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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 5.01: Daisuke The Last

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Version: 2.01


Daisuke The Last

The (Church) that was exposed to the heavy rain began to fall apart starting from the roof.

The viscous atmosphere that had enveloped the surroundings, also gradually began to dissipate.

After the disappearance of the (Church), an old bungalow was revealed. On the building's seemingly dirty walls, was a pitch-black caterpillar. Thousands of caterpillars were peeling off from the wall and dropping onto the ground as if they had used up all their strength, before disappearing.

“Oh…Ohhh…Why……Why doth these weak humans resist me…!”

A figure, wearing a black ragged robe, was trembling on top of the building’s roof. His appearance looked like a petite elderly man with a crooked back; because of his hood, his expression couldn’t be seen very clearly.

“Don’t look down on humans, (Shinpu)”

The revolver made a *kacha* sound as it was pointed at the elderly’s head from behind.

“… Aria·Vuarei’s child…”

Daisuke, who was wearing a tattered long coat, continued with an indifferent tone at the motionless (Shinpu):

“We haven’t weakened to the point where we need your salvation.”

"Surely thou dost jest."

“So your greatest weakness is the fear of being “rejected” huh. Compared to the other two (The Original Three), you seem much more ---“

Just then, countless black caterpillars appeared out of nowhere, and began gathering around Daisuke on the roof. The caterpillars overlapped onto one another, gradually forming human figures one after another.

Many people that Daisuke had encountered before appeared and surrounded him.

Shiika, Rina, Senri, Haji Keigo as well as the figure of his mother and older sister from when he was young; and many others that he had hurt before— were charging at him endlessly.

--- Daisuke-kun……

--- Daisuke ……

--- Dai-kun…

--- (Kakkou)… Aaahhh!!!!

Countless arms reached towards Daisuke.

“What do we have to do in order to be released from the (Mushi)?”

The large number of caterpillars were climbing onto Daisuke starting from his feet; Daisuke could feel the (Mushi) eroding his heart, causing his consciousness to rapidly become blurry.

The Kakkou Mushi that had fused with the revolver began to stir, releasing tentacles in an attempt to fuse with Daisuke’s arm.

"Thou couldst never escape from the shackles of the (Mushi)… for that would be akin to eliminating our existence…… Cometh, and fall into the abyss of despair!"

The instant the caterpillars began to crawl over Daisuke’s face (Shinpu) turned his head to face him. Daisuke then saw the black caterpillars wriggling within the hood through the gaps. Numerous wiggling caterpillars were staring straight at Daisuke.

A bell began to ring.

The caterpillars continued to multiply, and flew into the sky as the air became denser; dark clouds began to form and swirl.

A giant bell appeared in the distance, slowly rocking back and forth, enveloping the entire city with its heavy and oppressing ringing. In the sky of the entire city, an outline of the (Church) was reflected.

“Hark, I am Dioresutoi, I bring forth the salvation for weak humans' dreams. My child shall sacrifice more and more dreams to I… I welcome you all to my sanctum…”

Filthy but solemn ringing echoed throughout the entire city.

“I told you already; don’t look down on humans!”

Daisuke’s muttering was overlapped by a loud gunshot.

The bullets’ power blew away the surrounding caterpillars, and pierced through (Shinpu)’s ragged robe.

The robe was torn to pieces, as a hole was blasted into (Shinpu)’s body, revealing the outline of a giant caterpillar.

Amidst the sea of caterpillars, Daisuke raised his revolver high at the sky. Because Daisuke’s dream was being deprived by (Shinpu), the Kakkou Mushi's eye's reddened.

A cannon sound that was even louder than the ringing exploded.

Accompanied by a loud sound that could easily deafen one’s eardrums, the bell that was floating in midair began to shatter.


The place where (Shinpu)’s body was pierced spewed out a large amount of liquid; the giant caterpillar that was looking up at the sky gradually dissipated into the air.

(Shinpu)’s countless eyes stared straight at Daisuke.

“We don’t need any salvation; we will find our own path of living.”

The hundreds of caterpillars that were crawling all over Daisuke’s body began to slowly disappear one after another.

Under Daisuke’s gaze, (Shinpu)’s figure slowly became transparent along with the wind. The (Church), which had been hovering over the city, as well as the small black caterpillars had also completely vanished.

After the disappearance of the heart-eroding caterpillars, the revolver-fused Kakkou Mushi stopped rebelling. It retracted the tentacles that were fused with Daisuke’s left arm, as it de-fused from its revolver form, and then landed onto Daisuke’s shoulder.

The rain had stopped, and a ray of light pierced through the clouds.

“(Kakkou) reporting to the deputy branch-director…… Mhm, I just eliminated (Shinpu). That leaves two more to go…”

Daisuke pressed against the goggles, and contacted Touko through the wireless headset.

“Touko-san, I’ll be taking private actions from now on…”

After confirming the reply, Daisuke cut off the connection. His consciousness immediately fell into pitch black darkness.


His body had reached its limit; in addition to the fact that Senri’s (Mushi) had devoured quite a lot of his dreams, the main reason was probably the over- consumption of his dream by his (Mushi) from the many battles. Daisuke’s memories became blurry as his body slowly tilted over and started rolling down the roof; he couldn’t even use his legs to stand anymore.


The taste of blood and sand spread within his mouth; he could feel all his memories and dreams rapidly fading away, and he couldn’t feel his arms and legs anymore.

However, he was still crawling, in an attempt to stand up.

“There… are… still… two more…”

Daisuke then imposed more strength into his trembling legs, and stood up. He clenched his teeth tightly, trying to sustain the consciousness that was gradually fading away.

“How can I stop here now…!”

Raising his head, he saw ray that shone through the clouds, which was reflected by the beach.

Walking over to the entrance of the bungalow, he opened the doors and found a teenage girl lying in the middle of the dust filled floor.

“Let’s go, Senri… We still have things to do…”

Daisuke picked up Senri, and began walking.

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