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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 1.02: Daisuke Part 2

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Translated : Sveroz
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Version: 2.02

Daisuke Part 2

Even God himself performs good deeds for people sometime!

Daisuke thought to himself as he happily slung his backpack over his shoulder.

“Daisuke, what’re you laughing about to yourself man? You’ve been acting strange since this morning already,” asked the classmate sitting next to him after the school bell rang for dismissal.

Daisuke chuckled, “It’s nothing.”

“Come on, stop trying to act dumb! Who do you think it was that actually helped you this morning?”

Not only his friends, but also his female classmates that took the same train this morning questioned him.

Despite being pressured by the teenage girls regarding the incident on the train earlier, Daisuke still came up with a simple answer to try and brush the matter off. However, if it weren’t for the fact that the teenage girls acted like they didn’t know him, Daisuke would’ve had a much harder time trying to solve this problem.

“Ah, it sure is a pity …Kusuriya Daisuke is actually a dangerous person, isn’t he? Everyone, please do not go near this guy! You’ll be infected by his virus that destroys brain cells!”

The person who was exaggerating and saying all these sarcastic comments was Tachibana Rina who just came over all of a sudden. Whilst wearing a thin blazer, one could still see she had a thin figure. The attention of the students immediately turned towards Rina, who was giving off a different vibe compared to the other teenage girls.

Maybe this is all due to her charismatic presence?

Daisuke thought that Tachibana Rina definitely had the traits of a leader. Rina’s voice was loud yet clear, and was easily capable of influencing the people around her.

Daisuke sighed, and turned towards her.

“Who’re you calling a dangerous person, eh?”

“People with such a low profile and normal attitude, are usually the ones who would do dangerous things behind others backs, things like drug abuse or something. Ah, can it be that you are actually a killer? Oh no, he really is a killer!”

“…… Yeah yeah, I’m a killer who likes taking dangerous drugs! I’m sorry for not telling everybody this up till now.”

“Woahh ---- What a boring response! So lame!”

In contrast to the pissed off face of Rina, Daisuke just laughed the matter off like it was nothing, and went to take his bag.

“You… What’s with that attitude?! You sure seem very unconcerned about this matter!”

“I’m sorry, but today I’m not my usual self. I won’t be bothered by anything Tachibana-san has to say.”

“Wow, so you really must have something good happened to you today to be in such a mood, right?! Come on, do tell all of us!”

Friends started coming at him with questions about the matter.

Despite Rina was trying to hide her curiosity, one could still tell that she seemed to be quite interested in the matter and even concerned about what had happened to him.

“Well… Since all of you put it that way….Alright, I’ll generously let you guys know about what happened.”

“Um, you know… That way of talking sure can irritate people.”

“Yeah, you can tell from his face that he was dying to tell us about it.”

Daisuke smirked in response to the cheeky smiles of his friends.

“Actually this morning I came across a very cute girl at the train station and even managed to become friends with her!”

“Ah is that so? So you are the kind of guy who goes around wooing girls eh?”

“Ah I see ---- so that was what it was…”

Even though the surrounding people were all stunned by this, Rina’s reaction seemed very much calmer as compared to the others.

However, Daisuke paid no heed towards his classmates’ reactions.

Just thinking about it up till now, Daisuke felt so happy that he could nearly fly. Just knowing that he could meet the teenage girl this morning once more --- Anmoto Shiika --- made him feel as though he had all the happiness in the world, almost to the point that he could just dance on the spot in front of everyone right now.

He didn’t understand what he was feeling at that moment, but despite that, he didn’t even bother to think about it. Deep inside his heart, he felt a burning passion that was so intense; he himself found it almost unbearable.

However, he did know one thing for that matter.

He definitely wanted to see that girl once more…

Daisuke really wanted to immediately see Shiika once more, wanted to meet her and then talk to her; he was dying for it at that moment.

Even though he had absolutely no idea what to talk about with her first, he wanted to rush towards the location just to see her face.

“I’m going to go meet her right now.”

“What kind of girl is she man? Is she really cute?”

“Damn straight! But then again------ if you ask me what kind of girl she is, hmm…….. How should I put in one sentence?”

“Using one sentence to describe her?”

“Simply put, she is the complete opposite of Tachibana-san.”

“…….So who thinks that he should be beaten up, raise your hands!”

Almost everybody in the class raised their hands in response to Rina’s words.

Having achieved the strong support of the class, Rina raised her hand that was carrying the school bag but let it down right after, disheartened. She let out a sigh and dejectedly turned her back towards Daisuke.

“You had better enjoy yourself then. A person without a shred of humor like you will probably get dumped right away anyway.”

“……Oh Come on. Don’t say those kinds of scary things !……”

At that moment, the homeroom teacher came in the class by the front door.

“Ah, I almost forgot to tell you Tachibana.’

“What is the matter?”

“Your art piece has won 1st place in the art competition held by the city, and I must say, it sure is an impressive piece of work!”

A loud cheer could be heard from the classroom.

Rina pulled a long face, it was rare for her to put up such an expression on her face in front of anyone except at Daisuke.

“I don’t recall entering myself in any competition.”

“It seemed that the art teacher secretly signed you up right after she saw your work in the art room. Tomorrow will be the prize awarding ceremony, please remember to attend it!”

After hearing the words of the homeroom teacher, Rina silently turned her gaze away.

“Tachibana san sure is amazing! The winner of the art competition!”

Immediately after Daisuke commented on her work, Rina whipped her head around to stare at him. Her expression became completely different from the one just now; clearly showing a sign of anger. Even the students around them started to quiet down after seeing this change.

“Since you are able to draw so well, why don’t you join the art club? Oh I understand, you have an art studio to run, right? But I don’t remember seeing any art studio around the area……”

“Then what do you think is my purpose in doing so?

Rina’s tone suddenly became a lot colder than before. Maybe it was because of her using cheerful and easy going attitude most of the time, whenever she became serious and started speaking in this clam manner, it was as though she had changed into someone else.

“What purpose you say? Wasn’t it because of you wanted to enter an arts school in future?”

“Oh, so you thought that going to a college was something natural that one does not need to work for it?”

Rina said in a sarcastic tone, it seemed that she didn’t want to continue on with this topic.

However, Daisuke replied with discontent.

“I do not think that going to college is an easy job. But since it’s someone who can draw well, having the thought of studying in an arts school would be expected unless…Tachibana-san never thought about going to college in the first place?”

“Why must I even bother explaining this to you?”

Maybe it was because of having too much anger; Rina let out a sigh and gave a helpless look.

“Anyway, I am too lazy to tell you about it. Well so long! Naïve and carefree young master.”

Daisuke stared blankly at Rina who just left the classroom, while the other students who witnessed this awkward attitude of Rina feel troubled.


Daisuke couldn’t help but look at the seat of Rina who had already left.

On the surface of the desk, many countless tiny marks that seemed like scratching could be seen all over it.

After leaving school, Daisuke stood in front of the Ouka station waiting for Shiika.

The time was shortly after noon, he had come a bit too early before their appointed meeting time.

Daisuke nervously surveyed his surroundings.

The place was filled with people and was very lively. Many couples or people with their families, all wearing smiles on their faces passed by him non-stop. A man dressed like Santa Claus could be seen carrying a signboard, walking around the place. Seeing this spectacle makes people feel that Christmas was really drawing closer and closer.

“Um... Mmm …..”

A familiar voice sounded behind him, causing Daisuke swiftly turned his head around. A short trimmed hairstyle looking teenage girl, whom was wearing a blue jacket, could be seen standing behind.

“Oh, hey Anmoto-san!”

“G-good afternoon.”

Shiika nervously approached him.

Daisuke let out a sigh of relief.

He was kind of expecting Shiika to not appear again… maybe, the event that happened at the station this morning was all just a dream.

He unconsciously stared at her profile, trying to confirm himself that he was indeed talking with her right now and had already managed to meet her again.

“Umm… Mmm …”

Upon seeing Shiika showing a slightly troubled look, Daisuke frantically waved his hands.

“Ah sorry, my bad. Say… Have you eaten your lunch yet?”

Seeing the teenage girl shook her head, Daisuke started looking around for a while.

“Well then, errr…”

Having already come to this point, Daisuke realized that his well-made plan only included them having lunch together but he did not thought about where to eat.

“Um… well why not we eat over there then…….since it is so near anyway.”

Said Shiika as she noticed the frantic actions of Daisuke and pointed in the direction of a place that he was more familiar with.

“Is it alright if we eat over there?”

Shiika nodded her head lightly and her expression began to brighten, gradually showing more and more of how happy she was.

After taking off her jacket and placing her tray on the table, Shiika appeared more petite than before. Daisuke now realized that he was a full head taller than her after all.

Daisuke fumbled around thinking about what to say.

And after thinking it through a few times, all he could come up was very ordinary topics.

“I am so sorry about pulling you everywhere right after I met you.”

Shiika listened to Daisuke’s words before letting go of her straw she was dangling on.

“Ah …… um ….it’s alright. This was quite interesting actually……”

“Running like that ….. was interesting?”

“Ye…..yea it was.”

Shiika exposed a swallow smile as she replied. Perhaps she was concerned about Daisuke’s feeling?

“There’s something that I’m quite curious off… Anmoto-san… How old are you now? You shouldn’t be older than me right…?”

“I…..I am a high school……first year high school student.”

“I knew it. Then you don’t need to talk to me in such polite manner after all since we are both the same age and year! But then, I never did come across that school uniform you are wearing, where do you come from… “

Right after saying it, Daisuke realized he had just asked something that he shouldn’t being asking because Shiika’s face became very still after that.

Right when he tried to change the topic, Shiika asked a question at that moment:

“Umm… Kusuriya-kun…”

“Ah it’s alright. You can just call me Daisuke. I’m used to people who are familiar with me calling me that already. Sorry, this conversation is mainly just me doing the talking.”

“Oh … No it’s alright, that’s not the case at all….well then what about you Daisuke-kun?”

“I am currently studying at Ouka East high school. Have you heard of it? It’s the one two stops away from here, a new school that was built here a few years back.”

Even though the conversation between them was quite awkward, it at least seemed to be progressing.

Just then, Shiika wanted Daisuke to call her by her first name instead of Anmoto. And despite Daisuke felt that it was a little embarrassing calling her Shiika, he got used to it after a short time.

Shiika lived at a nearby city, and is currently studying in a high school near her home. But whenever Daisuke talks about home or school related topics, her face would become gloomier and so he decided not to touch those area.

Her personality sure was a lot more timid than he had thought, sometimes smiling shyly but never laughing. This reaction caused Daisuke’s heart to tighten.


Shiika let go of her straw and stared in shock at Daisuke.

“Daisuke-kun, you live alone!?”

Daisuke drunk the coffee in his cup before replying calmly:

“Yea… Since there are some issues going on at home, I’m living alone in an apartment outside right now. I have never raised this issue with anyone else in my class before.”

“But then why? What about your…..your family?”

“Well as of now, my uncle is currently my guardian.”

“I….I am sorry……”

“Err…. No it is not much of a big deal, you don’t need to be so concerned about it. I don’t really mind this matter at all; my uncle, aunt and nieces are all getting along with me very well. I’ve never raised this issue with my friends before because no one talked to me about it.”

Upon seeing Shiika drop her head at his response, Daisuke started to feel troubled. Maybe telling her all this is causing her to be more concerned about it…

“Did you …..ever think about meeting your family members again?”


Daisuke raised his head. Even though this problem did make him felt slightly troubled, he still replied calmly after thinking about it for a moment.

“Well…..yea, saying that I don’t would be lying.”

“I see……”

Shiika’s head stooped even lower.

Daisuke placed his coffee on the table and said with a smile:

“However, I really do want to say Goodbye to them once more.”


“I was separated from them before I could even talk to them. Those people were after all, the ones that gave birth to me, looked after me, and also stayed together with me. To tell you the truth, I really wanted to say farewell to them properly.”

Daisuke smiled shyly after he said it. To cover up his slightly blushed cheeks, he deliberately reached out and took the coffee near him.

After looking closely at Daisuke’s face quietly for a few moments, Shiika started smiling.

“Well, that is quite true…..”

“It sure is embarrassing, telling you about all this pointless things, even making you feel more down.”

“No… not at all! How do I put it, I kind of feel that you really are….amazing?”

“Amazing? Are you saying that I am?”

“Mhm. You really did think about the past events thoroughly. And you even thought about events in the future….I really do think that you are cool on this aspect.”

Seeing Shiika say this with such seriousness, Daisuke unconsciously scratched his head.

“Is… Is that so?”

Daisuke took a look at the time on his phone and got up from his chair.

“Well….it’s getting late already, think it’s about time we get going? There’s a cinema in front of us and a very interesting movie is showing at the moment, want to go check it out?”


Shiika gently nodded her head, showing her happiest moment from before till now.

After evening, the December air turned a lot colder than usual.

The movie that they saw after lunch was a current hit action movie. Daisuke originally planned to see a cultural romance show but had to change his plan at that point. However, seeing how happy Shiika was whilst watching it, maybe that was a good decision after all.

After seeing the movie, the two came to the playground, and just happened to buy Crepe to eat. Even though it’s an unimaginative and standard trip, Daisuke sure did have a lot of fun, and Shiika seemed to enjoy herself too.

“Do you feel cold?”

“Mmm, I’m fine. Thank you.”

The two of them returned to the front of the train station plaza, sat on a nearby bench and watched the sunset which looked as though it was being covered by an apartment. The sky seems to be rendered into a beautiful twilight orange by the setting sun.

For a period of time, they just started at the plaza silently.

The setting sun shone on the smiling faces of those that walked about, and in the eyes of those people, both of them were probably having the same expression on their face. Just knowing this made Daisuke felt really happy.

Daisuke took a glance at Shiika’s profile beside him.

Looking at the pavement that had been rendered orange by the sun, despite she was having a smile on her face, her expression had senses of jealousy and sadness mixing along.

Seeing such an expression on her face, Daisuke felt his chest tighten painfully.

She seemed to force a smile on her face, giving off a rather distant feeling from her, as if nobody was standing beside her and she would just vanish, never to be found again. Shiika must’ve been feeling some kind of trouble that was causing her to show such a sorrowful expression.

But even so, Daisuke still wanted to remain by her side forever.

Wanting the two of them to continue sitting shoulder to shoulder and watch the setting sun together.

He also hoped that ….. She was also harboring the same sentiments as him.

Just then, the sun vanished beneath the horizon completely.

As if waiting for this moment to come, Shiika quickly got up.

“Well, it’s about time I should be off…”

Daisuke also stood up.

“I shall send you off then?”

“No, it’s ok, nothing bad will happen to me.”

Shiika smiled and replied, but her smile carried a bit of loneliness in it.

“I really had a lot of fun today. Thank you so much!”

The teenage girl looked like she had a lot of fun when she thanked him.

“Nah please don’t say that, the one who should be thanking someone is me since I just suddenly invited you out just like this.”

“If….there is another chance to play together, it would be nice…”

Another sorrowful expression appeared once more on Shiika’s face. Throughout the day, Daisuke had already seen that expression quite a few times already.

“You want to play together again? Sure its fine anytime will do. Say tomorrow my classes end early, but if tomorrow we play again, would that be too sudden for you?”

Shiika seemed to be shocked by Daisuke’s suggestion. And as much as she wanted to smile and laugh happily again, her expression turned out to be rather complex.

“Tomorrow…? I am pretty sure that I probably won’t make it. Sorry, I -----“

Shiika said halfway then stopped, biting her lip and lowering her head.

“Is that so…”

Daisuke’s voice seemed to have become heavier but he immediately put up a smile.

“Well if you have time, feel free to call me! I can pick up the phone anytime.”

Shiika gave a shocked expression.

“Is it... Is it okay to call you?”

“Yes, of course! I’ll be waiting for you to give me a call!”

Shiika was troubled for a while and went silent, but happily replied with a smile:


That was today’s most frank smile.

A reddening sensation blazed across Daisuke’s face.

“Well then…….I must really be taking my leave now”

Suddenly, Daisuke called out towards Shiika who was already making her way into the crowd at the train station.


The teenage girl turned her head back.

“If you come across anything that makes you feel depressed, please do remember that you can find me at any time!”

Daisuke naturally said this line.

Even though he never had the chance to ask Shiika about the reason behind her sorrowful expression, Daisuke never wanted to see her show that once more.

“I will rush there immediately! No matter where you are, I will always run to your side immediately!”

Although Shiika wanted to smile, she bit her lip, and remained silent.

Not again. Whenever Shiika showed this expression, Daisuke would feel that pain in his chest again.

“I just want to be on Shiika’s side, is this alright with you?”

Shiika smiled happily at his words.


Even though her reply was soft, Daisuke was still able to make out what she was trying to say.

Leaving a smile, Shiika turned around and walked away.

--- Next time we meet, I will definitely try to make you laugh.

Daisuke swore to himself silently.

He continued to gaze at the back of the petite teenage girl, till it could no longer be seen.


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