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[Onii-Ai v3] Chapter 2: 13th April, AM5:00

Nasuhara's harsh tongue never fails to disappoint, though the prospect of kissing Akiko on any part of her body is really quite delicious as well.

I guess it is quite obvious what the students' council is up to at this point of time.

Also, just a reminder. I've said that this volume is rather short, and as of chapter 2, I am actually done with about a quarter of the book already (about right, since it's 2 chapters out of 10). With that, I shall resume on Hyouketsu Kyoukai. Depending on how long the chapter is, I may just slip in a third chapter somewhere in between, since a Hyouketsu Kyoukai is left with about half of the volume to go.


"Onii-chan—. It's morning already—. Please wake up—"

The members of the Himenokouji family wake up very early in the morning.

Our day begins at five in the morning, before the sun has even risen.

"Onii-chan—? Can you hear me—?"

"Mmm~? Mmmmmmm~......"

Despite hearing my sister's voice coming from outside my room, I still remained in my room covered by my blankets, without moving an inch.

"Onii-chan—. Onii-chan, Onii-chan, Onii-chan. It's morning, it's morning, it's morning. It looks like the weather will be fine today too—?"

"Mmm...... Mmmmmm......"

"Onii-chan—? Are you still asleep—? Please answer me if you are awake—. Oi—. Yahoo—. Oi—"


It's a shame, but I, Himenokouji Akito, is someone who loves to stay in bed. Take today for example, which is a rest day. Adding on the fact that it is right after the deadline for me to submit my draft, it will be very difficult for me to get out of bed willingly.

"Are you still sleeping? Are you still sleeping?"


"If so, then please pardon me."

*Kra kra kra*

*Pisyari* [TLNote: Jap onomatopoeia for the door closing (softly). I can't come up with an equivalent.]

"Fufu. You are really sound asleep."

Her voice sounded much closer than before. However, despite me knowing that, my mind was still in a state of standby, since that is of no relation to my consciousness. I still remained in sleep.

"Fufu. Onii-chan."


"Kuku. Onii-chan ♪"


It seemed like that girl was whispering next to my ears.

Isn't she a little too close? Despite me having that question somewhere deep within my consciousness, I was still (omitted).

"Fufu. Onii-chan has always treated this cute younger sister of his with a cold attitude through and through, perhaps even to a state where it is a crime. Typically, I cannot get this close to him...... This is indeed a gift sent to me by the heavens. Only I, his younger sister, have this right to admire Onii-chan's sleeping face at such a close distance. It will not do if I do not exercise this right to its full potential, right?"


"Thus, I'll be having Onii-chan's sleeping face all to myself for now. On behalf of the rest of the students' council members who are sadly missing out on this scene, I shall stare at Onii-chan with all my might, until I am satisfied."




"Ji ji—"


"Ji ji ji—"





"............................................................ Mmm—"


Upon sensing danger, I immediately opened my eyes, and saw my sister's lips closing in on me, with her eyes closed.

"Akiko. What are you doing here?"

"............ Ah!"

"I'll ask again. What are you trying to do?"

"Urm, this, which is that......"

"You closed your eyes and pouted your lips, right?"

"Yes...... yes I did, probably?"

"Are you planning to assault me while I'm sleeping?"

"No, you are mistaken. That...... yeah, I was just planning to whistle. Really, please believe me."

"You are lying to me, right?"

"...... Yes. I am sorry."

I propped up half of my body off the bed, and shook my head exasperatedly.

"I'm wrong to be lazing in bed, but if I'm to be woken up in a manner like this, then I have no choice but to consider something."

"C-Consider something, what?"

"Well, if I were to get a dozen alarm clocks, even if it is me, I'd probably jump out of bed in an instant. If I do that from now on is what I'm considering."

"Please wait, Onii-chan! I violently object! Waking up Onii-chan is a right that belongs only to me!"

"Hmm-. Even if you say that."

"I am not good with waking up too, but I have tried my best to wake up for this event! That is all so that I can have a taste of the sweet moments in the early morning...... If that reward is taken away from me, I'll lose the drive to wake up early!"

Well indeed.

Originally, my sister's a match with me when it comes to lazing in bed. The reason for her to forcefully overcome that weakness to do the household chores early in the morning is probably due to her so called 'reward'.

"Or rather, Onii-chan, please change your train of thought."

"Oh. Meaning?"

"Mmm. If you cannot wake up at the designated time, then as punishment, you will have to receive a kiss from me - Onii-chan will be able to wake up more successfully if you are to think of it that way, right?"

"Why must I happily worry about my sister's assaults while welcoming a brand new day? I don't want that sort of life."

"Ultimately, it is all Onii-chan's fault, you know?"


"The reason for this sort of thing to happen is because Onii-chan isn't loving me enough. I have been saying it for a while now, right? The morning kiss when we wake up; the farewell kiss when we leave the house; the welcoming kiss upon returning home; and the goodnight kiss before going to sleep - only by doing all of these, can you consider yourself to be a man who can hold his own. That's how it is."

"A man who fulfills those requirements by utilizing his younger sister, in order to hold his own - I don't think there is a single one out there in this whole world."

"In any case."

My younger sister banged on the floor.

"I yearn for Onii-chan's love! We are actually living together again after being separated for six years and despite that you have never once petted my head nor hugged me - it can't be helped that my desires will accumulate! I seek for Onii-chan's assistance to remove this sort of restless feeling!"

"Assistance. How should I go about doing that?"

"Firstly, please whisper gently to your cute younger sister, words that are so sweet they will cause me to be dazed upon hearing them!"

"Mmm. I love you, Akiko. More than anyone in this world - no, you are the only one whom I love in this world."


As she let out a weird cry, my sister snatched my blanket away from me and hid herself within it.

"How's that? Are you satisfied?"

".................. Awuuhh......."

"Oi-? Akiko-?"

"Why, why does Onii-chan..."

She popped her face out of the blanket. It was dyed deep red,

"...not know how to restrain himself or show mercy!?"

"Urm, isn't this what you requested? Whispering sweet nothings to you."

"I indeed requested it but it is a foul for you to say it with a pure smile that came from the bottom of your heart! It has exceeded what I can handle calmly!"

"You are a girl who is hard to please...... How about this, I'll just say it directly with a slightly gentle feeling. Is that okay?"

"No, that will not do either! If so, it will feel like there is not enough love injected into it!"

She is really a girl who is hard to please.

"Well, I understand. I'll try my best....... Well then? You can be satisfied with this, princess-sama?"

"...... Uh—"

My sister squirmed out of the blankets, and took about three deep breathes.

Her red face had returned to its original state. She cleared her voice,

"Aside from the fact that the stimulation is still a little too strong, it is a result that I am rather pleased with. To be honest, my mood has turned really good."

"I see. That's great."

"Fufufu. Indeed, I am still the person whom Onii-chan treasures the most. The reason Onii-chan ignores my advances until now, it is probably the 'tsundere' thing that is being brought up frequently. If things are to continue developing like this, the day that I spend a passionate night with Onii-chan will not be too far off."

"No, that day will never come within your lifetime."

"Onii-chan there you go again. You always love to joke-"

"No, I am speaking in a very serious manner."

"I had been lying down and thinking about it the whole night."

Ignoring my feeble protest, sparkles of light were given off from deep within my sister's eyes.

"No matter how much I think, no matter how deeply I think, the bond between Onii-chan and I will always be strong, secure and deep. No one will be able squeeze into the bond between us. That's right, not even god."

"Well, is that so?"

"That's why, even if the students' council members are to move into this hostel it will be a waste of their efforts to try to destroy our love. Since it is a wasted effort, then there will be no need for me to be concerned about this, right?"

"Mmm, that's right."

"As such, from my point of view, I have came up with the conclusion, which is to welcome the new residents of this hostel."

"Oh? Is that really so? You have changed the way you look at it, huh."

"Yes. Just as Onii-chan said, I've thought about it positively."

"Mhmm. You are a really good girl, Akiko."

"Ehehe. Please praise me more."

"Mhmm. I think Akiko is really great."

"Fufufu. Can you praise me even more?"

"Ahh- I am shocked that Akiko is such a great younger sister. I am really proud of you."

"Nyuhu. If you can just praise me more I will be really happy."

"Akiko is indeed the number one younger sister in the world. If there are events like 'Miss Imouto' or something, you will definitely become the champion of it. That's how impressive you are as a younger sister."

"More, more. Please praise me more."

"...... Urm, I am running out of ways to praise you."

"No, you still have a long way to go. Please look for more ways to praise me from the huge dictionary of words available. The possibilities of the japanese language are endless. As long as you are willing, there will be an unlimited amount of praises."

Well, theoretically, she may not be wrong but my brain was at its limits since it's in a state of just waking up. Then again, I didn't think my sister had done anything that deserves my endless praise.

"Alright. Let us stop wasting time and start to make preparations for the morning."

"Geez. It seems like Onii-chan is taking the important job of praising his cute younger sister much too lightly. I am a girl that thrives on praise you know."

"No no no, there needs to be a limit to everything. You see, even vegetables will die if they are given too much fertilizer, right? The same thing applies to praising as well."

"Well, that makes sense too but......"

"Let's stop talking about that. I'm hungry already. It is about time for us to have our breakfast."

"I see...... I really do wish to start preparing breakfast but due to the rare welfare-time ending so soon, Akiko can't deny that her mood has dropped quite a bit. Because of that there is a possibility that the standards of my food will drop as well...... from the looks of it we may have to settle with some hastily cooked instant food......"

"Is that so. What a pity. Akiko's dishes are delicious no matter when and where I eat it, I always enjoy them a lot."

"Understood! It will be done in thirty minutes, so please wait for a moment!"

Akiko gave a bright smile and dashed towards the kitchen.

Well, I do think she is a little too innocent. However, if that can allow her to work happily then I guess it does not matter if I go just slightly overboard with things.

To see my sister's pure and innocent smile at the closest distance every single day - for that, I gave my all.

"Alright, I'll be doing my best to come up with great dishes. Onii-chan, what do you want to eat today?"

"Hmm- Let's see......"

Yesterday's was a combination of unfermented bread with buttered egg-rolls, plus homemade yogurt. Everything was delicious, but it should be Japanese for today, if we are to follow the schedule-

"Oi—. Are you awake?"

Just then.

Along with the knocks of the door, came a familiar voice.

"Ginbe huh? What's up?"

"Yo, morning Akito. You are early, as usual."

Opening the door, I saw my good friend waiting there with a smile on her face.

"...... Isn't that cooking attire?"

I was slightly shocked when I saw the clothes that Ginbe was wearing.

"This is the first time I've seen you wear that."

"Yeah, I think this is the first time I've shown myself to you in such a manner. How is it, Akito? Does it suit me?"

"Yeah, it does."

Ginbe is a European with silver hair and emerald eyes, but at the same time, she is a true Japanese on the inside. For someone like her to be wearing the traditional cooking attire of this country, it is something that is totally acceptable.

"Urm, then? What are you planning to do in that attire, this early in the morning?"

"Since ancient times, for the women of this country, this attire has always been worn while cooking. Not to mention, I have no interest in cosplay."

"Haa. I guess you're not wrong."

"I've made breakfast and I planned on sharing it with you siblings. You haven't eaten anything right? Or are you busy with preparing breakfast?"

"Ah no, my stomach's still empty, and Akiko hasn't done anything either."

"That's great. I've made your portions as well, without asking. Even if it is just so that the food will not be wasted, it will be great if you are to just entertain me for a while. Incidentally, Kaichou and Fuku-kaichou are already there waiting at the canteen as well."


Since she had already put it like that, there was no reason not to go.

While consoling my sister who was putting on a face of discontent and muttering dissents like 'I actually want to have breakfast with Onii-chan by myself", I walked into the canteen. It seemed like the preparations for breakfast were nearly done.

Nikaido Arashi and Nasuhara Anastasia were indeed sitting at their respective seats, waiting.

"Good morning. The two of you are really early."

"I have to practice every morning."

As she placed her trusty blade next to her side, Kaichou laughed.

"My skills will deteriorate quickly if I don't swing it for at least an hour or two daily. As someone bearing the name of the Nikaido family, that is something which I have to avoid at all cost."

"Indeed. Then does Nasuhara have some sort of practice as well?"

"I do not really have that sort of thing."

The gold-haired Fuku-kaichou continued on with her wooden-like expression,

"Learning and reading, together with the work of the students' council. There are many things which I need to do and no amount of time is enough. It is no longer a matter of 'the early bird gets the worm' but rather the fact that I will not be able to survive if I do not wake up this early."

Well- yeah.

I don't really know if it is to be expected of us but it seemed like the bad habit of sleeping late is mutually exclusive with these capable people. The Ginbe whom I've known since long ago is the same as well and Akiko does wake up early too. Though I am slightly away from their level but what I am about to say is not a lie either - I am a student who is holding a part-time job and, if possible, will have to limit my sleeping hours in order to complete my drafts.

Is that so, is that how it is?

There is no need for us to accommodate to anyone - the living hours of all the inhabitants here are the same. Since we are to live together, that is something really important. If a person active in the day is to stay with someone active only at night, I cannot think of a single good thing that will come out of that.

"Everyone, is there any special preferences or dislikes that you may have?"

Ginbe asked as she peeked out from the kitchen.

"Generally, I've made these according to my preferences, so if there are any dishes that you may dislike, you can just inform me without hesitation. I will try my best to solve it within my means."

With that said, my good friend was already done placing the dishes onto the table.

Rice with miso-soup, cold tofu and grilled seaweed.

Cooked fish with egg, with little pickled vegetables.

It was a very traditional and colorful menu.

"Here. Please enjoy it while it is hot."

"Then I won't hold back. Itadakimasu."

Let's start from the pickled vegetables. It is rolled cabbage pickled with the chaff of ginseng. From its colors, it seemed to be perfectly made.

Using my chopsticks, I put a small piece into my mouth.

...... Delicious.

The saltiness and the amount of fermentation is just to my liking. The condensed taste had a hint of sourness in them, which totally brings out the taste of the ingredient. It's of a totally different style as compared to Akiko's pickles...... that was probably the so called Kyoto style. Due to me living in Kyoto up until recently, there was a rather nostalgic taste to it.

Next, I lifted up the bowl of miso-soup.

I gave a whiff at the light fragrance and took a sip.

...... That's delicious too.

The tofu in the white miso had been diced into fine cubes, resulting in them sliding down my throat without any resistance. The soup consists mainly of seaweed together with a little fish. The ingredients had maintained a fine balance without coming off as overpowering. That's just like Ginbe's style.

But what's with the vegetables in the soup? From a brief look, they looked like rape blossoms and mizuna chopped finely together. However, there was an elegant taste when I put them into my mouth. It should not be your typical ingredient...... [TLNote: mizuna is Japanese for water greens... wiki it up if interested]

"It's wasabi flower."

My good friend was smiling lightly while she said that. Could it be that she had seen through my thoughts?

"Just like the name suggest, it's the flower of the wasabi plant. It's a seasonal ingredient."

"Eh...... Is there such an ingredient?"

"I got hold of it by chance and since I had it, I decided to use it in today's breakfast. Well, these vegetables used here are kind of a replacement for the soba noodles that one gives when they move into a new place. I can't spend a lot but I still wish to give something decent."

"Is that so. However, these things are not something that you can obtain so easily in Tokyo, right? To think that you actually managed to get hold of it."

"It will not do if you are to underestimate my contacts, you know? I requested it from an intermediary whom I know, to source it from various shops that I frequent."

"Hoho-. So thoroughly prepared - as expected from you."

"Well, it is true that I got lucky as well. I was lucky that the shop that sells such ingredients just so happens to be located nearby. It was also a coincidence for them to be stocking these when I had contacted them earlier this morning. They are ingredients that can't be stored for long and as a result they've appeared in your dishes as I wanted to eat them immediately after purchasing them."

My friend was speaking tirelessly, with an expression that fully shows her innocence and happiness.

Nikaido-senpai exclaimed along the lines like, "Eh, that's really a treat". And while Nasuhara remained expressionless, the chopsticks in her hands had slipped slightly in response. It seemed like Ginbe had totally achieved her motive in 'replacing the soba noodles with that'.

"Ah, but I was really surprised. This dish is really delicious."

"Mmm. I am really glad that you like it."

"Then again, I didn't know that Ginbe was this good at cooking."

"Well, I have been living alone for quite a while and my personality is rather stubborn as well. I am quite confident in regards to cooking, you know."

"I see."

"Then again, due to you rarely coming over to my house to play, I never had many chances to show you my abilities either. If you were a loyal friend you should have already tasted my cooking quite a while ago, you know?"

"Well, stop trying to ridicule me. You aside, it seemed like your family doesn't really welcome me. Honestly speaking, it's hard enough for me to maintain this friendship with you."

"Fufu, oh well. From today onward, we are companions who are living under the same roof. There are plenty of chances for you to taste my cooking."

"Yeah, please take care of me...... I say, Akiko."

I spoke to my sister, who seemed like she had not touched her meal much.

"How's Ginbe's cooking? You're good at cooking as well, so I wish to hear your opinions."


As she gripped her chopsticks, Akiko stared at the dishes,

"They are very delicious. Simple and heartwarming, with no flashy things - it's just pure and unpretentious...... and it is also rather similar to my cooking style, regarding the fact that the ingredients are cheap."

"Indeed. It is something that is quite similar to Akiko's cooking."

"I have a question, Ginbe."

"Mmm? Yes?"

"The rice is Ginbe's personal mix, right?"

"Correct. Do you know what they consist of?"

"Just a little. It probably consists of hatsushimo and hitomebore but I don't really know the rest...... How much did the rice cost roughly?" [TLNote: ハツシモ and ひとめぼれ, two different rice breeds of Japan]

"Let's see...... around five hundred yen per kilogram?"

"Ugh. To achieve such a taste with that cost...... truthfully speaking, that's way better than me...... No, in fact, she's even better than the shopkeeper of the rice store that I frequent?"

"Well, I've been living a poor life for quite a while, yeah? I am very adept at obtaining high outputs with low cost."


After which, my sister asked a lot more questions about Ginbe's cooking. However, she would give a moan each time she heard Ginbe's answers. It seemed like Ginbe is a step ahead or two in regards to the path of cooking that they are both walking on.

"Fuu-. Thanks for your hospitality."

Nikaido-senpai had already cleared her breakfast in a flash and was eyeing sideways at the depressed Akiko.

"Wow, that's really delicious, Ginbe. How should I put it? You can just make a living with those skills of yours."

"It's really embarrassing for me to have served you with such plain dishes. It's my honor to receive your praise."

"Speaking of which, I just thought of a good idea. How about we leave the meals of this hostel to you? From today onward, you shall cook for everyone here."


The person who made such a reaction was Akiko.

"What do you mean!?"

"What's with 'what do you mean', it's exactly as you heard, Akiko. Sawatari Ginbe Haruomi shall be in charge of the meals of this hostel, and everyone is to eat the dishes that she makes. Of course, that includes you and your brother as well."

"That- I object!"


"Because, if so, I will not be able to cook for Onii-chan anymore - not just that, my personal time with Onii-chan during meals will be-"

"That's what living together in a hostel is all about. Even if you're not accustomed to it, since we are living under the same roof, we have to eat the same dishes as well. Normally, doing that will allow one to understand the difference in the values that others hold and they can then gradually overcome such differences. Right?"

"I-It is indeed like that."

"Incidentally, there's only two kitchens in this hostel. One is in the caretaker's room that you siblings are living in and the other is at this canteen. Do you know what that means?"


Well, after thinking about it, she was right.

Akiko and I can cook whatever and whenever we wish, but that does not apply to the rest of the people. As such, instead of having everyone manage their own meals with the limited kitchens that we have, it will be much more efficient if someone is to be in charge of the meals for everyone.

However, my sister had no intention of giving up just yet.

"Of course, I do understand that there are a lot of advantages in doing so. B-but, Onii-chan eating the food that I make is something that is very important for both us! I cannot simply let it go! I violently object!"

"No no no, it's not like we are going to do this for all the three meals of the day. It can just be for breakfast, or something that happens occasionally."

"But, even so, it is the truth that my precious time with Onii-chan will be reduced! The intimate time between siblings that we have worked so hard to obtain after being separated for six years! Isn't it overboard for you to be doing that!?"

"Well, it's not like I don't understand what you are trying to say......"

"Regardless of what you say to this person, it will be useless, Kaichou."

Despite her just moving her chopsticks silently up until then, Nasuhara spoke.

"Because she is an uncooperative person who does not care if she is causing troubles for others. Or rather, she is someone who will laugh behind our backs and despise us in secret for not having a kitchen in our own rooms."

"Wha- nothing of that sort! Please do not slander me without proof!"

"It is true that you never had the intention to let go of your own stand. You will never offer your helping hand, no matter how much we plead and regardless of how much we are struggling in pain and hardship - am I right? For a cold-hearted someone who models herself after the tyrant Nero, you must have viewed this as a good chance to banish us all to the deepest levels of hell. I really cannot foresee what sort of cruel and inhumane plans you have in store for us."

"Hold on! Aren't you exaggerating a bit with that!? I don't think I have done anything that deserves to be spoken that horribly by you!"

"Then please prove it with action. That you are someone who is cooperative, different from those who act alone and think only for themselves - prove it with your actions. Out of everyone here, you are the most supportive of us living together and cooperating with each other - can you prove it right now, for all of us to see?"


"Akiko, can you please coordinate with us?"

This time, it was Ginbe who interrupted,

"From the looks of things, there is only you who is on par with my cooking abilities. It will be tough for me to handle the meals of five people by myself, so if possible I wish you can offer me your help. It will be a great help if you can take over half of the burden."

"...... Unyuu......"

"Also, I think this will be very beneficial for you as well."

"Huh? Beneficial?"

"Just as you had admitted, I am quite confident of my cooking abilities as well. Especially techniques on how to make the most out of a very limited budget, to cook dishes that are really delicious. I have reached a state where it will not be strange if I am to write a book about it. If you are to cook with me, it will mean that you can learn some of my techniques as well, yeah?"


"Of course, I stand to gain from this too. I have always heard about your cooking skills from Akito, and I can learn something from you as well. In order words, if we can compete and learn from each other, our skills will improve and the dishes will become more delicious with each passing day. From your brother's point of view I doubt it is something bad."

"Uh...... Uuuhhhhhhhh......"

Akiko bit on her lips and let out a moan. Her expression was saying that she agrees with Ginbe but it will be maddening for her if she is to simply accept it.

Speaking of which, it seemed like my sister is always on the losing end whenever she is up against Ginbe. That is because Ginbe is someone who can say things that are hard to refute and she does so by tossing it out gradually with a clear train of thought. Even I have been rendered speechless by her for quite a few occasions as well.

"Uuhhh...... O-Onii-chan?"

Even though my sister was looking at me with the expression of her trying to claw at the last straw that could save her.

"Well, why not? Looking at the current situation, I don't think you can find a strong reason to oppose."

"Ugh. Even so...... But my personal time with Onii-chan......"

"The time which we are spending together has not decreased, right? We are just eating with everyone, so it is still you and me together. Or rather, our meals have became more lively. Isn't that a good thing?"


"There is also a rule that says, 'All residents are to work together, and respect each other'. That is written on the very first page of the document that Kaichou gave us."


"You decided to abide to it yesterday and for you to be regretting it after a single night. That's not too good."


My crestfallen sister slumped her shoulders.

"Not only was my lovey-dovey world with Onii-chan taken away from me but even my right of having my meals with Onii-chan alone...... Ahhhhh, it's so saddening, it's like I am having a nightmare about the world coming to an end. In a world of despair where I am left with nowhere to go, when will my savior descend from heavens and offer me his helping hand?"

"You're exaggerating too much, Akiko."

"That's right. For me, my savior is no one else but the Onii-chan who loves me deeply. If Onii-chan would have a passionate night with me then it would be possible for me to endure through this painful adversity-"

"I think you know it as well. I won't do that, you know?"

"At the very least, give me a passionate kiss."


"I am sorry, I am wrong for asking for a deep kiss. A normal kiss will be just fine. The heartwarming type that is most commonly seen where the lips touch each other gently."

"I will not do it, no matter what sort of kiss it is."

"Then the cheeks! Just the cheeks will do?"

"Not at all."

"I understand. I will take a hundred steps back and beg Onii-chan."

"Don't beg me."

"Forget it. At a time like this, it does not matter which body part of mine you kiss!"

"To me, it does not matter which body part it is, they are all out."


Amid the dumbfounded looks from the students' council members, my sister yet again slumped her shoulders in dejection.

"...... But how—ever!"

Just as I was thinking that, my sister raised her head all of a sudden.

"I will not be me if I am to be depressed by such things! That's because up until now since I have been living with Onii-chan again, Onii-chan has dodged all of my fierce attacks and I have always held back my sadness until now! It's just a small setback. I'll conquer it for all of you to see!"

"Well, I do wish to commend your perseverance - if only the subject in question is not me."

"Even if I am to obtain Onii-chan's kiss right now, it is just ultimately the first step towards our final destination! Until my dream of becoming Onii-chan's bride becomes a reality, my battle will never end - once again, I shall declare this right here, right now!"

"...... If possible, I will be much happier if you are to have a more realistic dream that conforms to common sense."

"Let's go, Ginbe!"

My sister ignored my complaint.

"Hurry up and teach me your cooking techniques! I want to steal as much techniques from Ginbe as possible in order to win over Onii-chan's heart!"

"...... I do wish to learn a thing or two about your optimism as well. Let's work on lunch together later. The two of us."

"Right! Please take care of me!"


That's the sort of things that happened.

It was decided that Ginbe and Akiko will be in charge of our meals.

We will save more if we pool our expenses together so it is definitely not a bad thing in regards to the living expenses of the Himenokouji family. Since this will improve Akiko's cooking skills as well, there is really nothing much for me to oppose.

Though my time with Akiko will probably decrease...... but since the advantages of the student council members moving in has surfaced in such a short time, I'll just let it be.


  1. This chapter made me hungry, hungry enough for me to stop reading and go make myself some lunch. :P

    Ginbe has everything planed out, win a guy by his stomach, and she've been giving all this situations quite some thought since it only takes her a few phrases to overcome Akiko's denial. :/

    If I ever find a real version of her I will give up any harem I may have created in order to be with her, or that or I will add her to the harem, probably the latter.
    But that would probably destroy the balance of the Force. :P

    I'm really impressed how the translation and editing have been going on this fast, and if 2 chapters take a quarter of the book I wonder how long the other 9 chapters are. :P

  2. Great. Incidentally, this chapter made me wonder who named rape blossoms?

  3. @September 14, 2011 6:50 AM

    I actually looked into that and according to our good friend google it comes from the Old English word for turnip, rapun or rapum(can't remember) :P.
    Old English is more different from todays English then you may imagine, try to read a Shakespeare book and you will get what I'm talking about. :P

  4. That was a disappointingly boring answer, but I kind of expected something like that.

  5. Fast as always.

    Now, Ginbe does that smooth talking again. She's like a loli onee-san xD

  6. Thank you so much

    please keep up with the awesome work xD

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  9. "Urm, isn't this what you had requested? Whispering sweet nothings to you."
    should be
    "Urm, isn't this what you had requested? Whispering sweet things to you."

  10. Heh, shifting of alliances is always interesting. Adapt to your environment or perish. Must admire Akiko for her determnination and Ginbe for her stragety. Thanks again to zgmfx09a and company.

  11. About the dishes "ginseng" is that the real name in English?
    I ever heard ginseng that in English translate ginger

  12. Sorry, ginseng and ginger actually different, but in my place we call it in same name,