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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.10: Daisuke Part 11

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat

Version: 1.01


Daisuke Part 11

Daisuke could feel that — the view that reflected through his eyes; was gradually releasing the irrationality that he had been suppressing the entire time.

As he came to the first carriage, the first thing he saw was Azu holding her rosary, while closing her eyes.


Daisuke’s voice became inaudible as a sharp spider leg pierced through Azu’s body.

Daisuke then raised his head and saw his classmate, Kanari Yoichi, displaying a cold grin.

“Perfect timing, you came at the right time! (Kakkou)!”

Why did Yoichi know about Daisuke’s alias? Daisuke didn’t even have time to think about that.

“Needless for me to say, both Endou-kun and Sunakozaka-san won’t make it to Ouka City, am I right.”

Daisuke lowered his head once again, and gazed at Azu.

Although blood could be seen flowing down the corner of her mouth, her expression was extremely calm — as if she was smiling.

Daisuke then began to merge Azu’s smile with the smile Tachibana Rina had before drawing her last breath.

“What happened? What’s going on?! Report at once!!”

Daisuke didn’t listen to Ishimaki’s voice.

At that moment, the spider moved its body, causing Azu to fall onto the floor.

“You will arrive at Ouka City really soon! You must not engage ---“

Green tentacles rapidly stretched towards Daisuke’s whole body.


As Daisuke hung his head low and squeezed out a tiny voice, green patterns could be seen appearing near his neck and arms. The long antennae Kakkou Mushi had already fused with the revolver on his right hand.

--- The last remaining bit of rationality in the deepest part of his heart --- burned out.


Daisuke roared out from his heart and leaped; charging straight at the spider.

“I never intended to fight you head on from the start.”

Yoichi snickered as the spider turned around, facing Daisuke with its abdomen before firing a large volume of spider webs, engulfing Daisuke.

The sticky spider webs immediately covered and pinned Daisuke onto the ground, while elastic spider webs were added on to increase toughness. Within a few seconds, the spider webs formed a cocoon-like white cage, trapping Daisuke within.

Yoichi then spread out his hands as tiny spiders appeared near his feet. The fist-sized spiders crawled past Daisuke and stormed toward the latter cars like endless waves.

“Now that you’re here, there’s no use for the others! I’ll turn Haji-san, and Ogata-kun, as well as (Mushibane)’s (Mushi) into my pawns! And then this train will head directly to Ouka City ---“

Yoichi’s voice was suddenly interrupted halfway.

And the reason for that was because Daisuke was grabbing onto his face --- he effortlessly destroyed the white cage from within.


After seeing Daisuke glare at him from within the shattered cage, Yoichi fell into a panic.

Just then, the spider swung its sharp claws at Daisuke.

A sound akin to a cannon being fired rang throughout.

The white cage was shattered apart as the spider’s leg was blasted into pieces. The bullet that mercilessly minced the spider’s leg didn’t decrease in strength at all; it directly penetrated the carriage’s wall with ease.


Yoichi groaned painfully as the spider used its remaining legs to attack Daisuke. The sharp claws launched at Daisuke all at once.

Daisuke ,however, was still glaring motionless at Yoichi. The long coat designed to protect against heat and bladed weapons, blocked the spider's claws. And although it could protect against slashing and cutting, it couldn't fully reduce the impact; but Daisuke ignored the pain from his wounds.

He then single-handedly picked up Yoichi’s body, and threw him at the operator’s seat in front.


Daisuke slowly walked towards the teenage boy who had fallen on the ground.

Meanwhile, the spider was still attacking Daisuke, yet he didn’t even bother to turn around, and merely moved his hand at the direction of the spider and pulled the trigger.

The gunshot echoed.


A painful expression emerged on Yoichi’s face.

After Daisuke closed in on Yoichi, without so much as a glance, he aimed at the direction where the spider should have been and continuously pulled the trigger.

Every time the gunshot rang, Yoichi’s body would twitch violently. One hole after another was blasted into the carriage wall, as the tiny spiders filled the surroundings groaned painfully before disappearing.

“Uaghh… D-Demon…”

Yoichi was raving in panic as he watched Daisuke slowly walking closer to him with a terrified look.


Daisuke forced his voice out to question:

“Why did they have to die……?!”

He suddenly recalled that shy smile of Iori.

--- I want to protect Senri.

The teenage boy who said so, was smiling shyly. Although it was just a simple dream, he treasured the relationship between the five of them more than anyone else, he also wanted to protect Senri properly, more than anyone else.

--- That’s why, if I were to become a Mushitsuki just like Iori…

The teenage girl who said that line was probably hiding her feelings from Iori right? She herself probably hadn't noticed that whenever she talked about Iori, she had her happiest smile.

Just then, (Konoha)’s voice came from the wireless headset.

“Confirmed Kusuriya Daisuke --- East Central Division’s Kashu level one ranked member, (Kakkou)’s engagement. Requesting Headquarters for immediate counter-measures.”


Ishimaki censured with a despaired tone.

“Why did you… Do you even know what you’re doing right now?”

“Then what do you want me to do?!”

Daisuke roared:

“Why did Iori and Azu had to die?! They were just normal high school students! Azu is not even a Mushitsuki! Why did they have to --- die here like this? I don’t understand anymore!”

Daisuke continued to pull the trigger as he roared at the ceiling:

“They just wanted to protect Senri……!”

His vision began to slowly distort; the tears that he hadn’t felt in a few years began to overflow. He thought that his tears had already dried up during the process of turning countless Mushitsuki into Fallen.

Housawa Town --- a very comfortable place that centered on Senri; and in that town was Iori, Azu, and Akatsuki. The days that he spent with them in Housawa Town was very warm and peaceful, even Daisuke himself thought that it, perhaps, may have been the place where he belonged.

However, this kind of ending was just too tragic. What have they done wrong? They just wanted to follow their dreams… wanted to protect a girl and yet ---


Every time he fired a bullet, his body would feel the strong recoil. After shooting, around 30 bullets, there was nothing in the carriage that could move.


Looking down ahead, was a teenage boy staring at the floor dazedly with his empty eyes. It was Kanari Yoichi whom had lost his (Mushi) and became a Fallen. Daisuke had already seen those doll-like emotionless eyes countless times already.

“What … are we? Why can we only fight like this?...”

The confusion that he should’ve gotten rid of a few years ago began to awaken in his heart once again.

Thinking back at it, it had probably started the moment when Tachibana Rina died drearily as the leader of (Mushibane).

Rina was just like another Daisuke.

She harbored the same dream as Daisuke; although she was at a loss, she still fought on endlessly.

However his own confusion, and the dilemma of them sharing the same dream yet different perspectives, forced Daisuke to kill Rina.

Daisuke input more force into the hand that was gripping the revolver as he spoke with a quivering voice.

“I’m going to defeat (The Original Three), and end this idiotic war…!”

Just then, a new voice came from the wireless headset.

“The Central Headquarters will be taking in charge of the current mission from now on. In addition, the headquarters has identified (Kakkou) as a target of elimination. The Annihilator should be in contact with him very soon.”

It was a voice that made Daisuke feels disgusted and uncomfortable. He had some impression of the voice; it should the voice of Commissioner Inose from the Central Headquarters.

Annihilators ---

They should be the squad that (C) mentioned about before; a squad that served directly under the command of the head direction of the SEPB.

Just then, Ishimaki retorted:

“Commissioner Inose! That order is just too outrageous! The East Central Division didn’t agree on this!”

“This is my judgment under such emergency situation. (Kakkou) right now is in an extremely unstable mental state; hence I can only conclude that he is a dangerous factor that needs to be eliminated, am I wrong?”


The revolver that had fused with the Kakkou Mushi spat out an empty magazine, after that, Daisuke took out a replacement magazine and snapped it back in.

He then aimed at the ceiling of the carriage and pulled the trigger. After a loud bang, a big hole that could allow a person to jump through was blasted onto the ceiling.

With a jump, Daisuke landed on the ceiling of the carriage.

Sharp, needle-like, heavy raindrops stormed against him; along with the gale that could stop anyone from breathing.

He gazed at a far distance through the goggles that were soaked by the rain.

Whether or not he could stop the new bullet train didn’t matter anymore; right now with the current situation, the best plan was probably allowing the train to charge straight into Ouka City and gain support from the East Central Division. That was probably the plan with the highest successful rate if he wanted to save Senri.

“Please tell the East Central Division’s members to stand by near the border… So that after entering Ouka City, they can protect Senri and escape at once.”

“Ohh… Judging from those words and actions of yours, I can nail the fact that you’re essentially rebelling. (Kakkou)!”

“Stop it…(Kakkou)! Are you trying to face the elimination squad all by yourself?! The Central Headquarters now is completely different than the one few years ago; back when they were unable control you and (Fuyuhotaru)!”


Ishimaki’s one line caused Daisuke to close his eyes.

Shiika ---

Daisuke then opened his eyes and glared at the view in front, at the direction where the Annihilators were coming.

“(Konoha) reporting… Just now, I have confirmed (Kaguya)’s, who is engaging at the end of the train, abnormality. Judging from speculated results, it should be signs of Maturation.”


Even if Akatsuki had strength comparable to a Kashu level two ranked, there was only so much he could do facing hundreds of (Mushitsuki) members all by himself.

The new bullet train continued to speed through the rainstorm. Behind them was (Mushibane), and in front of them, was the elimination squad from the SEPB; meanwhile the teenage girl that they were protecting was at the middle.

“Senri…… I promised that I will protect you……”

In front of Daisuke that was vowing quietly from the beating of heavy rain, something abnormal happened.

In the far distance, up ahead, a shining-red glow suddenly appeared.


The shining-red glow gradually expanded --- No, it was actually flying at a great speed toward the new bullet train Daisuke was standing on.

When Daisuke saw that the red glow that was flying at high-speed towards him, he trembled.

“It can’t be……!”

The shining-red glow was an actually a roaring flame.

Accompanied by the sound of “Boom!”, the strong impact and vibration resulting from the roaring flame striking the train, exploded in front of Daisuke. The whole train shook from this as it screeched intense metal sounds against the tracks.

The flame soon filled Daisuke’s vision.

And then, under Daisuke’s stunned gaze, the outline of the roaring flame began to distort into a beetle-like creature that had a pair of uneven long tusks; very similar to tiger beetle.

The host of this flaming (Mushi) was standing leisurely on the side; it was a figure with hair the same hue as the flame itself. A domineering atmosphere as well as the flames could be felt coming from the figure's body; creating an overwhelming presence that made one hardly believe he was actually a human.

The teen, whom was wearing a heavy coat with a large amount of bandage wrapped around his face, spoke:

“Let’s slaughter each other, (Kakkou)!”

(This is Fan-made, all credit goes to G.H)


Daisuke took a step back against the overwhelming heat wave that was storming at him.

The roaring heat instantly evaporated the rain that had wet Daisuke as a droplet of sweat shed from his neck.

Why… Why did Harukiyo appear with such timing?...

Harukiyo --- Despite his ability being completely unknown, he was still classified as an Ishu level one ranked Mushitsuki; one of the strongest Mushitsuki. He is the leader of the third organization that consists of a few but elite and capable members, completely different than the SEPB and (Mushibane).

“Did Yoichi die already? --- Huh, ah? You only turned him into a Fallen? (Kakkou), you’re still naïve as ever!”

After Harukiyo gazed at the interior of the carriage through the big holes, he laughed with a deep tone.

Daisuke’s expression suddenly changed.

“He is your comrade…? Harukiyo.”

“He was quite strong, wasn't he? But against you, he is far from enough.”

“Why are you targeting Senri…?!”

Upon seeing Daisuke raising his revolver, Harukiyo twitched his shoulders and laughed:

“It’s nothing. I’m just interested in those who had the same ability as me, that’s all.”

“You’re different from Senri, be gone from my sight immediate, or else…”

“be gone huh…? Hey, Ume, what should we do?”

“Mmh --- Rejected!”

A teenager’s high pitch tone suddenly came from above Daisuke.


Daisuke felt a murderous intent; the moment when he raised his head, he pulled the trigger.

“Oh ya, (Kakkou) you still don't know my ability right?”

A beetle, that was giving off silver aura, was dancing its wings on top of Daisuke. On top of the beetle, a teenage boy that seemed rather androgynous could be seen. The teenage boy had rather strange clothing; the parts around his arms and trousers were torn off.

Kusezaki Ume, one of Harukiyo’s comrade.

“(Kakkou), the mirror has reflected you…”

The silver colored (Mushi)’s abdomen reflected Daisuke’s face like a mirror, immediately after that, the bullet Daisuke fired was absorbed by the mirror on the beetle’s abdomen.

In an instant, the silver-colored (Mushi) fired an even stronger bullet from the mirror on its abdomen.


Daisuke was unable to completely evade the short-ranged bullet, although the long coat prevented the bullet from piercing through, the bullet that was filled with overwhelming power send Daisuke flying.

That was obviously the bullet that Daisuke fired; Daisuke was sent flying by his own bullet as he rolled a several times on the car ceiling.

He gripped tightly onto the protuberance on the 2nd car’s ceiling to narrowly prevent himself from falling off the car.

Just then, a pair of uneven roaring flame tusks came straight at Daisuke who was putting up a painful expression.


Daisuke immediately raised his revolver and fired a bullet.

In that instant, the large amount of flames leaped toward him. Daisuke managed to divide the coming flame into two currents with the high-speed gyrating bullet that he fired. The flame that was split into two, struck the wire poles on the side and melted them down almost instantly.

Although Daisuke managed to dodge Harukiyo’s direct attack, if he hadn't been wearing his long coat, he would definitely end up severely injured.


“(Kakkou), just struggle as hard as you can! I'll roast your dream until there's nothing left!”

Daisuke glared at Harukiyo, who was grinning leisurely, and Ume as he clenched his teeth tightly.

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