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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.06: The Others

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The Others

Facing three (Mushi) and the spider at the same time; Iori was both exhausted and panting heavily.

“Endou-kun, how long do you think you can last?”

Kanari Yoichi, who sat on top of the operator’s seat, smiled leisurely as he spoke that line.

And at the other end of the car, Iori replied with an irritated tone:

“Shut up, you son of a bitch…… (Hekihei)!”

The giant soldier ant immediately leaped forward at Yoichi, but the spider next to him turned and spat out a large amount of webbing at it.

The cyan-colored soldier ant was knocked back by the sticky web and pinned to the ground. Taking this chance, two (Mushi) jumped onto the soldier ant and aimed for the gaps between its carapace with their mandibles, causing large amount of cyan-colored liquid to spill all over the place.


Iori felt pain throbbing against his chest. And just at that instant, the third (Mushi) used its sharp claws and stabbed the soldier ant, causing an even stronger pain to envelope him completely.

Although the soldier ant wanted to break free from the spider web, it couldn’t do anything else besides struggle violently.

Just then, Yoichi laughed with a mocking tone:

“Aha, it’s no use! There hasn’t been anyone that could break free from my spider web ---“

However, the teenage boy’s laughter was immediately interrupted by the sound of something being tearing apart.

Iori pressed against his chest as he revealed a weak smile. His consciousness suddenly blacked out for a moment, because his dream was being devoured rapidly by his (Mushi).

The soldier ant roared as it forcefully pulled all the spider webs entangled on its body, along with the iron sheet covering the floor upwards, before shaking its body violently. The solider ant then bit onto the (Mushi) herd, and threw them against the car’s wall one by one.

“Who did you say was stronger than me huh?...”

“…… You are really an irritating guy.”

In front of Yoichi, who was showing a ferocious expression, the soldier ant tore a (Mushi)’s body apart with its mandibles, causing the green fluid from the (Mushi)’s body to spill all over the car as its corpse laid motionlessly on the ground. At that same time, one of the figures that were wrapped by the spider web on the wall suddenly twitched.

Iori suddenly felt a violent pain throbbing against his chest, causing him to be unable to breathe for a moment.

The two remaining (Mushi) bit into the soldier ant.

The soldier ant gave an angry roar as it turned its head around and bit into one of the (Mushi); tossing it forcefully against the wall.

It then charged straight at the (Mushi) on the wall, causing the whole car to shake from the impact.

As the car violently shook, its wall was dyed green by the (Mushi)'s splattering bodily fluids; as a hole was blasted onto the car's wall— causing the corpse of the (Mushi) that was crushed to death, to fall outside the car.

Just then, another coat-wearing figure sounded a silent scream.

“Aaaah… How could you do such thing to those Mushitsuki that are irrelevant?... Endou-kun, you sure are an egregious one.”

Upon hearing Yoichi’s voice that was filled irony, Iori’s rationality short-circuited right on the spot.

“You bastard……!”

Iori charged toward Yoichi.

The last remaining (Mushi) leapt at Iori at once, yet he immediately dodged it by moving to the (Mushi)’s blind spot with his nimble speed.

After dodging the (Mushi), Iori charged as he reached his hand at Yoichi.

But in the next instant, the spider’s ugly abdomen appeared in front Iori.

The spider’s sharp blade-like legs narrowly missed Iori’s face as he hurriedly stepped back. With the sound of a “Pa”, the spider’s leg stabbed into the floor.

“What? You mad?”

Yoichi then stopped smiling.

The soldier ant charged towards the spider, and although the spider seemed like it was bulky, it used its eight legs with unbelievable agility and speed, to go around the soldier ant.

Aiming at the gaps between its carapaces, the spider stabbed its leg into the soldier ant’s body.


"You should know what you're supposed to do right. Don't you know when to give up the unnecessary things for the sake of fulfilling your dream? Even when I'm trampling those that have nothing to do with me, I feel completely indifferent!"

Yoichi, who spoke that line, was displaying a cold expression that Iori had never seen before in the classroom.

“You don’t even have what it takes to be in a battlefield! I hate half-assed guys like you the most!”

A large amount of webbing trapped the soldier ant, that was moaning weakly, once again; as the spider continued its merciless assault. Meanwhile, the last remaining (Mushi), bit into the soldier ant with its sharp fangs.


Iori's consciousness suddenly became a blur, as if his head was violently struck by something, because any damage that the (Mushi) sustained would directly erode the host's consciousness.

Every time the spider and the (Mushi) used their fangs and legs to pierce the soldier ant’s body, Iori consciousness would fade away more.

Unbearable pain continued to throb within Iori’s heart.

And shortly after the heart-breaking pain, an intense drowsiness came.

“Ohh, it looks like he is almost there.”

Iori felt that Yoichi’s voice was drifting to some place far away.

Just as he was succumbing to the overwhelming drowsiness and beginning to close his eyes, his past memories began to flash through his mind; and the majority of the memories he recalled were related to Senri.

His memories began to sink in the deepest part of his consciousness, being engulfed by a never-ending dark morass.

--- So cold…

The rain that beat against his body felt extremely cold as he lied on the ground of the abandoned shopping district.

His mind blanked out; completely unable to think.

He suddenly felt as if nothing mattered anymore, the overwhelming fatigue and intense drowsiness that was seemingly filled with warmth, called out to him— alluring him with its embrace.

I don’t have anything to lose anyway…---

He had done a lot of bad things in the past, trampled countless people, and was rightly betrayed as a result. By using violence, he was unable to obtain anything in the end.

He slowly closed his eyes.

If he was to disappear like this without anyone knowing, it probably wouldn’t be that bad right?

Even after he disappeared, no one would feel sad right? Iori thought so from the bottom of his heart without any doubts.

Just then, a familiar teenage girl’s face suddenly flashed through his mind; it was a teenage girl who always carried a rosary with her. She was gazing straight at Iori with a worried expression.

Iori couldn’t remember who she was anymore, but he was sure that the reason teenage girl was showing a such sorrowful expression was definitely because of him.

I will only cause misfortune to others –

If Iori was not there anymore, the rosary-wearing teenage girl would probably be happier right? Just thinking about that made him feel that there were no more regrets; he could finally relax himself in the peaceful and warm slumber.


However… someone was trying to move Iori who already closed his eyes.

Even though he had already decided to meet his end, he was dragged out of the abyss by this person.

Iori then frowned.

He had already decided to disappear just like that without any regrets, who was it that obstructed him? Who would do such a thing to someone that only knew how to spread misfortunate to those around like him?

Iori was forcefully awakened, and slowly opened his eyes.

Before him was a petite teenage girl with a face full of tears. She was carrying Iori, who just opened his eyes, on her back.


Just then, Iori’s roar echoed through the entire car.

Just like how Senri had saved him in the past; just like how that teenage girl who collapsed from saving someone that she had never met once before. Iori wanted to protect Senri.

Roaring with all of his remaining strength, Iori's consciousness burst through the never-ending darkness. Iori, who was roaring loudly, began to recall the memories that he shared with Senri, Azu, Akatsuki, and Daisuke.

In front of Yoichi who was displaying a surprised expression, the cyan-colored soldier ant's body began to swell once again; causing the spider webs to be ripped apart one by one.


—It was the first time ever in his life, that he studied so desperately, and as a result, he successfully enrolled into Moira High School with one of the lowest grades; and there, he met Senri once again.

Iori believed that Senri had already forgotten about him, after all Iori had changed his looks; and to top it off, Senri couldn't see in the first place… She probably never thought that the boy who hurt her before was Iori.

However, when Iori had his “First” conversation with Senri, she suddenly burst into tears upon hearing his voice.

Senri only said one line to Iori who was at loss of what to do.

--- … So you were okay… Thank god…

Iori then thought to himself.

I’m definitely going to protect this girl for the rest of my life…

Iori’s (Mushi) existed in order to protect Senri; he knew that he didn’t have any right to go out with Senri. He was satisfied if he could risk his live to protect her from danger; it was his sole reason for existing.

As long as he could protect Senri, he didn’t care what he had to give up in the progress. As long as he could protect Senri properly, he didn’t care if he had to lose everything besides her---

As long as Senri existed, his dream will never disappear.


Yoichi suddenly stood up from his seat.

The swelling soldier ant tore apart all the spider webs that entangled its body. It then shook its body violently, in order to remove the (Mushi) that was biting into its body. At the same time, the spider was knocked away and sent flying— crashing into the wall next to Yoichi as the remaining (Mushi) was tossed to the carriage path which led to the 2nd car.

The soldier ant immediately used its mandibles to pierce the abdomen of the spider that was getting on.


At the same time, Iori vented his anger on Yoichi's pained face, with a punch.


The teenage boy was sent flying until he hit the window next to the operator’s seat.

Iori reached his and tugged Yoichi’s shirt.

“I don’t know why you’re targeting Senri! But I will never let you lay a finger on her!”

Iori shouted at Yoichi who lips were bleeding:

“I’m definitely going to protect Senri!”

That’s right, even if it means that he had to lose everything else in return ---

And just when the cyan-colored solder ant was about to tear the spider apart, a voice came from behind path connecting to the 2nd car.


Iori widened his eyes as he shifted his gaze from Yoichi to the other end of the car.

What came into his field of vision was the view of a (Mushi) leaping toward Azu who was holding her rosary.

--- Even if it meant that he had to lose everything else ---

Iori didn’t give any orders , in fact he couldn’t even understand what was going on; his mind was completely blanked out. Yet the cyan-colored soldier ant released the spider at once and charged straight at the (Mushi) that was leaping towards Azu without any hesitation.

And just then, Iori and the dumfounded Azu's gazes met.

“Endou-kun…… Are you an idiot?”

Iori suddenly heard Yoichi’s indifferent and weak voice that was filled with mockery next to him.

With a sound of “Pong”, an intense vibration shook Iori’s field of vision.

It felt as if a burning hot object had pierced through his abdomen. Iori slowly shifted his gaze and looked at the leg of the spider that had pierced his body.


He then heard Azu’s voice…the voice that had always accompanied him and was always there for him ever since he was little.


His consciousness blacked out as his field of vision was enveloped by a blood-red color; the feeling coming from his body and fingertips also began to feel numb, before they slowly disappeared.

Moving his eyes, he caught a glimpse of Yoichi’s laughing face.

Senri ---- 

With his consciousness rapidly drifting away, Iori suddenly recalled Senri’s warm smile.

--- Can you feel?

Even though his self-consciousness had almost completely disappeared, he could still feel that the warmth given by Senri remained within him.

Mhm, Senri, I can clearly feel it ---

Azu’s screaming figure then appeared into the corner of his view.

Azu, Sorry… … I couldn’t do anything for you in the end, but ---

“See ya, Endou-kun.”

Accompanied by Yoichi’s mocking voice, the spider swung its leg that pierced Iori’s body.

Iori couldn’t resist at all and was thrown out outside through the big hole the soldier ant had made before.


A strong gust blew against his face, and then, he probably landed on the ground or something right? The last sensation that Iori felt was an impact acting upon his body.

And the last thing he saw was his soldier ant standing in front of the big hole.

The Iori now was different than the Iori a year before that could nothing besides shout. Right now, he had obtained things that were more precious than anything else in the world, and he could clearly feel it.

Hey… (Hekihei), it looks like this is the end for me… So I’m going to give all of my dreams to you, eat as much as you want!

So… So, please ---

In the never-ending darkness where he couldn’t feel anything anymore, Iori prayed.

--- Please protect my most precious and important people…

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Sayonara Iori...

You'll be remembered forever in my heart. I'm happy to know that, deep down, you treasure Azu just as much even though you acted Tsun-Tsun all the time. Your most precious people... they will definitely be fine, they heard your dream and they are definitely going to fulfill it for you...

Rest in peace, my friend.


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