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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 1.03: Shiika Part 2


Translated : Wing
Edited : Keito, Skat

Version: 1.03


Shiika Part 2

Happiness –

Shiika felt it from the bottom of her heart.

After entering the station, Shiika leaned against a pole temporarily and waited for time to pass. She then raised her head to look at the hanging ceiling clock. It had been over dozens of minutes since she and Daisuke parted. Shiika stuck her head out from the station’s entrance, gazing timidly towards the station plaza.

It is alright, I can’t see Daisuke-kun anymore; he probably went back already.

After Shiika made sure Daisuke had left, she returned to the station plaza. The cold air was blowing against her face, but she didn’t care about it at all. Suddenly, she felt a chill on her cheek.

It was the snow.

She gazed at the dark night sky; the white snowflakes were falling down one after another.


With everything in sight dyed in pure white, Shiika stepped forward.

Questions started emerging within her mind –

Why did Daisuke tell her that much about himself. To someone that had just become his friend. And was that the attitude to have when dealing with friends?

Ever since Shiika was born, no one had ever treated her so kindly and considerately, she couldn’t help but feel baffled. Were friends supposed to be this considerate? Whereby just by thinking about each other, our heart will fill with these heartwarming feelings?

Yet at the same time, what’s with this sorrowful feeling? If Daisuke knew Shiika’s “True identity”, would he still say those same words? Her worries filled her mind. The memories from four years ago began to emerge little by little.

--- Because if we live, we will hurt those around us.

It was what the little boy, not much older than her, said at the time... Due to the fact that he was wearing a huge goggle that covered most of his face, it was hard to tell his facial expression. But at the moment he made the final declaration in front of Shiika, he sounded sad.

“But… I can’t no longer recover…”

Shiika muttered to herself, but suddenly shut her lips to stop the words from coming out.

Is it really okay?

The lingering uneasiness wouldn't go away no matter what. Moreover, to the “Organization” that was after Shiika, these things were not important at all.

She should’ve never stayed in Ouka City, and should’ve never met Daisuke again as well.

Shiika knew very well of the circumstances she was in, that she must leave her birth-place as soon as possible. Ever since she “awakened”, the place where she should be most cautious of, would definitely be Ouka City.

--- “However, I really do want to say Goodbye to them once more.”

Daisuke’s words echoed within Shiika’s mind. Shiika felt that he must have gone through many things. In order to arrive at a conclusion like that. His shy talking figure had left a strong impression in Shiika.

“Thank you, Daisuke-kun……”

Just by thinking about Daisuke, Shiika would smile naturally. Even though that she has no one to reply to, even though she was lonely and helpless, she can still smile.

“Thanks to you, I have finally mustered out some courage…”

Shiika walked under the never-ending snow. Her destination was the residential area of the Ouka City.

The location of her home, the home that she was born in.

It took her almost four years, but she was finally able to move on.

No, she had actually forgotten… Ever since she had lost her “dream” four years ago, she had forgotten everything… She didn’t know why she was taking that train… Perhaps… No, if it kept going, she would have never arrived here. She would have forgotten all about her dream, her home and herself. And then imprisoned in that place while living a life of apathy.

But then she met Daisuke and somehow the encounter made her remember everything, although she didn’t understand why. Not only that, Daisuke had also given Shiika the courage to come here. Daisuke accepted her gently, just that, it was enough for Shiika to muster the courage to come here.

The snow started falling harder subtly, giving birth to a thin layer of white flowers on top of Shiika’s coat. The road beneath her feet had also been dyed white. The white girl under the light of the street lamps, slowly became a unreal scene similar to a dream.

Shiika carefully approached a household by hiding behind the poles. She held her breath, peering around at her surroundings. There weren’t any strange figures around. Shiika thought that maybe the changes that occurred on her body hadn't been notice yet.

The door of the household slowly opened in front of Shiika, who was breathing out white mist. A family of three walked out of the door.

Are they about to head out to eat?

The parents’ faces were still the same. However, the daughter had changed quite a lot. In addition to the outer appearance, she doesn’t seem that happy. It might be because she was displeased by being dragged along with her parents even though she's a high school junior already? There might be other reasons… In short, she was emitting a rebellious atmosphere.

The family of three saw Shiika when she walked out from behind the pole, becoming stunned with their eyes open wide the moment they saw her.

“Shi… Shiika……?”

“Dad, Mom, Long time no see…”

Shiika said quietly while smiling.

The teenage girl whispered as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Are you really…… Shiika?”


Shiika stared at the long haired teenage girl in front of her. Although her atmosphere felt different than before, her beautiful appearance and gentle temperament were still the same. The fact that the corners of her eyes were similar to her big sister’s was something that Shiika secretly felt proud of ever since she was young.

Although her parents were slowly stepping away from Shiika, her big sister was gradually approaching her.

Shiika whispered in a begging tone.

“Don’t move.”

Her Family members’ opposite movements suddenly stopped at the same time.

“Please, just stay at where you’re for now, I’ll…… leave very soon”

“Wh… Why are you here…… Four year ago, didn’t you already…”

“Did… you escaped?”

“You’re… here for revenge?

The moment the mother heard the father’s sentence, she hid behind her husband after letting out a short scream.

“Shiika…… All this time, where have you been……”

The big sister said softly with tears in her eyes. Shiika knew her sister would still want to approach her even if she was confused.

The parents that were afraid of her.

And the big sister with a completely opposite attitude.

After seeing the intentions behind the appearances, Shiika made up a decision within her heart.

Being a normal human or not was not important anymore, the situation now clearly showed that, she would just get pursued again anyway.

I can no longer return here ---

“… No, I’m just here to say… the things that I always wanted to say it to you all”

Full of determination, Shiika closed her eyes slowly and took a deep breath; filling her lungs with the cold air. After a while, she slowly reopened her eyes, her vision skewed due to the flowing tears.

Looking directly at her own family, she smiled.

“Dad, Mom… thank you for giving birth to me… thank you for raising me… I’m sorry, for the troubles I caused you four years ago… “

Warm tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Onee-chan…… thank you for being so caring about me…… your hair is still so pretty!”

The tears continued rolling down uncontrollably. She whispered with a soft voice through the tears.

“I was very happy that…… I was born into this family…”

Shiika’s following statements was covered by an uncontrollable sobbing voice, so they probably couldn’t understand her.

“Shiika…… Aren’t you coming back?

The big sister’s sudden question, filled Shiika’s heart with a throbbing pain. She breathed deeply once more and looked directly at her family, blooming out a warm smile to the best of her ability. After that, she turned away from the people who were once her family.

She cried while walking, leaving her footprints step by step on the white carpet. Next to the footprints, were traces of tear drops. There was no turning back, her family would definitely report what happened to that “Organization”.

She would have to keep fleeing from now on. The meeting of a woman with a pair of round sunglasses on her, being pursued by that goggle covered boy and falling into the bottomless dark abyss … those kinds of experiences, she will have to face it again…

After returning to the station plaza, a public phone booth appeared within her view. With the tears still rolling down her cheeks. Shiika walked into the public phone booth that was covered by glass frames and took out her wallet.

It was a small purse with red embroidery on top. It happened when Shiika was in sixth grade --- when she realized that she had no choice but to leave her home, she purposely took her beloved wallet along with her. And thanks to all the savings that she had stored inside the purse, she was able to hang around with Daisuke today.

There were only a few coins left in the purse now. Shiika then put one in the machine and dialed the numbers.

If one were to really consider the wellbeing of the other party, then there should be no more interactions between them. Even a careless contact would obviously be disadvantageous to both parties

--- Shiika was well aware of this, but her body was being driven by an unknown impulse.

The other end immediately picked up the call. When Shiika heard the surprised voice on the other end, reassured by a bit, her hands clutched the telephone handset tightly …

Listening to the voice of the teenage boy that she just met today, and said:

“…… Daisuke-kun? …… Sorry, even though we just parted … I Just …… want to hear your voice…”


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  1. That was rather touching, but I have a low opinion of such parents as would turn their daughter in. Even less so when they thought she came for revenge. Great chapter though, so thank you.

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  3. @Lurker

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