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Oreimo volume 10 - Chapter 1: Summary and thoughts

> Story starts off in autumn
> Family meeting held at the dining table where all the Kousaka members were there
> As per usual, Kyousuke and Kirino were sitting side by side next to each other, facing their solemn looking parents
> Mother asked if Kyousuke had done something strange to Kirino
> The siblings are shocked and asked why
> Kyousuke then asked if she's thinking that he had done something perverted to Kirino
> Kirino coughed when she heard that
> Mother said that she did not mean it that way, but since Kyousuke was thinking in that direction, then it must be......
> Kirino: "What is this!? How can mother come up with this impossible misunderstanding!? Ah! Ahhhhh!!! How can it be possible...... for me and Kyousuke to be in that sort of situation!?"
> The mother pointed out that Kirino would never address Kyousuke by his name back in the past, as she would using terms like "you" and "hey" instead.
> Kyousuke had already somehow accepted her calling him by his name as something natural
> Kirino cringes and said it's due to a change in the state of her heart
> Mother pointed out that the both of them have been incredibly close to each other recently. And a little too close for comfort
> Recently, they have been going to each other's room and going out together during the weekends while looking to be on extremely good terms with each other
> Kyousuke thought to himself that it's because of them borrowing and returning the eroge games, while they head to Kuroneko's house on the weekends
> Mother then commented on how abnormal Kyousuke's reaction is to Mikagami when she brought him home as her "boyfriend"
> Just as Kyousuke was thinking to himself for her atrocious imagination for pairing up her child together, their mother pointed out that they had recently returned home together while wearing what seemed like wedding clothes
> "So that's the reason for all this!" the two siblings yelled together in sync at the same time
> Kyousuke and Kirino said that they and Misaki should have explained the deep reasons behind that already
> Their mother than questioned if there's a deep reason for them to hold hands together like a pair of lovers when they returned back home
> Mother then pointed towards the purikura sticker pasted on the fridge
> The embarrassed Kirino headbutted Kyousuke for pasting it there
> Seems like the other ladies in the neighbourhood were all gossiping about them due to their suspicious behaviors
> Kyousuke and Kirino said it's impossible for what their mother is imagining to be happening. Kyousuke then turned towards their father and asked him to voice his opinion
> Their father commented that he's not worried about the situation that their mother was talking about, since he's the clearest about what's going on in the house. It's within his expectations for the siblings to see each other very importantly
> Kyousuke felt that his father's making things worse with that
> He went red and was really embarrassed. He never knew his father thought that highly of him
> It's natural for the elder brother to dote on his younger sister - that's something that the current him can say without any hesitation or complains
> Father then asked him to think back on what happened a year ago (the eroge incident)
> Kyousuke realized they would be worried since the siblings had taken interest in incest eroges and stuff, and that things are becoming serious if the parents are getting suspicious of them
> Kyousuke promised that he and Kirino are having a normal siblings relationship
> Kirino answered in a fluster with, "O-Of course!"
> Mother said she'll only feel relived when she sees them with their own boyfriend/girlfriend
> She then asked Kyousuke how he feels about Manami
> Kyousuke said there's nothing going on with him and Manami, and he had said so before already
> Mother said there's no other option. Father sighed and asked Kyousuke to move out of the house and live alone
> Both siblings are shocked, and Kirino asked their father the reason why before Kyousuke could voice his question
> Kyousuke had applied for a university (which Manami applied for as well) and is taking the exams in November
> He can only return back home if he gets an A
> Kyousuke felt that the decision is pretty damn pointless, since it will solve nothing even if there's something going on between him and Kirino
> If he manages to get an A, he'll only need to live alone for 2 months
> He's still a little worried about his father's true intentions (if there's any)
> Kyousuke agreed. He then took a look at Kirino at his side, and she's showing a really displeased face
> Kyousuke than put on a front and said confidently that he'll be back in 2 months time
> Father was pleased at that
> Kyousuke then asked Kirino why she was that unhappy
> Kirino said it's nothing, and that he seemed really pumped for that
> Just as Kyousuke was feeling pissed about it, Kirino added in another stab by saying, "See~ you. Bye bye. It's okay even if you don't ever come back."

> Next day after school, Kyousuke's lying on his bed and thinking about what's going to happen next
> Generally speaking, he's looking forward to it
> And for the first time, it felt like his parents actually give a damn about his life, since it was always about Kirino
> But then again, it may be to pry him away from Kirino's side
> Kyousuke's pissed at Kirino's last words, and felt it's better that he will no longer need to see her face again
> Just then, Mikagami came to visit him
> He thought Mikagami's there to take back the order-made Meruru bike (the one he used to cycle Kirino to the concert)
> Mikagami said he's fine with gifting the bike to Kyousuke, which he declined immediately
> Mikagami said he thought Kyousuke was on a high when he was cycling that, and Kyousuke said that he was in no mood to enjoy the joys of cycling back then
> Mikagami viewed it as a Kyousuke going all out for the sake of Kirino, which Kyousuke never reply to since he find it a pain to do so
> Mikagami's actually at his house to play and to deepen his friendship with Kyousuke, which Kyousuke felt was unnecessary
> Kyousuke said that he wants to discuss with him something
> Mikagami said that if it's about how Kyousuke can marry Kirino, then his conclusion is to "go for it no matter what"
> Kyousuke yelled at Mikagami and thanked god his mother was not around to hear it

> Kyousuke told Mikagami what happened
> Mikagami deduced that Kyousuke's feeling a little down, and Kyousuke was surprised as to how Mikagami got it right
> Mikagami said it's because Kyousuke's feeling depressed that he's about to leave his dear Kirino, which Kyousuke denied immediately
> "The parents' objection is a tough test that the both of you have to undergo before you can become one with your sister."
> Mikagami advise him to forget about his troubles and relax by playing some eroge or something, and perhaps he'll come up with some sort of solution
> Kyousuke felt better after talking it out with Mikagami
> They then bump into Kouhei, who came looking for Kyousuke at his house
> Kyousuke introduced Mikagami as the bike's owner, and Kouhei responded by saying that Mikagami's an incredible pervert
> Mikagami got embarrassed by that, and introduced himself as Kyousuke's friend
> Kyousuke asked Kouhei for his reason to look for him. Turns out that Kouhei's there to get the photo from him
> Kyousuke had already deleted the photo where Sena kissed Kouhei from his phone
> Kouhei then said that he's here to cheer Kyousuke up since he was being treated coldly by the girls, and what better way to do that then to talk about how cute Sena is
> Kouhei said that as a special service, he'll talk about Sena's breasts for today
> Kyousuke replied that to cheer Kouhei up in the future, he'll tell him about Kirino's ass for three hours
> Kouhei said he doesn't give a fuck about the ass of another person's sister, and Kyousuke said it applies for Sena as well
> Mikagami suggested that they go somewhere else, or else it will be bad if Kyousuke's mother heard about what they are talking [for you MILF fags out there, his mother's name is Yoshino]
> Kouhei was curious about what they are talking about. Mikagami explained that it's about Kyousuke's sister
> Kouhei said that it should be his turn to take the stage if it is something that concerns the topic of the younger sister

> They decided to head to Mikagami's house to continue talking, and since Mikagami lives away from his parents, he felt that he could offer some advise to Kyousuke
> Mikagami lives in an incredibly high-class building
> They were immediately greeted by the sight of a sex doll when they step into the apartment
> Mikagami said he sees it more as an art piece (due to how well made it is), and he use it as a reference whenever he's designing things
> The doll was actually placed in a glass cabinet, so Mikagami's probably not lying
> Mikagami urged them into his apartment. Having witnessed how incredible the living room was, Kyousuke and Kouhei was a little apprehensive about entering his room, but decided to do it anyway
> Kyousuke said that Mikagami's high-class apartment is of no useful reference to him at all
> Rental for that apartment is about 532k yen
> Kouhei said they might as well take the chance to take a good look at the expensive apartment, even though it will be of no use for Kyousuke's reference
> They then saw a golden-haired guy, who's actually Mikagami's elder brother
> His brother is not too happy about Mikagami's otaku hobbies, since the sex doll had frightened away his girlfriend when he brought her back home
> Kyousuke asked Mikagami for the reason for putting the sex doll in the living room
> Mikagami said it's for Makabe, who asked him to make an ero-figure out of a character
> Kouhei disliked Makabe, since he always talks with Sena
> Mikagami then pointed to a twintailed DFC figure in the cabinet, and said that he changed it to DFC as the huge breasts looked way too unnatural on the character
> Kyousuke said Makabe will probably be furious, since he likes huge breasts
> Kouhei said it's unacceptable for Makabe to be in the same club as Sena
> They talked a bit about how it's not good for Mikagami to display all those things in the living room
> Mikagami said there's no more space in his own room, and that he's the one who paid for the rental for the apartment
> Turns out that Mikagami's brother lives off women, and is actually a NEET

> Went to Mikagami's room, which is a typical otaku's room
> Filled with merchandises and stuff
> Has a cabinet that is lit up with LED lights and stuff. Kyousuke thought to himself that Kirino's a casual when compared to Mikagami's
> He asked for the price of the cabinet, which actually costs 97k yen. Kyousuke was shocked
> Mikagami asked Kyousuke if he was actually planning to buy one for Kirino
> Kyousuke dropped the subject
> Kyousuke then asked Mikagami what he should have if he's living alone
> Mikagami replied that a cute younger sister is absolutely necessary
> Kouhei agreed to that, but said that in that case, it will be two person living together, and not Kyousuke alone
> Mikagami said there are situations where the younger sister will visit the apartment of her elder brother
> Kouhei said that's totally the best case scenario, and calls Mikagami a genius
> Kyousuke dissed them by saying that it is something that can only appear in eroge and not in real life
> They then went back on topic of what items Kyousuke should bring along with him
> Kyousuke said that he'll not be bringing his computer along
> Mikagami commented that Kyousuke will not be able to play eroge if he does that
> Kyousuke said that's the whole point, since he's there to study
> Kouhei then commented that he had used Kyousuke's computer to search for "Amagaki Ayase ero images" via the search engines
> Kyousuke said he'll kill Kouhei, and regretted showing Ayase's pictures to Kouhei back during their fight in whose sister is the cutest
> He then coughed, looked up into the ceiling, and ask him what are the results of the search
> Kyousuke thought to himself that it's because as someone who knows Ayase, it is necessary for him to understand the suspicious and dirty sites for her sake
> Mikagami switched on his computer and asked if it was the site Kouhei's talking about
> Site's named "Lovely My Angel Ayase-tan♡ Fanblog"
> Kouhei asked if that's the blog done by Kyousuke. Kyousuke stuttered and denied fervently
> Kyousuke wondered if the blog really's about the Ayase he knew, and was curious about the contents of the blog
> It was, and there's a lot of images of her in casual clothes as well as the photos taking during the photo-shoots
> Seems like it's a blog made by fellow models (and it felt like they were her juniors or something)
> The blog's done by a girl named "Sayaka"
> Kyousuke said the site heals his soul, and he has to bookmark it
> Kyousuke wondered if there are fanblog for Kirino as well
> Kouhei suggested that they search it up with the text "Kousaka Kirino ero images", and was rewarded with a merciless punch from Kyousuke
> They did not find any ero images from the search, only healthy moe images
> Mikagami said they should get back on topic. Kyousuke was against it, since he was immersing himself in the images of Ayase
> Kouhei suggested a mini-fridge. Kyousuke don't see the point in it, since there are vending machines and convenient stores
> Kouhei said it will be bad for his health if he live on those for two months, and said he should make his own meals
> Kouhei suggested that Kyousuke asks Kirino to make meals for him
> Kyousuke had never really thought of that before Kouhei
> Kyousuke tried imaging Kirino in the kitchen with an apron on, but could not do it as it felt way out of place
> Kouhei said that Kirino will probably do it, since she'll feel guilty for Kyousuke to be in the position he's in
> Kyousuke said it's the other way round instead, and that Kirino will probably calls him an idiot if he asks
> He then stressed that it's impossible for Kirino to make meals for him
> Mikagami calls him a tsundere
> Kouhei noted that Kyousuke looks really happy when he's talking about his sister
> Kyousuke denied both of their words
> Mikagami then suggested Kyousuke to ask his girlfriend to cook for him instead
> Kyousuke's chest hurts. He realized he did not tell Mikagami about his situation with Kuroneko
> Kyousuke requested them not to bring that up for now. He then that he got more nervous about it after talking with them, but he's still rather happy about moving out to live alone. Even though the main purpose is to concentrate on his studies, but it should be interesting for him to decide on the furniture to buy and their arrangements, and asking friends to his place and stuff
> Despite saying that out with the intention of thanking the two guys, they looked at each other and laughed
> Kouhei said Kyousuke's voice had betrayed him
> Kyousuke asked what are they laughing about, since he was thanking them
> Kouhei laughed and said that Kyousuke's first time living alone will definitely be a happy experience for him


Nothing much to talk about. Kirino's not being honest and Kyousuke's too dense to notice. Nothing new. I am surprised at their father's reaction to the whole thing. He actually seemed pretty supportive of them both, like he's setting a trial for Kyousuke to see if he's worthy of Kirino or something. What.

Also, Mikagami has good taste. When DFC hugs you she is holding you closer to her heart and all.

Ignore the crappy grammar as per usual. That's all. Back to studies.


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