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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.11: Touko Part 4

The Counter-Attack Begins.


Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat

Version: 1.01


Touko Part 4

The ward’s door was opened.

On the ward’s sickbed, a pale-faced young man could be seen slumbering.

As for Touko, she was standing weakly in front of the closed door.

The ward was very quiet. The intubator that stretched out from Haji’s mouth was connected onto the machine next to the sickbed.

Touko was hesitating in front of the door. She couldn’t bring herself to walk closer to Haji; if she was to walk any closer toward the sickbed, she would definitely grab onto him and never let go.


Touko still hesitated. She stared into the space rather than looking at Haji while murmuring to herself.

She had also forgotten to take off the wireless headset from her ear. Ever since she came here, the wireless headset had been giving nothing but dialogue filled with despair.

“Why must we ---“

Daisuke’s roar could be heard from it.

“Confirmed (Kaguya)’s abnormality, it should be signs of Maturation and ---“

She could also hear (Konoha)’s emotionless voice.

The Annihilators from the Headquarters should be arriving there shortly. Once they arrive, not only Senri, but Daisuke would also be regarded as a target of elimination and subject to annihilation.

“I-I… really… can’t do anything at all…”

She continued to murmur to herself in the ward.

“Why must they fight…? Why can’t we save them…? Is everything my fault to being with? Because I’m different than senpai, because of my uselessness……”

The (Mushi)’s existence had slowly became a well-known truth to the public as their attitude towards Mushitsuki became even more severe than before. Even so, this reaction of the general public was very normal, because when Touko herself was attacked by the Mushitsuki, she also felt extremely scared.

But nonetheless, Touko still couldn’t bring herself to hate them.

Touko felt that Mushitsuki weren’t their enemies, but rather bunch of lost kids that were seeking salvation. They were imprisoned by an inexplicable darkness known as (Mushi), striving endlessly to find their dreams. The feeling of wanting to save them, was it wrong?

“Unlike senpai, I don’t have any ability … … or a dream… … or even a thing in which I cherish, yet even so I still wanted to save them… But… I really can’t do it…”

Touko recalled Haji’s figure that she last saw.

He was always filled with perseverance and strong will that would not yield no matter who the opponent was. Touko was very envious of him, and respected him from the bottom of her heart. She even entered the same university as Haji half-heartedly. Perhaps, the reason that she enrolled in such agency was also because she wanted to see his back figure?

And if she were to stand in the same position as Haji, it would be too much for her.

“Why must it be me…? Haji-senpai, please tell me…”

--- You’re that type that would try to muddle and live through life right? Other than trying to dismiss things with a wry smile, you particularly had no other desire.

She recalled the words that Haji said with a weak smile.

That’s right, Touko had nothing. Not only did she not have any ability, she was not strong enough to reject the things that she disliked, nor did she harbor a dream of her own.

--- That’s what I like about you

Haji immediately smiled after saying that; it was a smile of mischief that he rarely showed.

Just then, (Konoha)’s voice came from the wireless head set.

“(Konoha) reporting, Harukiyo approached the new bullet train, and started engaging (Kakkou).”

Touko twitched her shoulders upon hearing that.

Harukiyo appeared on the new bullet train that was transporting Senri…? Why?
Touko felt something was extremely off.

This obviously was not the best time— she questioned his act of showing up at such a time, trying to make sense of it all.

Well of course, to Daisuke, his appearance is the worst scenario. But how about Senri? If Harukiyo’s target was Senri, wouldn’t it be best for him to wait until Daisuke and the Annihilators broke out and fought to their last breath?

And the most questionable thing is the reason why Harukiyo suddenly appeared?

Is his target really Senri? What are his motives on wanting to obtain Senri? If there are other possibilities, then there’s only ---


Touko widened her eyes.

As she came to a conclusion, she suddenly recalled Haji’s words that he said other time.

--- Just because you’re one those types that simply have no desire, that’s why you are always be able to face everything with the same attitude. Bad things will make you feel bad, and good things will make you feel good. As long as you are able to move according to your will, then in the future --- …


Touko raised her head up.

“I… will definitely make this place, where senpai will return, into a big mess!”

She subconsciously smiled, and then continued in her good-for-nothing tone.

The new bullet train that Daisuke and Senri were riding on will arrive at Ouka City shortly; someone’s gotta be there to end everything right?

“I’m going to try out the things I want to do! By the time you come back, please remember to scold me okay?!”

She bowed sincerely at Haji as usual.

And then after that, she turned around and left the ward. She even forgot that she was in a hospital as she pressed onto the wireless headset and spoke against the microphone:

“Commissioner Inose, please respond. This is Goromaru speaking.”

The other party immediately responded.

“I thought you were gonna keep your mouth shut; well, what’s the matter so suddenly? Let me make myself clear, this operation will not be change ---“

“Want to trade with me?”

Touko said that as she began to walk down the stairs heading to the parking lot:

“I can give the Central Headquarters our most important trump card, in return -----“

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