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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 3.02: Shiika Part 5

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Translated : Wing
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Shiika Part 5

By the time Shiika arrived at the meeting place, Daisuke was already there.

It was earlier than the time they had agreed on. Judging from Daisuke’s profile, he was probably deep in thought, so he didn’t even notice Shiika’s arrival. Every time he revealed that kind of expression, he would give others a totally different impression. Although Daisuke was always cheerful in front of Shiika, his figure in deep thought among the crowd, was exuding a sense of loneliness.

Shiika hesitated at whether she should interrupt the current Daisuke, who was still in deep thought, worrying that he might still be mad at her. Even though she was able to talk to him normally on the phone before, if they were to meet face to face, she could not help but feeling a bit scared.

– Resolve the misunderstanding first! I have to start somewhere, right?


Daisuke approached without hesitation, making Shiika perplexed at what to do.

“Um… That… Sorry about yesterday, it was … …”

“Don’t worry about it!”

“… Eh?”

“I’m very happy you came today. Yesterday you seemed very uneasy; I was worried … I thought that we might never see each other again…. I would feel uneasy whenever I thought about it. So the fact that you were willing to come today, made me relieved, Ah ha ha!”

Daisuke said with a sincere joyful smile.


A warm feeling filled Shiika’s chest. The warmth spread within along with a mild pain, which made Shiika smile naturally. Before coming here, she had thought of many words to resolve the misunderstanding, but now, all that had faded and disappeared from her mind.

So sorry, and thank you – Shiika knew, if she were to say those words, Daisuke would start to get over-concerned about her feelings, so she kept them to herself.

Today, I will listen to Rina’s remark and be honest with myself for once! That way, I would be able to give my final goodbye to Daisuke-kun ---

“I also felt… very happy to see Daisuke-kun again.”

Shiika said it from the bottom of her heart, which caused Daisuke to blush right on the spot. She originally thought Daisuke lowered his head was because of shyness, but he suddenly raised it and gazed at the crowd at the other side, saying:

“Today there will be a big parade in front of the amusement park; I was looking forward to see it. Want to go check it out?”


Shiika nodded, and both of them started walking side by side.

Since tomorrow would Christmas Eve, the streets were filled with beautiful Christmas ornaments. Despite the glare of the sun up in the sky, the December air was still pretty cold to breathe in. Walking on the street full of splendid decorations, one could not help but getting a feeling of walking on top of the icy cold cake filled with ornaments. The Christmas music could also be heard everywhere among the crowds.

“Thinking back on it… I felt like we haven’t really chatted much!”

“Really? I thought we chatted a lot on the day of the movie…”

“Ah… That day… … Um… To be honest with you, I was very nervous! Because I just met Shiika and … Beside, I rarely have the opportunity to speak with girls alone.”

“Now that you mentioned it, I’m probably the same… I don’t have any experience talking with the boys either.”

Just at that moment, Shiika suddenly remembered… Even though it was only for a few minutes, the happy memories shared with the boy whose face was covered by the goggles. It should considered as – Talking alone with the boys, right?

Daisuke noticed Shiika’s sudden change of expression and began to develop a complex expression.

“So you already had experience … … Well I thought so, Shiika should be very popular right…”

“No, not that… Even though I chatted with him, it was only a little … … I think he probably didn’t care about me that much …”

Shiika said while thinking – Why am I trying so hard to explain this?
“Didn’t care about you? That guy must have no eyes! If I was there, I would definitely reason with him!”

If Daisuke-kun was to argue with (Kakkou)-kun, even though I felt sorry for Daisuke-kun, he would probably lose very quickly. Regardless of what, I don’t think Daisuke-kun is suitable to argue with someone.
Shiika felt that Daisuke and (Kakkou) were the exact opposite of one another.

Although Daisuke was always calm, sometimes he would show a different side of him just like, yesterday or the day before; (Kakkou) on the other hand doesn’t speak that much, he’s an elusive one, but sometime he would inadvertently show that gentle or thoughtful side of him. Shiika felt that the two men were the exact opposite of each other, and that there would never be any intersection between them.

“In short, I absolutely wouldn’t be able to get along with that guy.”

Indeed, even Shiika was having difficult imagining the scene of Daisuke and (Kakkou) having a nice conversation together. She felt that Daisuke’s unhappy expression was quite interesting, so she could not help but to giggle again.

“What? ... Is it that funny??”

“Ah, sor-sorry, but I just find it very funny…”

“Hmhp! Ah, there it is! The Ouka amusement park!”

Looking at the direction Daisuke’s finger was pointing at; a large arch with the amusement park’s name carved on top could be seen. A large crowd had gathered near the entrance of the park, probably waiting for today’s parade. There were traces of firework cast over the sky in between; leaving few smokes marks in the sky.

Shiika raised her head ---


Suddenly, Shiika’s whole body twitched, her knees were slowly losing the strength to stand, while her consciousness started fading.

Shiika widened her eyes.

Why… I didn’t even use that much power… Ugh…!

Even though Shiika was feeling anxious, her consciousness was becoming more and more untidy and foggy, as if her mind was falling down from a sudden loss of footing; the memories of the past began to flash into her mind.

The woman who was wearing a pair of round sunglasses, the goggled peoples that came attack her one after another; (Kakkou) who was aiming at her with his gun, but couldn’t pull the trigger; And the girl that she met yesterday, Rina ----

No … I don’t want to forget anymore… …!

Shiika doesn’t want to give up the dream that was once lost. She also doesn’t want to return to the life in “That City”, a life that did not pursue or think about anything; just merely being alive. She had recovered her dream, and also discovered many valuable things that were irreplaceable ---

“… ka! Shiika!”

Daisuke’s cry echoed in Shiika’s ear as she slowly regained her consciousness.

Shiika raised her head up, surprised; Daisuke had stopped her from falling over by holding onto her arms. It seemed like it was only a temporary loss of consciousness.

“Sor… … Sorry, I was just feeling a little dizzy…”

Shiika said with a smile and stood up. She noticed the people around were looking at them suspiciously.

“Feeling dizzy? ... … I don’t think it’s that simple, we should take a trip to the hospital just to be safe…”

“No it… it’s really fine! I think it was due to my anemia; my blood pressure gets kind of low… …”

Shiika defended desperately, since going to the hospital wouldn’t help at all. There might be a chance of her being discovered by the SEPB’s highly sophisticated intelligence network. She had to avoid that by all means.

Daisuke stared at Shiika’s face for a moment, before grabbing her hand and left the line.

“Dai … Daisuke-kun!”

“You’re really not looking so well, we should cancel today’s trip! Or at least find a place to rest first …”

“Please … …! Please no, Daisuke-kun!”

Shiika tried to resist as Daisuke turned his head around to look at her.

At the same time, Shiika noticed a small white insect flying on top of Daisuke’s head.

It was Shiika’s (Mushi) ------- A pure white firefly.

The firefly reddened its eyes, leisurely overlooking at Shiika as if it was waiting for her will to completely yield.

Not yet –

Shiika prayed strongly, which caused the firefly to stop its movement.

Give me more time –

Shiika prayed strongly once again, the shining red eyes of the firefly gradually dimed down bit-by-bit before it finally flew away slowly.

It was the first time Shiika challenged her (Mushi).

I have decided, since you want to eat so much, I’ll let you eat as much as you want … But ----

“Shiika…” Daisuke’s face was filled with confusion.

Shiika bit her lips while looking at Daisuke.

Shiika doesn’t know what would happen to her in the future, but to her, right now, this short and precious period was more important than anything else. And because it was so precious, she wouldn’t want to waste any single bit of it other than staying with Daisuke. If she didn’t do it, then she probably couldn’t give Daisuke a proper goodbye.

Shiika thought so.

– But, don’t think that you can devour all of my dream. I will never give up hope, and will never give up my dream again!

“Please …”

Daisuke gazed at Shiika’s serious expression, speechless.

“I had already decided I’ll be together with Daisuke-kun today.”

“… I see.”

Daisuke sighed and let go of Shiika’s hand. He clearly hasn’t eased a bit, but still said with a tone like a parent to a child.

“But in return, no rides today. Just looking at the parade… is that fine?”

“… Mhm, Thanks.”

Shiika shifted from worry to joy, while Daisuke averted her gaze shyly.

They returned to the line and waited patiently for the group to move forward.

Shiika looked discretely at Daisuke’s profile … She was thinking, perhaps Daisuke was still mad at her wayward. But suddenly, Daisuke held Shiika’s hand. Shiika was surprised at first, but then Daisuke stared straight at Shiika and said:

“Like this, there should be no problem if you’re feeling dizzy again.”

“… … Okay.”

Shiika nodded, while holding Daisuke’s hand.

The warmth slowly heated up her freezing hands from the cold air. Daisuke’s heartbeats were also flowing over through his palm. A warm sense of comfort, that had been long lost for many years, was slowly filling Shiika’s empty heart.

Shiika suddenly felt an urge of wanting to ask Daisuke.

“Hey… … Daisuke-kun, what’s your dream?”

Daisuke was silent for a moment before answering.

“Why do you ask?”

“Have you ever had the feeling of “This is fine”? The feeling of wanting to become someone, wanting to have something, or even hopes for the future?”

Shiika stared at Daisuke while asking. She didn’t understand why she suddenly had that urge of asking, but she just wanted to know.

Daisuke, who couldn’t withstand Shiika’s gaze any longer, after a long silence, he finally whispered softly:

“I … … want to find a place where I belong.”

Without any signs of lies --- a sentence that was more natural than anything was let out.

“Because I was abandoned by my parents … … So, I wanted to find a place where I belong, that is my dream.”

Shiika widened her eyes.

“That is … … Daisuke-kun’s dream … …?”

A little surprised, but – Ah, I see … So I was …

Shiika finally understood … the reason why she was greatly attracted by Daisuke, ever since the first encounter. Just like what happened four years ago, the same feeling she had when she encountered the boy named (Kakkou); the joy of meeting individuals that have the same dream.

Perhaps, the moment when Shiika encountered (Kakkou) and Daisuke, she could feel from deep down that those two teenagers are the ones with same dream as her.

It was like finding beautiful gem in a beach full of sand, and wanting to treasure them tightly. A feeling of never wanting to let go, not only did it not disappear, but it grew dramatically stronger as days add on. As long as that feeling supports her, it would be enough for her to stay here ----

To be able to meet Daisuke, was truly wonderful ----

Whenever Shiika was by Daisuke’s side, she would feel that way.

The two of them finally arrived at the amusement park entrance. Daisuke took out an envelope that was tied with ribbons from his coat’s inner pocket, and then took out the two tickets from the envelope for the staff to see.

“I got the admission tickets from one of my friends.”

Daisuke said with a smile. Their hands that were originally holding together had to let go when Daisuke took the tickets out of the envelope.

“Oh … Is that so … I should thank him properly then.”

Shiika also smiled. After entering the amusement park, they couldn’t find any other excuse so they were unable to hold each other’s hands again.

The center of the amusement park was filled with a huge crowd.

Today was a holiday after all, from the parents with their children to the couples; everyone was smiling while enjoying the amusement park.

“Woah … …”

Shiika could not help but feeling amazed, she couldn’t remember how long it had been ever since she saw such a crowd. Even if the crowd wasn’t the source of her amazement, she would still feel amazed by the joy and excitement.

Daisuke looked back at the gate they had just passed through.

“’Wendy and his friends’ Happy Christmas Parade’ … Ah, it seems like the grand parade will be held tomorrow, so today it is like foreplay or so …”

The so-called “Wendy” is this amusement park --- Ouka amusement park’s mascot character that looked like a one-side black eyed wolf, pretty scary and funny in a way. Even though the wolf always played as the “bad guy” role during the performances at the amusement park, many visitors surprisingly favored him. There were even television programs that came purposely to interview him; and most recently, there were also tourists that came to visit him from afar.

A loud and clear trumpet sound rang within the amusement park.

“Woah… So cool … …”

Puppets were playing all kinds of musical instruments while walking past Shiika, whom was gazing at them with sparkly eyes.

Wendy hit the back of a blue fox’s head and ran away.

Although the blue fox tried furiously to catch up, it got tripped over, and fell literally like a “dog eats shit”. The audience laughed at their silly acts. [TL: “Dog eats shit”. I know dogs don’t eat shit =), but it’s just a phrase of describing how hard a person fell, pretty funny if you ask me.]

Suddenly, a loud sound came from behind the acting groups. It was the fireworks; it made almost all the puppets fall to the ground due to the sudden surprise.


Shiika laughed as she clapped her hand happily.

“Wow, fancier than I had imagined!”

“Mhm … … Awesome!”

“I heard that tomorrow night will be even better; there will even be flower-bed parade cars!”

“Wow… … I would like to see that … …”

“Then come!”

Daisuke’s sudden remark caused Shiika turn around to look at him. He seemed to be a little nervous, but he still said it very clearly:

“Come here and play again tomorrow… and then enjoy the parade, just the two of us…”

What should I do? ----

A chest pain Shiika had never felt before emerged from within her heart; she could not help but grip her hands tighter together in front of her chest.

Shiika had originally planned that today would be her last meeting with Daisuke, so she was going to enjoy her time with him to the fullest, and then bid him a final goodbye.

But, that is impossible now.

The rising emotions within could no longer be suppressed.

I want to be together with Daisuke-kun ---

“ … Okay …”

With watery eyes, Shiika nodded clearly.

Daisuke instantly smiled with joy.

“Then, tomorrow right here! Umm… Around 5pm, meet me at the entrance of the amusement park!”

“Mmm, okay.”

Shiika smiled, nodding her head. Her chest was filled by bursts of joy, just from thinking that this happiness she felt right now could be extend to tomorrow.

But then the next instant ----

“… !”

Shiika suddenly felt goose bumps all over her body as if she had been electrocuted; unable to move at all.

Behind Daisuke’s back, an unexpected person suddenly appeared.

Although the person was different from when they met four years ago and had changed to wearing a black coat instead, Shiika would never mistake her for someone else. Because in her dreams, she had seen that person many times already.

Behind those round sunglasses, the woman smiled.

Shiika quickly ran out of the crowd and dashed towards the direction of that coated woman.

“Shiika? Where are you going … …!”

Even though Shiika heard Daisuke’s surprised voice, she didn’t stop.

Why... … Why is she here … …!

Shiika arrived at the location the woman was standing before, gazing at her surroundings.


She noticed that the coated woman was now further away, blending among the crowd. Shiika then again dashed at the woman’s direction.


Biting her lips, Shiika ignored Daisuke’s calling. Looks like I’ll have to apologize to him again…

But Shiika didn’t want to lose her target.

The person who started everything.

The culprit that made Shiika feels sadness whenever she sees Daisuke.

– “Hey, Could you tell your dream?”

The question asked four years ago was now clearly surfacing in Shiika’s mind.

“(Oogui) … …!”

Shiika must see that person again, (Oogui)—the culprit that turned her into a Mushitsuki. Then, after seeing that woman, Shiika would ask her questions that she had stored during these past four years.

Why did you have to turn me into a Mushitsuki? ----

Four years ago, when Shiika was avoiding being assassinated by the SEPB, she kept pondering about that very question. Even after she revived from the Fallen state a few days ago, she was still thinking and wondering about it.

Why… … For what reason did I had to become a Mushitsuki? What are (Mushi)?

No matter what, Shiika wanted to know.

Shiika pushed away the people in her way, and kept on running. Just when she crossed a wide road, she finally found the black-coated figure among the crowd.


Shiika suddenly stopped, didn’t even finish her word.


Even though the figure was wearing the similar black long coat, she was not (Oogui).

Several men and woman started walking leisurely toward Shiika; all of them were wearing similar black long coat and familiar mechanic goggles that covered most of their faces.

How ----

Shiika’s whole body was pierced by fear.

The Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, as known as, the SEPB.

The organization that have been hunting her during the past four years.

Shiika could feel, for an instant, their eyes met.

They… found me ----?

Shiika turned around and ran toward the opposite direction, away from the crowd.

She ran pass the side of a Ferris wheel with flashing lights on it, then rushed into a giant plaza that had many shops, then passed by stores that were selling souvenir, then through a field of rotating coffee cups, and then finally ran across a central tunnel. Many passers on the streets turned their head around at Shiika surprised, but she didn’t care.

I can’t hesitate anymore…Need to hurry and get out of this amusement park … and then this city. If not, they will definitely capture me again. Then … it would be the same as four years ago …

I don’t want that … …!

Shiika was shouting in her mind while running.

She remembered her figure akin to an empty shell, in that “Isolation facility” during the past four years.

Now that she finally regained the dream that she once lost, and encountered the people that are precious to her. Tachibana Rina said that Shiika was her friend, and that she would worry about Shiika’s safety. Rina had already become an irreplaceable close friend to Shiika.

As for the boy named Kusuriya Daisuke…

Shiika inadvertently bit her lips.

Daisuke said it before; he would bring her to this amusement park again so they could watch the parade together. Even Shiika somewhat knew that Christmas Eve was a special day for people. In such special day; Daisuke was willing to let her to stay by his side.

Shiika absolutely does not want to forget about the precious people she had met during the past few days.

---- I don’t want to forget!
Shiika didn’t intend on engaging, but if she had to, she probably wouldn’t lose. However, if the battle was to break out right here, it would involve too many innocent people.

Shiika’s (Mushi) is very special, in many ways.

She could not completely control her (Mushi), although it was possible to issue commands to some extent, the (Mushi) would only release its full power when protecting Shiika. And if Shiika’s life is in danger, the (Mushi) would disregard any of her commands and act on its own to protect her.

And one last frightening thing, whenever she takes part in battles, she would loss a portion of her dream as cost. During battle, Shiika’s (Mushi) would use its’ power continuously, which means that even Shiika is unsure whether or not she would able to keep herself conscious.

Furthermore, if she were to lose her consciousness this time, there is a chance she might not be able to wake up again ---

A sudden burst of anxiety enveloped Shiika … As the loneliness of the past began to unease her. She just hoped that there is someone that can be by her side right now ---- The memory of those warm touches began to emerge from the praying hands of Shiika.

“No … I can’t, Daisuke-kun … …”

Shiika bit her lips, trying desperately to erase Daisuke’s image from her mind.

Right now, it seemed like the SEPB’s combatants were starting to gather in this amusement park, and for some unknown reason, “Oogui”, one of (The Original Three), had also appeared here. [TL: The figure that Shiika saw when she was with Daisuke was indeed the original “Oogui”, however Shiika lost her during her chase. The figure she found later on was not Oogui, but rather the combatants of the SEPB.”]

I mustn’t see Daisuke-kun anymore … Even though I didn’t give a proper goodbye; this might really be the last time we meet…

Shiika thought that as the feeling of happiness and ease when they held hands were clearly imprinted in her heart. The wound that was craved by happiness before was slowly turning into an irresistible pressure, oppressing her heart.

Just then, Shiika stopped running. Since she was escaping without thinking much, she didn’t notice that she had returned to the center of the amusement park that was filled by the crowd.

“ … … Daisuke-kun … …”

Shiika muttered softly.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her wrist.

“Shiika, are you okay?”

The person said that while holding tightly to Shiika’s wrist. It was Kusuriya Daisuke.

Daisuke grabbed Shiika whom was dumbfounded, and started running.

“Ok, follow me, hurry.”

They ran pass a performance stage that was filled by the crowds, and crossed a man-made bridge. They purposely avoided the crowd while advancing; they didn’t stop until they finally arrived in front of a giant gate. A giant forest could be seen over the gate, probably one of those maze-like entertainment facilities.


Shiika subconsciously caught a glimpse of someone smiling at them from the corner of her sight.

That person was wearing a round sunglass, gazing towards them interestedly.

“Daisuke-kun … … Wait a minute … …!”

“Two adult tickets please.”

Daisuke took out a thousand yen bill from somewhere and handed it to the staff. After he got the tickets, he grabbed Shiika’s hand and ran pass the gate. Just when they walked across a bridge covered with moss, a huge crocodile appeared from the pond in front of them. It swung its teeth-filled jaws and said with a mechanic voice:

“The brave or maybe ignorant visitors! Choose your fate wisely! Do you want the right road that was filled with light? Or the dark and cold left road ----“

Without letting it finish, Daisuke processed by walking into the left road.

Strange bird sounds could be heard over their head as they walked deeper into the dim path. Soon, they arrived at a mysterious bright open space; the light dots that floated among the unknown trees were caused by the fluorescent flashing of fireflies around the area.

Daisuke didn’t give Shiika any time to enjoy such view; he purposely walked away from the road, advancing deeper into the forest in a path covered by artificial trees.

“Dai… Daisuke-kun … …?”

“Umm … This spot should be okay, right?”

Daisuke stopped after he found a spot where he could view the forest as a whole; he turned around with a smile and let go of Shiika’s hand. Shiika stood there silently, not quite understanding what had happened.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to avoid, but no one will be coming here, so don’t worry.”

“Dai…Daisuke-kun, Why … …”

“Ah… I could not help but remembering the moment when we first met. Back then, I was forcing you to come with me just like now.”

Shiika was speechless at Daisuke’s sudden inexplicable remark.

There was no way Shiika could have forgotten. They ran away just like before, away from the station staff that was chasing after them.

Shiika was a mess when it all happened, at that time, she didn’t understand how she revived from the Fallen state or why did she wanted to talk to Daisuke. Even though it was chaotic, she was still feeling happy.

“Ah, I still haven’t told you why I was being chase by the station staff right? Right after I saw Shiika, I pressed the emergency stop button without thinking, in order to stop the train.”

Shiika was now even more speechless.

Totally did not expect that Daisuke-kun would do such thing … Maybe the boy that looked well behaved right now in front of me, is actually a very impulsive person?

Daisuke laughed as he leaned against a tree trunk, and sighed.

“I couldn’t think of any other way! I’m not good at thinking originally and I didn’t know ‘what was the best way that would allow me to meet you’. However at that time, I was sure of one thing ---- if I didn't do it, then I would probably never see you again… … my body probably knew that it was the last chance, so it moved on its own.”

Daisuke turned around to gaze at Shiika.

“At that instant … … when both of us noticed each other, it felt as if a switch was turned on inside my mind and by the time I regained my consciousness, I had already left the train and ran onto the platform.”

Shiika couldn’t face Daisuke’s gaze, lowering her head with silence … … At that time, she also felt the same … If Daisuke knew the truth that she was being pursued by the SEPB, how disappointed he would feel.

“Me too … … When I regained my consciousness, I had also left the train … … Because I want to see you … ….”

The instant when Shiika saw Daisuke, her emotions suddenly awakened for some unknown reason. The body that should never be awakened had revived. After that, she knew that her (Mushi) had also revived. She didn’t revive with an identity as an ordinary girl, but with the identity of Mushitsuki again, and regained her dream.

“But … but, I … …”

Shiika walked a few steps backward.

She was undoubtedly spotted by the SEPB … At the same time, for some reason, she was also noticed by (Oogui). She was unsure how much of a burden she would be to Daisuke. Shiika’s rationality was warning her that she needs to leave the boy in front of her as soon as possible.

However, the boy’s sudden sentence stopped Shiika’s movement.

“I am glad that I was able to meet you, Shiika.”

“… …!”

A warm sensation filled her eyes, then it slowly surfaced to tears … the rationality that Shiika barely maintained, was breaking apart with crisp sounds.

“From the time I talked to you in the park, I noticed that you were afraid of something …”

Daisuke bit his lips.

“You don’t have to worry if I mind or not, because even so, I would still want to see you. However, I don’t know what is on your mind, so … Could you tell me? What exactly are you trying to avoid?”


The impulsive of wanting to reveal everything to Daisuke was gripping Shiika’s heart tightly.

Just when she opened her mouths, she hesitated.

No… I can’t …
She definitely can’t implicate Daisuke ---- The boy who was in front of her into the dangerous situations that she encountered. She didn’t want Daisuke to find out she is a Mushitsuki, not wanting him to be afraid of her. But, she also didn’t want to leave his side …

The impulse of both senses colliding against each other was suffocating Shiika, almost making her collapse or perhaps loses her mind, to think that maybe death would be happier than living. Shiika didn’t want to hurt Daisuke, but also didn’t want Daisuke to hate her, but … …

I want to be ----

Tears… finally fell down from the corner of Shiika’s eyes.

“I … … I … …”

She could only cry, not knowing what to do.

Similar to a lost child that had no direction to follow … unable to tell the correct path … she could only keep on crying, and crying …

Looking at Shiika who was crying, Daisuke could not help but to feel sad.

“Tell me, what … can I do?”

The boy’s voice was filled with uncovered confusion.

“I don’t know what I should do anymore. I want to help you, hoping that you can smile from the bottom of your heart. And my selfish request … I want to stay by your side. But I know, if I stay around you, I will hurt you. I’m lost … I… I don’t know whether I should stay by your side or not, even going as far as forcing you right now … … but I just … …”

Daisuke said softly:

“I just want to be together with you … …”

Tears kept on rolling down from Shiika’s eyes, making her unable to focus her view at the boy in front of her. It made her feel like a child that could not find her way, walking aimlessly in a never-ending road. Then finally encountered another child that was having a same situation…

Why …

A sudden question emerged from her mind.

Why was this boy so caring toward her? Why did he have the same dream as her?

His actions were similar to a boy she met four years ago. Although that boy’s action was strong-minded, and unassailable, Shiika could tell that he was lost as well.

An unprecedented chest pain was pressing against Shiika’s chest, making her bite her lips tightly. The pain was strong enough to make her faint, but she instinctively resisted.

“Daisuke-kun …”

Shiika walked closer to the boy, but didn’t touch him.

Without any warning, a sudden explosion out of nowhere blew the forest in front of them away. It completely crushed the outer walls, allowing the bright sunlight to shine through the darkness.

And then, another explosion happened, resulting gale storming at their direction. A figure then appeared in front of them, who were still covering their face against the strong winds. The figure stood in the middle of the desolate jungle, staring at the outside of the maze. Next to the figure, a ferocious creature that didn’t seem like a normal insect or an animal could be seen.

The figure’s face was covered by a white mask; she shook her long hair a bit.

“What … the?”

Daisuke stuck his head out from the smoke.

The white masked figure heard his voice and noticed the presence of Shiika and Daisuke. She turned her head at them, surprised. When she saw Daisuke and Shiika standing together, she became frozen like a stiff rock. Because she was wearing a mask, one couldn’t tell her expression, but it must have shocked her dramatically?

As it comes to the dumbfounded point, Shiika was the same. Her mind went blank, a complete cloudy mess.

She noticed the gaze of the masked figure had slowly moved from her to Daisuke. For some reason, the time the figure spent gazing at Daisuke seemed longer.

Then the next second, a smile emerged on her face, a smile that seemed more like a self-deprecating smile that could no longer be suppressed. [TL note: From this point onward, the author started stating the figure as Rina. However, she didn’t take off her mask. Only Shiika knew she was Rina.]

Shiika immediately understood the situation.

The reason why Shiika’s assassins came so quickly was probably because the SEPB had arrived at this amusement park beforehand. And it seemed like they were here to engage Rina’s rebel army.

Although Rina’s (Mushi) tried to fly out, it got knocked back miserably into the jungle along with impact sounds. It seemed like she was fighting against a pretty large amount of enemy all at once, and obviously in a disadvantage situation.

“Mush… …”

Daisuke saw the giant ladybug that was by the teenage girl’s side and shouted in panic:

“Mushitsuki … …!”

The voice made both Rina and Shiika tremble.

“Shiika, let’s run!”

Daisuke grabbed Shiika’s arm desperately.

But, Shiika didn’t move a muscle.

“Shiika! What are you doing?! We have to hurry or else …”

Daisuke seemed to be quite afraid of the monster in front of him, well, no one could blame him. Daisuke urged Shiika anxiously.

A burning pain pierced through Shiika’s chest.

If Daisuke were to see Shiika’s (Mushi), would he show the same reaction as now…?

Rina noticed the motionless Shiika and opened her lips …

---- What are you doing? Hurry up and get out of here!

She seemed to be saying those words, however, Shiika remained motionless.

During this period, Rina’s (Mushi) that was withstanding intensive gunfire-like attacks fell into a difficult situation. Whenever her (Mushi) was injured, Rina would twist her face painfully. The reason why no one was covering for her might be because she was separated from her comrades?

The giant ladybug’s body was knocked back against a tree trunk, causing Rina to press against her chest tightly, while twitching her body in pain.


Daisuke pulled Shiika’s hand once again.

Just then, Rina turned her head around again and moved her lips. Shiika could clearly feel the teenage girl’s silent words.

---- Is it okay if you can’t see your boyfriend again?

Shiika’s expression froze.

Yea… What Rina said was true, it would be better if I escaped right now.
A voice whispered softly from within.

Rina will be okay, she’s strong, no matter how many enemies she is fighting against, she will definitely be fine.

If Shiika doesn’t run, then Daisuke would eventually find out the truth. Just thinking about it happening, the wound within her would start to hurt again. If he knew the truth, then it would be over for both Shiika and Daisuke; they would not be able to see each other again.

---- I don’t want that!

Shiika closed her eyes and ran.


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