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[Mushi Uta v2 ] Chapter 4.12: The Others

Akatsuki's last chapter.


Translated : Wing
Edited : Skat

Version: 1.01


The Others

On the roof of the train carriage, Akatsuki was kneeling weakly.

He couldn't even tell when he stopped feeling the heavy rain that was beating against his back. The pair goggles with the broken lens that was hanging off his ear, barely managed to not fall off.

Meanwhile, the golden-colored mayfly continued to project laser-like tracks in front of Akatsuki as if it had gone berserk.

“Ugh… Wooooahhh! Efemera Ahhhh!!!”

(Mushibane)’s last remaining member, Vihookumosu roared as the bee hawk moth swung its triangular antennae. However, this defense was ineffective at all; the bee hawk moth’s head was pierced through by the golden laser and evaporated.

The blond-haired teenage boy gazed dazedly at Akatsuki as he slowly fell on the roof of the new bullet train.

Vihookumosu……Your dream, did it only exist so that you could lose it in this meaningless war…?

Akatsuki questioned in his heart.

Why is everyone giving up their dreams so easily like this?

The gradually swelling golden-colored mayfly, sounded a rebellious roar towards the sky.

Very soon, Akatsuki’s consciousness will completely fade away. Whilst his (Mushi), which had gone berserk a long time ago, will completely mature.

The mayfly, that had eliminated the (Mushibane), was writhing its body, trying to break free from its host’s binding. It continually shot out numerous light rays to destroy the buildings that were passing by.

At that moment, Akatsuki smiled weakly.

--- Iori-kun, I fought to protect Senri until the end!

He called for his dearest friend.

Akatsuki had finished his portion of the task; the only thing he could do now was to rely on Daisuke to finish the rest … He prayed from the bottom of his heart while entrusting his wish onto him— since Daisuke was one of his companions that also vowed to protect Senri.

--- Rina, I fought to protect the person I wanted to protect!

He then conveyed his last remaining feelings to his first love that had already passed away.

That was the last droplet of Akatsuki’s remaining dream.

Something was constantly disintegrating within the innermost part of Akatsuki’s heart. He could no longer remember Rina’s smile anymore; even the warmth given to him from Senri was rapidly fading away as well.

Akatsuki’s eyes were slowly losing their luster.

“… Hear me?”

From the broken goggles came a woman’s voice.

Akatsuki had thought that the wireless function had already malfunctioned, but it seemed he was just too engrossed in the battle— that’s why he didn’t hear anything.

With his ember of life gradually dimming away as well as his consciousness, he listened hazy to the voice.

“I’m the East Central Division, deputy branch-director Goromaru. (Kaguya), can you hear me?”

Akatsuki couldn’t even remember who this Goromaru was anymore, or to even respond.

“I have a favor to ask of you.”

The woman named Goromaru continued her words:

“The East Central Division is willing to take you in as a Kashu level two ranked member; I have already received permission from the West Southwest Division’s director.”

Akatsuki had no idea what was she talking about.

“Although you might be a member of the (Mushibane), according to (Konoha)’s report, the East Central Division needs you! No matter what your past was, as long as you are willing to come over, you can continue to live on!”

The woman spoke dismissively. Even though Akatsuki could only understand half of what she said, he was clear of one thing.

“You… want me… to fight on…?”

His mouth moved on its own.

Yet he himself at that moment only wanted relief.

He just wanted the mayfly to finish up his dream, and take a good rest.

“Ogata Akatsuki-san, please live on! Are you really going to end your dream here like this?! As long as you and (Kakkou) … no, Daisuke-san are still alive, we will be able to fight on!”


The shattered fragments of memories began to restore one by one like flashes.

(Kakkou) ---

When Akatsuki heard that name, his eyes suddenly regained their luster.

“… (Kakkou) … i-is Daisuke-kun?...”

“That’s right, as long as you and Daisuke-san are still --- !”

The smiling face of Rina that had disappeared once before began to flash back in Akatsuki’s mind as he widened his eyes.

Iori, Azu, and Senri’s faces, as well as other memories began to restore like endless waves as well.

“(Kakkou) ---”

Even the golden-colored mayfly that had gone berserk had suddenly stopped moving as well.

“(Kakkou) Ahhhh!!!”

Akatsuki sounded a raging roar.

“Daisuke-kun… is that true? Are you really (Kakkou)? Y-You’re the one… that killed Rina?...”

Akatsuki shouted facing the goggle.

After a short silence, Daisuke’s voice came from the headset.

“… Mhm, that’s right. I was the one that killed Rina.”

Perhaps he was in the middle of a battle? Although he was panting painfully, he still answered.


“Do you want to avenge Rina?”

“Of course! (Kakkou), I’ll kill you! I’ll fucking kill you!”

Akatsuki roared with a hoarse voice:

“Rina she…! Rina she was our hope! She fought for the sake of creating a place where we could belong! And yet you…!!!”

“Then come to the East Central Division to kill me!”

(This is Fan-made, all credit goes to G.H)

Daisuke’s voice was filled with demonic mockery; as least that was what Akatsuki felt when he heard them.

“If you’re going to die here like this, then you will never be able to win against me. Rina was much stronger than you.”


Because of the overwhelming rage, Akatsuki’s hand that was holding the goggles, trembled non-stop.

This guy… only this guy, I’ll definitely finish off with my own hands…!

“Come to the East Central Division, and protect Senri until the end!”

The mayfly, that was planning on maturing, gave a loud howl towards the sky. Its long howl felt as if it was regretting that it missed the chance to rebel, but also felt as if it was rejoicing the return of its host.

The mayfly’s body gradually shrank and returned to its original size, before flying next to Akatsuki who was grabbing tightly onto the roof.


Akatsuki began to crawl forward on the roof that was being beat furiously by the heavy rain, advancing toward the front cars, moving forward to the direction where Rina’s hateful enemy was at.

I’ll live on… until the day I kill you ... I will not die...!

Although he was clenching his teeth due to resentment, it seemed like it was near his limits already.

His arms and legs began to lose energy like a circuit being cut off.

And then slowly, Akatsuki fell onto the roof, and passed out.

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And so, because of hatred, Akatsuki lived on =x. But is that really a good thing? ~.~ 

Well regarding to that fan-made picture, i really liked that gun xD. Daisuke looked really manly as well lol.


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