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Mushi Uta Volume 1: Main/Content Page

The Dreaming Firefly

Author: 岩井恭平(Iwai Kyohei)Illustrator : るろう (Rurou)


Chapter 0.00 Prologue: The Others
Chapter 1.00: Daisuke Part 1
Chapter 1.01: Shiika Part 1
Chapter 1.02: Daisuke Part 2
Chapter 1.03: Shiika Part 2
Chapter 2.00: Daisuke Part 3
Chapter 2.01: The Others
Chapter 2.02: Shiika Part3
Chapter 2.03: The Others
Chapter 3.00: Shiika Part 4
Chapter 3.01: The Others
Chapter 3.02: Shiika Part 5
Chapter 5.01: Shiika Part 7
Chapter 5.02: The Others
Chapter 5.03: Daisuke Part 5
Chapter 5.04: The Others
Chapter 5.05: Daisuke Part 6
Chapter 5.06: Shiika Part 8
Chapter 5.07: Daisuke Part 7
Chapter 6.00: Daisuke The Last
Chapter 6.01: Shiika The Last
Epilogue: Merry Christmas

Afterwords from Author (As well as thoughts from TL staffs)

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Story Synopsis:

Devouring the dreams of humans, but giving its hosts supernatural powers in exchange, are the (Mushi) that appeared a decade ago. While on the train to school, Kusuriya Daisuke came across a teenage girl named Shiika and that meeting sparked an attraction between the two. However, unknown to Daisuke, Shiika was actually a Mushitsuki who had escaped from the country’s top secret facility. Due to that reason, the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau dispatched their top and strongest agent, a Mushitsuki known as “Kakkou”, to mercilessly eliminate Shiika!

Those who are harboring dreams, and the painful but strong wishes in them, are about to enjoy the upcoming Christmas.

This is an encounter between a boy and a girl.

The most beautiful yet twisted story of this fateful encounter.


Sveroz (Translator)
Wing (Translator)

Nooby2 (Editor)
Keito (Editor)
Skat (Editor)

Special thanks to:



Term Corner:

Mushi: Japanese translation for insect/bug.

Mushitsuki: The host who are infested by the Mushi, they are mainly teenagers.

Fallen: Host that had their Mushi killed will become Fallen, becoming lifeless puppet/zombie.

SEPB: Also known as the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau. A top secret agency that deploy Mushitsuki to catch or eliminate other Mushitsuki.

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  1. yes yes, im soooo srry for the delay~ since my translation speed is slowww like turtle. =( <3 Mushi uta

  2. Nice sounds interesting, good luck with the project restart! =D !

  3. Hmmm . . . can't actually figure out the plot from the title pages, but best of luck in regards to t he project.

  4. @Oxwivi

    Thanks man. I knew I left out something. Well added the synopsis at the end immediately already.
    It should make more sense now i guess >.<

  5. I apologize for there will be delay this week in the releases of mushi uta. Our main editor is currently busy, so our following four chapters cannot be released in time this week.

    I might reveal a side project I am considering to work on soon next week. So stay tuned for our releases

  6. Not sure if anyone looks here but another delay for the 60 page chapter due to some issues editor facing. apologize for it but the translations for the other chapters are still ongoing.

  7. holy woah. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. I've been waiting for a translation to the novels for years. I was about to start learning to read hiragana myself and go order them, but that would've taken a long time.

  8. ^ great motivation lol, i would do the same for that 12th volume. god dam, so dying to find out lol xD

  9. @January 2, 2012 11:23 AM

    Ohh, if it were that easy I would be a really happy man. Unfortunately, Hiragana is not enough for you to read a novel.

    So we shall translate it with ALL OUR MIGHT!!!!


  10. Thank you so much for translating this great series!

    Btw, if you don't mind me asking, just how many volumes of the novel does the anime cover? Just curious.

  11. anime covers 75% of vol 1. it excludes certain conversations that might link it to the second volume. basically the important parts you need to know before reading volume 2 will be in place if you watch it. however I do recommend reading the novel as it gives a clearer picture

  12. For those who read my Fan Fiction(Doujinshi), the next 3 chapter had been posted, finally finished Lagann's part xD. Feel free to leave feedbacks~.

  13. The Volume 1 is officially finished =), however, we still need to do a final edit on most of the earlier chapters. But if you don't mind the little mistakes and etc, feel free to read it now, or else wait for the final version which would take at least a week or so.

  14. Thanks for translated this series. Hope you will continue this series >o<

  15. Sorry, Is there any pdf version that I can download for this volume...???
    Btw, Thank you so much for translating this. I really enjoying reading them.

    1. As of now, not yet. We are doing our final edit on the 2.0x chapters. Sorry for taking so long but it does take a hell lot of time.

  16. I really appreciate all the hard work that you guys have put into this. This makes the third series I've read from You guys starting with sayonara piano sonata and then oni ai. The translations for this series have just got better and better but having said that the first 3 chapters are in desperate need of re-editing.

    Many regards of an avid reader from Melbourne Australia.

    1. Thank you Tyrone for trying this series, but you said the first three chapters are in desperate need of re-editing, are there any parts in particular? I remember having editors looked through them before posting. If you mean the flow or something, its author's fault mostly >.>

    2. It's more English reading flow and grammatical errors then anything else. It's hard to show you since I read from my phone and just typing this takes forever but the use of 'whereas' in the first paragraph of chapter 1 daiske part 1 is a good example.


    3. sorry that wasn't really a good example but rather a simple one.
      Here are some more..

      "Among the four teenagers, the girl in the center of the crowd was the most eyes catching:" doesn't need an s on eyes as 'eye catching' is the correct term used.

      "The teenage girl's name is Tachibana Rina, who studied in the same class and school as Daisuke, at Tatsuoka East High School." would read much better as; The teenage girls name is Tachibana Rina who also studied at Tatsuoka East High School, in the same class as Daisuke.

      "“Even though you might say this, there is the possibility that you have other intentions on your mind? Like what if your target was me? Oh man, that’s kinda scary!” would read better as ; "Even though you might say that, there's the possibility that you have other intentions in mind? Like what if you were targeting me? Oh man, that's kinda scary!"

      but it was about time he gets it cut. Even when he recalled looking at himself in the mirror this morning while washing his face, there really didn’t seem to be any special trait about him besides the Band-Aid on his cheek."
      would read smoother as; but it was about time he got it cut. Even when he recalled looking at himself in the mirror that morning while washing his face, there really didn’t seem to be any special trait about him besides the Band-Aid on his cheek."

      As i said earlier its mainly English flow and grammatical mistakes.
      Hope i'm not being too picky but i did find those first 3 chapters a bit clunky? to read. But i can't read Japanese or Chinese so i don't know if i'm deviating from the translation to much...

      Having said that once again i really appreciate your hard work. please keep it up :).


    4. Thank you, Tyrone.

      I'll get someone to work on it as soon as possible. Although the first two chapters are not translated by me, I still hold some responsibility because I was one of the editors >.> (Did pretty much nothing beside double checking the translation though, lol).

    5. Fixed the first three chapters. Will be updating the PDF in a bit, let me know if there's any other chapter that needs fixing.

  17. Is it just me or is the PDF link not working? (For both this and v2)

    1. I just checked the link for both volumes and it's working perfectly fine for me. (They are actually the same link because they both direct you to a skydrive folder where you can download both volumes). If you really want the pdf, post your email and i'll send those to you when i have time.

  18. please finish the other volumes...