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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 1.00: The Others

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat,
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Version: 2.01


The Others

After the teenage boy disembarked the train, the train door began to close up along with the sound of air being released.

Afterwards the train left the platform, leaving behind vibrations resulting from three train carriages colliding together.

The passengers that disembarked at the same station as the teenage boy, numbered less than a handful.

Even though there were only four new automatic wickets in the front; it was more than enough to handle the amount of passengers of this station.

The teenage boy readjusted the Boston backpack on his shoulder, and walked through the ticket gate.

Since it was a weekday at noon, aside from the staff of the station, most of the people that walked throughout of the station were either elderly or suit wearing white-collar office workers. The appearance of a sixteen-year old boy around this time period should be something very strange, yet no one bothered to turn around to gaze at the teenage boy.

The coat wearing teenage boy didn’t have any features that were eye-catching. With a slightly childish face that didn’t reveal any emotions; he walked straight towards the exit with a steady pace, without the slightest confusion. With a normal coat that was befitting of his medium sized body, his pitch black hair was blown by the air-conditioner of the train station.

Looking closely at him, the Band-Aid on his face would probably his only unique trait… And if he was to remove the coat that he was wearing, one could see that his unrecovered body was still wrapped in bandages, yet it was impossible to tell that just by looking at his appearance.

An out of season Kakkou Mushi, that had the special trait of a pair of long antennae, slowly landed onto the shoulder of the teenage boy.

The teenage boy --- Kururiya Daisuke, passed through a billboard that read “Housawa station south exit” and stepped outside.

The cold wind of January was stinging his cheeks.

The scene that unfurled before him, was exactly the same last time Daisuke was here; it didn't change in the slightest. The area was still as sparsely populated as before, there weren't any tall buildings around, the color of the public facilities tended towards gray— and even the number of cars passing by on the road were pitiful to look at.

Housawa Town ---

A border town that required at least three hours of travel via train from Ouka City, where Daisuke originally lived. Yet, Daisuke didn't feel new here, because he had already lived for a period of time in this town before. At that time, he had never thought that he would come back here once again.

He subconsciously bit his lips as he caused the backpack strap he was gripping, to produce a sound of being tightly squeezed

--- Suddenly, his field of vision darkened.

"Guess who am I?"

Upon hearing the voice coming from behind, a tense nervousness enveloped Daisuke. Not only was he shocked by the unexpected move of opponent, he was also stunned at himself for not noticing the incoming presence.

It was a hoarse voice that Daisuke heard before, a voice that he was hearing every single day a few years ago; even now, he would at least hear it once every month. He relaxed his shoulders, and replied with a smile:


Behind him came the sound of giggling.

Daisuke suddenly recalled, even though the voice was familiar, the teenage girl shouldn’t be able to cover his eyes — or rather it was impossible for her to do so.

Daisuke turned his head around, it was a girl that he had never seen before. The girl's pink lips and the cross necklace on her chest were very distinctive, and it seemed like her age was similar to Daisuke's.

"Big success! Yay -----!"

The girl laughed while slowly moving away, revealing another girl standing behind her.

“Haven’t seen you in this town for a long time!”

The teenage girl's swaying long hair was, reflected by the rays of the winter sun, sparkling blue aura. The innocent smile she exposed, was making the corner of her eye seem drooped. The high-necked sweater, thick trousers, and the knit cap which had a hairy ball hanging down, all looked very suitable on her. The slender cane in her hand and her figure were exactly the same from one month ago when he last seen her.

Next to the cane holding teenage girl, stood two teenage boys and the short-haired girl he had just seen. Those three were people that Daisuke had never seen before.

Being the representative of the other three, the cane holding teenage girl reached her hand outwards to Daisuke.

"Welcome back, Dai-kun."

Daisuke immediately smiled back.

The teenage girl quietly gazed at Daisuke's chest, her eyes, most likely weren’t able to reflect Daisuke's smile... However, it seemed like she was able to sense Daisuke's smile. She --- this teenage girl named Haji Senri, was always able to sense the change of emotion of others keenly.

The green Kakkou Mushi that was resting on Daisuke's shoulder, began to generate crunching sounds with its wings. Looking closer at it, one would be able to find red stains on the wings of Mushi. As the Kakkou Mushi's movement became dull, Daisuke could feel something within his heart was missing…

"I'm back."

Revealing a shy smile, Daisuke gently shook Senri's hand.

While feeling the warmth coming from the teenage girl's palm, he began to recall the causes and consequences that made him return to Housawa Town...…

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  1. Oi, oi, don't tell me Daisuke begins NTR already.

    1. xD, he definitely has the ability to if he wants ~ Well, that's if he wants!! (but who would? after meeting a girl like Shiika)

  2. Hey, I watched the anime a long time ago, and I don't remember what it was like, but I'd like to read it anyway. I read on the Mushi-Uta volume 1 page that you were going to compile and upload a pdf, has that been done yet? It is, in many ways, more convenient to read a pdf.

    1. Regarding to the Volume 1, I'm still working on making the final version of it. I'll post a notice when I'm done. Possibly within the next few weeks...