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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 1.05: Daisuke Part 4

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Daisuke Part 4

The cyan colored ant's body continued to swell on top of Endou Iori's fingertip. After growing to the size of a car, it landed on the floor. Its body was covered in thick armor-like shells — like a heavy tank. If it weren't for its rather large head, and the antennae that were flinging about, one could barely tell it was a soldier ant.

“Could you please explain, what are you going to do with Senri?”

Iori's gaze was extremely sharp, to the point that one could tell that he was not joking around.

Meanwhile the other teenage boy --- Ogata Akatsuki, gazed cautiously at Daisuke; he hadn't ordered his (Mushi) to prepare for battle yet.

Even though Daisuke was well aware of what was going on, he didn’t know what to do.

He was prohibited from fighting outside of the East Central Division's territory. More importantly, these two in front of him were Senri's friends. Daisuke wanted to trust these friends that Senri talked happily with as much as possible.

"How do you guys know about the existence of SEPB?"

Daisuked asked in a very normal tone; rather than using (Kakkou)'s tone.

The one who answered his question was Akatsuki.

"Because I'm a member of the SEPB."


Daisuke gazed surprisedly at Akatsuki as he spoke, completely forgetting about the existence of (Mushi) that was before him.

"I'm a no-rank Mushitsuki of the West Southwest Division, (Kaguya). I've been watching over Senri ever since I enrolled... However, the name of the member that came over from the East Central Division as well as his mission is top secret, so I didn't know the details. Since you came from the East Central Division, you should to be THAT ranked Mushitsuki right?" [TL: (Kaguya) would probably be Tsuki-hime, which means moon princess… well the name sounded cool to me so I didn’t care xD.]

"So that means... you exposed your identity to the civilians?..."

After hearing Daisuke's question, Akatsuki's expression darkened.

"Senri is very special to me...… as well as Iori-kun and Sunakozaka-san."

It was something very unbelievable to Daisuke. If the Headquarters knew about this, they would definitely dispatch assassins to hunt them down. Akatsuki should be well aware of that.

“I don’t want start any trouble with anyone. But with the current situation, I would recommend you to restrain yourself near Senri, because I…”

“I’m not the same as Akatsuki!”

Interrupting Akatsuki’s words, Iori stepped in front.

“No matter who it is, I will not forgive them if they hurt Senri even a single bit. I’ll warn you now; my (Hekihei) is very strong!” [TL: The name of the (Mushi) in literal translation would probably be, Jade Soldier.]

The soldier ant next to the teenage boy gave a low roar.

Indeed, judging from his past experience with (Mushi), Daisuke could tell that the soldier ant in front of him would be a tough opponent to deal with; its strength could easily match a ranked Mushitsuki's as well.

Daisuke heaved a sigh and scratched his head.

He understood now, the reason why these two teenage boys dragged him onto the roof on the first day of school.

“… This is not a kid’s fight, you know.”

After hearing Daisuke’s complaint, Iori shouted:

“What did you just say?! ---“

“If i was the member of the Headquarters… No, let's say that if I was a formal member that would report everything I saw to the Headquarters, what would you guys do?”

Hearing a sudden change in Daisuke’s tone, the two teenage boys became stunned, as a sense of danger arose within them.

“You’re called (Kaguya) right? You will get turned into a Fallen for exposing your identity and the organization’s secrets, and then sent to the isolation facility. The ant over there would be classified as rouge Mushitsuki, and get sent to the isolation facility as well. Also, that girl named Sunakozaka, who possibly knew about your guys’ secret, would get taken away by Headquarters for investigation and never come back. As for Senri… she would undoubtedly get sent to the research facility.”

Just like Shiika ---

Daisuke added that line within his heart and didn’t say it out loud.

Iori then responded coldly:

“Everything will be fine if we killed you.”

“But they would immediately send an investigative team over tomorrow … wouldn’t the end result be the same then?”

Iori suddenly became speechless.

“You bunch of idiots!”

After hearing Daisuke’s contemptuous reprimand, Iori snapped.

“You bastard!...”

“Wait a second, Iori-kun.”

Akatsuki stopped Iori from ordering his (Mushi) to attack.

While holding onto Iori’s shoulder, whose expression was distorted from anger, Akatsuki turned and gazed at Daisuke.

"We didn't come here with the intent to negotiate with you; I know you're not the type of person who would report to the Headquarters."


“We actually knew quite a lot about you from Senri. Well, it was kind of like she let us know about you. Whenever Senri talked about her big brother, she would always mention you. It seems like she trusts you a lot. If Senri trusts you that much, we also want to trust you… After all, she is better at judging people’s characters than us……”

Through the eyes of Akatsuki, who was explaining patiently, there wasn’t a slightest sign of dishonesty Indeed, just like what Akatsuki said, Senri could easily understand people’s emotions, and to such a keen level that it was quite incredible.


Daisuke lowered his head, and stared at his hands silently.

You're wrong---

He rejected Akatsuki’s words within his heart.

The one that Senri trusted was the Daisuke when they just met. The one that never deprived anyone of their dream— just purely pursuing his own dream…

Yet Daisuke right now… His hands are stained in blood of many Mushitsuki. In order to protect his dream, he sacrificed many other people’s dreams. And Tachibana Rina, who had the same dream as Daisuke, was one of the victims.


Daisuke slightly frowned as he began muttering to himself softly:

“I’m not worthy of staying by Senri’s side…”

He clenched his fists tightly.

After raising his head, Daisuke noticed that Iori and Akatsuki were staring at him with perplexed expressions. It seemed they were baffled with Daisuke's sudden change of tone.

"Nevertheless, I treasure Senri a lot; she's just like a little sister to me. I have been protecting her alongside Haji for as long as I can remember, and I'm planning to do so as well in the future. At least, until that guy returns...…"

This was Daisuke's true feelings from the bottom of his heart.

After Iori, Akatsuki, and Daisuke exchanged glances for a few minutes, they dropped their shoulders and exhaled a sigh of relief.

Iori clicked his tongue as the cyan colored soldier ant began to shrink rapidly.

"Damn, I guess we don’t have an excuse to bully the new guy anymore."

"Iori-kun, I think you're simply jealous, right?"

Iori and Akatsuki both concealed their (Mushi) as they spoke— It seemed Daisuke had prevented the potential risk of a surprise attack for now.

However, Iori was still displaying an angry expression; meanwhile Akatsuki exposed a friendly smile while walking closer to him.

"Sorry about that. Even though it might be weird to say such a thing after we did those rude things to you… Would you like to be friends with us?"

"Don’t say friend, it’s embarrassing you know?!"

Akatsuki stretched his hand forward, while Iori was still putting up a rigid expression.

However, Daisuke didn't shake Akatsuki's hand; he merely stared at them with his scrutinizing eyes.

He still hadn't forgotten the fact that, because of these two guys, his first day of monitoring got screwed up badly.

"If you guys are willing to kneel down and apologize, then I might think about it… Wait no, if you guys don’t do so, I will run to Senri crying, saying that you guys bullied me!"

"…… Can I butcher him right now? I can right?..."

Akatsuki tried to stop Iori who was clutching onto Daisuke's collar.

"Ahh... stop it, it's our fault first anyway."

After hearing that, Iori sounded an unhappy low roar.

"My mission is to monitor Senri and investigate the abnormality that is going on in Housawa Town..."

Daisuke said that as his collar was being tugged by Iori, which caused Iori to immediately stop.


"Since you're a member of the SEPB, you've probably heard of the rumors about the (Mushibane) and the (Church) right?"

Daisuke asked Akatsuki, yet he responded with a surprised look while shaking his head.

"The (Church)…? I-I have never heard of anything of that sort. Well, regarding the abnormality, do you mean the case where numerous West Southwest Division members had gone missing?"

"Huh? There were division members missing?... …"

"Wait wait, what are you guys talking about? The (Church) and ... the (Mushibane)? What are those?"

Daisuke looked at Akatsuki silently, as Iori began to feel irritated next to them.

Daisuke then frowned.

The situation didn’t seem to be making sense, how come Akatsuki had never heard of the rumors of (Church) despite him being a member here? And what was up with the case of West Southwest Division's members that had gone missing? Daisuke had never heard of it before.

Just then, a voice resounded from the rooftop door:

"Ahh ---! Iori! Why are you tugging Kusuriya-kun's collar?! What are you trying to do him?!"

"Ehh? tugging?"

It was Azu and Senri. Azu was holding onto Senri's hand, slowly leading her up the stairs carefully.

Iori immediately released Daisuke.

"W-Why did you come here?... Aren't you supposed to be in class?"

"Because Senri was worried about you doing something reckless! Seriously, even Akatsuki is here. What the hell are you guys trying to do?"

"Ah, no, We just ……"

"What is it? Don’t tell me you guys are trying to do something to Dai-kun..."

Upon seeing Senri showing a sad look, Iori became flustered.

"N-No such thing! We didn't do anything to him! right, Akatsuki?"

"Uh ---"

Akatsuki turned to look at Daisuke with a troubled look, which caused him to sigh before saying:

"Senri, don’t worry. I was asking them questions about the school, that's why it took long."


Senri reached her hand towards Daisuke.


Daisuke became speechless as he held onto Senri's hands.

Under the gaze of others, Senri held tightly onto Daisuke's hand with both of her hands. Her soft touch and warmth began to envelope Daisuke's cold hands.

"You're lying."

Senri raised her head angrily to face Daisuke.

Daisuke responded with silence, while Iori and Akatsuki gave alert looks; as if they have done something wrong.

"Ah--- this is bad, this is very bad! I was just curious about what kind of guy he is, so…"

"Woah Iori, why did you suddenly change your attitude 180 degrees? To be honest, you've always had this habit ever since..."

"Sorry, Senri."

Senri turned to Iori, who was puffing out his lips and Akatsuki who apologized honestly, with a look of loneliness, before saying:

"I've known Dai-kun for a long time already, he is very important to me, and Onii-chan also knows him very well... So, if everyone could get along in school, I would be very happy..."

All of the boys, including Daisuke, fell silent.

Finally, Iori shouted as he snatched Daisuke's hand from Senri as if he couldn’t endure the silence anymore.

"Ok, I will trust you from now on! If Senri trusts you that much, then I will trust you until the day I die!"

Iori jolted Daisuke's hand up and down roughly, while speaking in a tone as if he had given up. Even though his words were quite exaggerated, his eyes were very sincere. Daisuke could not help but frown from his hand being brutally swing up and down by Iori.

Akatsuki then reached his hand to hold onto their hands, and stopped Iori's action with a smile:

""Until the day you die" That line is quite exaggerating don't you think? Are you serious, Iori-kun?"

"Is it wrong to be serious?"

"Nope, it actually feels like your style after all...… Sorry, Kururiya-kun. Everything is our fault."

Daisuke silently lowered his head to look at the hand that the two teenage boys were holding onto.

"…… Dai-kun?"

Senri exposed an uneasy expression.

Iori suddenly increased the strength of his grip on Daisuke's hand, and stared at him with a seemingly threatening gaze, while Akatsuki’s and Azu's expressions were filled of worries just like Senri.

--- I'm not good at getting along with people.

There was no way Daisuke could say such thing.

"Just call me Daisuke is fine. In my old school, everyone always call me that, so I'm used to it already."

Looking at Daisuke who finally spoke, Iori exposed a satisfied smile.

"You can just call me Iori."

"I also hope you can call me by my first name as well. Nice to meet you, Daisuke-kun."

Azu, who was standing behind Akatsuki, also smiled naturally while holding onto her cross necklace with her right hand.

"I have been wanting to welcome you ever since the beginning, it's all Iori's fault... Ah, you can also call me by my first name!"

"I’m glad, Dai-kun."

Seeing Senri expose a frank smile, Daisuke felt a throbbing pain passing through his chest. He didn’t know whether it was caused by the feeling of guilt or perhaps something else.

"Well... What now? It would be bad if we returned back to the class all at once right? So why don’t we hang out here to kill time until the next class?!"

No one opposed Iori's proposal. Senri and Akatsuki were smiling playfully, while Azu was sighing with a relinquished expression.

The cold wind blew against them as they sat side by side on the silent rooftop.

Daisuke noticed that he had subconsciously relaxed his mood. He then turned to gaze at Senri.

As if she could feel Daisuke's keen gaze, Senri raised her head upwards. Even though her gaze wasn't fixed on Daisuke, her sincere smile put him at ease.

Senri's smile contained a mysterious warm feeling that could forgive everything; the smile that her older brother Keigo was willing to risk his life protecting for.

"…… How many people knew about Senri's (Mushi)?"

Daisuke whispered quietly to Aktsuki whom was sitting next to him, and Akatsuki whispered back:

"There're only me, Iori-kun, and Sunakozaka-san who knows. Both Iori-kun's and my dream has been devoured a few times by Senri's (Mushi) already … It seems as if Senri herself hasn't noticed yet. And also, Iori-kun was the only one that I mentioned SEPB to."

Senri's (Mushi) was able to distinguish between the desirable dreams and the undesirable dreams. It had only devoured the dream of Daisuke and Keigo in the past. But now that these two had also became the (Mushi)'s target, it meant that Senri herself trusted them quite a lot as well. However, it was not something to feel happy about for those two. As long as they stayed by Senri's side, their life force would gradually drain away.

And yet they still chose to stay by her side despite knowing that...

---- If Haji knew about this, he probably wouldn't feel good right?

Nodding lightly with a wry smile, Daisuke turned to look at them.

"Ima go to get a drink of water."

After saying that, he stood up and began to walk away.

"You know where the water fountains are?"

Surprisingly, it was Iori that asked the question. The same one who was putting up with an obviously hostile expression before; was now looking at him with a sincerely concerned expression.

Daisuke smiled and said: "It's fine." before leaving the rooftop.

After walking down the stairs, Daisuke began to look for a deserted place while staying alert of his surroundings.

He walked through a corridor connecting to the other school building and entered an empty classroom. It seemed like it was an audio-visual classroom; four large LCD screens could be seen hanging about the ceiling at different locations.

Daisuke took out his cell phone and dialed a number that was registered in his phone.

The call was connected after two rings.

"[Please confirm that there are no third parties within the radius of 10 meters, and report your member code.]"

Without any greeting, a robot-like female voice sounded through the phone.

Daisuke then said a series of numbers and English letters that he remembered.

"[Confirming the member's code, voice scan -- Complete, switching to communication mode within the bureau.]"

Rather than saying it was a womanly voice, it sounded more like a teenage girl's high pitch voice. However, it was as if the voice was recorded beforehand, and there wasn't a slightest emotion in her tone at all. Shortly after, Daisuke heard the words "Switching completed."

"[Here is the intelligence management department of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau's Central Headquarters. From now on, all the dialogue would be registered and recorded under the East Central Division inspector squad, Kashu level one ranked member (Kakkou)'s file. Please report the Intel that you need.]"

"The West Southwest Division member didn't hear anything in regard to (Church)'s appearing in Housawa Town. What's going on? What division does the witness belong to?"

Daisuke asked in a low tone, and the answer was immediately replied:

"[Any Intel pertaining to one of (The Originial Three), (Shinpu) and the (Church) are only available to ranked members. Please confirm this and make further contact. In addition, we have been instructed to hand all of the Intel (Kakkou) would need for his mission, directly to deputy branch-director Goromaru— and she has to sign it before we could give it to you directly.]"

"I remember that yesterday she said that she forgot to do them because she fell asleep early...… I wanted to know them right now."

"[She's really slacking off, I'll urge Goromaru-san to hurry up and finish her duties as soon as possible.]"

The teenage girl then continued with the same mechanical tone:

"[The witness intelligence was provided by the ordinary civilian, since there were many similar features between them, we have concluded the building as the (Church) that would appear along with (Shinpu); the original that's capable birthing the Special type (Mushi). Only level five ranked or higher members are allowed to view further details. Would you like to view them?]"


"[The (Church)'s unique trait is its old torn appearance, it would only appear for a short period of time before disappearing. Based on the witness intelligence we obtained, (Church)-like objects had been seen appearing for around five minutes somewhere in Housawa Town. The witness's location and related information will be sent later to (Kakkou)'s goggles.]"

Daisuke began to sink in his thoughts.

(The Original Three)--- They are the three dangerous existences that are capable of birthing Mushitsuki. Hence, the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau classified them as the dangerous prototype (Mushi) rank. Even though (The Original Three)'s ecology and purposes are still unknown, the SEPB was able to collect a little bit of data about them slowly over time.

The most eye catching one in (The Original Three) was a woman called (Oogui). Although there was no way to determine whether she was actually a human and whether her gender is female. All that was known about her was that she likes to appear in front of humans, and that all of the people whose dreams were devoured by her would become Minion type Mushitsuki— where their (Mushi) would be separated from the host's body just like Iori. And so far we also know that her appearance is that of a young female, and her intelligence is very high. In addition, she's capable of disguise herself into someone else that is totally different.

Among (The Original Three), (Shinpu) was known for its trait of being different from the other two. Although there were only a few witness accounts about him, he was known to appear at least once or twice every year, and whenever he appeared, a (Church)-like object would always appear alongside. His behavior patterns were totally different than free-spirited (Oogui) and the mysterious third one; he would always repeat the same action— as if he was possessed.

He would appear in front of those that were lost and proclaimed to give them "Salvation". But in the end, all he ever did was turn them into Mushitsuki rather bringing them salvation, so in his behavior existed a certain pattern.

Mushitsuki birthed by (Shinpu) were known as the Special type, a type that was totally different than the Minion type and Fusion type. This type was known for its unique trait of being not-shaped --- in other words, the (Mushi) doesn't have a physical shape of itself.

Senri is a Special type Mushitsuki, which means, it was (Shinpu) who turned her into a Mushitsuki.

Meanwhile, the appearance of the last original is still unknown. It's capable of birthing Fusion type Mushituki, where the (Mushi) has to fuse with the host's body to activate its ability, just like Daisuke. Completely opposite of (Oogui) who likes to overeat, this original is very mysterious and rare, in fact there have only been three eyewitness accounts about it the past.

Including Daisuke, there are total of three Mushitsuki that were birthed by this original. And since the witness statements that came from these three were totally different, they concluded that this original most likely has the same ability of disguise as (Oogui).

"[I would recommend you to contact deputy branch-director Goromaru as soon as possible, to receive the data. Do you need any other Intel?]"

"One more thing, this hasn't been confirmed yet, but did you hear anything about the West Southwest Division's members going missing in Housawa Town?"

Daisuke suddenly recalled the words Akatsuki said, so he asked without giving it much thought.

"[Such intelligence wasn't registered in the system, please verify the details and make further contact if necessary.]"

"So even the Headquarters didn't receive this report as well huh?...…"

"[Are these all the Intel that you need?]"

After thinking for a while, Daisuke continued in a very stern tone:

"What's the main reason that the Headquarters deployed me for this mission? Why are they transferring me away from the East Central Division, and further prohibited me from fighting outside of my respective division's area?! These conditions are strange no matter how you look at them!"

"[Only ranks that are higher than director assistant are allowed to view the main purpose of each member's mission. In addition, the Central Headquarters was granted permission to jointly view (Kakkou)'s current mission in detail as a special case.]"

"Damn it, what the hell?"

The opposite party silently listened to Daisuke's complaints.

"[Are these all the Intel you need?]"


"[Please continue to carry out your mission, recording completed.]"

The other party intended to finish the call, yet Daisuke didn’t plan on hanging up the call.

After a few seconds, Daisuke spoke again:

"(C)! Can you explain what's going on?!"

"… (Kakkou), shouldn't you be aware of it by now?"

The same tone from before questioned Daisuke:

"At the (Fuyuhotaru) incident before, (Kakkou) you had completely surpassed the definition of Mushitsuki that was gradually built up over the past. Not only did you successfully capture the Hishu level one (Fuyuhotaru) for the second time, you also eliminated (Ladybird)'s matured (Mushi) with your own strength. Of course the Central Headquarters would be very troubled by your exceeding fighting power."

Daisuke became speechless as she continued. What (C) had said was indeed the truth.

Leaving aside (Fuyuhotaru), the battle between him and (Ladybird) --- Tachibana Rina; was really a death match.

To Mushitsuki in general, Maturation was known for the most dreadful dead-end. Those that had their dream fully devoured by the (Mushi) would die, while their (Mushi) would mature and go on a rampage, destroying everything in its path without reservation. The (Mushi) after maturation would also greatly increase its strength at an unbelievable rate. For example, after Kashu level one ranked Rina's (Mushi) fully matured, just one strike from it was enough to destroy a city and turn it to ruins.

"Troubled? Aha, how would that sly head director feel troubled by this? Tell me the truth!"

After a short moment of silence, (C) replied faintly:

"Out of the four currently existing level one ranked Mushitsuki, only Harukiyo possess a threat. (Ladybird) has died already, and SEPB had also taken control of (Fuyuhotaru). In my opinion, it means that …"

"So you're saying in case there's an emergency, it's okay for them if I die?"

Daisuke's face was distorted from anger.

He more or less guessed true the reason.

Since the threats posed by two level one ranked Mushitsuki were excluded already, he had become useless to them. Moreover, the Central Headquarters probably thought that he, who’s exceedingly powerful in combat ability, would be hard to control.

"If Harukiyo makes a move, are they planning on using Shiika……?"

"(Fuyuhotaru)'s ability is completely opposite of Harukiyo's. If there's an outbreak, she would probably be more suitable than you. However, there still exists some problem...… Since according to the rules, the division of the member that captured the Mushitsuki has the right to take them under their control."

"So that was what they were trying to do by weakening the East Central Division?! They want to take over the East Central Division with Haji's absence in authority, just so they can take Shiika all to themselves?"

"It was just an assumption. However, there might be a possibly of it…"

"Don't fuck with me!…… How can I let them act as they wish, I'm going back to Ouka City right ---"

"You can't!"

(C) immediately stopped Daisuke.

"Right now... please be patient, if you were to rebel against the Headquarters, everything will be over."

"It's the Headquarters that's forcing me to rebel! I ---"

"Even if it’s you, (Kakkou), it's not to your favor right now to rebel against the Headquarters. Not to mention if they were to deploy that squad..."

"… Which squad?"

"'Annihilator', the squad that serves directly under the head director. Just like what their name implies, they are the existence that would turn everything into ashes... If they were to find out that you breached the order, not only you, but also branch-director Haji's younger sister would be adversely affected."

The teenage girl suppressed her tone before saying:

"… Only you --- are willing to the defeat (The Original Three), as long as you still alive. There will eventually be one day when we can... So please!..."

The teenage girl's plea began to expand deeply into Daisuke's heart as he clenched his fists tightly and said:

"Don't push that onto me, I just wanted to protect my own dream!"


His own dream --- The first thing that came to Daisuke's mind after blurting out that line... was the face of a teenage girl.

He had determined that one day he would definitely make Shiika smile from the bottom of her heart... Yet he didn’t even know how she is doing right now.

"Shiika... how's she right now?"

"She's in pretty good condition right now … Since this intelligence was supposed to only available for those rank of branch director-assistant or higher, please keep it confidential."

Daisuke sighed and said:

"I'll try to finish up the mission faster and return back to Ouka City."

In order to protect the place where I belong.

Daisuke closed his eyes, and soon, an image of a short haired girl with a shy smile appeared in his mind.

"One last thing."

(C) exhorted with a cold tone:

"(Kakkou), please pay attention to the surroundings, the enemy might be around you any time."

"…? What do you mean?..."

"That's all I can say for now, I wish you good luck on your mission."

The communication was then cut off.

Daisuke slightly opened his eyes, and put the cell phone into his pocket.

He originally had wanted to think about the meaning of that last piece of advice, but he gave up halfway through. There wasn't any use of thinking about it further, since right now; he had way too many opponents to deal with.

There would eventually be one day --- (C)'s words penetrated into Daisuke's heart.

"After all... We could only reply on such hope to live on?...…"

While muttering to himself, Daisuke walked out of the room.

"I guess this means I have to struggle even harder from now on, right? Haji...…"

After crossing the corridor and walking upstairs to the rooftop, Daisuke saw Senri and others laughing at each other.

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