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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 2.02: Shiika Part 3

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Keito, Skat, Mith
Version: 1.03



Shiika Part 3

Shiika was running toward the park’s exit as Daisuke’s last expression began to surface in her mind.

He probably thought that the reason Shiika had pushed him away was because of her denial, which caused his expression to suddenly fill with sorrow.

Just then, she heard weak shaking sound from somewhere around her neck; she realized that it was coming from her (Mushi).

She turned to gaze at the crystal clear insect landing onto her shoulder. Although its outer appearance was that of a firefly, its eight legs were pure-white instead. The four compound eyes on top of its head, was enough to prove it wasn’t any of those nature insects that ever existed.

“I really …… can’t return to being an ordinary human anymore? … …”

With tears in her eyes, Shiika bit her lips.

She initially thought that – maybe she still had the chance to …

Even though the anxiety couldn’t be fully erased, she just could not help but to hope within her heart– Maybe it was possible to return to being an ordinary human again. That way, there might still be chance of staying together with Daisuke –

But right now, even that shallow hope had been shattered to pieces.

“If you were still around … why didn’t you show up earlier then?? That way, I wouldn’t have to…”

Shiika said with a hoarse voice, while gazing at the (Mushi) perched on her shoulder

A pure white firefly, the (Mushi) that had infected Shiika.

Shiika is a Mushitsuki.

That moment when Daisuke grabbed Shiika’s arms, Shiika’s (Mushi) appeared unknowingly on top of Daisuke’s shoulder; its eyes were shining in a bright red color. A sudden uneasiness that arose within Shiika caused her to push her (Mushi) away.

Although Shiika originally had wanted to explain, she stopped when something within whispered to her:

Whether justified or not, the result will still be the same …

It wouldn’t matter if Shiika was exempted this time or not; because as long as Shiika stayed by Daisuke’s side, he would sooner or later, find out the truth. As long as Shiika is a Mushitsuki, the truth would never change. And by the time Daisuke found out, how would he react to it?

--- If they really exist, then I wouldn’t want to come across any of them.

His words pierced through Shiika’s chest painfully, like an arrow.

She was finally able to meet someone like him, and even thought about getting along in the future… But knowing that she could no longer meet him was just … too lonely…

No matter what, the fact that she is a Mushitsuki would never change. Even after awakening from the state of Fallen by some unknown reason, it hadn’t change at all.

“Ah ….”

A line of tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes.

The sudden tears caught her by surprise.

--- Why am I crying?...

She quickly wiped her face with her coat’s sleeve.

She didn’t understand why she was crying for a person that she had just known for merely a day.

It was also the same feeling yesterday night when she called Daisuke. That time, she was just so lonely that she couldn’t help it but want to listen to his voice. And after she heard Daisuke’s voice, that feeling had calmed down unknowingly.

The unbearable pain echoed back and forth within Shiika.

If she could no longer see Daisuke anymore, then there was no more reason for her to stay in this city, but…

Daisuke-kun ---

Shiika murmured softly within her heart.

Not being able to see you again… I don’t want that ---

“… !”

After arriving at the east exit, she suddenly stopped.

Near the entrance of the exit, there were many men wearing black suits wandering, staring at the exiting pedestrians with sharp eyes. And at the place that was closer to the exit, a group of reporters that had armbands on the side of their arm could be seen shouting:

“I heard some Mushitsuki appeared in the park, is that true?!”

“Stop lying and saying that this was some sort of new virus, we’re tired of hearing that! Why won’t you just acknowledge the existence of (Mushi)?!”

“According to an official’s statement, the purpose of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau was to seize and further control cases that involved the (Mushi), this fact was also –“

The group of men in black suits pushed the shouting reporters away from the park entrance. In addition, there were some within that group that wore mechanical goggles that covered their faces.

Shiika took a deep breath, while hiding in the bushes. She originally thought that her location in the park had been leaked… but that didn’t seem to be the case.

Those goggled people suddenly surrounded the entrance when the crowd got louder.

Taking the advantage of the noisy crowd, the goggled figures surrounded the exit. And behind them, a group of men who carried rifles behind them could also be seen, cloaked in camouflage; they all seemed to be waiting for something to appear.

“ … ?”

Even though Shiika didn’t understand what was going on, she could still tell that her current whereabouts hadn’t been exposed yet. Which in this case, hiding in the bushes until those people left would probably be the best plan.

The white firefly sounded a small flapping sound as it landed on the leaves of the bushes, gazing silently at the goggled figures with Shiika.

As Shiika gazed at the goggled figures, and white firefly that was near her cheek, she couldn’t help but remembering the face of the boy she met four years ago.

He had called himself (Kakkou); a member of the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau.

--- “Your dream is just like mine…”

Even though his goggles made it hard for her to see his expression, Shiika could feel that the boy in front of her, ( Kakkou), was a very staunch person. It seemed like he was enduring something painful, and yet still trying his hardest at the same time.

Despite the fact that they only met once, the memory of that moment had become irreplaceable to Shiika.

It has been four years already… What is he doing now? Is he still protecting our dreams?

Even though they talked only very briefly four years ago, Shiika still remembered how those short moments had made her happy; even under the situation of knowing that her (Mushi) would be killed by (Kakkou) shortly after. She just couldn’t help but feel close to the boy in front at that time; a feeling of similarity as if they shared similar dreams.

Shiika then noticed that she was smiling very naturally, despite the fact that she was crying just a moment ago … She startled at her sudden change of attitude.

“I also want to meet (Kakkou)-kun again …”

After a while, a droplet of rain fell on Shiika’s cheek. As she raised her head at the sky, the rain suddenly got stronger. The firefly that was perching on the leaves flew inside Shiika’s coat for shelter from the rain. The cold rain drenched Shiika’s short hair, while soaking into her inner clothes. The freezing air pierced her trembling body, yet Shiika stayed in the same spot, not moving in the slightest.

Just then, the group of goggled people suddenly became flustered.

“(Ladybird) she’s ---- coming --- ”

Among the rain, the shouting from those black suited men could be heard as those goggled and camouflaged people immediately retreated back to the entrance of the forest, as if they were waiting to ambush someone that was approaching.

If that person is their target, then that person is undoubtedly a Mushitsuki right?

The goggled group quickly disappeared from Shiika’s sight, in order to prepare for their ambush.

Even a powerful Mushitsuki wouldn’t make it if they were ambushed by these many people.

A strong tension embraced the surroundings. This moment would probably be her best chance to escape since the SEPB’s members were focused on the upcoming Mushitsuki. If she ran in the opposite direction, she would be able to escape.

But that Mushitsuki who was approaching would definitely be defeated. A Mushitsuki that didn’t belong to the SEPB, with a situation very similar to Shiika.

What should I do? ---

The sound of a water puddle being stepped on was then heard by Shiika, whom was pondering at what to do while hiding in the brushes.

A figure that seemed like a young teenage girl with her face covered by a weird white mask, a bit taller than Shiika, could be seen running to the exit from the opposite direction. The teenage girl had probably hid her (Mushi) for the moment, that’s why there wasn’t any monster looking creature around her.

The teenage girl quickly ran past Shiika, who was hiding in the brushes. Although she was alert of her surroundings, she hadn’t noticed the enemy group that was hiding on the other side of the entrance. The teenage girl didn’t slow down a bit, planning to get closer to the exit. At the same time, Shiika saw many shadows starting to wriggle behind the other brushes.

Shiika’s body started moving ahead of her thoughts.

“Please--Please help her!”

The white firefly floated in front of Shiika, slowly expanded its small body in the midair followed by a cracking sound, while exuding a pure white aura around. The surrounding area started to change due to its effect.

One piece, two pieces … Pure white snow fragments were interspersed between the rain drops, falling down from the sky. Shiika noticed that both the white-masked teenage girl, and the goggled people that were planning on rushing out from the brushes, were stunned by the sudden change.

The slightly shimmering snow soon surrounded the exit area.


Shiika’s voice was polluting the surroundings like the sound of a bell. However, that sound didn’t come from Shiika herself, it came from the white firefly that was emitting white auras. And then the ground began to rumble.

And after a set of rumble noises rang, the ground where the goggled group stood began to crumble away. And because of the sudden loss of their footing, the goggled figures frantically ran away from the white-masked teenage girl, who stood in the spot stunned.

After shrinking to its original size, the pure white firefly returned to Shiika. At the same time, the falling snow began to disappear as if they were an illusion.

After Shiika had confirmed the safety of the masked teenage girl, she jumped out the brushes and ran deeper into the forest; Purposely avoiding the exit.

“Wait a second! You……”

The voice could be heard behind her, calling out to her, but Shiika didn’t stop. Even though Shiika knew that the teenage girl wasn’t her enemy, she felt that it would be best for them not to meet each other since she was being targeted by the SEPB right now.

After running through the forest, Shiika slowly dashed onto a slope. And judging from what she saw, she could tell that the place was probably the end of the forest; a fence could be seen in front of her, but -

“… …!”

Just then, several people wearing goggles appeared from behind the fence. Perhaps they were patrolling the area? They were shocked by the sudden appearance of Shiika.

“What? A girl … …?”

“Is she one of the (Mushibane)? --- ”

But before they could finish their sentences. A whirlwind-like shockwave swirled by Shiika’s side, and attacked the goggled people. The shockwave completely destroyed the fence, and further swallowed the SEPB’s members along with ground they stood on. And since neither of them could resist against such strong shock wave, they all got blown away.

At that instant, something grabbed Shiika’s hand.

“Okay, let’s escape now!”

The white-masked teenage girl suddenly appeared from behind, followed by a gigantic ladybug that Shiika had never seen before. The giant ladybug that just finished its job was gradually shrinking its body.

“Move! Now!”

Shiika was dragged along by the teenage girl without being given a chance to protest.

The two of them jumped over the broken fence and ran along the quiet and dark road.

Despite the fact that there was a huge crowd in the road ahead of them, they still didn’t stop. Many pedestrians would purposely turn around and gaze at the white-masked teenage girl due to their curiosity. However, the teenage girl didn’t stop until they arrived at an open space not far from the city center.

Coincidentally, this place was the exact same place where Shiika and Daisuke met.

The rain subtly stopped.

“Hoo… Ha… Sorry, we just met and I’m dragging you everywhere…”

The teenage girl panted while leaning against the side of a construction vehicle.

This caused Shiika to become stun for a moment, gazing at the teenage girl. She couldn’t help but to giggle after recalling what happened yesterday morning.

“Eh… What is it? Did I say anything strange??”

“Ah …… Sorry …… It’s just something like this happened before, I couldn’t help but …”

The teenage girl stared at Shiika’s profile for a bit before she went “Oh -”, then looked away uninterestedly. She then took of the white mask, revealing her true identity.

Ah, what a beautiful person---

That was Shiika’s first impression of the teenage girl in front of her. Her age was almost the same as Shiika’s, but she carried a totally different atmosphere. Although her slender eyes gave out a feeling of mischievousness, it also gave out a very gentle impression. Shiika felt that… she would probably look very scary if she was pissed.

“Well whatever, now I returned the favor that I owed… It was you that saved me before right?”

Shiika hesitated for a second before nodding.

“Ye… Yes”

The teenage girl smiled, a very innocent and natural smile that one could barely even relate with her recent battles with the SEPBs. The teenage girl reached her hand toward Shiika.

“I’m Tachibana Rina, You?”

“Ah …”

Shiika didn’t know what to do.

The teenage girl named Rina frowned.

“Don’t want to say it?”

“No… It’s not”

Shiika shook her head.

“I’m Anmoto -- Shiika.”

Shiika finished by holding onto Rina’s hand. Her hand was warm; a sense of comfort could be felt just by holding it. There was even an urge of wanting to hold onto her hand forever.

Rina narrowed her eyes happily and smiled again. Another natural smile with no intention other than trusting Shiika. Shiika could not help but look away with a blushed face.

“Shiika right? Just call me Rina. And you don’t have to talk so politely!”

“Ah … Yes --- Mhm …”

Shiika nodded while thinking about the conversation she had with Daisuke, she couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

“… What is so funny?”

Rina stared at Shiika with a slightly unhappy look. Not of anger, more like a child’s random jealousy. She sure is a girl that’s filled with many emotions.

Shiika quickly shook her head.

“Sor…Sorry. Because… it really felt similar to the previous…”

“Oh -------”

Rina responded skeptically, but smiled as she continued:

“Well, it’s quite rare to see a girl that can smile happily like you!”


“Ah, I meant in term of Mushitsuki. I have seen many Mushitsuki in my past, but it’s actually my first time seeing someone that could smile this frankly and cheerfully like you…”

Right after Rina finished her sentence. The smile disappeared from Shiika’s face, as she looked down while clenching her lips.

“I’m not … happy at all.”

“Is that so? But …”

Before Rina could finish her sentence, her facial expression suddenly became grim as she turned to the bushes behind, staring straight at them.

Shiika felt confused, and asked Rina:

“What … What’s wrong?”

“There was someone … No, sorry. I might be too concerned.”

When Rina turned her head, she had already returned to her normal expression. She smiled cheerfully and asked in a mischievous tone:

“Probably it’s because Shiika is too cute, so maybe there are stalkers following you around? Well, even if it weren’t stalkers, there should be a lot of boys hitting on you right?!”

Rina’s remark made Shiika remember Daisuke. Could his actions be considered as “Hitting On”?

However, just by thinking about Daisuke, her chest would feel the throbbing pain, causing her to bit her lips and lowered her head.

Rina didn’t speak for a moment as if she was lost in thought, but then she suddenly asked with a grin:

“Perhaps, the person that you said you met during your “previous encounter”, was someone that could make you smile happily like that?”

“Uh … no …”

“A boy??”

Shiika’s face flushed red immediately. Rina then exposed a teasing smile.

“What really?! Just as I thought. But, are you guys in a fight?”

“Not … a fight …”

“Ahh, I see. Are you … worrying over the fact that you’re a Mushitsuki?”

Shiika widened her eyes, while Rina gave out a sigh.

“I see how it is… but to be honest, what you’re doing now is really pointless. Even a reason like being a Mushitsuki should not stop us from meeting the people we want to meet, you know?”

“But …!”

Shiika could not help but arguing:

“But, if I meet him, I will put him into trouble! And if he finds out, he will be afraid of me …… I don’t want that …”

“That kind of thing should not matter!”

“ … Eh?”

Rina looked at Shiika who was gradually lifting her head up, and smiled brightly.

“It’s simply no big deal! So what if we’re Mushitsuki? If we die without even doing the things we want to do the most, then aren’t we just living like insects? Since we can’t change the fact that we’re Mushitsuki, then we got to do what we want to do before it’s too late…”

Even though Rina’s tone sounded easy going, her remarks were filled with indescribable compassion. Perhaps, that was what she concluded after seeing so many Mushitsuki whom didn’t get to fulfill their wishes in the end. No, it might be that she’s overlapping her own experience with Shiika’s situation.

“Moreover, no matter what everyone else says, we are normal people … … Of course, we will want to meet people that we want to meet …”

Shiika bit her lips.

“But …”

“Mhm---- Shiika is so kind!”

A soft touch started to embrace Shiika. A warm feeling arose from the depths of her body, it slowly warmed up her frozen body that was seeped by the cold rain.

Rina hugged Shiika tightly, and whispered softly into her ear:

“Your concern about causing other people trouble, was more important to you than your own feelings, right? I’m a little envious of you … since I could never think in the way you do."

The teenage girl spoke in a lonely tone completely different from before.

“… That … that’s not true.”

Shiika raised her head in order to gaze at the teenage girl who was hugging her tightly.

“Rina is also very kind … … I don’t know how to describe it, but you’re worried about me, even though you just met me … and you give a warm impression!”

Rina exposed a startled expression. Although she tried to respond with a bright smile, it backfired into a wry smile.

“ … Am I really? Ahh~ I don’t understand myself anymore.”

Rina kept going with a lonesome laughing tone:

“Nevertheless, what I’m trying to say is that, the things you hate, you would hate them no matter what; and same goes for the things thing you love! No matter what happens in our future, it should never be as painful as it is now … … Whether for Shiika … or him.”


Shiika’s chest began to throb lightly once more.

Rina let go of Shiika, and then pointed her index finger directly at the part of Shiika’s chest that was in pain.

“Love is love, that feeling can’t be changed. If we have to suppress these feelings within, then would there be any future for us? If so, wouldn’t we become just like those monsters that harm others?”

Rina smiled, this time showing a mature smile, different from the bright smile she had shown before.

“Shiika, you also want to meet that person, right?”

Shiika clenched her hands tightly.


“If that’s case, then there shouldn’t be any more problems! You know how to contact him right? Do you have a cell phone? If not, I can lend you mine. Meanwhile, I’ll go around to buy some juice, so you should take this chance and flirt with him as much as you want, happy young girl~!”

“Fli…Flirt…… !?”

Rina left the area after handing her cell phone to Shiika, whose face was red like a tomato. But while Shiika was looking at the cellphone, Rina suddenly stopped and turned around before asking:

“Hey, what is your dream?”

That moment, Shiika felt startled by the sudden question, but answered immediately with honesty:

“I … want a place. A place that allows me to stay, a place where I belong.”

Rina smiled.

“Pretty similar to mine!”

“Eh …?”

“I’ll create one for you--- I’ll create a place of belonging where Shiika can live happily in. It’s a promise then!”

The teenage girl winked and disappeared from Shiika’s sight.

Shiika stood there in silence, not quite understanding the meaning behind those words. But she immediately came back to her senses, and looked at the cell phone. Even though she had only dialed it once before, Shiika had already memorized Daisuke’s cell phone number so well that she didn’t need the note anymore.

Shiika then pressed the numbers without any hesitation.

“Ah … Daisuke-kun? Uh … Umm That… Sorry about before …”

In the open space that was shrouded by the shadows of the night, the voice of a teenage girl that was full of joy and demure echoed softly. In the night sky, one could see a glimpse of the bright stars shining through the cracks of the clouds; knowing that Christmas was coming in two days.


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