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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.05: The Others

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The Others

Whenever she thought of the time she spent with the teenage boy named Endou Iori, she could only shake her head and sigh.

He must have something wrong going on in his head right?

The nutrition that was supposed go to his head must have taken a wrong turn, and all went to his muscles.

Mhm, it must be that.

During elementary school, he was basically the bad boy next door, and that was okay. However, when he got into middle school, he totally changed into an outright villain. He became an idiot that only knew how to use violence to solve problems— which caused everyone to be afraid of him.

Azu, who lived near Iori, would always see Iori’s mother apologize to the residents in the vicinity once in a while. In addition, police cruisers didn’t stop merely once or twice in front of his house.

At that time, Azu didn’t understand why Iori had to cause trouble for his kind-hearted mother all the time. Not to mention, she was raising Iori all by herself.

Love thy neighbor ---

Azu’s family, from generation to generation, were devout Christians.

However, Azu didn’t believe in God, even the prayer she did before meals was just for the sake of maintaining a nice atmosphere within the family. The Masson Sundays was also for the sake of getting along with the neighbors.

Love thy neighbor ---

Huh, what are you talking about? Who the hell would love someone like him?

Although Azu was protesting within, due to her parent’s request, she could only go and attempt to reform Iori obediently.

Yet just as she expected, not only did Iori not listen to her words, he even slapped her.

Facing this kind of extreme treatments, Azu felt a rage exploding within.

From that day onwards, Azu would always follow Iori and nag at him from behind; day after day. Whenever Iori ignore her words, she would stubbornly follow after him and continue nagging.

However, Azu's actions backfired. Her attempts at trying to correct a deviant into a good student annoyed the people around her; causing them to think that she had nothing better to do. Because of Iori, Azu lost at least 20 friends.

But then one day, Iori suddenly changed --- It was as if his character was flipped upside down. And the reason for that appeared to be because of a teenage girl named Haji Senri; it seemed as if he had fallen for that girl.

Azu initially hated Senri.

--- Azu-chan, do you believe in god?

Senri noticed the prayer Azu did before meal, so she asked with a smile.

--- Not really…

Azu accidentally voiced out her thought with an unhappy face. She almost forgot that she was trying to be on a good term with Senri on the outside, and thought “Oops…” as she took a sneak peek at Senri.

Just then, Senri replied with another smile:

--- Well, I do. Although it’s not God… But I believe in the other me that’s inside my heart. She’s sometimes kind and gentle, sometimes scary and mean… but she’s me. I believe that she pays more attention to me more than anyone else at any time.

Upon hearing that, Azu could feel her mood freeze on the spot. Even Iori, who was eating lunch with them said: “Oui, what’s wrong, your face is looking weird!”

Was that supposed to be a cold joke?... S-So weird… What the hell is she talking about? I did think of her as strange sometimes, but this is just too much… Aahh … So scary… She’s just too weird and scary.

But from that day onward, Azu changed who she prayed to.

She began to pray to her inner self.

--- Aha, Sorry, I just thought of something bad. Sorry about that, me.

--- Thanks for the delicious dishes today, it was very good, me.

--- Iori wanted to hang out me today, although Senri is going as well… Whatever, it will be okay! It was probably a reward for me behaving well these days, thank you, me!

After Azu did those prayers, her repugnance toward Senri slowly disappeared.

The days with Senri as the center, Iori, Akatsuki, Daisuke who recently joined, and herself. She began to feel that this kind of life was more important and precious than anything else.

And then, she would occasionally act like a Christian.

Lord, thank you. I’m living very happily right now…

Her prayers, compared to before, were now more straightforward and honest.

Unaware of the current situation, Azu ran through the train cars.

She paid no mind to all the suspicious gazes that she was garnering, and continued to run straight ahead.

Iori had been acting weird since the beginning of the trip; even Akatsuki and Daisuke were acting strange.

The foreboding feeling within caused her heart to race wildly; it wouldn’t quiet down the slightest. It was as if there was another existence inside her, telling her to “Run faster!”.

After passing through the 4th car’s automatic door, she gasped.

On the car wall connecting to the 3rd cars, a giant hole could be seen.

The hole looked like a dark cave that was carpeted by countless white-colored web-looking objects. Perhaps there was a crack somewhere, the cold air from outside the bullet train could be feel rushing in.

Since she did not come across anyone one the way here, it must've meant that Iori had moved on ahead. Azu only hesitated for a moment before advancing.


Azu could not help but feel disgusted by the sensation that came from her hands and feet after touching the webs. Although she was unwilling, she still crawled through the cave-like tunnel. While crawling through, she could slightly hear a shouting voice coming from ahead.

After she finally arrived at the 3rd car, she widened her eyes as if she couldn’t believe the scene in front of her.

In place of all the seats that had completely disappeared, numerous strange-coat wearing figures could be seen wrapped against the car’s wall. Only the sound of the wind and vibration from train against the track could be heard in the car.

“… W-What is this…?”

Azu subconsciously held the rosary tightly in front of her chest as she walked timidly forward.


A broken goggle from one of the figures on the wall suddenly dropped onto the floor, causing Azu to scream in surprise. The face of a teenage girl that was around Azu’s age could now be seen, yet her pupils were as empty as the dead. Judging from the fact that her chest was still rising up and down slightly, she seemed to be alive. Unable to bear the teenage girl’s gaze that had no slightest emotion, Azu turned her face away.

Just then, Azu remembered the words of Akatsuki that he had told her once before.

If a Mushitsuki’s (Mushi) is killed, they will become emotionless puppets, which are known as the Fallen. And after becoming Fallen, they would never able to return to normal again.

A sudden fear ran up Azu’s spine before enveloping her completely.

Don’t tell me… Iori… he also ---


Without even thinking about it once, Azu charged straight ahead.

The closer she got to the first car, the faster her heart beat. That feeling of someone grabbing tightly onto her heart could almost make her faint on the spot.

Right after she pass through the automatic door of 2nd car, she rushed into the 1st car.

The cold breeze blew Azu’s hair upward as she shouted:


However, Azu could only see a giant (Mushi)'s mouth in her field of vision— with its mandible wide agape.

Azu froze right on the spot.


The next instant, Iori’s voice rang.

And before she knew it, the mouthpart of the giant (Mushi) disappeared in front of her.

A giant cyan-colored soldier ant came out of nowhere charged into the (Mushi) and crushed it violently against the car wall.

After the giant soldier ant passed through, the view of the car appeared in front of her eyes.

Iori was turning around, gazing dazedly at Azu.

And next to Iori, a familiar face of her classmate, Kanari Yoichi could be seen. As well as the giant spider that was guarding next to him.

“Endou-kun… Are you an idiot?”

Just when Kanari Yoichi said that line with a weak tone, Iori’s body quivered.

Iori then widened his eyes.

At the same time, Azu’s ability to think completely came to a halt.

The giant spider’s leg had pierced through Iori’s abdomen; the claw that penetrated through his body was dripping with bright red liquid.

“Huaa …”

Iori, who was held in midair by the spider’s leg, spat out a large amount of blood from his mouth.

Meanwhile, Azu was still dumbfounded, unable to move, unable to think. She couldn’t even shake her head, slowly, she opened her mouth.

“Noo ---“

At the same time, Kanari Yoichi laughed.

Azu’s thinking was still halted; she didn’t seem to realize that the scream that came from her mouth was echoing the whole car.

Just then, she heard it; the ringing sound that came from somewhere.

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