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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.00: Daisuke Part 8

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat

Version: 1.01


Daisuke Part 8

The Housawa Town in this morning was different than usual; there were few passersby walking on the road.

Theoretically, the current time should be the period where large numbers of Moira High School Students rush off the train, and go to school in a hurry. Today's morning was supposed to be like this, but the actual number of students was only one third of the usual. This was because today was the day of the school trip, and all the first year students had to meet up at the new trunk line station. [TL note: For those of you that didn’t know, new trunk line means Shinkansen, the Japanese’s bullet train, Wiki here]

Since most of the students that enrolled in Moira High school came from other town or cities, most of them didn’t need to pass by Housawa Town on the their way to the new trunk line station. The only students that were walking in the opposite direction of the student crowd, were Daisuke who carried his Boston backpack, and Senri with her small shoulder bag.

As Daisuke reached the train station’s entrance, he turned around and gazed at Housawa Town.

Senri, who was holding hands with him, had also stopped as she turned to face him with a perplexed expression.

“Dai-kun, what’s wrong?”

“Do you like this town? Senri.”

Daisuke gazed at the town as he asked that.

The Housawa Town that was filled with morning chill, was still exuding an atmosphere of quietness. Although one could still hear the noise of the passersby, and the sound of cars passing by, the quietness that enveloped the entire town could still be felt.

Senri tilted her head perplexedly, before showing an innocent smile and said:

“Mhm, I do!”

“I see.”

The two of them stood shoulder by shoulder, and gazed at Housawa Town for a moment.

The first one that turned around was Senri.

“It’s almost time to go! The train is coming.”

After gazing at the town for one last time, Daisuke gripped Senri’s hand tighter.

“Okay, let’s go!”

After a few hours, Daisuke and Senri would arrive at Ouka City. After arriving there, Senri would be first separated from the other students, before being taken in by those from the SEPB.

Although Daisuke had heard quite lot of bad news, as long as they could safely arrive at Ouka City, the East Central Division would be able to protect her from there. She probably won’t be coming back to Housawa Town for a while.

In addition, after arriving at Ouka City, Daisuke must reveal everything to Senri. The truth of her being a Mushitsuki and how she would be under the SEPB’s care from now on. To Senri, and Daisuke, those truths were undoubtedly painful. Would she able to accept the truths…?

Daisuke held Senri’s hand tightly as they stepped into the Housawa Town’s train station.

After sitting through dozens of minutes of train riding, the two of them arrived at the major station of the new trunk line. Walking through platforms, they started advancing toward the appointed meeting point. As they got closer, they could see many students standing around in Moira High school uniforms. Many teachers that were responsible for directing students toward the meeting place could also be seen. Following their instruction, the two of them finally arrived at a place that was crowdedly filled with students from Moira High school.



“You guys finally came.”

Iori, Akatsuki, and Azu had already arrived. Since it was a two day one night trip, most of the students’ luggage was very light. Only Daisuke and Iori were carrying luggage that was slightly bigger than others.


Daisuke and Senri said that at the same.

Shortly after the five of them regrouped, the teachers began to instruct the students to advance. The school had already arranged all three classes into one unit beforehand to fit the cars of the bullet train. And since Daisuke’s class and Akatsuki’s class were in the same unit, they were able to sit together in the same car.

After arriving at the platform, the students began to aboard the bullet train one by one.

Under the teacher’s instruction, they moved to the 6th car of the bullet train, which was exactly the middle section of the train. And since the students could choose wherever they sat, the five of them chose to sit together.

“Ughh, I’m really not good with these kinds of transportation devices…”

Their classmate, Kanari Yoichi, said that as he walked pass by. Daisuke then replied with a wry smile:

“It’d be best if you ask for some motion sickness pills from the train staff beforehand.”

“Mhm --- I’ll do that, thanks.”

After smiling, Yoichi walked toward the front of the car.

Daisuke and the others chose a spot near the center of the car and sat down. Senri and Azu were sitting together, while Daisuke and Iori were sitting on the other side of the car with Akatsuki sitting alone facing them.

“This feels quite nerve racking… Oh Dai-kun, after arriving at Ouka City, you have to be our guide!”

The expression of Senri, who was stroking her chest happily, looked unexpectedly bright. Upon seeing this, the four of them smiled right after her.

Just then, Daisuke took out a small wireless headset and put it on one of his ears. It was a headset with semi-transparent color, which seemed like one of those popular MP3 player devices.

When Iori saw the headset, he asked:

“What’s that?”

However, Daisuke replied casually:

“It’s nothing; I just wanted to listen to some music.”

Yet not only Daisuke, but Akatsuki was wearing a very similar headset as well.

The headset, of course, was not an Mp3 device like Iori had thought; but rather a small, high-tech wireless receiver. It was able to connect to the goggles within their bags and receive wireless transmissions directly.

Although this school trip seemed normal on the outside, it was a big mission to Daisuke and Akatsuki. Currently, there was no guarantee that nothing would happen during the period of this school trip.

The train cars trembled a little bit as the train began to accelerate.

Akatsuki then moved the small microphone that he was hiding in his hand closer to his mouth.

“Mission Start.”

Through the headset, Daisuke could hear Akatsuki’s voice as well.

“East Central Division’s deputy branch-director, Goromaru Touko copy. Mission %@S#!... Ow! Bit my tongue ---“

“East Central Division’s branch-director assistant, Ishimaki kijuji copy. Mission start, I’ll be assisting the deputy branch-director.”

Even though the mission of transferring Senri to Ouka City was carried out by both East Central Division and the West Southwest Division, in order to unify the command system, the East Central Division would be the only one in charge of issuing commands. Both Touko and Ishimaki would be monitoring the situation on live at Ouka City. Hence, protecting Senri during the time period before she arrive at Ouka City would be Daisuke and Akatsuki’s duty.

“Daisuke-kun…… That person… Is she really East Central Division’s… ?”

Akatsuki frowned as he threw a gaze of disbelief at Daisuke. Daisuke immediately blushed embarrassedly and averted his gaze.

Although it seemed like the authority was in Touko’s hands, it was actually Ishimaki who would be issuing commands right? Touko and Ishimaki probably had already discussed about this before.

Nevertheless, the only work remaining for them was to wait patiently until the bullet train arrived at Ouka City. Daisuke shifted his gaze to Senri and noticed that she was chatting happily with Azu, who had her finger pointed at the view outside the window.

Just then, Daisuke caught a glimpse of Yoichi standing. Upon seeing him reporting to the teacher, and went through the automatic door heading toward the front cars, Daisuke thought to himself:

Is he going to get some motion sickness pills from the staff?

“Hey Daisuke, what kind of place is Ouka City?”

Iori suddenly asked as he gazed at the view out of the window, causing Daisuke to come back to his sense.

“Mmm --- what kind a place huh… I guess, besides the fact that it’s crowded, there’s nothing special about it.”

“It’s a metropolis right? I think I've been there once.”


It was as if he was deeply thinking about something; the expression he was showing seemed subtle. To prevent other students from hearing, Daisuke asked Iori in a whisper tone:

“Iori, did you tell your parents that you’re staying at Ouka City?...”

“Nope, I’ll tell them about it later on. That way it’d be easier for both me and them.”


"Come on, don’t give me that face, I'm really excited about Ouka City you know? Since protecting Senri will commence from this point onward."

After saying that, Iori smiled, his expression had not slightest sign of hesitation.

"Mhm, it all starts now!"


Akatsuki smiled as Daisuke nodded his head.

"After arrving at Ouka City, I'm going to tell Senri everything."

In contrast of Daisuke's worried expression, Iori and Akatsuki were still smiling as they nodded their head at each other.

"Senri will definitely be fine, because we will be there for her."

"I think it would be really shocking for her... but she should know that we will always be by her side no matter what."

"… Thanks."

Just then, slim arms suddenly appeared and grabbed Daisuke, who was smiling, from behind.


"What are you three getting depressed over here for? Get ready for the first round of the snack party!"

Hooking onto Daisuke with her arm, Azu interrupted them with a face filled with a smile. Her cheek was right next to Daisuke's face, which caused him to immediately blush.

"Ah, Azu...! Wait, your face is too close ---"

"Iori! Take out the stuff that you bought yesterday! It's time to feast!"

"Huh? Are you an idiot? Those are for tonight's main event! By the way, the way you talk is very impolite. How could you call yourself a Christian with this?"

"Shut up, how dare you still talk back. Senri, tell him to take out the snacks with me."

"Take it out~ Take it out~"

"Ah, found it! These right?"

"Ah, Akatsuki you bastard! Don't open my bag without my permission!"

Within a few minutes, a small banquet was formed around Daisuke's seat. Senri was sitting next to Akatsuki, while Azu was sitting on the armrest of the seat. Everyone was frolicking around happily.

Just when they were scolded by the teachers for the third time, Akatsuki's phone suddenly rang.

"Ah, it must be Akatsuki's chick~! Iori, seize him!"

"Why do I have to do that?"

"Speaking about girlfriend...… Dai-kun, who was 'Goromaru Touko' that called you before?..."

"Eh? Touko-san is --- Wait a second, why are we bringing her up for this topic?"

While everyone was chatting, Akatsuki fished his phone out on the side and took a look. When he saw the screen, his expression completely froze. Daisuke could hear him muttering “Vihookumosu” quietly.

Upon seeing his reaction, the other four immediately stopped their rioting.

“Excuse me.”

Akatsuki said that as he left his seat, walking hurriedly toward the automatic door.

Azu gazed at Akatsuki as he left, before saying:

“Ahya…? Is it my fault?...”

“Azu, you idiot! You went overboard!”


Facing Iori’s scolding, Azu could only lower her head and apologize. Meanwhile, Senri was holding Azu’s hands worriedly.

Everyone fell into silence while waiting for Akatsuki to return. And after a while, Akatsuki’s voice came from the headset.


Daisuke raised his head, and noticed that Akatsuki was looking at him behind the automatic door. He had a look of anxiety on his face.

Seeing something must have gone wrong, Daisuke stood up and walked toward him.

After Daisuke passed through the automatic door and walked closer, Akatsuki then opened his mouth and said:

“Something bad might happen… No, something bad is definitely going to happen… What should we do…?”

“Calm down, Akatsuki. What is going on?”

Facing Daisuke’s question, Akatsuki only shifted his gaze away with a worried expression as he stayed silent.

“Hey, Akatsuki? Oh, Daisuke you’re here as well...… What happened?”

Just when Iori was walking closer to them, a sharp metallic sound screeched against their eardrums as they suddenly lost their balance. It was the sound of the bullet train chafing against the railroad tracks.

“Wah ---“

Daisuke and others hurriedly pressed their hands against the cars wall to support their body.

Although students were rioting after hearing the sudden grinding sound of metals, they immediately quiet down after the train stop shaking.

“What was that?”

Next to Iori who was frowning, Akatsuki held the microphone closer to his mouth with a serious expression.

“(Kaguya) urgent reporting to the branch-director. An unknown shock happened near the rear of the train transporting (Himiko). I will immediately head there to confirm the status… In addition…”

Akatsuki paused for moment as if he was at loss of words, while biting his lips.

“In addition…… although it has not confirmed, this might be an ambush attack carried out by the (Mushibane). Please send reinforcements as soon as possible.”

Daisuke widened his eyes.

“(Mushibane)…? How did you know such a thing?”

Akatsuki, who was gazing straight at the backend cars, didn’t reply back. His hand that was holding the microphone seemed to be trembling slightly.

“Eh? Ah? You said (Mushibane)?? …”

“Ishimaki copy, I’ll contact the train operator and tell him to slow down. (Kaguya), please immediately confirm the situation.”


Just when Akatsuki was about to turn around and head toward the backend cars, Iori grabbed his arm.

“Some people are coveting for Senri and might attack us very soon.”

Daisuked answered the question Iori wanted to ask, in place of Akatsuki. While explaining to Iori, Daisuke was looking straight at Akatsuki with a serious expression that seemed as if he wanted to press Akatsuki on the matter. However Akatsuki, who could only distort his expression in pain as he averted Daisuke’s gaze, didn’t say a word.

“Coveting for Senri?...”

Just then, a tense voice was heard through the headset.

“Unable to contact the train operators. Although the train has been slowed down, the train station stated that the automatic system was cut off.”

Upon hearing this news, Akatsuki exposed an expression that was even more stunned than Daisuke.

“How is that possible… Vihookumosu said (Mushibane) is going to attack from the back---“

Knowing that he was saying things that he shouldn’t be saying, Akatsuki immediately covered up his mouth in hurry.

“So that means… It was done by someone else other than (Mushibane)?”

Daisuke questioned Akatsuki.

Right now there’s no time to investigate why Akatsuki was able to obtain the news of (Mushibane) attacking. But if he knew about (Mushibane)’s movement, I guess we could only trust him.

Although Akatsuki was prevaricating, he still nodded his head in response, while saying:

“If something really happened to the navigation… It wouldn’t be (Mushibane)’s doing.”

And thus, Daisuke began to ponder.

--- Aside from (Mushibane), who else might be coveting for Senri?

If it were (Mushibane), it would be very reasonable if they were seeking for revenge against the East Central Division by taking the branch-director’s sister as a hostage.

But, Daisuke couldn’t think of anyone else that have a reason for hurting Senri.

Although the suspicion of (Shinpu) flashed through his mind momentary, he didn’t dwell on it because it was just an assumption.

The three of them fell into silence.

The first one to open his mouth was Iori. He suddenly smiled and said:

“It’s pointless to stand here and just think. I had already expected something like this to happen sooner or later.”

Iori then reached his hand and tapped Akatsuki’s chest.

“I’ll go front, you go back.”

“…Okay, Iori-kun. Be careful.”

As if both Iori and Akatsuki had made up their minds; they exchanged glances at one another and nodded.

“I’m coming ---“

Just when Daisuke was about to finish his line, they stopped him as they fixed their gaze on him.


“Daisuke-kun, you can’t.”

Iori then exposed a shallow smile at Daisuke who was at loss of words:

“We made a promise didn’t we? You have to fulfill your dream. If you breach the order, everything will be over right? Just leave this to us!”

“But that ---“

“Daisuke-san, you can’t!”

This time, Touko’s voice panicked voice came from the headset.

“I’ll immediately send reinforcements over! So please bear with it…”

“Kusuriya Daisuke, you have not received permission to engage.”

“Don’t fuck ---“

Just when Daisuke was about to shout, the automatic door behind them suddenly opened and Azu appeared.

“Guys! Senri… She suddenly…!”

Her words caused to the three of them to immediately ran for Senri.

Senri, who was having a pale face, was talking to the teacher on her seat.

“It’s fine, I might have played a bit too much… I’ll feel better if I take a rest right now…”


Upon hearing Daisuke calling out to her, Senri turned and replied with a smile.

“Dai-kun, don’t worry about me… I’m really fine.”

Although Senri pretended she was okay, Daisuke who knew her for a long time, had already noticed the truth. Whenever she was feeling unwell, she would always force herself to hide the truth.

--- Why is this happening---!”

Daisuke held Senri’s hand with both of his hands. Just then, a pair of hands suddenly tapped his shoulders.

Turning around, he saw both Iori and Akatsuki were looking at him.

“Daisuke, you should stay with Senri!”

“Mhm, we’ll be back soon.”

Azu’s expression darkened when she heard that.

“What…? You two are going somewhere?”

“Need to take care of something.”

Iori smiled as he turned to gaze at Senri.

“Senri, are you okay? You’re very strong, much stronger than me…”


Iori bent down as he put his hand onto Senri’s hand, and then another hand overlapped theirs.

“We’ll be back soon.”


Iori and Akatsuki both gazed at Senri for a while before standing up.

The two of them smiled as they knocked fists against each other, after that, they parted their way and started running in different directions.

“Dai-kun? Where are they going?”

Daisuke gripped Senri’s hands tighter as she put up a perplexed expression.


Even Azu was also revealing a question expression at Daisuke.

I ---

Mixtures of feelings were running wildly within himself.

Daisuke didn’t know whether it was regret, anger, or uselessness that he was feeling.

What am I doing … Why am I wasting time here like this…!

He clenched his teeth as he raised his head. Senri’s worried expression appeared into his view.

The bullet train still needed at least two hours before arriving at Ouka City --- For them who acted as defenders, this time period was definitely not short. In a situation where the enemy’s size and current status were unclear, if they were to engage, it would undoubtedly be difficult for them to fight with current their number of people.

“Senri, don’t worry, they will be back soon.”

Daisuke forced a smile upon his face as he tried to comfort Senri. Yet, as a result of him suppressing his emotions forcefully, his voice was trembling slightly.

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