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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Epilogue: A Heart

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Akios, Skat

Version: 2.01


A Heart

Beneath the clear sky, Daisuke was gazing at the Ouka City’s street scene.

He sat atop a water tower of a white building as the long coat covering his body danced with the wind. On the tip of the revolver in his hand, a green Kakkou Mushi was leisurely stretching its wings.

“Heyo… Woah!”

Hearing a scream coming from the side, Daisuke hurriedly reached out his left hand.

“Ahaha…thank you very much, Daisuke-san.”

She probably missed her step right? Touko, who was being supported by Daisuke’s hand, showed her usual good-for-nothing smile.

And then she finally climbed to where Daisuke was at, and surveyed the surroundings.

“Woah, so many! They are everywhere!”

“I won’t let anyone get close.”

Daisuke took off his goggles, and displayed a smile.

Surrounding the white building where Daisuke was sitting at, whether it be a shadowy location or on top of another rooftop; many figures donning white long coats and goggles could be seen.

They were the Central Headquarters’ special squad; their target seemed to be Daisuke and a teenage girl that was in the building.

A white-colored coated figure’s sudden movement flashed through the corner of Daisuke’s vision.

As if a switch was being turned on, Daisuke immediately aimed the revolver at that figure, causing him to stop almost instantly.

Touko lowered her head and looked at Daisuke with a worried expression.

“…… Daisuke-san, are you okay? You look stressed out…”

“It’s nothing.”

“The people surrounding here should be receiving the withdraw order very soon…… Ah, I’ll help to watch this side!”

Sitting back to back against Daisuke on the water tower, Touko continued with her tensionless tone.

Although it seemed rather unreliable, Touko’s temperature could be clearly felt pressing against his back.

“… I’m sorry, Daisuke-san.”

After a short silence, Touko spoke:

“I gave (Fuyuhotaru) to the Central Headquarters, I don’t think she’ll come back to the East Central Division ever again…”

“… Shiika say anything?”

“She said “I’ll be fine”---“


“In return, Ogata Akatsuki will be transferred to the East Central Division…... In addition, I have already requested to have your penalty decreased, I think after a while it will be accepted. As for Senri who has just been officially ranked as an Ishu level two, she should temporarily be in the East Central Division’s care for now… Aside from those, I really couldn’t think of anything else, are you mad at me?”

“Because of your effort Touko-san; me, Senri, Akatsuki and many others all lived…… I’m grateful to you.”

Just as Daisuke was about to smile, his gaze suddenly became sharp.

His line of sight caught a glimpse of a woman looking in their direction from a locale that was even further than the members of the Central Headquarters.

The round-sunglasses wearing woman smiled after seeing Daisuke. She then raised one hand; there was a tiny black-colored caterpillar in her hand.

Daisuke's eyes widened.

The woman maintained her smile as she crushed the caterpillar in her palm. Green liquid shed down through the gaps of her fingers, but immediately dissolved into the air along with its corpse.

--- (Oogui)…!

Putting up a grin, the woman disappeared into the dark alley.

Daisuke relaxed his stiffened shoulders and gazed at his tightly clenched left hand.

"As long as were alive, we're bound to find a solution someday."

As long as I don’t forget this precious feeling.

As long as I don’t forget this warmth that I’m grabbing tightly onto.

I will definitely be able to see Shiika one day ---

“You’re right.”

Touko’s tone that was filled with laughter came from behind Daisuke; he couldn’t tell what expression that Touko putting up right now.

“We might not know the enemy’s true identity, or even how and what we’re going to fight against in the future. But as long as we are alive, we will definitely find a way to face it!”

“Yeah, we have to live on; our biggest advantage is that we don’t die that easily!”

“The “We” that you just said, Uhh… You’re not including me right…?”

Daisuke smiled weakly as he gazed at his footing.

Within the building where Daisuke and Touko were situated, there was another teenage girl that had vowed to keep on living.

The bright glare of the sun was shining through the gaps of the clouds.

The ray that pierced through the cracks of the clouds shone into a tiny little room.

Within the monotonously-designed room, a pale-faced young man was lying on the sickbed in the middle of the room. The intubation tube which stretched out from his mouth, was connected to a plastic bottle filled with liquid making bubbling sounds.


A pair of tiny hands was holding onto the hand of the young man that was uncovered by the blanket.

There was blazer-wearing teenage girl standing there; water droplets were dripping onto the floor from her rain-soaked hair.

“I…I-I have something, something that I have always wanted to tell Onii-chan.”

The teenage girl faced the young man, and said with a smile:

“Even though I still can’t say it right now… I’ve decided to work harder, until the day that I am able to say it from the bottom of my heart. I have always been protected by Onii-chan, and by many other people. But from now on, I’ll become stronger --- … I will fight, and make myself stronger……”

The hands that were on the young man began to tremble.

“I-I have made a lot of great friends, everyone is very kind, and very strong…… They gave me a lot of things! After Onii-chan wakes up, I’ll tell you all about them! I love everyone; they are all very warm and kind!”

A liquid droplet that was different from water fell onto the blanket.

“This will be the last time I cry… So Onii-chan… You have to work hard…… I’ll be waiting for you…”

The teenage girl showed a bright smile as tears continued to fall.

The young man’s temperature was gradually flowing over through the grasping hands. In order to convey her own warmth, the teenage girl held tightly onto his hands. Through the palms of her hands, she began to perfuse the warmth that she had obtained from her most precious people.

“Can you feel?”

(This is Fan-made, all credit goes to G.H)

As if it was responding to the teenage girl’s voice.

As if it was responding to the warmth that flowed from her hands.

The hand that the teenage girl was holding onto, seemed to have moved slightly.

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