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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.03: Daisuke Part 9

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Translated : Wing
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Version: 1.01


Daisuke Part 9

Senri’s breathing was becoming more and more irregular.

Daisuke held tightly onto her hands as he listened carefully to the voices that came from the headset.

… (Mushibane) has more than one hundred people…? What is the situation in the preceding car then?

Daisuke, of course, was unable to know of Iori’s situation; and even Akatsuki’s wireless connection was cut off not too long ago. He was completely unable to analyze what kind situation was occurring.

Ten minutes had already passed since Iori and Akatsuki had left them, and the bullet train's speed seed still remained unchanged.

Meanwhile, Senri’s condition was worsening bit by bit. Her hands were filled with sweat, even after she ate the medicine that she brought along— it was no use at all.

Azu was displaying a restless expression as well; it seemed like she was pretty worried about the situation of the preceding cars, which was where Iori went. With a look of worry, she gazed at Senri as she held tightly onto her rosary.

“Senri, sorry.”

Azu suddenly stood up as if she could no longer hold on anymore.


“I’m going to look for that idiot. Don’t worry; I’ll be back very soon…”

Senri raised her head at her.

Just then, Daisuke grabbed Azu’s hand as she was about to turn around and leave.


Daisuke silently shook his head at Azu who turned her around.

Since Iori probably had already started fighting against the unknown enemy; there was no way he would allow Azu, who was normal civilian, to go anywhere near there.

However, Daisuke’s expression backfired him. Upon seeing his expression, Azu immediately realized that something must have went wrong, she sunk her expression before forcefully shook away Daisuke’s hand.



Although Daisuke wanted to stand up and go after her, his hand was gripped tightly by Senri.


“Mmm… Dai-kun… just what exactly is going?... Where did everyone go?...”

Senri, who raised her head to face Daisuke, was showing an uneasy expression.

This caused Daisuke to remember Miki’s words; the more uneasiness Senri feels from her surroundings, the weaker her body becomes.

Daisuke clenched his teeth as he watched Azu’s outline disappear.

“Senri, it’s nothing. Don’t worry; everyone will be back soon.”

He pretended to be calm and sat back down on his seat.


Senri shook her head weakly.

“Even Iori-kun and Akatsuki-kun’s were acting weird before… Dai-kun, you as well…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay by your side.”

Daisuke said firmly, which caused Senri to nod in response as she took a deep breath.

“…… Mmh.”

Just then, a voice of a teenage girl that Daisuke had never heard before came from the headset.

“The Central Headquarters’ inspector squad, (Konoha) reporting… (Kaguya) has engaged the (Mushibane) at the end of the bullet train transferring (Himiko)… In addition, because of (Kaguya)’s ability to pre-mature, his estimated ranking is subjected to change… estimated level rank would be elevated from a Kashu level four… to Kashu level two… From now on, (Konoha) will be heading to the front cars to confirm the abnormality.”

She’s the one who has been monitoring over Senri and I?! 

Since Daisuke had never heard of the name, (Konoha); she is probably one of those high-ranked members from the Central Headquarters’ inspector squad. In regard to the fact that she abandoned Akatsuki, who was fighting more than hundreds of enemies all at once without any hesitation, Daisuke could feel rage exploding within him.

Just then, Daisuke noticed Senri’s cheeks were flushed red, so he reached his hand to touch her forehead.


Senri had a fever, and a very high one at that.

“Ahh… I really want to see Onii-chan as soon as possible…”

Just when Daisuke was about open his mouth to talk to Senri who was muttering, a sudden strong fatigue hit him out of nowhere.


As Daisuke lowered his head, a red dot appeared on his arm.

Just in that instant, uproars which sounded like moaning, erupted into the entire car.

“Wha-What is this…! Ahh…”

“My hand --- My hand is on fire….!”

“Noooo… What is going on?!...”

Daisuke turned around and immediately was dumbfounded.

Every student in the car was moaning painfully; the red dots had appeared on them as well, and they wouldn’t go away no matter what the students did.

Daisuke immediately turned around to look at Senri; she was breathing heavily against the car’s window. Her consciousness was probably fading away, that’s why she couldn’t hear the moaning of the students around.

“Senri…! Snap out of it, Senri!”

Although Daisuke was shouting loudly, Senri was still not responding.

Senri’s (Mushi) was slowly getting out of control.

Daisuke’s field of vision was almost completely obscured by the countless red dots. The students began to lose their consciousness --- and collapsed as if they used up all their strength. And not only that, the firefly-like flames began to appear all over the walls and the floor of the car as well, causing the whole car to be filled with their hazy red glows.

The only one that was able to stand up was Daisuke. Although he was enveloped completely by a strong drowsiness and fatigue, he managed to stay awake by biting forcefully onto his lips.

And just then --- the sound of a bell rang against his ears.

Daisuke immediately shot his head up in surprise.

It was a sound that had imprinted itself into the depths of his memories, one that he could never forget even if he wanted to.


Daisuke roared as he surveyed his surroundings.

The ringing continued to vibrate against the air. Its echoes, which were like a melody that could solidify the existence of the air itself, were eroding the entire car.

“Where are you?! What have you done to Senri’s (Mushi)…?!”

Dragging down the backpack from the overhead compartment, Daisuke opened it up and threw its contents on the floor hurriedly. A pitch black dark coat, revolver, and a goggle dropped onto the floor.

“(Shinpu) is here! Please find out where ---“

Daisuke grabbed onto the goggle as he shouted, yet he suddenly stopped before he finished his line.

The ringing sound gradually faded as it moved towards the front cars. Leaving behind only its echo, the diminishing tone began to dissipate into the air.

--- His target is not Senri……?

Just then, something drastically happened next to Daisuke, who was seemingly frozen on the spot.

The red dots that were eroding the unconscious students, as well as the ones on Daisuke’s body, began to fly away from them— it seems they were being absorbed by the car’s glowing red aura.


Daisuke gasped as he raised his head to look at the ceiling, and saw a pair of burning crimson eyes. It was distorting its pitch black mouthpart as if it was mocking Daisuke and Senri.

“It can’t be…”

Daisuke's entire body trembled.

“It is … maturing…?!”

Those words were let out in such quivering tone that even Daisuke couldn’t believe those words came directly from his mouth.

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So ya, to those of you that though Yoichi was the member from the Central, you're wrong =P. (Konoha) was the one monitoring over them. And as of now, i can tell you that the author had at least watched some naruto before writing this, like seriously, Konoha and Akatsuki? lol xD. Just saying~


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  3. Thank you for translating this chapter! And now I'm sure I know who the Central member is, Konoha is definitely Azu! >.<

    1. Lol~ that's ... a nice guess? From the start, the story has set her as a ordinary human, shes not a Mushitsuki to start with. And btw, the narration in this chapter did say that it was a teenage girl's voice that Daisuke had never hear before.

    2. ....awww come on it makes so much sense! Disregarding the fact that Azu constantly complains that she wants a mushi it would fit so well. She is always around Senri so she could keep an eye on her and Daisuke. And when Daisuke ran off chasing Shinpu she stayed with Senri so she wouldn't see him fighting. Plus she starts heading towards the front of the train just when Konoha says she is going to check out what's going on in the front, it can't be a coincidence. As for the voice thing, anyone can diguise their voice, just look at Daisuke/Kakko.

    3. Nice analysis, but you're missing out some points. Azu had been together with Senri and Iori for a long long time, and Daisuke just joined them not so long ago. So it's impossible for her to be Konoha. And beside, if she were a Mushitsuki, what's her dream? What's her dream of becoming a Mushitsuki? A dream like i want to become a Mushitsuki simply doesnt work.

      Well nevertheless, chapter 4.05 will be explaining more on this and you'll know the truth by then. =P