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[Mushi Uta] Epilogue: Merry Christmas

Right guys here is the last chapter of this entire volume one.

Translated : Sveroz
Edited : Idoneyo, Skat, Wing, Akios

Version: 2.02


Merry Christmas

At the moment when the morning rays shined through the window, the teenage girl slowly opened her eyes.

She was a slightly shy, and quiet girl that looked very cute with short hair.

The entire ward was filled with a clean white color. Awakened by the smell of disinfectant around her, the teenage girl blankly surveyed her surroundings.

The ward was filled with silence except for the sounds of the birds chirping outside the window.

The teenage girl looked outside the window from the bed that she was lying on. It was a sunny day and clouds were floating from the right to the left of her vision.

Folding screens were placed in the opposite direction of the window.

Overwhelmed by sleepiness, the only thing she could make out was that she was in a large room.

The feeling of warmth caused her eyes to suddenly feel heavy.

The teenage girl did not intend to fight against the desire to sleep and was just about to close her eyes— however at that instant, a low and deep voice came from behind the screens.

“Could you stay awake for a just while longer, (Fuyuhotaru)? I’ve got something to tell you.”

The teenage girl ---Anmoto Shiika, widened her eyes which were about to close shut.

Her drowsiness seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

For some reason, she recognized who the owner of the voice was.

“(Kakkou)-kun….? --- Ow.”

As Shiika tried to sit up, she felt a pain in the side of her torso. This pain caused Shiika to remember all the incidents that occurred before she fainted.

Shiika was in the school that Daisuke and Rina were in, and collapsed from the serious wounds inflicted by SEPB’s Mushitsuki.

The one who saved her was---

“Don't move about, you should be recuperating for the time being.” Said a calm voice from behind the screen.


Shiika held onto the screen that was blocking the both of them, intent on removing the screen due to impulse.

Yet, her hands suddenly stopped moving.

Shiika bit her lip, and lowered her head. If she were to see the figure of the boy, she would probably just break down into tears from the sudden relief of all the tension.

Shiika still held onto the screens, and forced a smile.

“(Kakkou)-kun….I’ve been trying my best, you know? I remembered my dream. I really did keep it…. The promise I made with you.”

The hoarse voice that slipped out from between her lips was unable to mask the sound of her gradual sobbing. The teenage boy on the other side of the screen, probably thought Shiika was crying right?


Shiika could feel that his voice carried a bit of laughter in it.

“You really are strong.”

The tears that she was holding back began to overflow. Shiika let go of the screen— the compliment from the boy she had met only once four years ago, made her so happy that even she found it unbelievable.

“On the other hand, I…..”

The teenage boy’s voice became even lower and deeper.

“You’ve also kept your promise, haven’t you?”

Shiika said with a smile on her face.

“You’ve always held on to your dreams, I heard it from Rina.”

“But…I failed to protect Rina.”

A burning sensation pierced through Shiika’s chest.


As Shiika had feared, Rina was------

“….It’s alright.”

Shiika was sobbing so much more than before that her words were almost inaudible.

“Rina’s dream had already imprinted deep into our hearts… I know that Rina’s real dream… was definitely the same as ours… …”

The teenage boy remained silent.

Silence surrounded the two who were divided by the screen.

Shiika and (Kakkou) were alone in this quiet space under the warmth of the sun. Shiika wished that it could remain like this forever.

"From now on, there will be other watchers from the SEPB following after you......"

“Mhm, I know….Isn’t it going to be (Kakkou)-kun?”


He went silent after saying it halfway.

After a moment of silence, Daisuke continued with (Kakkou)’s voice:

“A guy named Kusuriya Daisuke, left a message for you.”


A pain surged across Shiika’s chest. It was different from the time when she heard (Kakkou)’s voice and Rina’s name; it was a tight pain in her chest.

Shiika was unable to keep her promise with Daisuke.

Goodbye---What should she do if those were the words Daisuke wanted to say to her?

While Shiika was filled with unease in her heart, she also hoped for the result to be unexpected.

“The promise on Christmas---“

Shiika’s heart skipped a beat.

”I hope that you can wait till next year. There are some things that I still have to do… And I won’t be able to meet you until they’re settled-------“


--- I hope that you can wait till next year.

This time she really could not hold back anymore; and the unstoppable tears began to flow down from Shiika’s eyes.

“Mhm… Mhm… Thank you… …”

Shiika nodded in approval nonstop.

“I’ll definitely…… Definitely be there next year…….”

Shiika knew that Daisuke wasn‘t around, but she still said it.

The sound of the door closing came from behind the screens.

(Kakkou)’s presence disappeared from the ward.

“I’ll work harder…..Until then, I’ll definitely protect my own dream. That is why, Daisuke-kun…..and (Kakkou)-kun, and everybody else should too…….”

Next to the still crying Shiika, a pile of snow could be seen sliding off the rooftop from outside of the window.

The snow of yesterday evening, should probably melt by this afternoon right?

On the corner of the other bed, blocked by the screen, Shiika found a small red box that was wrapped with a small ribbon.

After receiving a small dream… Within the deepest part of Shiika’s heart, a faint sound rang weakly ---


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  1. waitttt, she still haven't realize they're the same person?

    1. Lol once i put up the side story chapter one with something special. It will be clearer why she cant tell

    2. i thought the reason why Shiika couldnt tell was because she thought that Daisuke and (Kakkou) was two different person, When (Kakkou) was speaking, he used much lower voice and etc; totally different than Daisuke. Didn't know there was other reason o.O.

  2. this is where the anime ends right? This really brings back the memory of watching the sad, yet heart warming mushi-uta, in the middle of the night every week during my high school days. Can't wait for the continuation...

  3. And it ends! Congratulations on finishing a volume. I was pissed that she still didn't figure it out.

    1. Hey~!! its not that she didn't, she couldn't~~!! Shii-chan might be clumsy, but shes still cute =).

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    Now, I would like o thank the team, well, they know how much work was needed, and yeah, only 11 more volumes to go. Plus 8 side stories...

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