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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 6.01: Shiika The Last

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat, Keito, Akios

Version: 1.02


Shiika The Last

Something cold fell onto Shiika's cheek, whom was lying on the ground.

… Ah, it’s snowing...

Shiika muttered nonchalantly in her mind, totally forgetting about her abdomen, which was still bleeding.

The white firefly, as if guarding the collapsed Shiika, continued to fight against the goggled people. However, it wasn’t attack mercilessly like before. Through a pair of eyes that were covered by a thin layer of mist, Shiika found the presence of the firefly that seemed a bit perplexed.

Why... Why am I still alive?... …

Shiika had been using the ability of (Mushi) ever since the beginning. Even four years ago, she had never used this much power in one go.

Numerous ice crystals fell on top of the teenage girl's body.

… … Daisuke-kun... …

Tears began to roll down Shiika's cheek once again... She felt like the time when Rina told her not to cry, was something that happened a long time ago.

Is Daisuke-kun waiting for me at the amusement park?

What is Rina doing right now?

As Shiika recalled those two within her mind, the image of another presence suddenly surfaced along with them.

It was an image of a teenage boy who wore a long black coat. And despite him being lost, he was still gazing straight at Shiika.

---- Has your dream come true yet?

Shiika recalled the words (Oogui) said at their last encounter in the art classroom.

(Kakkou)-kun… … has (Kakkou)-kun fulfilled his dream yet... ...?
The teenage boy, whose face was half covered by huge goggles, was someone who had the same dream as Shiika; a Mushitsuki that was still looking for a place where he belongs.

Where is he right now? And what is he thinking about?

Does he have a girlfriend to have a date with during Christmas? If not... it wouldn't be bad if I went out with him on that day, right?

Upon thinking that, Shiika couldn’t help but giggled lightly.

… But that idea makes me feel sorry for Daisuke-kun:

The snow continued to fall from the pitch black night sky, creating a white carpet on the ground.

Shiika suddenly perceived an illusion of herself floating in the sky, staring at the ground as if the sky and ground had swapped.

Shiika relaxed her slightly livid lips.

At that instant, the firefly next to her began to shine even brighter.

As if it was trembling from joy, its body began to emanate an increasingly bright glow even whiter than snow.

What... is happening?

Shiika, whose cheeks were slightly twitching, saw a teenage boy suddenly burst into her field of vision.

The pale-faced teenage boy picked up Shiika.

---- (Kakkou)-kun?

Shiika had thought that for a moment.

But it was not him. The teenage boy, under the gaze of Shiika's eyes that were gradually becoming blurry, hugged tightly onto Shiika.

Shiika felt that it was funny the moment she realized that she had mistaken him as someone else.

I... I really am a bad girl... How could I ever mistake Daisuke-kun as someone else...

While apologizing within, Shiika could feel her heart slowly being filled up by a warm feeling at the same time.

"Daisuke-kun... I really wanted to see..."

Shiika felt that... the tears on her cheeks were very warm.


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  1. Nice but short, I got to agree that its kind of sad how shiika is like the last one to still not have figured everything out