked him to die
> Kyousuke tried to come up with an excuse
> Kanoko asked if it's an eroge, Kyousuke said no
> She opened up the casing, pointed to a CG of a naked girl, and asked Kyousuke what she's doing
> Kyousuke said she's just eating a sausage
> He finally gave up
> Kanoko said as someone with a younger sister, he should not be owning sis-con eroge
> Kyousuke asked Kanoko why she knew he had a sister, since he did not tell her anything about it
> Kanoko asked if Kyousuke's Kirino elder brother, since he came late to the performance together with Kirino, who was in a wedding dress
> And since his family name's the same as Kirino, Bridget felt there's something strange about it, since Kyousuke looked just like the boyfriend of Kirino
> Kyousuke admitted that he's Kirino's brother
> Kanoko commented that it's true that Kyousuke's dating his younger sister
> Kyousuke denied, and asked how she came up with that conclusion
> He's introduced as the boyfriend of Kirino, and he has a sis-con eroge
> Kyousuke explained the reasons behind those two things
> Kanoko says it is quite impossible for Kirino to be an otaku
> She concluded that Kyousuke must be the one to bring her to the live performance
> Kyousuke than asked Kanoko what she will do IF Kirino's really an otaku
> Kanoko says she'll tease Kirino on being one, and bait her with the tickets of the performance to get Kirino to message her shoulders
> Kyousuke felt that he had really misunderstood Kanoko, and that she's actually a much better girl than imagined

> Night, Kyousuke took a rest by visiting Ayase's fanblog
> He's disgusted by all the emoticons on it
> Exclaims that the fair white neck of Ayase is the best
> Recharge complete

> Next day, woke up from the sounds of the intercom
> Kyousuke was lazy to get to it, and the bell repeatedly rang
> Stumbled on his way to the door as he was tired
> Heard the sound of the door opening with a key
> Door opened, a pair of fair white legs appeared before him, and an extremely beautiful girl was staring down at him
> Ayase: "What are you doing, Onii-san?"
> She's wearing her uniform, and looked extremely cute
> Upon realizing the position they are in, Ayase gave a cute "Kya!" and pressed onto her skirt in embarrassment
> Kyousuke continued to enjoy the view of Ayase from his position, and asked her why she has the key to his door
> Ayase asked Kyousuke where he's looking at, and stomped him repeatedly on his head with her shoes
> Ayase: "E-Ecchi! D-Do you want to be stepped by me that badly!? You're a true pervert!"
> While still stepping on his head, Ayase congratulated him on for moving to the new place
> Kyousuke was bewildered by that, and thought to himself if that's 'normal' by Ayase's standards
> Ayase noticed that Kyousuke's thinking something weird, and asked if he's actually enjoying being stepped on by her
> Kyousuke denied that
> He then pushed himself off the ground, and retorted by saying that he will no longer harass her sexually
> He then said that recently, Ayase's been doing things to make him want to harass her sexually
> Thinking to himself, it seemed like the recent Ayase seemed to be really happy when it comes to dealing the punishment for his sexual harassment
> Ayase rejected his notion said that his actions are all constituting to sexual harassment
> Kyousuke pointed out that Ayase had done lots of things to him back at the control room during Kanoko's live concert, like deliberately showing him her breasts and stuff
> Ayase swung her handbag into his face, and said while stuttering that she's just bringing her face close to his, and asked him where he's looking at then
> Kyousuke said she's doing reverse sexual harassment
> Ayase reiterated that she's just bringing her face close to his
> Kyousuke asked her the reason for doing that
> Ayase's face turned red in an instant, and her expression changed to ><
> She said there's no special meaning behind that
> Kyousuke invited Ayase into his apartment
> He asked her why she has the keys to his apartment
> Ayase said she duplicated it, and got the original via some undisclosed methods
> Kyousuke felt extremely uneasy about that
> He changed the topic and asked her why she's at his house that early
> Ayase then took out something from her bag......
> A kitchen knife
> Kyousuke was scared shitless and tried to escape, but her vice grip prevented her from doing so
> Kyousuke: "I-I'm gonna be killed......"
> Ayase said she's not planning to do that, and asked him to take a proper look
> The knife next to his neck was wrapped in plastic
> Ayase sighed and wondered how on earth did he get the idea that she was planning to kill him
> Ayase: "Geez...... why does it always end up like this......"
> Kyousuke: It's because the sight of Ayase holding onto a knife will cause my body to be frightened instinctively!
> It's actually a gift for him for moving into the new apartment
> Even though the knife + Ayase combo was really scary, the knife in itself is a pretty suitable present
> Ayase said that after much research, she had chose one that cuts really easily
> And the reason for her coming that early was because she cannot make it in the afternoon
> She heard about him moving and the reasons behind it from Manami
> Manami invited Ayase to the celebration party
> In his mind, Kyousuke called Manami as THE BEST CHILDHOOD FRIEND IN THE WORLD
> Manami also asked Ayase not to invite Kirino over
> In his mind, Kyousuke called Manami as the childhood friend who has meddled in way too much stuff
> He then explained that Manami and Kirino are on bad terms with each other, though it's more of a one-sided thing from Kirino's side
> Ayase thought it was strange, since the Kirino in school is someone who's really gentle and takes care of everyone. The goddess of the school
> Kyousuke thought to himself that Kirino has never showed that side of her to Kyousuke
> Kyousuke said that Kirino had treated Manami quite badly the last time round
> Ayase said that Kirino's really lively whenever she's together with Kyousuke
> She said she was shocked at how Kirino has acted back during that day when they first met (how he touched her breasts and she chased him out of the house)
> She then said that they had been talking about him after that
> Ayase said she should try to do something about Kirino and Manami's relationship
> Kyousuke said he'll do his best to help, and will even risk his life as long as it is something that can help Manami
> He thanked Ayase for helping out, since he can't do anything by himself
> Ayase said she knew that point very well
> Kyousuke said he has to find someone to restrain Kirino, since Kirino treats Manami exactly like how the stepmother did to Cinderella
> The first person that came to mind is Saori
> Kyousuke said to leave the planning to him
> Ayase stood up elegantly and was about to leave, since there's nothing else to talk with Kyousuke about
> In his mind, Kyousuke asked Ayase not to end things by saying something that only masochists will enjoy listening to

> Just as she was about to leave, doorbell rang
> Ayase opened the door
> Kuroneko appeared
> Silence
> They both asked the other person who she is
> Kyousuke felt the atmosphere was terrible
> Ayase introduced herself, and Kuroneko found her name familiar
> Kyousuke said they had met briefly at the comicon
> He then introduced Kuroneko as Kirino's otaku friend
> Ayase said she knew that
> Ayase: "She's Onii-san's— ex-girlfriend, right?"
> Ayase: "...... And so? Ex-girlfriend Kuroneko-san, why did you come over to Onii-san's room when it's still so early?"
> Kyousuke: "...... Ayase, why are you acting like you are my current girlfriend or something?"
> Ayase's visibly shaken by that: "W-What are you talking about!? C-C-C-C-Can you not say something strange!?"
> Kyousuke: That tsuntsun!
> Ayase took the kitchen knife and pressed it against him
> Just then, Kuroneko tugged him by his sleeve
> Kyousuke apologized for ignoring her
> Their eyes met, Kuroneko blushed and looked downwards
> Despite seeing it many times already, Kyousuke still find that really cute
> Kuroneko has changed into her new uniform
> He commented that Kuroneko seemed more mature when she wears that. However, it feels a little lonely, since he will no longer get to see her in 'that' uniform
> Kuroneko said she has special feelings for the old uniform as well
> She said she still has it at her house, and if Kyousuke wants, she can wear it for him to see
> Kyousuke told her not to treat him like he has a uniform fetish
> He realized he was being teased by Kuroneko
> Ayase pulled him by his sleeves, and stared at him emotionlessly: "Onii-san, can you not leave me alone by the side as well?"
> Kyousuke: She's angry...... But she's angry in a really cute way......
> Kuroneko: "Fu...... ara ara, you're still here? I'm really sorry, the both of us have somehow got into our own world. But it can't be helped, since the soul of that man is already mine...... that's right...... Forever mine, right?"
> Kyousuke felt a chill from behind his back
> Ayase: "Onii-san...... is yours?"
> Ayase's eyes went dull, and she was gently laughing like a devil who had lost her soul
> She said that Kuroneko's saying something strange, since she had already broke up with Kyousuke
> Kuroneko said it was just a strategic retreat
> Ayase had no idea what Kuroneko's talking about, but she said Kuroneko has no longer the right to call herself a friend of Kirino
> Since Kirino dislikes anyone going out with Kyousuke, and she won't accept it if she's not the number one in Kyousuke's heart. Kyousuke had abandoned Kuroneko and chose Kirino as well. Therefore, Kuroneko should act like how it should be expected of her as a friend of Kirino
> Kuroneko said Ayase's wrong, and they see things differently
> Rather than being Kirino's enemy, she's her friend instead
> The two of them left Kyousuke by the side, and their squabble gradually picked up pace
> Ayase called Kuroneko an adulter
> Kuroneko snapped. With slightly trembling fists: "Alright. Listen up carefully— "
> Kuroneko shouted: "I am fine with Kyousuke *beep* his own blood-related sister!"
> Kyousuke: KURONEKO—————!?
> Kyousuke: What the fuck!? What did you just say!? J-J-Just what the heck is coming out from that tiny mouth of yours!?
> Ayase was stunned speechless with her face red
> Kuroneko's face was red as well. She breathed heavily, and continued: "I am the close friend of that woman! What that woman wants out of me is to be her best companion and someone who understands her the most! Even if Kyousuke's a bastard who's into incest, I can still love him without any problems at all! I can also happily give Kirino what she yearns! What will you do if you're in my shoes, Ayase? If you are in love with Kyousuke as the member of the opposite sex, then can you accommodate to Kirino's wishes like I do?"
> Ayase: "T-That's impossible—!! How unbelievable!"
> Kuroneko: "Is that so? Then you'll become Kirino's enemy should that time comes."
> Ayase bit on her lips: "That time will never come! P-Pervert! Pervertpervertpervert!"
> Kuroneko: "Hmph, I don't really care. Feel free to call me a pervert as much as you like."
> Kyousuke: "U-Urm, Kuroneko......"
> Kuroneko: "Yes?"
> Kyousuke: "Well...... did Kirino actually say she wants to *beep* with me?"
> Kuroneko froze for a while
> Kuroneko stuttered and said it was just a 'what-if' scenario
> Kyousuke: That's a really horrible
> Kyousuke was thankful that Kirino's not around, or else things will really go out of hand
> He then invited Kuroneko into his apartment
> Ayase was still petrified at the doorway
> Kuroneko still address Kyousuke as 'senpai'
> Kuroneko asked if Kyousuke dislikes her calling him that. Kyousuke shook his head
> Kuroneko gave him a really mature and elegant impression at then
> Felt like calling Kuroneko 'Kuroneko-senpai', or rather, 'Ruri-senpai'
> She brought him food
> In his mind, Kyousuke thanked Kuroneko, Kirino, Ayase, Manami and Kanoko for their gifts
> Kuroneko apologized for coming to his apartment that early, since she has to take care of her sisters in the afternoon
> The bento box was the same one used during their first date
> It felt nostalgic
> There's sandwiches inside
> Kuroneko said it's her holy revenge at him voicing his dissatisfaction then
> Ayase interrupted them by pointing at them with a very serious expression on her face, saying that they've ignored her yet again
> Kyousuke said he's not deliberately ignoring her, but he did not want to press any of her wrong buttons
> Kuroneko said Ayase should have just left the place
> Ayase then said the reason for Kuroneko to come to Kyousuke's apartment that early was not because she has no time in the afternoon. Rather, it's because Kuroneko wants Kyousuke to see her in the fresh set of uniform. And also, she'll have less chance of being alone with Kyousuke should she come in the afternoon
> Kuroneko was rendered speechless for a moment, and Ayase was pleased with that
> Kyousuke: "Hey, Ayase...... Didn't you say something like 'there's no time in the afternoon, so you chose to come in the morning' as well?"
> Ayase elbowed him and asked if he had said anything
> Kyousuke denied
> Kuroneko regained her composure, and said that whatever Ayase said has nothing to do with her
> She then asked what sort of relationship is between Ayase and Kyousuke
> If Kirino's out of the equation, then they will have no link to each other
> Ayase could not say anything
> Kyousuke wondered what's his relationship with Ayase as well. She's not just a close friend of his sister, but it's not exactly right to call her a friend as well
> After struggling for a while, Ayase said that their relationship is that of a sexual harasser and his victim
> Kyousuke rejected that claim immediately
> Kuroneko asked Kyousuke what that was
> Kyousuke said the sexual harassment were just done jokingly, and he no longer do that anymore
> Kuroneko accepted his explanation, and returned to staring at Ayase
> She said that Ayase does not have any relationship with Kyousuke, so she should just leave
> Ayase declined, and said she has all the rights to interrupt them
> Kyousuke felt that it's really incredible for Ayase to be even more unreasonable than Kirino and Kuroneko
> Just as things were getting worse, Kyousuke yelled for them to stop
> Kuroneko + Ayase: "Who do you think we're arguing for!?"
> Kyousuke: "S-Sorry."
> Kyousuke could understand Kuroneko for being mad, but not Ayase
> Kuroneko looked at her handphone, and said she has to make her way to school already
> Ayase said Kuroneko should just go and leave everything about Kyousuke to her
> Kuroneko found Ayase to be as scary as the rumors are, as she thought Ayase wanted to eat the bento made by Kuroneko together with Kyousuke
> Ayase: "N-Nothing of that sort! The way you say it just pisses me off! W-W-W-Why must I eat the bento together with Onii-san, and feed him by saying 'Ah~~~'!?"
> Kuroneko: "...... But I did not even say that......"
> Ayase's face went red and ran off

> Kuroneko pretended nothing has happened, and asked him for the reason Ayase's here
> Kyousuke told her about the party
> Kuroneko asked if he can invite her and Saori as well
> Kyousuke said he's planning to do so anyway
> Kuroneko said she actually looked him up not only to pass him the bento, but for something else. Something that can be said only when they are alone
> Kuroneko's face turned pale and her legs trembled as she braced for what Kyousuke was about to say
> Kyousuke said that he will not go out with anyone till he has settled the things about Kirino
> Kuroneko should a gentle smile and said it's the same for her as well
> Kuroneko left. Her sandwich was incredibly tastly

> Back to studying by himself
> 8pm when bell rang
> Father came over to visit and passed him curry made by his mother
> Father asked him how it feels to live alone
> Kyousuke said it's alright for now
> For some reason, his father seemed pleased
> Father saw the fridge, and asked him where did he get that from
> Kyousuke said it's a gift...... from Kirino
> Expressions on father's face disappeared
> "...... We'll talk about Kirino later."
> Somehow, his father's not too angry
> He then asked Kyousuke what the eroge behind him was
> Father slumped his shoulders, sighed, and said Kyousuke's way too careless
> Kyousuke was surprised that his father did not punch him
> Father said that there's no point in doing so, since that must be something that Kirno gave him
> Kyousuke realized that their Father had knew about Kirino's hobbies all along despite Kyousuke trying to trick him into thinking otherwise
> Father said that he'll be leaving Kirino in Kyousuke's hands
> Should anything happens, things will not go as easily as it was last time
> Father passed him a booklet
> Kyousuke asked if that's a book that's supposed to be given to the convicts, since the titled was covered in ink
> He is to write down whatever he has received, so that he can return the favor later. He is to also write down the progress of his studies, and paste the receipts of whatever things he has bought in it
> He then remembered all the food and other stuff he has received, and he does not really want to show it to his father
> He had no choice but to do it in the end
> After seeing what Kyousuke has written, father punched him in his face
> He's pissed at the luxuriant life Kyousuke's living in, and has wasted his time worring for nothing (especially when it comes to food)
> Door bell rang yet again
> Delivery man sending him gifts from Mikagami, which includes a large cabinet and 'Ultimate naked series - Imouto figure gift set'.
> Kyousuke swore he'll kill Mikagami the next time he sees him
> He has all but given up, and was wondering how he should explain everything to the furious father standing in front of him
> The assembly of the cabinet was surprisingly difficult, and his father actually helped him out with it

Kyousuke's sister complex is beyond cure.

Kanoko officially added into the harem.

Showdown of Ayase and Kuroneko is incredibly entertaining.

Kuroneko going for the ultimate threesome plan.

Ayase's just getting more and more adorable as her character's given more attention. She's so close to dislodging Kuroneko as my favorite character right now.

Manami, friendzoned for life. Nothing new.

It feels like their father's really approving of the incest. He doesn't really give a fuck despite the things Kirino gave him, but punched Kyousuke's face when the other girls cook for him? Really?


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  7. First: Thanks to zgmfx09a for these summaries! You're a great help for all of us fans out there.

    Now @jcfdude:

    It depends...
    According to studies of human psychology all parents have at least a latent sexual attraction to their children. It's something based on genetic attraction, which naturally occurs between parents and their children.
    You may assume that Kyousukes mother is partially attracted to Kyousuke and his father towards Kirino.
    This is one of the reasons parents disapprove of incest, especially mothers. Their father might have subconsciously realized that Kirino already has escaped him and though he loves Kirino as his daughter and wishes the best for her. Trusting her into Kyousukes hands, since he already knows that Kyousuke in his actions also wants the best for Kirino and already helped to better her personality to some degree.

    I believe that since their father is a policeman, and ought to be trained to observe and deduce from those observations, he knows far more than gives away.

    This could still mean that they are related by blood.

    But then again, who knows if the author sticks that much to psychology, after all it's a story, for me quite an entertaining one, and not reality. And I really hope that they don't go for the non blood related route of the story.

    1. I'm surprised by you explanation, is an excellent and a very well thought argument.

      And I really hope that they don't go for the non-blood related route of the story too. Because that fact is one of the things that (in my opinion) make this story original, apart of the extremely used non-blood related ending...

      P.S.: Kuroneko and Ayase discussing have not price! xD It's extremely funny.

    2. I thought your take on the situation was quite deep and wrought with a keen grasp of the human phyche. I would be happy with a (excuse my wording) wincest ending and I've found that the author has set the mood of the novel in a way that it would be acceptable to most of the readers.

      While incest is not social acceptable in most cases it is quite possible. If you were to think about it in a unbiased, a sibling might in fact be a better choice for life partner than some. You are able to live in close proximity and learn much more about a sibling at a early age rather than meet a girl later in life and start a relationship at that point.

      I know I got a bit off topic, but I firmly believe that it is possible for blood siblings to start a relationship and live a healthy lifestyle. I believe the same could be said for Kirino and Kyousuke in the fact that they are well suited for each other and would make a better couple than most because of the closeness they shared from an early age.

    3. I've got no problem with a little bit of off topic, prepare for another wall of text :).

      Psychology and anthropology are kind of my hobbies. I don't consider myself an expert and I don't even dare to make any deep psychoanalysis, but I find it very interesting and are willing to learn more and more, even though one might consider these merely pseudo-sciences.

      Incest is in fact possible. In ancient egypt brother/sister incest was even considered the most pure of relationships and marriages. Pharaoh families practised almost only inbreeding. And the ancient egyptians aren't know as ugly or disabled people.
      In most other cultures incest was forbidden because it didn't serve the families to forge alliances.
      There are anthropological studies that suggest that nature sneaked something into our genes that tends to prevent incest. It is called the Westermarck effect. But this effect is still in dispute in the field of psychology and often simply called "bullshit" by real psychologists, and the fact that there was a lot of incest in ancient egypt is proof enough for me that this effect, even if true, can be overcome by people.

      Even from the genetics point of view incest isn't really dangerous when not practiced over a lot of generations. Our genome is very diverse and even if there are complications there are plenty of possibilities to detect those before a child is born.

      In my opinion social acceptance of incest is an artefact from our past, one that is no longer necessary. Let people love and marry each other as they see fit. What does it matter if they are homosexual, of different skin colour, religion, siblings or a combination of those, as long as they love and care for each other and their possible children?

      I'm sick of society telling people how to live their life "correctly". Anthropology teaches us that people managed to live their lives in many different ways and did very well over the aeons. It also teaches us that morals are always under the circumstances.

      It might be the fact that I have a younger sister as well. I am quite fond of her and want her to be happy.
      In my eyes Kyousuke and Kirino are a good match, although the other girls are adorable as well a pairing of the siblings simply feels right, more "right" than any other pairing for me.

    4. Lol like they've said on Rika (an incest manga) a guy says that the reason why siblings can't marry is cash, not sure why he says it tho XD
      and things like morale and that were just crap to cover for the main reason.
      However it is too bad that the editorial of the Light novel won't allow an ending like that to happen DX

    5. I know that manga, and that statement is true.

      The most common reasons are cash, power and influence when you break it down to the roots.
      In many cultures the woman to be married is practically bought from their family with gifts, which would not happen with an incest marriage. Also families bound by marriage hold closer together, they gained more power and influence as a "clan" in the past.
      So incest became frowned on, a taboo and even punishable. Also it is culturally considered as "cheap" and "weak", an inability to pick up a boy or girl without a prevalent bond.

      This was practised over many decades and even mentioned in religious texts, thus it simply became a morale. And this special morale is so established in our modern cultures that almost nobody questions it. As decadence is growing in our cultures this moral will fade away at some point I guess, but I don't think that I will live to see this happen.

      But enough of this now, this is no ethics discussion board :).

      Even if the editor and publisher of the LN won't allow an ending like this, the author could release an alternative and unofficial ending. At least I'd be fine with that.

    6. I have to say, I'm impressed by your knowledge of both psychology and, should I say incest related themes.

      Firstly, I always considered Freud's ideas a bit to radical, and usually do not rely on them when doing my share of psychological profiling, even though they have proven useful to psychologists since it was developed.

      I, for one, always considered incest to be a superior stage of the friend-zoning, most cases of friend-zoning are of a friend, ever since childhood, in love with the other part, thus growing up with that feeling, but what most normally occurs is, being friends since a very young age, even as old they do not see each other as possible partners, eve though their relationship is not consider taboo, same thing with siblings, you've known them all your life, once you grow older, you don't feel attracted by your sibling, even as you don't feel attracted by a very old friend.

      What changes is, of course, when those 2 friends do fall for one another and can just be together, and siblings cannot.

    7. Yes, this is explained by the Westermarck effect. There also exists the term "brother-zoned", which is supposed to be the worst gradation of the "-zone" terms.

      I have a psychology professor at my university, whom I consider an acquaintance to a friend, and have discussed some of these topics with him. He has written a book on parent-child incest (which doesn't appeal to me at all, but still made me think about the ways my mother may have damaged my personality forever) and believes from his experience that this effect, that is supposed to repulse siblings attraction, is only superficial.
      According to him incest cases are more common than most of us think, but are mostly harmless experimenting between brothers and sisters and only in the rarest cases lead to long term relationships and or offspring.

      But back to our case with Oreimo.
      The Westermarck effect postulates a close relationship up to the age of 6 years, usually in that period of time where children discover their gender and the differences in gender, which most likely was not the case here because of their cold war.

      Anthropology and psychology gives their relationship a green light, so lets hope it will turn out this way in the story as well :).

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      > Kyousuke said that he'll be a perverted elder brother who wants to have a forbidden [[life?]] with his "imouto wife" should he accept that from her

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    Or maybe you are just lazy, I'm not sure.

    Well, in the beginning, Kirino was doing what she usually does, even though she started as a tsuntsun that didn't have much about him, over the last year the grew closer, as I'm sure you all know, what I mean is, Kirino cares about her Onii-san, she does not want him harm, because of the misunderstanding they caused, Kyousuke had to go live alone, she could not help but to feel a little guilty, thus she presented him with something nice so "he would forgive her". Indeed, she loves him, but the same way my imouto loves me or just like most imouto's love their older brother. That is what I see.
    Any assumption that Kirino's feelings are of a different type of love are futile, and if you actually believe it I can say with confidence that you don't have an Imouto yourself.

    God, this is going to be longer then I imagined, Ayase and Kuroneko's showdown, well, Ayase in in the harem, therefore, she has feelings for Kyousuke, but do not act on them because of her relationship with Kirino, she, therefore, layered herself in this protections (all the accusations of him being a pervert and etc..) to make her think "There is no way I can be in love with a guy like that.". Needless to say it failed miserably, but even after all that she does not allow herself to admit her feelings, therefore feels threatened by Kuroneko, that not only admit that she loves him, but used to date him as well, that lead to the discussion we all enjoyed reading, and that revived the question, who will Kyousuke end up with, I disregard Kirino for obvious reasons, as well as Manami, Kanako joined too late...
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    His father, well, this is the only part which I have not yet fully understood, all I can say is, if I'm playing for an apartment and food so my son can focus on his studies, I would be mad if he used it to party with a bunch of beautiful girls all the time, since re was visited by a bunch of them in only a few days.
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    1. I have a sister and if she acted the way kirino acts I would have to question her intention.

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    3. I admit that when I first read the novel I went to her room search for ero-games, as I didn't find any, and I know all secret hiding places(since I was the one that furnished all the room), but I really do not believe my little sister intends to have intercourse with me.

      About the your imoutos, I can't say anything regarding them, since i know nothing about your relationship with each other, nor i know how influenced your judgement may have been influenced by incest manga(if any), the thing is, even though to some people Kirino and Kyousuke may be too close and even if that is the case, I just haven't seen the slight possibility of the "incest route" occurring.

      Kirino do think her brother is nice and caring, and she cares about him as well, like very good siblings, but still, siblings..


    Someone has done the whole book. Not as detailed, but it has enough.


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