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[Mushi Uta ] Chapter 1.00: Daisuke Part 1

Yo guys. I somehow managed to return after having a period of time busy with my internship, game matters and a few light novels to read. And well to my horror,my jlpt n2 exam is in december( nt november.) ~.~"

Translated by: Sveroz
Edited by: Keito, Skat, Wing, Akios

Version: 2.04



Daisuke Part 1

During a morning of December, when the air was so cold that it was painful to breathe.

Every time I stand here at this train platform I can’t help but wonder; even though we have entered the 21st century for quite a few years already, they still haven't changed the platform to an enclosed structure with a built-in heater. Wouldn't it be much better if they did that? Well, regarding the doors at the railway platform. As long as they wait for the train to stop at the correct place, and then open like those automatic doorways, it should do the job.

The time was just nice, 7:30.

Kusuriya Daisuke, just as usual, crossed the ticketing gate.

The railway platform was just like usual; always packed with people, with passengers preparing to head to school— thus making the place very lively. Among this crowd, there was a group of teenage girls wearing blazers that were making more noise than the other passengers. They stood near the ticketing gate, almost as if it was their usual spot.

Among the four teenagers, the girl in the center of the crowd was the most eye-catching:

Her long hair, which reached her shoulders, shimmered brightly from the reflection of the morning sun; the smile on her face made her stand out even further amongst the crowd. Yet, her smile made her seem as though she had some evil intentions going on in her mind, but this was probably due to the corner of her eyes being slightly upturned.

Quite a number of guys would purposely turn around to gaze at her— their eyes falling on the figure with a blazer and a muffler wrapped around her neck.

The teenage girl's name is Tachibana Rina, who also studied at Ouka East High School, in the same class as Daisuke.

Daisuke glanced at Rina from afar before making his way to the end of the railway platform.

Just like Daisuke, Tachibana Rina usually boarded the train at this time too. Many friends had said that, as long as you got to see her in the morning, the day would be a great one.

However, Daisuke never thought that way.

On the contrary, to Daisuke, the talkative Rina is the type of person that he didn’t really know how to get along with.

Just to avoid being noticed by his classmates, Daisuke decided to stay away from them purposely this morning, but was caught by a sudden voice.

“Hey, isn’t that Kusuriya-kun over there?”

“Wow it really is. He’s here, come on over here.”

Daisuke started frowning after hearing the teenage girls’ voices.


He forced a smile onto his face, and turned at the same time, only to find Rina not making any effort to conceal her discontent.

“Oh it really is Kusuriya. Let's not bother about that guy!”

“Why? There’s no problem at all! Hurry Kusuriya-kun, there is an empty place over here.”

“So Kusuriya-kun takes this train too eh?”

The other students besides Rina all kindly tried to strike up a conversation with the approaching Daisuke.

“Yeah I do, well, that’s because there are more cars in this one, so it’s less crowded.”

“Even though you might say that, there's the possibility that you have other intentions on your mind? Like what if your target was me? Oh man, that’s kinda scary!”

They students looked at Rina, who was saying it in a joking manner while twisting her body at the same time, and burst into laughter.

Daisuke just sighed and shook his head while saying:

“You don’t have to worry since there is not a slightest chance in the world that it will happen, as I happen to like docile girls more.”

The platform broadcast informed the passengers that the train was approaching the station as the vibration rang throughout the rail.

Rina started sulking as Daisuke calmly thought:

Man... This person really is busy with her changing of expressions…

“What kind of attitude is that!? I absolutely hate people like you with no special traits at all, a guy with not a single pain in his life, ever!”

All the other students agreed with Rina’s point of view.

“That’s very true. Compared with the other students, Kusuriya-kun really does not stand out at all! Maybe a change of hairstyle might help out?”

Being asked by them, Daisuke started to play with his hair with his finger.

The extremely dark hair was already so long that it reached his eyebrows. It had not been permed, and neither had conditioner been used on it, but it was about time he got it cut. Even when he recalled looking at himself in the mirror this morning while washing his face, there really didn’t seem to be any special trait about him besides the Band-Aid on his cheek.

“Nah… it’s alright, I am okay just being the way I am at the moment.”

“What happened to your cheek? Did you get into a fight with someone yesterday or something?”

“Oh this. Well I got it this morning when I fell from my bed and bumped into something.”

“Psh! How can Kusuriya, who does not dare dye his hair, get into a fight?”

Daisuke gave a nasty look towards Rika for making fun of him purposely.

“Though I find it kind of a shame, since Kusuriya-kun isn’t that bad of a person.”

“Wow. For you to praise someone like this, don’t tell me you are…..”

“Eh, really??”

“No, no. It’s not like that! Why did you guys think that way??”

The teenage girls started chatting over the issue; only Rina let out a very carefree attitude.

Daisuke, not used to these kinds of topics, played dumb, and diverted his attention away.

Afterwards, he started hearing the conversation of the working class ladies behind him.

“Hey, did you hear about the recent news? There seems to be a Mushitsuki spotted nearby yesterday.”

“Are you really sure that’s true? Do Mushitsuki really exist?”

The students from the same classroom as Daisuke started calling out to him, who had been staring blankly at the figures of the ladies.

“Kusuriya-kun, what’s wrong?”

“Oh… It’s nothing, just kind of heard them talking about Mushitsuki.”

“Mushitsuki? That can’t be true. Where?”

Upon hearing the loud voice of the teenage girl, everyone around them became startled and started turning around at them.

“Idiot, we did not even say whether there are Mushitsuki or not!”

“But Kusuriya-kun he … …”

“I heard that there were sightings of Mushitsuki nearby yesterday.”

One of the teenage girls hurriedly went forward to cover her mouth.

After Daisuke finished talking, he saw his classmates looking towards each other and immediately forgot about what they were chatting about earlier, and whispered softly:

“Actually I did see it once before, it really looks like a monster! It’s darn disgusting!”

“I also heard about it before, it seems that Mushitsuki are gathering to form a rebel group or something. Well, all I know is that they are forming some sort of organization.”

“Well I heard before that the government has spies infiltrating our society to seek out the Mushitsuki that were hiding inside the city.”

Among the teenage girls who were quietly discussing about it, for some reason, only Rina remained silent. Maybe this topic might be kind of boring to her so she was just bored about the situation.

Daisuke let out a sigh.

No matter where he went, there were always these kinds of rumors circulating; it sure made people feel disgusted when listening to it.

It referred to the mystical insects that would devour people’s dreams and hopes. Nobody knew where they came from, or what they look like. However, the (Mushi) would manifest within the young teenagers to feed on their dreams, while growing at the same time.

In addition, the (Mushi) did not only devour dreams.

Maybe as compensation to the host for giving them dreams to consume, or maybe it was simply an act of toying with them ---- The (Mushi) would give its powers to the host and also follow their commands.

However, Daisuke believed that the reason was definitely the latter.

And if the hosts had their dreams completely devoured, they would die. Once a person became a Mushitsuki, they must accept the fate that their life would be centered around (Mushi).

Above were the recent popular rumors circulating the neighborhood regarding (Mushi); even though they were all rumors with no supporting evidence, the situation at hand had already progressed far beyond that of a rumor.

In this short 10 year period, Japanese citizens have suffered the terror of (Mushi), treating Mushitsuki with disgust and hatred to the bone. Despite the government continuously denying the existence of (Mushi), over the years, the government had been lax on their way of handling the situation.

“Why do these kinds of things exist in this world? Won’t killing all of them solve the issue already!?”

Daisuke forced a smile onto his face as he heard the teenage girl say that.

“Although we don’t know whether there really are such things, it really does make people feel terrified upon knowing about it.”

“There are! I even saw them with my own eyes!”

“This is complete rubbish…….”

Rina muttered to herself silently.

The other students didn’t seem to have heard her say anything, despite looking at her expression. She just turned her head away, while closing her lips tightly.

Just then, the train arrived at the station.

Daisuke waited for the passengers to go past the train doors before making his way to the other side of the window view.

“[Please mind your step when disembarking or boarding as there is a gap in the middle of the railway platform. The train will soon be continuing.]”

The train broadcast rang as the other passengers began to board the train.

“Well, let's continue with the topic from before shall we. So do you like Kusuriya-kun??” [TL Notes: The girls were chatting to each other (I believe there should be at least 3 girls). And they asked who liked Daisuke etc.]

“Man I already said I don’t! Please stop saying that!”

“We might as well not talk about it, boys like him with a painless and docile life are the worst to handle. Ah, dangerous! If you get near him ---- You might even get pregnant!”

Rina joked with her usual attitude, as if the expression she put up earlier was a farce. Other than Daisuke, no other student seemed to have noticed Rika’s change of attitude.

“This guy sure is a gloomy person ---- because he would purposely go to the rear carriage so that we didn't notice him every day!”

“Eh? Rina, how did you know that Kusuriya-kun boards this train?”

“Oh, well … it’s just I saw him sometimes when taking the train, haha.”

Daisuke ignored the band of nosy teenage girls chatting away, and used the sleeve of his coat to clean the mist that had formed on the window of the train.

He didn’t dislike talking with his classmates. And his action didn’t have any meaning behind it, but because the window became kind of foggy, he felt like cleaning it a bit.

“[The train door is about to close, please be careful----]”

The broadcast was played above his head as he could hear the chatter of his classmates clearly.

The windowpane became clear, which allowed Daisuke to stare out in the distance beyond the window.

At this precise moment----

Daisuke, who was staring outside the window, widened his eyes.

A teenage girl was looking at his direction.

Inside the oppositely directed train, a teenage girl was gazing at Daisuke with the same expression as him. She was a cute girl about the same age as him, who looked really good with short hair.

Time stopped at that instant for Daisuke.

The teenage girl had a pair of dark glittering eyes, with a white face akin to that of snowflakes, and lightly colored short hair — everything was burned deeply into his eyes and his memory; which was causing his heart to start racing, and his body to heat up.

The teenage girl at the window of the other train looked at his side, widening her eyes slowly…

--- Deep inside Daisuke’s heart, a sudden feeling started to spin.

“[The train doors are about the close.]”

With a sound of “poof”, the doors closed.

Then Daisuke came back to his senses.

Right after a “kedang” sound and a slight shake, the distance between Daisuke and the teenage girl started to widen. Even then, the teenage girl’s gazes were still fixed onto him.

At that moment, Daisuke leapt into action.

He pushed aside the other passengers inside the train and dashed towards the train doors.

“Eh… Hey, wait a minute! Kusuriya-kun!”

Daisuke completely ignored his classmates who were startled by his action and immediately pressed the emergency stop button without hesitation.

At that instant, the warning sound began to ring loudly as the train abruptly came to a stop.

Daisuke, ignoring the shouts and screams from the passengers, tried to force open the train doors. He couldn’t even wait for the doors to fully open, and squeezed through the gap of the doors before jumping onto the platform.

“Kusuriya! What the hell are you trying to do!”

Daisuke abandoned the baffled Rika and sprinted towards the stairs. He dashed across the pathway and headed towards the other staircase, which lead to the other platform.

Yet when he arrived, the train that was supposed to be there had already vanished. The rear of the train could be seen leaving the station.

A feeling of despair surfaced within Daisuke’s heart, but just at that moment…

“Uhmm, that……”

A slightly hesitant voice sounded behind him.

He looked back and widened his eyes in disbelief.

The teenage girl, whom Daisuke saw inside the other train before, was now standing in front of him. However, the empty expression she had earlier had changed, she was now clearly showing a slightly timid expression.

“Uhm… weren’t you on that train earlier on?...”

The teenage girl lowered her head, in a troubled manner, while looking at the stunned Daisuke.

“Ah…..Well…Err I was..”

At that moment, Daisuke spotted a train attendant running towards them from behind the teenage girl.

“Damn it! Sorry, could you come with me for a bit?!”

“Eh? Ah…”

Daisuke forcedly grabbed onto the troubled teenage girl’s hand and dashed towards the exit.


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So yeah that’s the end of chapter 1.00 Daisuke part . it kind of follows the anime first part where he was at the train platform, this is kind of just a idea how it is the same kind of stuff for the first volume to the anime.

Tiny Spoiler to those who want to know what is in book two (keigo haji sister will be in book 2 so yeah, it gets exciting next book onwards). [Wing: Hell ya, Senri is kawaii~~ =)]


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    Never the less, I would be happy to help you edit, if you think my english is good enough.
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    sorry if i'm offending someone. i just wanted to point that sort of mistake because it kind of disrupt me when i'm reading since i've to read the part again to make sure i get the right idea.

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    "Daisuke gave a nasty look towards Rika for making fun of him purposely." &
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