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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 2.03: Daisuke Part 6

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Daisuke Part 6

After running out of the plaza, Daisuke arrived at the outskirts of the town.

He intended to go to the places where (Church) was reported to have been sighted. Although he had already visited those places immediately after he arrived at Housawa Town, and could not find anything; those places were Daisuke's only clues as to (Shinpu)'s whereabouts.


Daisuke clenched his fists as he ran, while the feeling of rage was spread wildly within him.

(Shinu)… The culprit who turned the frail Senri into a Mushitsuki — as a result Haji had to enter the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau in order to protect her. He is the bastard that caused the siblings to be in such deep pain, and has thrown their futures into a bloody hell. That's why Daisuke could never forgive (Shinpu)

A gust of wind suddenly roared past.

Daisuke raised his arm to shield himself from the incoming dust.

Just as he lowered his arm to look ahead once more, he noticed that the atmosphere around him had suddenly changed. It felt as if he was floating in the air.

The sound of a bicycle and the wind, which he could hear before, fell into complete silence. Even though the surrounding scenery was still that of a quiet residential area, it felt like it came directly from a dream.

Daisuke shifted his gaze to his side, and immediately widened his eyes.

In the once empty and open space, a strange building suddenly appeared out of nowhere. At the center of the vast hinterland, a tree could be seen standing, and behind the tree, there was a black colored building with a pointed roof; and above the broken roof, a bream with a broken tip still stood.

A clear bell sound suddenly rang throughout the surrounding.

The sound resounded through the residential area like ripples, and then dispersed into the air. The air surrounding Daisuke suddenly gained a disgusted feeling — as if they were polluted by the sound.

Daisuke changed his expression as he reached his hand behind his back.

“Trying to seduce me?... Just what I wanted!”

From the holster that was inside of his shirt, he took out his revolver and goggles. He then placed the icy cold goggles over his head. The pair of goggles was common equipment given to the SPEB members. Even though it could cover one’s whole face, its weight was actually very light since it was made from a special refined alloy. In addition, the goggles had a variety of different functions.

After turning the channel button near his ear, the word “Locked” appeared on the lens of the goggles. It seemed like the wireless connection was blocked for some reason.

He then took out his cell phone and looked at the screen; the screen displayed “No Signal”.


Without any hesitation, Daisuke walked closer to the (Church) as he unlocked the safety lock on his automatic revolver. He then touched his goggles once again and pressed a few buttons; the lens of the goggle was now showing the letters “REC” on its side. As a member of the East Central Division, he was required record his battles whenever possible.

Daisuke Ignored the overgrown tree, and went inside the (Church), which had its doors wide open.

Immediately after he stepped in, the doors violently shut behind him with a loud sound.

The bell then rang once again from above.

The internal design of the building was rather outdated. Wooden benches could be seen arranged in a neatly organized fashion; while lighted candles, which were hanging on the walls, surrounded the benches.

And at the center of this windowless church, there stood an empty altar. On the spot that was originally made for the statue was empty as well, while the candles on both side of it were wavering non-stop.

"'tis true, there be a fellow with sins so grave…"

A voice suddenly sounded, causing Daisuke to raise his revolver.

“You…… thou have committed countless sins…for the sake of thy dream…”

Although Daisuke could hear the voice, he couldn’t see the owner of it.

Daisuke advanced towards the center of the Chapel and surveyed the surroundings.

“(Shinpu), come out!”

Daisuke shouted:

“Didn’t you have enough after you turned Senri into Mushitsuki?!Why are you still clutching onto her?!”

Just then, the voice that came from an unknown direction spoke again:

"I am merely here for the bewildered ones; granting them the salvation they oh-so-crave…"

“Salvation? Why would Senri need your salvation now?!”

"Thine eyes have become turbid from all the atrocities which thou hast committed… Ye hast not seen the truth…

“I don’t need the truth! I’m fine with only seeing the enemies through my eyes.”

Daisuke said that as he began to doubt.

--- Could it be that (Shinpu)’s target is not Senri?...

According to what the owner of the voice said, that seemed to be the case.

If what Daisuke thought was true, then there’s another problem. (The Original Three) would only appear when they were lured by human’s dream. If (Shinpu)’s target was not Senri, then who else might it be? In this Housawa Town, aside from Senri, who else had he set his eyes on?

“This place of prayer lies within my territory… Repent! … All ye who are tainted by thy sins…”

(Shinpu)’s voice resounded again.

Daisuke continued to put up an alerted stance. Regardless of what (Shinpu)’s intentions might be, the most important thing right now is to catch him. Presumably, (Shinpu) must have felt Daisuke would obstruct him, that’s why he deliberately lured Daisuke into this abnormal dimension which he controlled at free will.

--- Kusuriya.

Daisuke suddenly heard a familiar voice, causing him to turn around…

At the center of the empty church, a teenage girl appeared out of nowhere.

With her shoulder-long hair, slender limbs, and beautiful face that one might have hard time averting their gaze from; she was gazing straight at Daisuke.

It was Tachibana Rina --- A Mushitsuki girl that passed away in Daisuke’s arms not so long ago.


Daisuke stared silently at Rina as more figures began to appear around her. Daisuke knew those people as well; they were the people who had their dream deprived by him.

--- Why didn’t you save me? I also had the same dream as you…

While saying that, Rina suddenly vanished and reappeared behind Daisuke as she tightly embraced Daisuke from behind with her slender arms. However, all Daisuke could feel was her icy cold body temperature.

Meanwhile, those that had become ghosts were increasing in numbers; they almost filled up the whole church. They were all bleeding non-stop as they reached their hand at Daisuke.

---For the sake of saving yourself… Kusuriya, for the sake of protecting your own dream, you killed us…

Rina’s hands reached for Daisuke’s neck; with an unbelievable strength, she began to strangle Daisuke.

However, Daisuke silently raised his revolver to aim at her and others figures that were clutching onto him desperately.

A clear gunfire sounded.

At the same time, those ghost-like figures began to explode like balloons, before disappearing into the space without leaving a trace.


Daisuke coldly shifted his gaze around at his surroundings; however, he still couldn’t find the figure of (Shinpu). He also tried to look for an exit, but it seemed like if he wanted to escape this windowless church, he had to leave through the door which he entered.

--- Daisuke…

A voice suddenly rang throughout.

Lowering his head, he saw a female kneeling on the ground, holding tightly onto a young girl in her arms.

--- You’re actually a Mushitsuki? How terrify… It was right to abandon you after all…

It was Daisuke’s mother and older sister that abandoned him when he was young.

"Is it because of the fact that I do not know how my mother and sis currently look like, that you could only show their figures from the past?...Judging from this, you seem to have the capability to dig out the memories of those who enter this (Church)…"

Daisuke murmured as he aimed his revolver at his mother and older sister.

Another loud gunshot sounded as those two figures exploded before disappearing.

“Ohh… How couldst you do such things to thy family… Such a terrible demon…”

Daisuke threw this line at the trembling voice:

“Whether it’s Rina’s voice or other’s voice, I have always heard them in my dream every day. Do you think that I would be shaken just by hearing these voices now?”

Daisuke’s hands were dyed bright red from these figures' blood. He had already deprived many people of their dreams; and all of that was for the sake of fulfilling his own. Nevertheless, he had never once forgotten how wayward his actions were.

Even so, he must fulfill his dream no matter what.

To find a place that needs him, a place where he belongs --- In order to fulfill this tiny dream, he had lived up to now.

“I never intended on praying to god, nor wanted forgiveness from those that I deprived dreams of. Even if I become a devil, I will definitely fulfill my dream. I will also defeat you, (The Original Three), and extract from you three the method of reverting Mushitsuki back into ordinary humans!”

Daisuke threw his spiteful words at (Shinpu) as he raised the hand that was holding the revolver.


A green Kakkou Mushi appeared out of nowhere and landed on the tip of the revolver. It then emerged itself into the revolver, releasing many green tentacles to fuse with Daisuke’s arm.

--- Who would listen to your fucking order--- Right now it’s my best chance to take down (Shinpu)

“The one who proclaims himself as god! Where else would you be cowering other than here?!”

Daisuke input more force onto his revolver, before aiming it at the altar. Flaming sparks resulting from bullet being violently rotated were spraying out from the mouth of the revolver that had already fused with the Kakkou Mushi. Daisuke’s surrounding was enveloped by these roaring flames.

“Go to hell---!”

Just when Daisuke was about to pull the trigger, a sudden change appeared before him.

At the direction of altar which he was aiming at, a teenage girl appeared. Her short hair and her familiar coat were swaying from the gust that the revolver created.

Then teenage girl shifted her gaze straight at Daisuke.


His finger that was going to pull the trigger immediately came to a stop.

--- Dai-kun…

Next to Shiika, another teenage girl appeared.


As if they were seeking for help, they reached their hands toward Daisuke.

The antennae of the Kakkou Mushi that had fused with the revolver were wavering as if it could feel the confusion within Daisuke’s heart. The soaring flames from the mouth of the revolver were also decreasing significantly.

“What shall thou do… ye devil's son?…”

(Shinpu)’s voice rang again.

Following after (Shinpu)’s words, a large number of figures suddenly appeared from the ground, charging straight at Daisuke. They were the people who he had deprived dreams of in the past.


Their overwhelming weights were adding onto Daisuke one after another as their screams vibrated violently against his eardrums, crushing his mind with an unbearable pain.

His consciousness was completely overturned as if every sense he had was cut off.

In a world where one couldn’t feel any of their five senses, Daisuke was surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere.

Nothing was around him.

There was only darkness, and a strange sense of comfort.

He couldn’t hear the blame from the others; he also didn’t know what he needed.

--- Ugh…

This space was so comfortable that he couldn’t ask for anything else, nor would he feel any censures.

Daisuke thought dazedly to himself… Perhaps, he had died already?...

--- Ughhh…

This place had tempted Daisuke a few times already in the past. And because of it, he sometimes would think to himself that, perhaps, the place where he belonged was actually a world that had nothing in it — just like this place. Yet whenever he was about lose to this temptation, he would awaken from a violent pain within his heart.

--- Mmm…

Daisuke didn’t know what it was.

Yet he could tell that, it was something very precious to him. Whenever Daisuke was unable to move forward, it would become a ray of light and guide him…And that thing was …

--- Boom!


After a sudden impact shook Daisuke, he opened his eyes and saw the ghost-like figures that surrounded him were disappearing one after another with fearful expressions on their faces.

He then shifted his gaze at his arm, and felt even more shocked.

The Kakkou Mushi was taking over Daisuke’s arm as its compound eyes shone in a crimson glow. He swung the arm that was under its control before firing cannon-like bullets repeatedly without holding back.

Every time the Kakkou Mushi fired a bullet, the (Church) would tremble. Although the bullet wasn’t doing any major damage to the church itself, it killed all the ghost-like figures that were surrounding Daisuke.


(Shinpu)’s painful moan could then be heard from within the (Church).

Daisuke clenched his teeth, trying his hardest to control his Mushi.

“(Kakkou), it’s still too early for you to take me over like this…!”

The green Kakkou Mushi trembled its body as its burning eyes were slowly lost its momentum, allowing Daisuke to aim his right hand at the empty altar.

“Okay, now, release your full strength…!”

Just then, the revolver that had completely fused with the Kakkou Mushi’s mandible, was spurting out raging flames once again.

Yet right before Daisuke could pull the trigger, a strong gust stormed at him.


This sudden change threw Daisuke off guard, and blew him backwards.

At the same time, the door of the church opened. He was thrown out of (Church) just like that.

“Shit, he is trying to run away?!”

After landing onto the ground with a flip, Daisuke readjusted his posture and aimed his revolver once again.

However, the outline of the (Church) was slowly fading away, before disappearing like a mist.

Even the tree that he saw before had also disappeared; it was as if they were both just illusions. The place was empty once again, just as it had used to be.

Daisuke immediately surveyed his surroundings, however, there wasn’t any sign of the (Church) and let alone (Shinpu)’s figure. Even the atmosphere that was filled malice had disappeared like an illusion as well.

Because he had allowed (Shinpu) to escape, Daisuke was angry at himself as he stomped his feet at the dirt.

Shifting his gaze to his right arm, the Kakkou Mushi was just defusing itself from his arm and the revolver. Judging from its look, it seemed pretty upset that it had missed the chance of maturing, yet it also seemed revived from Daisuke’s awaken.

“… Are you… my enemy? Or…”

The Kakkou Mushi didn’t answer Daisuke. After returning to its original size, it flew behind Daisuke’s neck and disappeared.

Daisuke pulled his goggles up above his forehead, while taking out his cell phone. The signal seemed to be working again after the disappearance of the (Church).

He then dialed a number before putting the phone next to his ear.

"[Please confirm that there are no third parties within the radius of 10 meters, and report your member code.]"

Daisuke answered with his member code right away. And then same reply came as always: “[---Switching to communication mode within the bureau.]”

“[Here is the intelligence management department of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau's Central Headquarters. From now on, all the dialogue---“

“I have come in contact with (Shinpu).”

Before the opposite party could finish, Daisuke said briefly.

“[Did you conduct any combat?]”

(C)’s immediate reply was totally unexpected to Daisuke, which caused rage to rise within him.

“Does that fucking matter?! I have grasped parts of (Shinpu)’s ability!!!---“

“[East Central Division’s Kashu level one ranked member, (Kakkou), did you conduct any combat activity?]”

“I have come in contact with (The Original Three)! Isn’t that the SEPB’s highest priority? Are you telling me that the Central Headquarters are still trying to uphold these stupid rules even now?!”

“Taking (Kakkou)’s sudden mental instability into consideration, the recording will be paused for the moment.”

“(C)! What the hell is the Central Headquarters thinking?! Do they think I’m far more dangerous than (The Original Three)?!”

“That’s right.”

The teenage girl’s reply dumbfounded Daisuke; he could hear the sound of him gritting his teeth angrily.

“If so, what the hell am I supposed to do?! I can’t fight, let along defeat (The Original Three). Under such situation, what can I do?!”

“Please take some time and think. Your current mission or your dream, which one is more important to you?”

It was as if the teenage girl’s words were implying that Daisuke could only protect Shiika or Senri. Yet, both of them were irreplaceable to Daisuke. If he was to choose to protect one, he wouldn’t be able to protect the other.

“(Kakkou), I hope you are aware of this by now, you’re the only one who’s capable of fighting (The Original Three) right now. Hence, you’re our--- the Mushitsuki’s only hope. That’s why---“

Don’t entrust your hopes onto someone like me?!

Daisuke clenched his fists tightly, trying to stop himself from shouting that line.

He had never intended, nor did he have the right to shoulder their dreams. What (Shinpu) said was right, Daisuke was just a devil who had deprived many others of their dreams.

“How much longer… do I have to take this?...”

“Until branch-director Haji awakens. That person will be able to change the current SEPB. We can’t lose either one of you.”

“But the East Central Division would be long gone before that guy wakes up! Right now, the situation is totally different than the time when you guys were transferred over to the Central Headquarters.”

“… Please destroy the video that you recorded, I will resume the recording right now.”

The teenage girl’s tone changed.

“[Start recording --- This is the Central Headquarters’ intelligence management department, Ishu level three ranked member, (C). I will be doing an oral report in place of (Kakkou). (Kakkou) had come in contact with (Shinpu), one of (The Original Three), and further grasped parts of his ability. This Intel will be immediately reported to the Headquarters after deputy branch-director Goromaru’s confirmation. In addition, due to (Shinpu)’s interference, the recording of the incident was impossible. If the above statements are correct, please accept.]”

“… Accept.”

“[Good work, please continue to carry out your mission, recording completed.]”

The communication was then cut off.

Daisuke removed his goggles brutally and bit his lips.

He wanted to protect Shiika at Ouka City.

Yet, he also wanted to protect Senri in this town.

The two thoughts that contradicted each other, were running wildly in his heart.

His expression was distorted from anger as he walked away.

Turning around, Daisuke began to walk back to the plaza area. However, he wasn’t walking toward the spot where he parted ways with Senri and others, but rather at the direction of the ghost town.

He crossed through a deserted alley that was filled with dust, and enter an abandoned building.

Walking up the stairs, he arrived at the 3rd floor of the building.

Judging from the looks of it, this floor seemed to have been an office floor once before. However, there weren't any table or office supplies in this vast floor. The whole floor was empty; and the walls were made out of glass.

Back when he used to live here, he would occasionally come to this place along with Senri to enjoy their snacks; which obviously Haji and Miki weren’t aware of. Since this place used the latest thermal-regulatory materials in its construction, it was a great and comfortable secret hideout to have during summer and winter.


Daisuke leaned against the glass wall before sitting down.

A few years ago, he used sit here and watched the scenery in front with Senri until the sun set. Even now, the scenery that he saw through the window was exactly the same as before.


Hearing a voice, Daisuke turned to gaze at floor’s entrance.

It was Iori.

“Iori… How did you know this place?”

“Well, it was you and Senri that found this spot right? Thanks to you guys, we come here very often now. Oh right, we were talking about coming here before.”

Iori said with a tired tone as he sat down beside Daisuke. His expression was not only filled with fatigue, but also a look as if he was deep in thoughts.

“Found anything?”

“Nope… Didn’t find anything.”

Daisuke lied. He thought that it would be best for Iori if he didn’t know much about (Shinpu).


“Mmm? Oh… I’ll tell you later…”

It was rare for Iori to be so roundabout, something must have happened to him as well.

At the same time, a figure appeared at the entrance of the floor again.

“You two…”

Looking closer, Akatsuki was standing there. His clothes were filled with dirt and there was even a bruise on his face.

Iori immediately shot up his body.

“Akatsuki, what the hell happened to you?...”

“Nothing, I just happened to bump into some punks.”

Akatsuki replied with a wry smile as he sat next to Daisuke and Iori.

“… Punks...? Akatsuki, you went through the training right? Those people should be ---“

Although Daisuke wanted to continue, he stopped when Akatsuki tried to fudge the topic over with “Hmm… I supposed I did? Ahaha …”

The three Mushitsuki exchanged gazes with one another for a moment, before dropping their shoulders lifelessly.

“Sorry, I couldn’t find anything … … Judging from your looks, I suppose you guys are the same?...”


“Well… Ya…”

Iori said that before he laid down on the floor and became silent

Daisuke laid down onto the floor immediately after him, and spread his arms and legs wide with a sigh. The Akatsuki who sat next to them had also done the same as if he used up all his strength.

The three teenage boys that gathered here without any prior promise or arrangement were all silent as they gazed at the ceiling.

It seemed as if each of them had their own worries…

It was clear to Daisuke that the other two were lost. And at the same time, the other two also knew very clearly that Daisuke was just as lost as well.

“Can we… really protect Senri until the end?...”

Akatsuki’s sudden words caused Iori and Daisuke’s expressions to become serious.

There was indeed such worry in their mind.

Even Daisuke had wondered if he could really protect Senri until the end, despite him having a different dream. And also, did he have the right to?

“We don’t have much time… Senri is slowly losing control of her (Mushi)…”

Daisuke muttered, to which Akatsuki nodded his head in response before saying:

“Mhm, we have to do something… Since there might be a possibly that... there are other people who covet for Senri beside (Shinpu)…”

“I will definitely protect Senri no matter what happens, but for Daisuke and Akatsuki…”

Iori paused for a moment before continuing:

“If the situation gets worse, you two should leave Senri’s side immediately!”

Hearing Iori’s sudden unexpected speech, both Akatsuki and Daisuke turned to gaze at him surprisedly.

“Senri is my dream, so no matter what may happen, I won’t hesitate to do anything if I needed to, but your guys’ dreams are different right? If anything dangerous happens, you guys should run… and live on so you can fulfill your dreams. Even if there was only myself left, I will definitely protect Senri.



“You guys definitely have to fulfill your dreams, okay?!”

Iori said that before closing his eyes.

Just then, more figures showed up at the entrance of the floor.

The three of them immediately shot up their bodies when they felt the presences, and turned around.

“Ahh!!!--- I found them, found them!!! I found the idiot trio!!”

“See? I told you they were here after all!”

It was Senri and Azu; they were holding hands as they walked closer to them. When Azu saw Akatsuki, she was shocked by his bruised face, which almost caused her to scream. However, Akatsuki immediately put his finger in front of his lips to signal to her to be quiet, which Azu replied by moving her mouth without making a sound: “You better explain it to me later!”

“What the hell are you guys doing?! Why did all three of you suddenly run off like that? Not to mention, none of you answered our call! Do you know how worried we were??”

Azu shouted angrily.

Meanwhile, Senri was puffing her cheeks unhappily as she kneeled down next to the boys, before facing them and said:

“Ya, seriously… We were really … worried…”


Even though Daisuke was apologizing honestly, he couldn’t bring himself to look directly at her eyes.

Senri trusted Daisuke from the bottom of her heart.

Yet was Daisuke worthy of her trust? Perhaps, it may actually be he, who is most likely to defile her than anyone else? Not to mention…

--- Can I really protect her, who trusted me faithfully, until the end?

Every time when Daisuke thought of this, he couldn’t bring himself to face Senri directly.


Daisuke spoke subconsciously:

"Are you not feeling uneasy because Haji is not by your side right now? In your situation, where you can't see anything, it must be more painful than I could ever imagine right?...Yet…I all I can do is stay by your side like this…"

Right after he blurted that out, a sense of self-disgust enveloped Daisuke completely.

How could he say such things in front of her? He was really the worst of all. However, he just couldn’t help but want to know.

Did Senri really need him? Would she need the Daisuke, who had already sacrificed the lives of many others?

Just then, not only Senri, but everyone else was looking at Daisuke in surprise.

Facing Daisuke’s question, Senri exposed a weak smile as she reached her hand toward him. After seeing this, Daisuke hurriedly reached his hand out to hold onto hers.

“Can you feel?”

Daisuke took a deep breath.

Senri’s warmth was flowing through from the palms and fingers of their entwined hands. It felt as if he was touching a tiny baby’s soft hand; he could even feel her heartbeat flowing over.

“Even if humans can’t fly in the sky like birds, they wouldn’t feel uneasy right?”

Senri smiled as she continued:

“I think it’s all because of the existence of the ground. No matter where we are, the ground will always be with us, that’s why we can go anywhere we like. That’s why… I’m not feeling uneasy, because Dai-kun… and everyone would always be with me. And because you guys would always be with me, I can go anywhere I want … It was Dai-kun you and Onee-chan that made me realize this.”

Daisuke gazed at her pupils, that were facing straight at him, dazedly.

“But, I can only warm up your hands like now… there’s nothing else that I …”

Just then, another hand overlapped onto Senri’s hand right after she lowered her head.

“I will always stay your side as well, Senri. I’ll bring you to anywhere you want.”

It was Iori. He said that as he gazed at Senri with a sincere look.

Right after that, another hand overlapped onto theirs.

Akatsuki was also gazing straight at Senri. It was as if he had made up his mind; the perplexed expression from before could no longer be seen.

“I’ll also stay by your side… This time, I’ll definitely…”

“Me too!”

Azu said as she overlapped her hand, while holding tightly onto the rosary that was in front of her chest with her other hand.

“If I leave everything to you idiot trio, I will be so worried that I'll get a gastric ulcer!”

With Senri’s hand in the middle, they overlapped their hands into a pile.

An indescribably warm feeling was filling up Daisuke’s heart.

Senri had some sort of mysterious power that would unconsciously gather people around her. It was as if everyone was allured by her gentleness, or perhaps the warmth of her hands.

Daisuke then exposed a smile.

---Shiika, I’ll definitely come back to Ouka City. So, before then…

Senri smiled happily with her cheeks blushing red.

“Thanks… … But this somewhat felt like we were confessing… Quite embarrassing…”

The five of them immediately blushed shyly as they let go out their hand all at once.

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