Thursday, September 15, 2011

JP->CN translations for Oreimo 9 = done

I have seriously no idea how the heck they did it. It seems to be a collaborative effort, but still, the speed is way too scary.

From the looks of things, the book does not seem to be too eventful in terms of plot...... But I guess it won't hurt to read. There goes my plan of trying to clear chapter 4 of Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden within this weekend.

Stay tuned, I guess. If possible, I shall try to read it through by Friday.

That's all......?

EDIT: Fk yeah! This topped my night. Nisemonogatari get.


  1. Awesome. Nisemonogatari... AWESOME!

  2. Kizumonogatari trailer:
    Don't lose your head in the way.

    We can hope for a Oreimo summaries soon ? Seanver don't look that motivated so you are my only one hope.

  3. I'll save you from from my huge comments this once. :P
    I'll just comment on both subjects with one work for each.
    Scary. Sweet.


  4. Awesome im rooting for you!

  5. -points- You already told me before that chinese are like winrar, they're crazy fast xP

    I'll prolly skim oreimo tonight. Saw thw pics, doesn't really look interesting imo =/

    Now Nise, if I remember correctly this is when Koyomi stole those firsts... If it is then, Awesome! :>

  6. uuuugh, why'd Hitagi and Nadeko change their hairstyles... That's like taking a perfectly good 2 season long Gundam series and slapping a crappy movie onto it.

  7. @Merc

    Nadeko's change is temporary though.

    Also, movie? What movie? I can't remember 00 having any movie.

  8. Woah you should totally sub oreimo! >_<

  9. Kizumonogatari is also suppose to be coming out at some point as a movie. I've been looking forward to seeing that since i read the book on baka tsuki

  10. Kizumonogatari in movie is kinda old news already though.