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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 5.00: Senri The Last

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Akios, Skat

Version: 2.01


Senri - The Last -

Senri wandered through the streets as she shed one tear after another.

There was not the slightest sound coming from her surroundings; the area was quiet to the point where it would make people feel terrified.

She didn’t know where she was at; she also didn’t know where she was supposed to go. She only felt that she had to get away from the train, if she were to stay there, she would definitely hurt Daisuke and others.

“…Because of me… Everyone was…”

Since she didn’t bring her cane, she could only use her hands to follow the wall and move on, walking aimlessly in the heavy rain.

The Senri right now could clearly feel the other existence that was living inside her. Her other self that was eagerly wriggling as if it was hoping for something, clinging tightly against her heart.

Actually, ever since a long time ago, she had already been in fear of her other self that existed quietly in the deepest part of her heart. To her, it felt like nothing more than a monster that wanted to break free and create chaos.

“Iori-kun… Azu-chan…”

Tears fell endlessly.


The teenage boy that was always worried about Senri more than anyone else, and had been protecting her ever since their encounter one year ago. After enrolling in the same school, he had always been by Senri’s side; a kind and gentle boy.


She was the closest friend that Senri ever made in her life; because both of them were girls, they talked about a lot of random things together. Things like school, family, and relationships. Whenever Senri was with her, she felt like any other ordinary girl.



A very well-behaved teenage boy, but it seemed like he always suppressed himself. Although sometimes he would show that strong-willed side of him, it felt as if he was trying to suppress that as well. Senri felt that he must have some secret hidden within himself.



A mysterious teenage boy who had appeared in front of her a few years ago. He was always very gentle, sometimes serious, and occasionally would show a sorrowful expression. Although Daisuke had many different personas, whenever he was by Senri’s side, he would always show that gentle and kind side of him to make her feel very warm.

And then ---

“Onii-chan……It’s also my fault that Onii-chan ---…?”

Haji Keigo.

To Senri, he was the most important person in this world; the person that had been protecting her ever since birth. And yet… even now he was also hurt.

The heavy rain that stormed down from the sky was beating against Senri as if it was punishing her. If God really did exist, he would probably never forgive a devil like Senri right? She herself had been constantly putting others that care for her in pain; why would someone like her be allowed to exist?

Just then, Senri violently coughed a few times as she dropped to her knees; her head was feeling extremely painful. Her body's condition worsening had thrown her off balance.

However, she was still clinging against the wall. She stood up with her trembling legs and continued forward.

If one were to ask her why was she walking, Senri would definitely answer this without any hesitation:

--- For the sake of not meeting anyone… not hurting anyone and to die…

“I am… the Flame… I seduced everyone… and burned them…”

Senri subconsciously muttered the words that (Oogui) had said.

She was walking perplexedly in the silent streets.

Burning air currents completely surrounded Senri. Although she tried to stay away from the burning currents by walking desperately, the burning currents seemed to have enveloped the entire city; she could never escape from it.

The unknown roar was echoing through the town.

Just then, there was a ringing in the distance.

Senri raised her head.

She’d heard this sound before, but couldn’t remember from when and where she’d heard it from.

The sound continued to ring loudly in a repeating pattern.


Senri’s legs began to move toward the direction of the sound.

The sound rang again.

The closer she got to the sound, the denser the surrounding air felt. It caused Senri’s fragile body to feel even more stressed.

Although Senri tripped a few times, she didn’t stop. She continued to walk as if she was walking voluntarily towards death itself.

The sound rang out even louder in front of her.


Senri was very sure she knew this place.

It had appeared in her dream before, the only scenery that she knew; she was clear that it was right in front of her.

“Cometh… Cometh inside the (Church)…”

The voice that was exactly the same from the one in her dream was calling out to her.

Senri continued onward as if she was being guided; her hands that reached outward suddenly touched an object. The object had a rough sensation; Senri used her fingertips to touch its dry surface. As the wind began to blow, a noise came from above.


Aside from the (Church), this was the other object that she knew. The image of the giant tree that she once saw in her dream being blown by the wind and making rustling sounds, began to surface within her mind.

“Cometh… O child of Flame…”

Under the guidance of the voice, Senri walked away from the tree. She raised both of her hands as she moved forward; the surface that she was walking on suddenly became hard.

Behind her, the sound of a door closing came as the ringing echoed against her surroundings.

Senri used up all her energy and slowly kneeled down.

"In the end... there is but only you..."

The unknown voice continued:

"Thou art the Flame that shall incinerate everything... the light that shall indulge upon human dreams..."

Senri's expression distorted.

"No... I don't... want to hurt anyone anymore..."

"Thou art the Flame......"


"Thou art the Flame......"

"I am... the Flame..."

Tears were overflowing nonstop. Although Senri tried to control her tears by pressing against her eyes with her hands, the tears just wouldn't stop. They were overflowing through the cracks of her slender fingers.

Stop, if I keep on crying like this, Onii-chan will be worried, Dai-kun will be uneasy, also Iori, Azu, and Akatsuki will be troubled.

"Thou art the Flame..."

Senri widened her eyes.

She couldn't take it anymore.

The emotions that she had been suppressing before, as well as the mask that she had been wearing to hide her true identity, all began to crack and fall apart.

"I … actually knew I was hurting everyone..."

Senri muttered with a low voice:

" 'twas ye that didst seduced them…They sought thy warmth…"

"Because... I’ll be scared if I'm by myself! I’ll be lonely! All I can see is pitch black darkness, and I can't do anything on my own...! I just want someone to be my side!"

The shackles of rationality were released; Senri could no longer control herself anymore. A sobbing voice came out from the bottom of her throat as she cried desperately:

"I actually didn't want Onii-chan to pursue his happiness! I just wanted him to forever stay by my side! B-Because... He is always so gentle!"

"Thy flame... shalt burn those who pursue you......"

"Dai-kun and Iori-kun... They are also very gentle! But... I'm so scared... I'm always worrying if they would just leave me and go away... If that’s how it’s going to be, then I should've been all alone from the start......! But... everyone is... so warm... I can't bear to leave them...... I only hoped that they would stay by my side...... I clearly knew... that I was going to be a burden to them...!"

Something was moving in erratically in Senri's surrounding.

"I clearly knew... that I wouldn't be able do anything in return for them...!"

Senri's hair was blown into the air as the burning currents surrounded her.

"Ohh... I can feel it...! Thy flame that shall devour the humans' dreams...! Delicious, so delicious...!"

Senri could hear the voice trembling with joy.

She used her hands to cover her face, moaning:

"I only know how to obtain warmth from everyone... but I couldn't do anything in return for them... Even so, I still hoped everyone would stay by my side... I wanted to be together with everyone......"

Every time when her big brother treated her gently, she would be very happy. Even though she knew that she couldn’t act overly spoiled, she still clung onto the time she spent with her big brother. But in actuality, Senri had an indelible fear within her heart. She feared that one day Keigo would get tired of her, and would end up leaving her --- who couldn't do anything besides accepting, and go away.

It was the same fear with Daisuke, Iori and others. Staying by their side was very warm, very comfortable, and even though she was harboring the fear of losing them one day, Senri still didn’t want to give up that kind of place of belonging.

However, this feeling of Senri that made her want to stay with them, would only hurt others. As long as she stayed by those people's side, she would continuously deprive them of their dreams...

She was just like a parasite that lived off them.

The instant Senri thought of that, desperation pushed her into the endless pit of sorrow.

As long as she could stay with her big brother, together with Daisuke, or together with Iori and others, she would feel her vitality being recovered.

But that was actually an illusion; the reason why she lived was because she was eroding their dreams.

"The reason why I'm alive...... was all because of these little tricks I pulled..."

Senri had wondered before, how would someone like her, who was born with such fragile body, be able to live on? She thought that it was because of her big brother protecting her, that it was because of the people that she encountered like Daisuke, that she was able live on through her own will.

But it was nothing like that.

She was living because she deprived them of their dreams.

A sentence almost slipped out of Senri's mouth.

It was a sentence that had been living in the deepest part of her heart since long ago; if she were to say it, it would be the same as betraying those that were protecting her, as well as surrendering to her own weakness, and would declare the end.

Hence, she instinctively resisted to think about that sentence.

But the Senri right now couldn't find any reason to stop herself from saying it.

--- I want to die...

However, the second before she was about to say that line, an impact as strong as an earthquake shook Senri.


Senri raised her head; she could tell that the owner of the voice had just shaken, judging from the change in atmosphere.

The vibration that felt like a cannon being fired at an extremely close range, continued to reverberate as if it was venting its anger. The intense attack resounded alongside the sound of something falling apart.


There was a sound.


Senri muttered with a surprised tone.


That was Daisuke’s voice; Senri was unable to tell where it was coming from; it sounded close yet also sounded far at the same time.

While Senri stayed dumbfounded, the cannon-like sound reverberated.

“… Aria·Vuarei’s child huh…?”

Senri heard a voice that was filled with aversion.

“It is no use! None can crush my territory from outside…”


The moment when Senri realized it was Daisuke, she could clearly hear his voice.


Senri raised her cheeks that were wet with tears, and shook her head weakly.

“Don’t… come to me… or else Dai-kun you will get hurt… just like Onii-chan…”

“My dream, I’ll give you as much as you want!”

Senri was shocked.

Daisuke had not the slightest hint of confusion in his tone; he continued to shout:

“We are not that weak to be eaten completely by this! Haji, Iori and Akatsuki were the same! So Senri…… Don’t listen to that bastard’s nonsense! Come back, Senri!”

“But…But… It was all…my fault that everyone…”

“So what?!!!”

Daisuke shouted loudly; it was the first time that Senri heard him shouting like that.

“It’s not your fault… you gave us warmth! Haven’t you noticed?! Did you not receive anything from us? Everyone likes you! Can’t you even feel that?!”

Senri gazed at the praying hands in front of her chest.

Even though her eyes couldn’t see her hands, she could clearly feel it… from the holding hands, the little warmth that was stored in the deepest part of her heart.

--- Can you feel?

At that time, within the secret hideout of Housawa town, the warmth that flew over from everyone’s overlapped hands could still be felt.

No matter how much the rain soaked her, no matter how hard desperation came at her, that feeling of warmth would never disappear.

Senri gently held her hands tighter, and raised her head.

“I did feel it… because it was given to me from everyone… but, I ---“

Daisuke continued to shout:

“What is your dream?!”

The praying hands' grip grew tighter.

“Everyone fought to protect you! Did you not believe in them? You were afraid of being betrayed… That’s why you’re always so weak. The feelings of those that fought to protect your dream, are you going to let down those feelings as well?!”

Daisuke squeezed out his voice desperately and roared. Senri could probably clearly feel the image of Daisuke shouting desperately.

“Senri, I have something that I need to tell you! Haji he… that guy wasn’t hurt because of you! He loved you from the bottom of his heart…… that’s why he stayed by your side! Are you going to let down Haji’s feeling as well? That guy fought with his life to protect your dream…… Can you not even shout out your own dream?!”


A light trembling voice came from Senri’s lips.

Just then, an elderly voice came from above.

"O child of the Flame, do not be confused……! Thou art the Flame that shall burn everything… thou dost differ from Sunakozaka Azu who hath rejected me… Thou shall be the one to devour all the human beings' dreams…!"


“Come, encage everything! Encage every dream with thy flame!”

There was one day, Azu suddenly said to Senri:

--- Senri, thank you.

Senri put on a baffled expression as Azu continued to say with a slightly embarrassed smile:

--- Because of you Senri, I’ve became much more straightforward when praying to myself. That’s why… thank you.


Senri bit her lips.

--- Senri, thank you.

During the period when she had just enrolled into the Moira High School, Senri was feeling remorseful and worried about Iori, who she didn’t get to rescue. So the instant when they met again, Senri could not help but burst into tears. Iori at that time was only holding Senri’s hands tightly and said that line.

Iori ---

There was no other friend that cared about Senri more than him. He was always worrying over her more than anyone else, even more than herself. And yet Senri couldn’t find any reason as to why he was so gentle towards her, and would sometimes feel uneasy because of that. However, even so, Iori still stood by the place closest to Senri.

--- Senri, thank you.

Akatsuki had also said that before. It was during their way home one day; Akatsuki suddenly cried and said that. At that time, Senri was thinking about comforting him with a smile, but it backfired and she ended up crying along with Akatsuki.

Akatsuki ---

What did the “Thank you” from that time mean? Even though Akatsuki would sometimes give off a sorrowful, lonely feeling as if he had lost something very precious to him, he would always treat Senri very gently.

Senri could not clarify if those emotions were right or wrong, and was still living in fear of change in the unknown future.

But to the Senri right now, there was one thing that she was very clear on.

The warmth that could be felt from her hands, that was the warmth given to her by her most precious people.


Holding tightly with both hands, she said loudly:

“I really wanted to tell Onii-chan this…! Only this sentence… but I felt that if I were to say it, Onii-chan and those precious people who I treasured would leave me, that’s why I was scared…!”

“Stop…! I do not desire thy dream…… All I want are the weak humans' ---“

“But one day! I want to sincerely tell Onii-chan and everyone that had been protecting me!”

Did her voice reach Daisuke? Reach Iori, Azu, and Akatsuki? Reach Onii-san? Did it reach those precious people who had been fighting for the sake of protecting her? ---

“I am fine!”

A sharp sound akin to glass being shattered rang throughout.

She had always wanted to say that.

Whenever her big brother protected her; whenever many other people protected her.

If she herself were to say that line, perhaps it would make them feel at ease, but they might also leave Senri because of it.

But even so, Senri still hoped that one day; she could bravely face those precious people and say these lines:

“I can clearly… feel the warmth given by everyone from the bottom of my heart!”

Senri shouted loudly, Even though her body was at her limits already; she still squeezed out her remaining strength and shouted out.

That was Senri’s dream.

Her only wish.


Groans echoed through the surroundings of the (Church).


Senri felt something crumbling.

In the next instant, a loud roar that was enough to tear apart one’s eardrum, rang in the distance. She didn’t know where and why that unknown thing roaring for, but she could clearly feel its roar filled with joy.

The heat surrounding Senri began to disperse as the burning currents gradually shrank down.

Finally, something touched against Senri’s cheek. It was not a flame; rather, it was a solid, big and cold sensation touching against her.

“You are……”

Senri gently stroked the presence that was closing up on her.

She knew what that thing was; ever since a few years ago, she already knew what that sensation was.

“So you are my… (Mushi)…?”

Senri heard a beast-like low roar coming near her, yet she was not afraid at all, and rather showed a smile to the (Mushi) that was nudging against her:

“From now on, I will give you my dream. I won’t let you hurt others anymore.”

After letting out a low moan, as if it would obey, the hard sensation began to disappear.

Hearing the sound of the (Church) collapsing, Senri quietly closed her eyes ---

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