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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 2.00 Daisuke part 3

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Translated : Sveroz
Edited : Keito, Nooby2, Skat, Wing

Version: 1.04


Daisuke Part 3

After running a good deal around the school compound, Daisuke finally managed to find the person he had been looking for in the art classroom.

At the center of the quiet art room sat a teenage girl.

That teenage girl is Tachibana Rina.

Rina was staring deeply at a piece of canvas that was white as snow. Because of the unique charm she processed, this situation made it all look like an art piece put together.

She seemed to be in a deep state of thought at the moment, with facial expression that was seldom seen in class.

Daisuke quietly opened the door and entered the room, where a strong scent of oil pastels could be smelled in the air.


Daisuke’s call surprised the long haired hair, causing her to hastily turn her head around. Her reaction was more intense than what Daisuke had expected.

“Wha…what? Oh… it is you, Kusuriya.”

The Rina, who turned around to face him, seemed like an ordinary high school female student. She was not the energetic, popular, and angry girl that he had seen yesterday.

“Wh…….Why are you here?”

“Have you been doing this here the entire time? I found out because I spotted you when I was passing by this corridor on my way to class.”

“You are rather talkative today hmm? But enough about that, why were you looking for me?”

When the moment Rina shifted her gaze back at the painting in front, her profile had already returned to her usual self. However, she seemed rather unhappy.

Daisuke took out a sheet of paper he was holding onto and passed it to Rina.

“The teacher told me to pass this to you, Tachibana-san. Today is the award ceremony.”

“What is that?”

“It’s the award certificate for your painting. Don’t you remember? The one the teacher told you about yesterday.”

Daisuke held out the award certificate, but it seemed like Rina didn’t have any slightest intention on accepting it, or to even glance at it.

“Come on, hurry up and accept it already. I’m quite busy today, you know?”

Seeing Daisuke holding the award certificate so tightly, a mischievous smile appeared on Rina’s face.

“Oh, I see, so what should I do now? Somehow I don’t feel like accepting it but --------“

“Please spare me the trouble. I’ve got to meet someone so I‘m kind of in a hurry.”

Daisuke pushed the award certificate closer towards Rina’s nose.

However, Rina gave a disgusted look when she understood the situation and stared at Daisuke with a cold gaze as she sat on her chair.

“The girl whom you said was very cute? You still haven’t been dump yet?”

“This has nothing to do with you, ok? ………If you don’t intend to take the certificate, I will just put it over here.”

Daisuke found her an eyesore and started treating Rina in a less friendly manner. He looked away as he started sulking like a kid.

“I am sorry for holding you back even; though I’ve got nothing to do with it. But, passing the certificate to me with that attitude does not make me happy at all------. You can just dump it anywhere you want. No, wait; just throw it into the dustbin since it saves me the trouble.”

Staring at Rina, who returned to her painting after saying that, Daisuke sighed. He really felt like just dumping it into the dustbin but he just couldn’t do things like that.

Daisuke coughed a couple times and raised his voice in the room that was silent once again.

“And------- the prize award goes to… Tachibana Rina-dono.”[TN: Dono is a way of expressing respect towards another person just like mister in English]

Rina turned towards him with a shocked expression.

“The participant has shown great ability and sense with this piece in the third scenery painting contest held by Ouka City. The Ouka City’s mayor has…..err……what am I doing? I just can’t seem to understand what I’m saying. Bah what the heck man.”

Rina became even more shocked as she froze in place.


Daisuke smiled and held out the certificate.

Stunned, Rina continued staring at Daisuke and subconsciously took the certificate from his hands.

“A….Are you an IDIOT!? Don’t you feel embarrassed by that?!”

Daisuke laughed and replied at the same time.

“Seeing you embarrassed sure is interesting.”

“…..You are the worst…..”

“Only those who deserve the praise for their work should receive this certificate. It is disrespectful to those who gave you praise for your work if you do not accept it. Also, I’m kind of jealous of you, since I have never been awarded a certificate before.”

After hearing Daisuke’s words, Rina’s face turned red with embarrassment.

“I don’t really mind throwing away such thing.”

Having achieved his goal, Daisuke stood up and intended on leaving the art room. But after seeing the complicated face Rina had after receiving the certificate, he stopped. After hesitating for a bit, he faced Rina and said:

“…..Actually, I seen Tachibana-san’s painting before.”

Rinas eyebrows twitched when she heard it.

“It was during the time when I just enrolled in this school, I came across a neglected painting inside the art room. Even though the painting was incomplete, I found it … really beautiful. When I heard a piece had entered the competition, I immediately thought of that painting.”

“……I knew about it.”


Rina stared at Daisuke who was surprised by unexpected reply.

“When I returned to the art room to tidy up the painting area, I noticed that you were smiling to yourself while looking at my painting. It sure was a disgusting sight, just like a nightmare.”

“Eh, is that so. If you had already noticed me, why didn’t you call out to me then?”

“Because I just can’t stand people like you. You looked as if you were raised in a good family without experiencing any hardship. Yet, you’re treating Mushitsuki with discrimination just because you don’t understand their nature. It’s just annoying to me.”

Rina’s voice was filled with an irrepressible hatred, which caused Daisuke to reply disgruntledly:

“Why did you bring up the issue of Mushitsuki all of a sudden?”

“Doesn’t the class like to bring up the topic of Mushitsuki? Issues like, Mushitsuki have appeared, or that they should just leave this place. It’s painful to the ears to hear those people badmouth people who might not even exist.”

“Isn’t it obvious that anybody would be afraid of the Mushitsuki? Isn’t it normal for people to fear monsters?”

After taking a glance at Rina, who was ignoring what he said, Daisuke made his way to the art room’s exit.

“Well, I’ll be off. I think it would be better for you to leave early, Tachibana-san. The security guards will be here to lock the place up in a while.”

Rina did not respond to what Daisuke said.

Ouka City coast park, one of the Ouka City’s famous landmarks.

The praiseworthy park that spanned for a few kilometers has become a place of recreation for the people living in its vicinity. From a hill with a grove of trees growing, one could see the ocean in the distance, while the smell of the sea could be smell within the park that was brought forward by the wind.

Daisuke was sitting in the plaza located in the center of the park, staring at the clock tower in silence, waiting for time to pass. Daisuke was still wearing his school uniform under his coat because he had come directly here after school.

------- Shiika seemed to be crying back then.

Last night, a few hours after their parting in front of the Ouka train station, he received a call from Shiika.

He became really worried about her the moment she started stuttering and talking that day, and so he asked to meet up once again today. On the phone she kept repeating “Err… I…”over and over again. Although Shiika was a bit troubled by Daisuke's proposal to meet up at first, she agreed to it in the end.

The arms of the clock tower’s clock were now pointing towards half past one, about 30 minutes prior to the promised time.

First of all, he would need to hear from Shiika before he could do anything. He didn’t know how much he could do to help, but he would do anything to make her smile. He wanted to see her laugh with a truthful smile, instead of one that was forced.

He didn’t understand why he kept thinking about her all the time.

He didn’t understand why it was even Shiika, of all people. But this feeling inside him was the first he had felt of it since he was born.

But he wanted to find out what the feeling was.

No matter what it is, as long as I can help her, I will do it ----

He then naturally formed a fist with his hand, and clenched them tightly with force.


Suddenly, a voice came from behind him. He turned and noticed a short teenage girl was already standing behind him. It was Shiika.

“Ah Shiika, you’re here. Sorry, I was kind of deep in thought just now…….”

When Daisuke walked across, he noticed that her face, that was looking down, was very pale.

A feeling of uneasiness streaked across Daisuke’s mind.

“… I am really sorry about yesterday. I called you at such a late hour.”

Shiika had a smile on her face but it seemed like she was overdoing it.

“Shiika….did something happen? Your face seems quite off today. Are you feeling alright?”

“It…it’s okay…err…well… that …”

Shiika was talking in the same way as on the phone yesterday, she seemed to have something she wanted to say yet she was unable to do so.

The teenage girl then revealed an expression as if she forced by something. The thought that Shiika was talking with such an expression the night before, caused Daisuke's chest to tighten.

He knew he should have just ran to her side despite it being unreasonable ---

The feeling of regret inside him caused Daisuke to bit his lip.

He knew something was wrong with her because of last night’s call, and intended to go to her immediately. But Shiika just kept saying “I am sorry, but Daisuke and I already…..”

After hearing this line, Daisuke could only arrange to meet up with her the next day, which was the meeting today.

Although Shiika was unsure at first, after seeing how concerned and forceful he was, he gave in and agreed to meet up.

Up till now, Shiika seemed to have something going on around her just like when she met him yesterday.

Daisuke knew one thing clearly in his heart --- he couldn’t leave Shiika alone now.

“Well for starters, let’s go for a walk, so you can feel calm again.”

“B….but, I…”

“It is alright. We will just walk up till that bench over there. That should be fine right?”

Even though Shiika was reluctant, she still walked towards Daisuke without hesitation.

An old man walking his dog and a woman pushing a pram passed them by.

While walking together towards the bench, Shiika remained silent with her head hung low. Sometimes she would gaze at Daisuke, wanting to say something but immediately lowered her head again.

Even when they were sitting on the bench, the situation remained the same.

After a few minutes, while looking at the people walking in front of them, Daisuke said:

“…It’s as though this place is another world.”

Shiika looked up when he said that.

“This place is so peaceful; everything seems to be moving slowly. Recently no matter whichever part of the street I go, there are always people making noise, but this place is different. Because there is nothing here, that’s why I want to stay in this place. Although my classmates describe me as a “plain” person, I really do like these kinds of places.”

After talking for a while, Daisuke began to snicker as he spoke, while Shiika continued to stare at the people who were passing by.

“But then…there still are a lot of people…..”

Daisuke felt like Shiika hadn’t spoken anything clearly for a long time already. Even the words she said now, after such long time, felt sorrowful— as if they were sinking down in the darkness.

“It is because of that, which makes me……feel like I should not be here.”

Once again Daisuke felt a pain in his chest. However it was more painful than the one earlier, as though his whole heart was being shaken roughly.

“Shiika, what exactly happened…?”

Even though he really wanted to ask, Daisuke stopped himself from continuing.

Daisuke noticed an anguished expression was on Shiika as she bit down on her lip forcefully.

Should I continue pressing her on the matter? What should I do?

Every time Daisuke said something, her expression would become gloomier. He didn’t understand what was causing this teenage girl to be in so much pain.

“….I’m sorry. It must be strange for me to be asking you so much, since we only met yesterday… It’s as though you agreeing to be friends with me is making me go too far….”

“No. That’s not true.”

Shiika then revealed a perplexed expression:

“Being able to be friends with you has made me really happy. It’s just as fun now but it’s just that I…..”

After looking at each other for a while, Shiika dropped her shoulders painfully and Daisuke started to be troubled by the fact that he didn’t understand the teenage girl’s true intention.

Suddenly, an announcement played from the park speakers.

“[Informing all residents inside the park, due to there being a need to perform maintenance on certain facilities, the park will be closing soon. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone but please make your way towards the nearest exit. I repeat, the park will be performing maintenance on certain facilities ------]“

Commotions were heard in the surrounding area. Although Daisuke visited this park a number of times before, this situation actually the first time for him.

Some of the housewives near them were making noises as they pointed somewhere far away.

“Eh? Aren’t those people the self-defense force? Why are they here in a place like this?”

Daisuke looked in the direction that they were pointing.

It is true that he could see a few people wearing camouflage gear on the jogging lane.

“… It’s a Mushitsuki.”

Those words, which nobody had any idea where it came from, caused the faces of everyone around to change. Just then, a buzzing ripping sound rang; it seemed to expand while getting louder.

“It’s the Mushitsuki…that’s right; the sudden check was definitely a lie.”

“Let’s----Get away right now—if we don’t escape now, we will be eaten by the Mushitsuki!”

“No--Noo! I definitely don’t want to come across that.”

Daisuke then frowned.


Daisuke noticed that the expression of the teenage girl beside him had changed. She was now gazing fearfully at those that appeared like the self-defense force people.

“Shiika, it‘s alright, don’t worry. As long as we leave now, everything will be alright.”

Even after listening to Daisuke’s words, Shiika was still frozen with fear.

Seeing Shiika this frightened made Daisuke feel really angry. She was already troubled but now thanks to this, wouldn’t it make it even harder for him to talk to her?

“I wish they would tone down a bit. It’s all because of these Mushitsuki, that innocent people like us feel troubled, just hearing rumors about them already caused such a big uproar yet they ---”


“If they really exist, I really would not want to come across any of them.”

Right after Daisuke said that, Shiika widened her eyes as she gazed at him.

“Shiika, what’s wrong?”

Daisuke asked. However, Shiika’s lowered her head as if she was avoiding his gaze.

“… I am heading back.”

After saying that short line, Shiika stood up and got ready to leave.

“Shiika, wait up… …”

Daisuke immediately tried to grab on her arm.

Yet when Shiika turned her head around, she was showing an expression of fear.

“…How…Can this be…”



The teenage girl shook off his hand with such force that it caused Daisuke’s shoulder to tremble before pushing him away.

After seeing the dumbfounded Daisuke, Shiika came back to her senses.

“…No…it was not… just now was…”

Even though she wanted to say something, Shiika immediately shut her mouth. After looking at Daisuke sadly, she hastily turned around and ran away.

Daisuke was completely frozen, and could do nothing but watch as Shiika’s outline vanished into the distance.


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