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[Mushi Uta]Chapter 6.00 Daisuke The Last

Second last chapter of this volume on my part.

Translated : Sveroz
Edited : Idoneyo, Skat, Wing, Akios

Version: 1.02


Daisuke The Last

Dragging his heavy feet, Daisuke staggered towards Haji’s side. Haji was lying on the floor with his usual grin on his face.

“I see……. So you guys have found the place where you belong….. Fulfilling your dreams…. Is the only way….to triumph over the… (Mushi).”

The amount of blood that stained the ground was appalling. The face of the young man who had lost his glasses grew paler than before…. As Daisuke had feared, his end drew near.

“I haven’t fulfilled it yet. I know because the (Mushi) is still inside my body; and that’s why I still have to go on searching for it.”

“….From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the best.”

Haji gave a long sigh. It seemed that his breathing was becoming irregular, as he painfully tried to catch his breath. Every time he coughed, more blood would stain Daisuke’s legs.

“Haji, why did you save me…?”

Daisuke lowered his head to face Haji as he asked.

Haji, only managed to open his mouth slightly, and replied:

“Hey, (Kakkou)….Although I didn’t save you so that you would be indebted to me, could you promise me one thing, in return…?”


“I have words that I want to…..pass on to my loved one…. As for what to say, I leave it to you…..”

Haji laughed sarcastically, but he began to cough again after laughing for just a moment. A trail of tears began to flow down from the corner of his eye.

“Heh…….Do you know what the dream of the girl I love is? She wants me to forget her, and pursue my own happiness, or something of that sort…….Do you think there are any other dreams harder to fulfill than that one? No matter how I think about it, it’s impossible……That’s right, for as long as I live… how can I possibly leave my only sister in this world to fend for herself…? That is why---“

“I will pass on the message to her.”

Daisuke said as he turned around, with his back facing Haji.

“I’m not sure how well the message will turn out to be, but I’ll definitely do it, I promise you.”


Haji’s voice had already become so weak that it was almost inaudible. Daisuke used the wireless transmission to send out a distress signal, so the medics should have been on their way. But could they make it in time? The chances were slim.

Daisuke actually wanted to ask Haji:

Are (Mushi) really the enemy? -----

Daisuke felt that it was the (Mushi) that brought together those with the same dreams. He didn’t think that the meeting between him, Shiika, and Rina was purely a coincidence.

But, it’s fine.

The answer to that should be sought out only by himself.

Instead of the question, Daisuke spoke of another matter.

“Merry Christmas, Haji. I’m glad that we met.”

He walked past Haji, who had an extremely peaceful expression on his face.

However, there were three figures barring the way.

Daisuke continued to walk forward without paying any heed to the obstruction.

“……Get lost, Harukiyo.”

Daisuke changed his expression back to the one he had as (Kakkou).

“Don’t you think you have lived for far too long already, (Kakkou)?”

The other party said in a low, steady, and heavy tone.

The voice belonged to a teenager with burning red hair, who wore what seemed to be bandages all over his face. Boasting a tall stature, he wore a thick leather coat and had his two hands stuffed in his pockets. He stood there in a commanding pose with his head held high, just like the statues of heroes of the past, and was radiating an aura that made him feel like an out-of-this-world existence.

Harykiyo --- the young leader of the other Mushitsuki organization besides the SEPB and (Mushibane). Although his identity was supposedly shrouded in mystery, Daisuke had already come into contact with him more than once.

“What do you intend to do from now on, (Kakkou)?”

The young boy standing beside Harukiyo, otherwise known as Kusezaki Ume, asked him with a serious expression.


Another person that was standing beside Harukiyo was a girl about fifteen in age, who stared silently at Daisuke’s face. She had long black hair and an equally black dress, which gave a lasting impression. Although she looked very cute, her face was like that of a doll, devoid of any emotion. Daisuke seemed to recall that the girl's name was Sakaki Haruka.

“…..You guys don’t have to bother.”

Daisuke said over his shoulder as he walked past Harukiyo and gang.

But Harukiyo’s voice, seemingly filled with joy, stopped Daisuke in his tracks.

“If you plan on going to where (Fuyuhotaru) is right now, I’ll kill you on the spot. It is still far too early to be letting the two of you meet up.”

Daisuke exchange glares with Harukiyo.

“I don’t care for your schemes, I just want to settle everything I must do for now.”

“Settle everything huh?”

“I’ve got stuff I must attend to, I’ll play your games another time, so scram.”

“OK! That’s what I wanted to hear. It won’t be fun anymore if you stop playing along.”

Daisuke brushed past Harukiyo’s shoulder as he walked by. The two never looked at each other in the eye, but their expressions were completely opposite from one another.

The red haired teenager who wore a manic smile on his face, turned to face Daisuke, who was dragging his tired and scarred body forward, and said provokingly:

“I’ve become really interested in obtaining (Fuyuhotaru) for myself now. “

Daisuke stopped for a brief moment, but continued to walk on almost immediately.

“Do as you wish. She… We won’t lose to anyone ever again.”

Just then, snow began to fall from high up above on the both of them.


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