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Afterwords from the Author. Thoughts and comments from the staff

So I am concluding this volume with the afterwords of the author. Well most of it, excluded the part which he wanted to express gratitude towards the people involved in the book. Last of all, the thoughts from me, Wing and some of the other staffs. (when they are able to add it in their thoughts here)


Afterwords from the Author
Translated by: Sveroz
Version: 1.00

Hello everybody, Kyouhei Iwai here.

Continuing on from my debut work in December 2002, “The summoned challenger The King of perfection”, my second work “Mushi uta 01: The Dreaming Firefly” has successfully managed to be published.

How does everybody find this piece?

If everybody is able to enjoy it, that would be my greatest joy.

To create this piece, I have thought about how the plot progress should be.

Afterwards I realized, in my debut piece, most of the starring characters act based on reasoning, with a motive that they must act without being shaken.

Since it was like that, this time I decided to try portraying such a character --- Being commanded by emotions that he himself is unsure of….he wants to do this, and desires to become like that…that kind of ambiguous personality. Due to a definite reason, that everybody is clear about, he has to remain resolute.

The end product is that the style of this piece has completely changed.

The characters that appear this time have personality’s that are not fully matured. I will concentrate on portraying their emotions, the feeling of wanting to come closer to what they desire.

On the other hand, the setting of bugs that feed on dreams, was in my “If I were to put what I truly like and truly hate in the same world together, what would happen?” notion that it was born.

This world is what I truly like most, that is the people who harbor dreams. The drive that allows them to live on, are the “Dreams”. If their dreams were taken away from them, what would be left?

The thing that I truly hate most in this world, are insects. Although I know that they too have life….but please Mr.Ant, please do not come into my apartment during the summer, alright? (to tell you the truth I myself have not confirmed it, but the “Kakkou” mushi that appears inside the work; does it really exist? This almost seems to be an insect that came out of my imagination.)

Do you have a dream that belongs only to you? I have one, but, I have a feeling that if I were to say it out, a feeling of losing it will appear just like a lie, that’s why I guess I will just keep it to myself!
What do you hate then? Do you have the courage to overcome it?.....I think that I would still lose to the insects in the summer at the moment?

I believe that those people buying the book, should also have different kinds of dreams. The desire to do this, or the desire to become like this has no way of judging whether its good or bad. As long as one has a dream to accomplish, they would definitely be hurdles that need to be overcome. But, I want to cheer on from the bottom of my heart, those people who never give up, and continue to work hard to achieve it.

Thoughts from the staff: (well currently me, since Wing is still in class lol)(Wing: almost pass out =.= from not enough sleep)
Credits: To the following staffs and many others out there that helped with the story. Also credit to Crazycake for the raw image. Thank you all

Right I ma start this off with saying thank you to the staff for helping me all this while. I started this project like last year back when I was having my internship. I owe the start of this project to my friend, Nooby2, who was one of the main reasons why I begun working on this in the first place. I thank Wing for getting me back on track after that very long period when I did not have any progress at all, without him this project might still be on hiatus actually - -"(yes, i am being honest here).

It's been a long time coming just like what my Editor said. I am hoping that more people will start to appreciate the series after reading volume one which covered everything unlike the manga and the anime that did not show some parts of it. Daisuke is truly an amazing main character compared with the other stuffs I came across before reading Mushi Uta. A guy his age having to deal with so much stuff going on in his life will probably break down but Daisuke has managed to hang on for this long, its remarkable and indeed an inspiring figure to people.

Well that is all I can come out with at the moment since I really never thought much about this part. Thanks to the readers for reading this far with us, and once again, my staff, for coming all this way with me on my first translation work.

First of all, let me give my thank to Sveroz for starting the series =). I happened to find this website one day while surfing the net for Mushi uta, and i was very happy to see someone started the translation on it. However, it seemed like he died or something (lol), so i decided on contacting him and etc. Long story short, i became a translator for the series and is very proud of that. It was also my first translation project.

As for the story itself, i really cant find any words that can describe my feelings for it. It was the sole reason why i started reading light novels and all that, which i was glad that my first pick was something this awesome. Given enough time, the story will gradually shape the world of Mushi and those who were trapped within it. I was pretty upset how the anime didn't follow the light novel route, and went on their way. It would definitely get a 2nd season if they did, or something close...

Lastly, many thanks to the staffs and people who helped out the series, you guys are truly awesome =). And to readers that read the series, thank you all for putting up with our substandard translations and delays. Well, gonna end my thoughts with a question: "What is your dream?"

Editors: (waiting on their thoughts)

Skat: Noooo Rina!!!~ (crying hard)
Keito:[On vacation atm]
Nooby2: [Playing game hard atm]
Yebanis: [Likes to stay quiet~]
Wingedmith: [Down below at the comment list]
Space Below: Thoughts from the staffs (Feel free to place your thoughts regarding this here)


  1. Okay, first off. I would like to congratulate everyone on the team who worked so hard to make this available for those who wanted to read this. It is obvious that this probably took much time to get through, and it is nice that you all were able to find the time to give to this for those who like to read this.

    Now to the points of flaws, as there is no such thing as perfect. There were some chapters that felt like a complete raw translation, causing the wording to be a bit bad, or at least jarring compared to the other chapters. I know this is a difficult task, yet necessary as your translating it to give those whose main language is English to be able to read it easily. I will ignore comments I have already made to Wing on one bit of the story factor.

    Those comments aside, once more I say good job on all you have done. I hope it will fair better in the future during volumes down the road.


  2. Well, I too my time, but a post would not be a post without my comments, OK, of course it would, I'm not really sure anyone takes time to read all the stuff I write, sometimes not even myself. :P

    Nonetheless, ever since chapter 6 of the first volume of onii-ai I've been commenting, I'm actually not sure, anyway, around that time the ubercomments started, and ever since the only break you got from it was when I got a break and thus was too busy drinking and partying, as for Keito breaks the definition of Otaku.

    I just realize I should be talking about Mushi-uta, BTW, that's one of the secrets of ubercommenting, even though you are talking about something completely unrelated to the topic, never erase it, just keep writing...

    Anyway, Mushi-uta, Keito finds the whole idea of a space for the staff to post their thoughts very smart, as for most members of the team don't so it so often, but for myself, well, is a little pointless, since in every chapter he gives you his opinion, as well as some stupid mumbling about something not at all important.

    Thing is, Keito never chose to join the team, as one formally would, he did one little edit on one of sveroz chapters because the number of grammar mistakes made me angry, and when Wing arrived and this thing actually started working I was just kind of added to it.
    It gave me a lot of fun, and some new friends, and a lot of work, a f*cking lot of work, I sacrificed hours I should be partying or drinking in order to edit, OK, that's a lie, I still drink while I edit and in a girl calls me to her house I will not say no. But even despite all of that, we freaking managed to finish it, which is amazing, since I really didnt think we would be able to do it.

    So... yeah... only more 11 volumes to go....