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Oreimo volume 10 - Chapter 3: Summary and thoughts

> Party @ Kyousuke's apartment
> Manami and Kuroneko making food and getting along harmoniously
> Saori (in normal clothes) came together with Kuroneko
> Bell rang, it's Kirino in autumn wear with black tights
> Kirino saw the display cabinet with the naked imouto figurines
> Kirino asked if Kyousuke really did assemble it together with their dad
> Then she asked if their dad actually likes < The Intruding Imouto-wife > as well, since the figurines are the characters from that game
> Kyousuke said it's given to him by Mikagami, and in his mind he wanted to kill him
> Kirino was drooling at the sight of the figurines, so Kyousuke thought that he can reduce the killing to just 30 whacks of the baseball bat
> Kirino said that her room is full of figures, and asked if she can put them in Kyousuke's cabinet when he returns home
> Kyousuke agreed
> Manami and Kuroneko came over to talk
> Kirino not happy at the sight of Manami, but agreed not to kick a fuss for that day
> Kirino and Manami agreed to have a talk on another day

> Ayase arrived
> She asked if the battle has started. Kyousuke said it was postponed to another day
> She said it's probably because Kirino does not want Kyousuke to worry, especially since his exams are approaching
> Kyousuke then yelled at Kirino and said that she's a great sister who is considerate towards her brother
> Kirino threw a clock into his forehead instead
> Kyousuke then asked Ayase if that's what a worrying sister looks like
> Ayase had a troubled expression, which Kyousuke found really cute
> She then remarked that they are a pair of siblings that gets along really well with each other
> Kyousuke and Kirino said, "How did you arrive at that conclusion!" at the exact same time
> Kirino said to Ayase that it seems like Ayase has been planning a lot of things behind her back
> Ayase found Kirino frightening, and pushed the blame to Kanoko
> Kirino said she should thank them for trying to get her back together with Manami
> Ayase went red at Kirino's thanks
> Kuroneko seemed jealous at how nice Kirino is treating Ayase
> Saori came back
> Saori introduced herself as Saori Bajiina to Manami, but while speaking with an ojou-sama tone
> She had went to obtain permission to use the courtyard for the party
> Ayase was curious about the object covered by a piece of cloth
> Kyousuke said she don't have to know, and asked her to go over to Kirino's side
> Mail from Kouhei, said he couldn't make it as Sena down with a fever
> Kyousuke said it's a waste that Kouhei will not be able to meet Ayase
> Kanako, who's not invited to the party, came visiting Kyousuke
> Kirino asked Kyousuke why he's getting along so well with Kanoko
> Ayase asked Kanoko what's with her bringing bento for Kyousuke
> Kyousuke asked the two girls to calm down, but the both of them seemed fuming mad
> Kanoko said she's going out with Kyousuke, so she's bringing him the loving-wife's bento
> Kirino said Kanoko's joking, which is true
> Kyousuke asked Ayase what's wrong
> With a low voice, Ayase said that Kyousuke's relationship with girls outside of Kirino is of none of her concern at all

> Kanoko then explained everything to Kirino and Ayase
> Kanoko then got all clingy with Kyousuke
> Ayase kicked Kanoko on her lower leg, but she said it's just a gust of wind that blew the rocks around
> Kirino asked Kyousuke what he has done to Kanoko
> Kyousuke was not sure of what she's asking
> Kirino sighed and said it's nothing
> So party started with seven people: Kyousuke, Kirino, Manami, Kuroneko, Saori, Ayase and Kanoko
> Ayase was getting along well with Saori, which Kyousuke found surprising, since he thought that Ayase will be unhappy with Kirino's otaku friends, seeing how she has treated Kuroneko
> Saori spoke with a mix of Bajiina and ojou-sama's tone, which sounded rather confusing. Especially her use of "watashi", "watakushi" and "sessha". Kyousuke could not decipher what state of mind Saori's in whenever she's using one of those terms
> So Manami's the one who teaches Kanoko cooking
> Kyousuke told Kanoko that Manami's just a high-school student. Kanoko was surprised, cause she thought Manami's an oba-san
> Ayase's the one who introduced Manami to Kanoko

> 50 mins into the party, Kanoko said something that caused a stir
> Kanoko asked Kyousuke why is he getting food from girls other than herself
> Kyousuke asked Kanoko why is she making it sound like she's his mistress
> Everyone's listening to their conversation
> Kanoko said it's rude for him to accept the food of others after eating her hand-made bento
> Kyousuke said her bento's only enough for two servings, and half of it is done by Manami
> Kanoko then asked if he will be able to survive only on her bento if she cooks for him everyday
> Just as Kyousuke was trying to come up with an answer, Kuroneko interrupted
> Kanoko asked her who she is
> Kuroneko did some elaborate pose, then introduced herself as a bunch of weird monikers
> Kanoko said she's bonkers
> Kuroneko said Kanoko's a pirated Meruru
> Kuroneko then said that she should be the one who's cooking for Kyousuke
> Manami then joined in by saying that it will be inconvenient for Kuroneko to cook for Kyousuke daily, since she lives far away. As for Kanoko, she can only do 1 dish well currently, so it's not acceptable for Kyousuke to eat the same dish daily. Therefore, she should be the one to look after Kyousuke, like cooking,  cleaning the house and washing his clothes
> Kanoko seemed to be unhappy, while Kuroneko was flustered
> Ayase wanted to interrupt for quite a few times, but somehow she always stopped by biting her lips, as though she's hesitating on something
> Kirino's looking at him with a icy stare
> Kyousuke asked Saori for help
> Saori asked him who does he want to cook for him
> Kyousuke said that if that will become the reason behind the quarrels, he'll rather eat out everyday, but that notion was rejected by the 3 girls at the same time
> Saori then laughed and grabbed Kyousuke by his arms
> Saori: "If so, then allow me take care of Kyousuke." (she uses watakushi here)
> Saori: "Ara~ There shouldn't be any problem, right? I have plenty of time, and the problems of cooking and cleaning can be solved perfectly - using the power of money."
> Kyousuke's frightened by the stares of everyone
> Saori said she wanted to try acting like how an ojou-sama would in situations like these, and gave an ojou-sama laugh
> Just as the girls were persuading Kyousuke and all, Kirino suddenly stepped in with a yell
> She said that everyone's not to harass Kyousuke, as he will be having exams next month
> Everyone said that they just want to take care of Kyousuke, so it's not disturbing him
> Kirino still said no, since she dislikes it
> Manami then smiled at Kirino and asked if she wants to be the one to take care of Kyousuke
> Kirino: "Haa!? That's disgusting. Why must I be the one to take care of that person?"
> Kyousuke: I'll definitely not make you take care of me, so no worries!
> Saori asked with an ojou-sama tone what Kirino's planning to do then
> Kirino asked if Ayase's willing to take care of Kyousuke for the month
> Ayase stammered and asked why her
> Kirino asked if Ayase hates Kyousuke
> Ayase said yes without hesitation
> Kirino then said if that's the case, then Ayase's fine. Ayase's a serious person, hates Kyousuke, and decent with her cooking, and she can also monitor Kyousuke as well
> Kirino then took out the report book that their dad made Kyousuke write
> She then said that Kyousuke's efforts in studying is no where near enough
> Kirino: "If you really wish to return home, then you should put in more effort into this!"
> Kirino: "Or can it be? —That you are dying to be my slave?"
> Kyousuke got pissed and said he'll show it to Kirino
> Kirino then turned to Ayase and asked if she can help take care of Kyousuke
> Ayase was knitting her eyebrows, and seemed pretty unwilling. Kyousuke felt hurt
> Kirino continued her sweet talking
> Ayase succumbed and agreed
> Ayase: "I really really...... hate to do this, and it feels extremely disgusting...... but if it's Kirino's request......"
> Ayase then raised her voice suddenly: "Then I shall be the one to take care of Onii-san!"
> Kyousuke had no idea why Kirino's doing all these for him, like bowing down to Ayase to ask for her help in taking care of him. She gets nothing if he achieved an A, and she must listen to one of his requests as well. He had no idea what's going on in her mind, since her acts are contradictory to what she says.
> And he had no idea why she's so pissed at the rest of the girls troubling him

> Next day, after school
> Kyousuke: "...... I-I'm back."
> Ayase: "Ah, welcome back— Onii-san."
> Ayase's wearing an apron and welcoming him like a newly-wed wife
> Kyousuke's speechless
> Ayase: "W-What? Is there something that you are unhappy with?"
> Kyousuke: "N-Nah...... Just that it seems like you are pretty enthusiastic about this."
> Ayase: "Nothing of that sort!"
> The apron with teddy bear print was brought to the apartment by Ayase
> Kyousuke then noticed the hairpin on Ayase's head
> Ayase asked for it from Kirino, since Kirino wanted to thank her by giving her something
> She then showed him the wallpaper of her handphone, which consist of a picture of her and Kirino wearing the same hairpin
> Kyousuke commented that they look like sisters
> Ayase said that they no longer sell that hairpin anywhere
> Kirino had bought those when she was young, and had specially bought a huge bunch of it when she knew that the hairpins will no longer be in production
> It's a special hairpin to Ayase as well
> Kyousuke asked if Ayase's really ok with Kirino's request
> Ayase said she's fine with it, since she has received such a great gift, and she can finally repay Kirino
> And since it's a request from Kirino, she'll go all out in taking care of Kyousuke
> Ayase then took out the cooking knife and asked if she can use the kitchen
> Kyousuke still find the sight of Ayase holding onto a knife frightening
> He told himself that he must never piss Ayase off whenever she's holding on one
> She commented on how much ingredients she had inherited from the party
> Ayase: "...... It seems like I've underestimated on how much care you've received from the others, Onii-san."
> Kyousuke found way she address him rather stinging, and wondered if that's just his imagination
> Kyousuke said he has something to talk about before he starts studying
> Ayase's gentle voice was replace with one of despising one: "...... I don't remember myself agreeing to providing that sort of services."
> Kyousuke: "Don't say it like I'm some lonely bastard who wants to chat up with some girls or something!"
> Kyousuke: What, you think that after seeing you in that apron outfit, I'll want you to provide me some maid service!?
> He said he wants to set some rules on their cohabitation, and Ayase reacted greatly towards the "cohabitation" word
> She then pointed the knife at him and said she wants to call the cops
> Ayase: "Because...... C-Cohabitation...... that sounds like Onii-san and I are...... in that sort of relationship!"
> Kyousuke could not catch Ayase's words as she was practically mumbling to herself at the end of the sentence
> Ayase: "W-Which means......"
> Ayase fidgeted for a while, and suddenly lifted her head: "...... It's like we are a pair of lovers living together......"
> Kyousuke found that line to be extremely destructive
> After recomposing himself, he then redid everything again. However, Ayase's imaginations were incredibly wild
> Kyousuke said that since Ayase will be busy with her modeling work, it's better that she doesn't come everyday
> Ayase said she had cleared all her schedule yesterday, so she could come everyday, and asked if he disliked her coming over
> Kyousuke said no, not at all
> Kyousuke said he was really happy and grateful that there's so many people who did so much for him, and he owed all of them
> Ayase said he's the only who thinks that way, since everyone has gained something from Kyousuke, and they just want to repay the favour
> She said that despite hating Kyousuke, she's thankful towards him as well
> It's all thanks to him that she could make up with Kirino back then
> And after that, she has consulted him about all sorts of things many times
> Kyousuke wondered why she did that, since she finds him a pervert, a sexual harasser, and hates him a lot
> He then recalled the incidents that made Ayase hate him
> And despite being looked down on, beaten up and harshly scolded by Ayase, his positive feelings for Ayase did not once decrease. He was quite surprised at that (and added that despite that, he's not M)
> Ayase then asked him what's in the cabinet
> She has looked into it before he came back
> She then asked him where will they sell those stuff
> Kyousuke was shocked, since they were all perverted figurines
> Kyousuke then told her that it's from the imouto-wife eroge
> Ayase almost kicked him, but stopped just in time
> She asked if the imouto is referring to Kirino
> Kyousuke said it's gifts from a friend
> Ayase commented that it must be great to have friends of the same interests
> Kyousuke wanted to deny that, but since he has to put on the act of a perverted older brother with an imouto fetish, he could not
> Ayase then asked why Kirino likes those figurines and games
> In order to maintain the act, Kyousuke lied and said it's because of the "bonds of love" with him
> Ayase asked if there's any other reason for her liking the stuff
> Kyousuke said there may be, but he doesn't know, and it seemed like Kirino herself doesn't know either

> After that, Ayase went over to his apartment every day
> Ayase's taking a shower in his apartment, and there's nothing else to be heard other than the sound of the water
> There's a downpour outside, and Ayase was drenched
> Kyousuke had prepared some of his own clothes for her to wear
> He could not concentrate on his studies
> Doorbell rang
> Kyousuke was almost shocked to death
> It's Hinata
> Hinata and him got along very well
> Hinata said Kuroneko was pretty depressed these few days, probably because Kirino found her less trustworthy compared to someone else (Ayase)
> Kirino had given Hinata permission to come as long as she does not disturb him
> Kyousuke invited him in. Hinata teased him by saying that he's going to do perverted stuff to an elementary school girl
> Ayase came out of the bath
> Ayase looked incredible in his clothes, and since her underwear's wet from the downpour as well......
> Ayase looked at him as though he's a criminal and asked him why be brought such a young girl in while she's showering
> Hinata called Kyousuke a player for living together with a girl
> Kyousuke and Ayase began explaining
> Hinata asked if they had really not do anything against their conscience
> Kyousuke and Ayase said "Definitely not!" at the same time
> Hinata said she'll report everything to Kuroneko and Kirino
> While Kyousuke's fine with it, Ayase's not
> Ayase said Kirino may misunderstand
> Kyousuke said it should be fine as long as Hinata does not blow things out of proportion

> Studying till 1am, taking a break
> Decided to play a prank by sending Kirino a message: "Your Onii-chan has studied really hard today!"
> After a short moment: "Shut up! That's so disgusting!"
> Kyousuke decided to heal his soul by taking a look at Ayase's fanblog
> The new post was different from the previous ones

Ayase-tan, what's going on here?

My illusions are shattered! Ayase-tan, why are you doing such things?

You're betraying your fans like this? That's not it, right?

...... I really want to post the other pictures here (you should understand if I am to say that it's an image of you with some other person), but I'll give you a chance

It's because I love Ayase-tan the most.

Please stop those shameful acts of yours, and reflect on it!

From the person who loves you the most - Sayaka

That NTR that Kirino's setting up on herself. 

Also, I am not really motivated to do this and chapter 4. It's not like most of you guys don't know what's going on already, with the spoilers out elsewhere anyway. So grammar's probably even shittier than usual. I don't really care.

Also, no. I won't do any PDFs for this. I didn't do any PDFs for any of my translations, and I am definitely not gonna do PDFs for summaries.


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