Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's over

Holy shit, I sort of got merc to come up with an April fool's joke or something, but I never expect myself to be trolled that hard by him. Damn him pairing me up with my sister and making my best friend Glen.

Just to clarify here, 3DPD. Real-life incest has never once crossed my mind.

Also, it seems like oreimo's getting a second season, though I won't really take anything that's posted on April Fool for granted. Either way, it sort of makes me want to translate something, but I don't have my hands on the raws.

Specifically speaking, the 『或る結末の続き』 short that's bundled with 『俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない ポータブル』(Oreimo portable). It should be a 14 page short, but I have difficulty locating the either the image raws or the Jap text after googling about. If there's anyone who can pass me those things, I'll work on translating the short as sort of an anniversary thing of this blog. If not, there's always something else to do, I guess.

That's all.


  1. Would've been more elaborate if I didn't have a research paper due on Earnings per Share reporting under U.S. GAAP on Monday. I was actually kinda disappointed with how underwhelming it turned out.

  2. Well, it was a tad bit obvious, haha. Thought the so called "translation" hid it pretty well, until I started realizing that it's extrem gibberish. It is, right?

    Excited to hear about Oreimo. And the next novel is coming out this month, too. Can't wait for all the 2D incest tones (hopefully).

  3. Oreimo's news are true at least =D

  4. I was looking for that special of Oreimo and found some interesting sites:

    Game set:


    Something interesting:

    Wiki Kiririn:

    1. Third link should be fan-fiction.

    2. That's right ^^

      I do have that psp' special, but I don't have scanner so I will ask some friend of my if he can help me with that.

    3. Whoa. That is unnecessary, but nice if you can do it.

      I appreciate your efforts.