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[Mushi Uta] Chapter 5.01: Shiika Part 7

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Translated : Wing
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Shiika Part 7

Shiika was alone in the silent art classroom, gazing at a red painting.

The painting was covered by a piece of cloth, leaning against the wall at the corner of the classroom. Just by looking, one could easily tell that it was Rina’s work.

On the painting, laid a scenic view of streets in the evening that could be seen almost everywhere. However, just by looking at it, a nostalgic feeling arose within Shiika.

Shiika had seen a scenario that was similar to the one in the painting before. It was around four years ago, right before she started being hunted by the SEPB, the scenery of Ouka City that was filled with happiness. However … Shiika couldn’t integrate herself into the scenery at the time; she could only gaze at it from a distance ---

--- “I want to find a place where I belong.”

Daisuke had said so before. Would he, the one who shared her dream, be able to see the scene both Shiika and Rina saw?

Gazing at the peaceful scenery of the painting in front of them, filled with happiness, but sadly, still not finding their place of belonging…. … akin to those insects that were attracted to a fire, the desire to blend into the street scene in front --- Would Daisuke also feel the same?

Shiika shifted her gaze at the view outside of the window.

A scenario, very similar to the one in the painting, began to expand outwards in front of her; a very stable orange sunset slowly embraced the entire Ouka City. However, in the far distant sky, laid a layer of heavy clouds that was gradually advancing towards the city.

Is Daisuke-kun … still waiting for me at the amusement park right now … …?

--- Impossible, right? I already said “Goodbye” after all…

Shiika began to recall Daisuke’s expression from the last time she saw him. Perhaps he was too stunned; his widened pair of eyes seemed to say it all.

Daisuke couldn’t even say a word.

As Shiika stared at the view from afar, a single tear flowed from the corner of her eye.

--- If I knew earlier this would happen … I would have kept distant…

Ever since she’d met Daisuke, she had been crying.

It didn’t matter how much Shiika wanted to see him, she couldn’t … If she knew things would turn out like this, wouldn’t it be better if they never met in the first place? Four years ago, when she became a Fallen, she never had such a thought; but now, due to her loneliness, Shiika felt extremely bitter.

What happened yesterday in the amusement park had made Shiika timid. Although she didn’t know how, she could feel her (Mushi) slowly moving away from the territory ruled by her will. At that time, she could barely suppress her (Mushi), if something similar was to happen again, she cannot assure whether she would be able to control it or not ---

As such, they must not meet; she must never see him again.

Either way, since the truth was revealed, even if she wanted see to him, Daisuke probably wouldn’t want to see her, right?

Ever since Shiika met Daisuke, then Rina, till the point where she was hunted again by SEPE, and then when she bid her final farewell to Daisuke. At the same time Rina was going to fight until her last breath against the SEPB.

In the end, what has she done?

Not only did she regain her dream, she had also encountered many people that were now precious to her. Yet, when she was about to lose them all, she could only stay still, all alone.

---- “I don’t know what I should do anymore.”

Daisuke had said it before.

I also… don’t know … what I am supposed to do, I’m still confused whether I …

Overwhelmed by these thoughts, Shiika could only shed tears, one after another. During these past few days; how much had she cried? Every time she was either saved by Daisuke or encouraged by Rina. But now, even those previous people were not around anymore, the only one left behind was ----

A small flying insect appeared around Shiika’s neck; its whitish body gently touched the tip of Shiika’s nose, and landed on a painting that was hanging on the wall. Just like Rina’s scenery painting from before, the painting on the wall was also covered by a piece of cloth.

Shiika slowly shifted her gaze at the direction of the painting, as if it was being pulled by it.


She wiped her tears as she slowly approached the painting under the guidance of her (Mushi) and removed the piece of cloth covering it.


It was a pencil drawn portrait. Perhaps it was done in haste or drawn from memory; the profile wasn’t drawn very clearly. However, it was still a really amazing monochrome painting. The technique was rather new and unique compared to any other painting, but through the retina, it would imprint deeply into the viewer’s memory. The corner of the painting was also imprinted with Rina’s familiar signature.

But what Shiika found the most shocking was the figure on the painting. That person’s expression was totally different than usual, rather serious. Even then, there was absolutely no way Shiika could mistake him for someone else --- it was a person she was very familiar with.

“Daisuke-kun… …? Why … …”

“Have you fulfilled your dream yet?”

A sudden voice sounded, making Shiika turned her head around.

At the entrance of the classroom, stood a person wearing a long black coat, Shiika could tell the figure was a skinny tall woman. A pair of giant goggles on top of her head and her pitch black long hair was covering her face, making it impossible to see her expression.

“I’m the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau inspector squad’s (Namie), I’m the one who’s been watching over you …”

“Eh? ... …”

“----- Just kidding.”

The tone of the woman who just self-proclaimed to be (Namie) suddenly changed; even her voice became somewhat different.

And the moment Shiika heard that voice, a trembling feeling spread from the tip of her toes to her head.

“That… that voice…! You are… …”

“So, have you fulfilled your dream yet?”

Some sort of purple powder-like object, glittered down from the woman who was using a tender and beautiful tone. Her face, hair, and the giant goggles were slowly becoming powder-like and fading away.

“Aiya, it seems like you haven’t then! I can’t believe you are still a Mushitsuki. Not to mention I specially arranged you to meet those that had similar dreams!”

A round pair of sunglasses ---- was the first thing that caught Shiika’s attention.

A figure that hadn’t changed the slightest bit since their encounter four years ago.

The woman, whose hair under the shine of the sunset would even render the air into an orange color, was exuding an incredible shine. Behind the round sunglasses, her eyes were staring directly at Shiika. Her hands, that were wearing a pair red leather gloves, were forked leisurely at her waist on both sides, forming a fantastic and beautiful image.


Shiika gasped, her legs could not move. It was as if they were frozen.

“It was pretty difficult for me as well, you know?! That spectacled guy named Haji was always searching for me and (Kakkou)-chan’s and Rina-chan’s intuitions were sharp as well, I couldn’t even get close.”

“What… What are you talking… about?”

Shiika sounded a hoarse voice. Even though she had thought it before, if she was to meet (Oogui) again, she would first clarify those very questions that she had in mind. But due to her confusion and fear right now, she was unable to act.

(Oogui) revealed a pleasant smile.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m just here to help you.”


Shiika overlapped her hands against her chest, and step back bit by bit while the white firefly flew about, as if it was guarding her.

“Just like what I have done before, I prepared a chance for you to fulfill your dream. Mushitsuki like you will definitely try to recall their dream even if it was lost, and continue to dream! The chance that I gave you was to let you meet ---- those Mushitsuki that had the same dream.”

“You… … gave me… a chance?”

(Oogui)’s eyes emitted a mysterious luster, grabbing tightly onto Shiika. Just like what her name described, her gaze alone could eat a person. Even Shiika had mistaken that … the woman in the front of her was licking her lips. [TL note: (Oogui) =(暴食), which also means gluttony or overeating. Mainly due to the fact that she was one that *mass produce* minion type of Mushi.]

“You will definitely fulfill your dream and be released from the identity of Mushitsuki … …. But don’t forget to let me enjoy that delicious dream of yours again! It’s the only hobby that I enjoyed… … and also, my only purpose!”

“Fulfill my dream… … and release from the identity of Mushitsuki… …?”

Shiika frowned. She totally did not understand what this woman, who seemed to be out of reality, was talking about from beginning to end. Shiika seemed to be charmed by the woman’s gaze, as her mind began to feel drowsier.

“It’s okay; you don’t have to understand right now. You will definitely experience it with your body one day. For yourself, the most important thing that you truly need… … you will definitely find out in the end.”

“-I… I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say.”

Shiika bit her lips, trying to maintain her consciousness.

She began to recall the memories of four years ago, and the memories of the past few days.

After experiencing so much pain, and seeing those people bear much more serious injuries. Daisuke vexed because of her; Rina had to risk her life to fight because of she being a Mushitsuki.

And the culprit that caused everything to happen was right in front of her.


Shiika tried desperately to bluff, saying:

“I won’t give you my dream anymore! Neither will I ever give anyone else… I will never give you anything anymore!”

The woman’s eyes, behind the sunglass, exposed a startled look.

But her frivolous laughter quickly resounded across the art classroom.

“Ahh… that emotion is the most important thing! Because of it, your dream will only become more and more delicious…”

(Oogui)’s shiny hair swayed in the air as she slowly move away from the entrance of the art classroom.

“Then please let me see… the moment when you prove those words…”


Shiika intended to catch up with (Oogui), who was slowly fading away.

However, a sudden loud noise caused her to stop.

She looked out at the window surprised, but there was nothing there.

However, the noise continued to resound. It sounded similar to those linens when blown harshly by strong winds, making a *Whoosh…Whoosh…* sound, the volume of the noise was gradually increasing as well.

Due to it being so loud, Shiika could not grasp the source of the sound.

Shiika looked at her surroundings, before turning back to look outside the window again.


From the outside of the window, that was empty a few seconds ago, emerged a gigantic black object.

It had many branch-like sub horns, and a small size head in contrast to its gigantic body. On its blackish body, four pairs of trunk-like feet could also be seen. Its four film-like wings were supporting its front wings, which seemed very solid, vibrating at a high-speed.

It was a gigantic Hercules beetle. But not any ordinary one, it was a giant Hercules beetle that had five horns in total. [TL note: The beetle looked somewhat like Allomyrina dichotoma Linnaeus, google it if you want. This is also the first appearance of (Kabuto)]

Covered by a body that was even larger than Rina’s ladybug, the entire art classroom went dark.

The white firefly started swelling up its body in front of Shiika, who was dumbfounded.

However, the giant Hercules beetle started flapping its gigantic wings, creating waves and waves of strong wind that punctured through the windows of the art classroom with ease.


Shiika, whom couldn’t resist the strong wind, was blown into the hallway. The white firefly was also blown into a wall.

At the same time, the windows of the hallway were shattered from the outer side.

Many goggled figures burst into the school with their (Mushi). The sudden change in the situation froze Shiika right on the spot.

“I found ---- Hotaru-chan! Let’s play!”

The figure that stood in the front of those goggled people, suddenly spoke with an unusually cheerful tone.

It was a teenage girl who tied her hair on both sides, just like a bunny. Even though she was wearing the SEPB’s long coat, she didn’t put her goggles on. The teenage girl was pretty, but the mischievous grin on her face gave off a feeling of “difficult to get along with”.

The bunny-head teenage girl stared at Shiika, and changed her expression into a smile, a smile that doesn’t seem neither angry nor happy, but rather self-desperate.

“I had to pretend to betray, and also had to pretend to be ‘Fallen’. It was just too much! But, everything had to be done for this moment to take place… I will definitely catch you, and then let Haji-san acknowledge me… …!”

Next to the teenage girl, who was speaking in a rather unusually low tone, appeared a (Mushi) that looked like a cicada. However, the cicada was injured, with one of its wings torn apart.

On the teenage girl’s side, a slender tall man that was wearing goggles began to shout in a heavy tone:

“We have to catch the host before the (Mushi) uses its ability! It is okay to injure her a bit if we have to!”

It seemed like that man and the bunny-head teenage girl are the leaders of the group.

Many goggled figures began to attack Shiika all at once.

The firefly’s entire body suddenly emitted a white aura in front Shiika, whom was motionless.

“[Don’t come near me ….]”

Shiika’s heart skipped a beat, although she didn’t speak at all, her voice was resounding very clearly throughout the hallway.

The words were voiced from the mouthpart of the white firefly ---- and on top of that, it was also exposing fang-like teeth that were never seen before.

The goggled figures suddenly stopped their movement at once, as if they were being suppressed by an invisible force.

Some sort of glow that looked like a white flower began to descend throughout the hallway and then the classroom. The snowflakes that fell through the ceiling emitted a light glow the moment it touched the goggled people, and then slowly faded away.


Shiika’s voice resounded again.

The ground suddenly began to rumble.

Aside from the spot Shiika was standing on, the entire hallway crumbled apart after the rumble sound.

Shiika could only stand there silently and watch.

The collapsing ground one after another engulfed the goggle figures, filling the entire hallway with screams.

The tall slender man was the only one who stepped back quickly enough to avoid the snowflakes.

“Shit… …Don’t touch the snow! Those snows-flakes are----“

“As expected from a Hishu level one ranked! Or else it’s not going to be fun!”

Above came the voice of the bunny-head teenage girl, she was clutching onto the injured cicada in the midair, looking down at the classroom that was gradually being destroyed with a mocking smile.

“[Shatter … everything… apart!]”

The sound of Shiika, akin to a machine, reverberated throughout the entire hallway one more time.

All the windows on the hallway began to shatter in small explosions, the concrete floor near Shiika was also slowly deforming due to the collapse. As the goggled figures fell through the cracked floor, a loud sound began to vibrate through the surrounding air, as if the school itself was roaring.

The floor and ceiling began to move as if they were alive, and started attacking the (Mushi) herd. They pierced through (Mushi)’s giant hard carapace, or became a pair of invisible palms, crushing them apart and drag them down into the never-ending abyss.

The white firefly roared again.

Every (Mushi) that were touched by the snowflakes began to wail, one after another and, their bodies were blown into pieces from within as if they self-destructed, and then melted away from high-temperature.

“Ahahahaha! Weak (Mushi) should just all die!”

In the classroom that staged a unilateral massacre, only the bunny-head teenage girl was smiling happily. The cicada pitched a sharp chirping sound, melting away the snows before they got any closer.

“(MinMin), what are you---!”

The bunny-head teenage girl ignored the scolding from the slender tall man, only focusing her gaze sharply at Shiika.

“Well, I guess it’s time for me to get serious. Cute little (Fuyuhotaru), for my sake, please become a Fallen again!”

“No… Stop… I don’t…”

Shiika could only shake her head desperately as she watched the tragedy unfold in front of her.

Shiika… … No, the reason why (Fuyuhotaru) was feared by everyone and further assigned with the title of Hishu level one, was because her ability was almost close to invincibility.

Substance Metamorph ----

Anything, when they touched by the snowflakes produced by Shiika’s (Mushi), would not be able to keep its original shape. Within the range of snowflakes falling, Shiika had a power resulting in overwhelming and complete destruction ---- regardless of whether she wanted to or not.

“[Don’t come near me… Go away … …]”

The white firefly continued to copy Shiika’s voice by itself.

“[I don’t want a place to belong anymore ……]


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