Monday, April 2, 2012

Future plans for the Mushi Uta Series

Right. The last post for today. I will be revealing the plans that the staff have been discussing while we were working on this project.


So we came to the end of volume one. At this point, the story will have concluded at the end of the anime, and what comes after is all a mystery to those who do not read the novels. What happened to daisuke before he stopped shiika the first time? How did he become a mushitsuki? How did Rina become a mushitsuki also? All of these mysteries will be explained in the later volumes.

I am putting a post regarding the plans as the story has both the side story and the Main story. The main story is what volume one is at the moment, the events that occurred after volume one.The side story talks about the events before volume one and the background story behind the characters that appear in the main story.

After discussing with Wing who is the other translator for this series as you all know it, we agreed to split ways at this point as volume one is finally done. Volume one of the side story will be handled by me, and volume two of the main story will be handled by Wing. This way, we will be able to show more stuffs to the readers and explain more stuffs. Well I will leave it to Wing to do further explaining on his part. I will be putting up the volume one side story cover page at like the end of this week, hopefully editing the first chapter in time for it. Though since I still got a job to go everyday, it will be quite hard.......

That is all I am going to say about the future plans. Further details regarding the side story and volume 2 of the main story will be in our future posts.


  1. Side story is good to read to understand more the main one but i still prefer the main than side story.
    Anyways, thanks for your hard work over the first volume,

    1. Did you read the side story by any chance? If not, i really recommend it =). It's like another story of Mushi Uta that happened during the series, which was very important as it not only include many background story of many characters, but also included changes that Daisuke went through and the development of the story as a whole. The side story and the main are interlinked, it's more like the past version of Mushi uta volume 1, other than volume 00.
      (I guess I should write something about differences on the post)

    2. Side stories are needed to understand more about characters and somehow set the stage for following main story. But i have a mixed feeling about this. Like To Aru Index SS1, it set the stage for stories later but SS2 is just a randomly story that you do not need to read to understand the whole story.

      I hope Mushi-Uta side story is like SS1.

  2. I'm curious about both so they should be interesting to read.