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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 3.03: The Others

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The Others

Rina entered a difficult battle with three combatants from the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau.

From the time (Mushibane) arrived to this amusement park under Rina’s command, it had only been less than an hour.

And the reason why they went to Ouka Amusement Park was because of the information that came from one of their “Supporters”, saying that (Fuyuhotaru) had arrived at the location.

And Rina, who received the news about (Mushibane)’s hideouts at some areas had already been ambushed a few times regularly by the SEPB, ordered her comrades at Ouka City to mobilize all at once without hesitation. No matter what, they must obtain this trump card before (Mushibane) receives a deathblow.

However, Rina’s plans were overthrown completely.

The members of the SEPB had already blended into the visitors of the amusement park and were waiting to ambush Rina’s group.

It was completely a trap.

By the time Rina realized this, it was already too late. They were ambushed, and Rina was quickly separated from her comrades.

“Damn it ……!”

In an artificial pond, Rina let her (Mushi) release a powerful shockwave.

The goggled people, who were stationed at the bank of the pond, commanded their (Mushi) to counter the shockwave. A (Mushi) which looked like long legged-dragonfly suddenly glowed red as it flipped upside down and struck its heads at water’s surface, which immediately created a high temperature steam to rise and counterweighted the impact of the shockwave.

A giant heavily armored woodlouse curled up its body, and approached Rina by bounce-rolling on the water’s surface. Unable to move freely due to the pond, Rina could only command her ladybug to act as a shield. [TL note: The Woodlouse in this chapter could be also known as Pillbug.]


The ladybug shook uncontrollably after blocking an impact that was as strong as a truck’s crush, while an intense pain burned through Rina’s chest.

An eight winged flying (Mushi) descended from the sky and landed onto the back of the ladybug that was out of balance from the woodlouse’s earlier impact, and began to release green fluids from its body. Soon, a strong smell filled the area as the ladybug’s body gave out thick smokes.

The ladybug opened its wings, and released a shockwave that was even stronger than before, which knocked away the flying (Mushi) and the woodlouse.

However, the shockwave didn’t seem like it had dealt any fatal damage to them. The three wounded (Mushi) immediately moved into formation circling Rina.

Rina clicked her tongue. With a turn, she jumped out of the freezing pond, and dashed towards the forest at full speed. She could hear the footsteps of the enemies, and the beating sounds from the wings of the (Mushi) that were chasing after her.

– If I could unleash my full strength, these guys would have been done long ago …..!

Rina cursed as she ran.

The amount of strength Rina had left within was almost close to none. For the sake of the battles ahead, she must conserve the energy she had right now.

However, inside of Rina’s heart, a voice whispered.

– Is that really the case?

The reason for retreating from the battlefield right now, was it really for the sake of conserving her strength, for the sake of fighting against the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau? Was it really for the sake of saving those Mushitsuki who had lost the place they belong?

The presences of the enemies getting closer were closing unto Rina’s back.

– No

--- Another voice resounded deep within Rina’s heart.

There was no need for others to remind her; Rina knew it very well herself. The reason why she was running away desperately was just because of fear.

Scared --- she was afraid of her own heart that was being taken over bit by bit. Inside her heart, the fear of death from (Mushi)’s complete consumption of her dream was growing deep within her.

Why don’t I just give up and die? --- Rina had wished for this quite a few times back already. The times when she was locked up by her father, having her dreams devoured by the (Mushi), almost fell unconscious, and when she was almost overwhelmed by indescribable loneliness --- Rina had always wished for it.

Until yesterday, Rina thought that it would be all right for her to die at any time. She already had the resolution and the reason for her to give up her life.

She must find a place where the injured Mushitsuki could belong, for the sake of those that were treated unfairly by life for unknown reason just like her. For this objective, Rina did not care what she has to go through.

However, a figure of a young teenager boy appeared in Rina’s mind.


Feelings of anger rose from her chest.

--- I also want to experience the world that Tachibana-san sees through her eyes.

Why did you have to say such words now? You never seriously said words like those in the past before! Even though I have been noticing you, Kusuriya…but you never even paid attention to me, right? Why must you choose such timing to say those words now?!
Even while she was running in the forest, Rina’s mind was completely filled with complaints about Daisuke.

He was just like a young master who had never experienced hardship, pampered person who had never been hated by anyone.

Why are you pestering me now?!... Why did you show me that kind of expression? How can …can …you say those words… to someone like me? – It is entirely your fault that I am so afraid….

Want to live on --- ever since she was born, this was the first time Rina had such thought. Although at first it was just a small thought, now it had already swelled up and filled her entire heart.


Rina’s (Mushi) was knocked away by the woodlouse, causing her to fell onto the ground due to the intense pain in her chest.

Three (Mushi) then charged at Rina who has fallen to the ground.

A distance away from Rina, the ladybug that was commanded by her managed to get up. If it was the Rina before yesterday, she would definitely get up filled with rage, but now she just couldn’t do it anymore.

Within Rina’s mind, which was close to giving in to fear, complaints against Daisuke were still emerging.

It is all because of you that I have become such a coward ----

Unnatural monsters were lunging towards Rina while waving their claws and fangs, but in an instant, the situation took an intense change all of a sudden.

Within the darkness of the forest, came an ear-deafening roar.


Rina and the goggled people all twitched their eyebrows, and covered their ears.

The one roaring was Rina’s (Mushi). The ladybug, with a body akin to a giant boulder, was glowing its eyes with a dark red aura, while its entire body convulsed. It opened its gigantic wings that were the like the same size of a wall, and roared at the sky again.

Afterwards, an intense shockwave tornado spanned across the artificial forest.


With both such devastating and destructive power, even its host Rina was blown away. Rina crashed onto a tree on her back, resulting her unable to breathe for a moment.

The berserk behavior of the ladybug did not stop there. At first they thought that it would just continue to beat its powerful wings to generate huge tornados, but instead it bit down on the dragonfly that had its entire body overturned by the shockwave. The gigantic ladybug completely disregarded its surroundings, and opened its giant mouth. The dragonfly, unable to escape in time, immediately became the ladybug's food.

The flying (Mushi) had half of its body bitten off right on the spot, and then a goggled person in the distance, suddenly began twitching his body as if he had been electrocuted. All his comrades frantically distanced themselves away from the ladybug.

“Wha…What is happening…Why is it moving on its own…?”

With no strength left in her, Rina suddenly dropped to her knees. She could feel both her heart and her dream were all rapidly being devoured by the ladybug.

Its glowing eyes were staring at Rina.


Rina body shrunk as she kneeled on the floor in a daze; the (Mushi) that had been obeying her commands till now, was completely acting on its own.

I am going to be devoured---just when this gut feeling surged through Rina, another intense change happened.

The ladybug‘s burning red eyes that were staring at Rina gradually dimmed down. Like a toy that just ran out of battery, its movements started to become a lot calmer.

Under the gazes of three Mushitsuki and one Fallen, the ladybug had completely returned back to its status before it went berserk. And inside of Rina’s body, the feeling of her consciousness being forcefully taken away has also disappeared.

Wha…What on earth happened…?

Rina remained frozen, unable to understand the current situation. Nevertheless, she immediately regained her consciousness, and made a mad dash to the forest.

“……. (Nanahoshi), fol…follow me!”

The ladybug obeyed its master’s command, and followed behind the escaping Rina.

The goggled people also remembered their mission, and started pursuing Rina as well. Although they encountered an unexpected situation earlier, now the situation had returned to its original state.

The (Mushi) did not listen to my command? Such thing had never happened in the past before....

Even though Rina was feeling uneasy, she could only run now. She continued to press forward, deeper into to the space the sunlight was blocked.

Rina originally thought that she could finally escape the artificial forest, but a sudden wall made up of tall trees obstructed her sight, she immediately commanded (Nanahoshi) to destroy the fences that was used for separation.

However, the woodlouse unexpectedly attacked Rina, who was trying to exit the forest, from behind. The ladybug attempted to shield Rina but both of them were knocked back into the dense forest.

“Ugh…Damn it….!”

Rina intended to return fire, but widened her eyes instead. Besides the woodlouse and the flying (Mushi), were few other (Mushi) that appeared in her sight, charging straight at her.

“N…Noooo ----!”

The ladybug appeared right in front of Rina, who was frozen with fear. For the sake of protecting its paralyzed master, it spread out its wings, and released a shockwave to knock away the group of (Mushi).

Rina felt suddenly that she was really useless.

What is wrong with me…! Until yesterday, I was never this cowardly. I should have been much stronger…

Actually, Rina was very clear what the reason was.

It is all that guy’s fault! All his…...!

Just when Rina gritted her teeth, a scream suddenly sounded from her side.

“Wh…What the?”

What entered Rina’s eye when she turned around was an unbelievable sight.


Rina had completely forgotten the situation she was in and just froze. Because of the shock, her mind was a complete blank and was so dumbfounded that she could not even open her mouth to speak.

In front of her was a couple, they were probably enjoying the amusement park facilities? This part she could understand.

However, the problem lied between those two people.

Why are they here...?

Rina firstly looked at the girl; she recognized who the girl was. Even if it was someone that she only just met yesterday, she was a petite girl whom Rina was unbelievably familiar with. The girl’s name was Anmoto Shiika.

…OK, I understand why you come here, this morning; you said you were going out on a date with your boyfriend, and looked very happy! I even felt a bit jealousy on your look.

And then slowly, Rina shifted her gaze at the boy in the front.

But you…Why are you here…?

Within Rina’s stunned mind, the words from those two began to surface.

I still got some matters ---

He is not my boyfriend ---

Broken bits and pieces of information were beautifully pieced together in Rina’s mind.


Rina let out a wryly laugh.

The entire situation was so funny that it was unbearable, the feeling of laughter just kept on pouring out, absolutely could not be stopped. Everything was just too funny, and it was really unbearable.

The words that Daisuke said out of interest made Rina very happy. All in all, she was happy, so happy that she was still troubled by it up till just now. But no matter how Rina was troubled by it, she was unable to find an answer, and made a decision when she was pushed to a life and death situation.

What was there to be so troubled about? These matters never had any meaning, completely no meaning at all! --- Have I become weaker? No, I have not changed!
Rina forcefully gritted her teeth, to the extent of almost crushing her teeth. At the same time, a clear transparent tear streaked down from the holes of white mask.

I have not changed, whether it was the past or the present; I still do not have anything that I could treasure at all!

“Everything should…just go and die…….!”

At the same time when Rina lifted her head, the ladybug at her side had already charged into enemy’s line. Without any strategy at all, it was just plain mindless attacks.


The ladybug obviously was countered, and knocked away once again. However, Rina was smiling instead; as the ladybug once again beat its massive wings.

A relentless explosion occurred and swallowed many (Mushi); those that could not resist against this kind of strength that were completely on a different level, were immediately shattered apart like rubbles.

“I will bring you all down with me…..!”

Rina seemed to have already forgotten her original objective of coming to the amusement park. Even though they were obliviously tricked, she still wanted to meet up with (Fuyuhotaru), who might be able to save the Mushitsuki. But it was all too late…the current Rina, her entire mind was filled with the intention of settling the score with her enemies right in front of her.

At that moment, the numbers of the SEPB members were already more than ten. Yet, Rina was no longer scared, nor hesitated.

She faced Shiika who didn’t intend on escaping, moved her mouth, and said without a word:

Hurry up and escape!

Then she added on in her heart:

I will be fine. My dream…probably will just end right here. But it is alright, because I got nothing else to lose, so…you should escape quickly. Escape right now, and pursue your own happiness!

Rina herself found it very strange, this idea she had was very honest and truthful. Not for the sake of diverting Shiika, but she felt so from the bottom of her heart. Rina --- and the same goes for Shiika, had already suffered enough. Even if one of them was able to enjoy happiness, nobody should be blamed for it.

After enduring the impacts of numerous attacks from the enemies, Rina dropped to the floor. Other than her fatigue building up in her body, her mental condition had almost reached its limit as well.

If she was to attack a few more time at full strength, she would probably be done for.

Rina looked to her side, and noticed that Shiika still didn’t escape yet. She felt angry, and gave a warning message silently.

If you could no longer be with Kusuriya --- could no longer see your boyfriend anymore, would it be alright?

Shiika’s shoulders trembled a bit; it seemed like this line was really effective.

Rina turned around, and then after a while, she heard a voice.

“I’m sorry…!”

Rina smiled wryly.

Idiot, if you said that, wouldn’t it be obvious that we actually knew each other?
But, this way, Rina would have nothing left holding her back, nothing more to be confused about, and looking closer at it, they were actually quite compatible for each other! Shiika who was a little timid and the unexpectedly strong-willed Daisuke, if it were this two, they would definitely able to get together well in the future.

A few (Mushi) flew over the ladybug’s head, and dived towards Rina.

Rina looked up to stare at them, while thinking:

If I was to be taken out by them just like that, it wouldn’t be that bad right? ----

But at that instant, the surroundings suddenly filled with warm white lights.


Rina widened her eyes in disbelief; she had seen this unusual light before. But it shouldn’t appear in such a place right now.

She turned her head around, and saw the scene that she was scared of.

“Idiot … …” Rina cursed.

“… Rina, I’m sorry.”

The petite girl who looked good with short hair said with a smile. Near the teenage girl’s side, a white colored firefly that was about the size of a meter, floated about. Pure white snowflakes seemed to glitter down around it.

This was the first time Rina saw Shiika’s (Mushi).


Rina suddenly recalled the words of (MinMin); a former SEPB combat division member that recently defected and became a member of (Mushibane).

--- I heard that the (Mushi) of (Fuyuhotaru) is actually a white colored firefly, which doesn’t look that strong at all!

Rina realized at that instant, this teenage girl was the one who they had been looking for ……

The group of (Mushi) that intended on attacking Rina, suddenly stopped their movement the moment when they came into contact with the white snowflakes.


Shiika’s clear voice resounded throughout the space that had been enveloped by the white lights.

“[Just a bit……]”

With a sound of snap, the noise akin to something rupturing apart rang loudly against their ear. The bodies of those (Mushi) that touched those white snow-flowers began to have cracks over their bodies. (Mushi)’s deafening roar resounded throughout the space again.

“[Just a bit……]”

The teenage girl’s voice was heard throughout the tranquil forest.

As more cracks appeared on the bodies of the (Mushi), green fluids started to spurt out. The (Mushi) were struggling painfully, while their owners were also grabbing onto their chest, and curling up as if in pain. Rina could only stare dazedly at the sight in front of her, while remembering the afterword of (MinMin).

---- However, no matter what, any object would be destroyed if they were to touch the snow of (Fuyuhotaru)! Such ability is a foul right?!

The white lights dispersed, as Shiika turned around and looked.

Daisuke was standing completely still in the barren forest, dumbfounded.

Shiika exposed an unexpectedly peaceful smile.


After saying those words, she turned her back on the young teenager.

Rina and Shiika ran away alongside each other.

“You really are a big idiot…..”

The short haired girl’s face was already covered in tears. Rina gazed at Shiika who was running by her side and said.

“….Shiika, thank you for saving me…”

Beside Rina, Shiika continued to weep.


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