Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mushi Uta Volume 3: Main/Content Page

The Soaring Wings of a Dream
Author: 岩井恭平(Iwai Kyohei)Illustrator : るろう (Rurou)

Story Synopsis:

Devouring the dreams of humans, but giving its hosts supernatural powers in exchange, are the (Mushi) that appeared a decade ago. Because of the terrifying power that she processes, Anmoto Shiika is imprisoned by a top secret agency, known as the “Special Environmental Preservation Bureau”. Together with Shirakashi Ubuki, who betrayed the “SEPB” and took Shiika away; and Ebina Yuu, who is searching for the strongest Mushitsuki “Kakkou” in order to deliver something.

Despite them being wounded and lost, with strong and unshakeable feelings in each of them, these three girls set out to the Ouka City where “Kakkou” is situated.

Dreams that would never come across, encounter each other like a miracle.

This is the highest and the worst escape ever!


Wing (Translator)
Skat (Editor)
Akios (Editor) 

Other Volume:
Sveroz (Translator)

 - Terms Corner -

SEPB’s classification:

Kashu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had outstanding ability in combat. Almost all of the currently existing Mushitsuki belong to this category.

Ishu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had some sort of special ability.

Hishu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had all sort of unique condition. This title is one of the rarest, not that many was given such title in the whole series. So far Shiika is the only one that had obtained this title. (Because she’s the only one that awakened from Fallen status.)

(Mushi) Types:

Minion Type: Also known as separation type whereas the Mushi would be separated from the host themselves. This is the most populated type of all, near 80% (estimated) of Mushitsuki population had this type.

Special Type: Every Mushi of this type have no physical shape of itself, but might form one when it actives its ability which would mostly likely be control of certain medium within its territory. IE: Fire, electricity, gravity, etc.

Fusion Type: The rarest type of all. The Mushi of this type would fuse itself with Mushitsuki’s body + weapon to active its ability and further grant super human strength, speed, and durability to its host.


Release rate will probably be one chapter a week just like before, but depends on how busy we are and the length of the chapter.

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  1. this volume look good with all the characters
    isnt rina a fallen o did she come back from being one like shiika

    well.....no, but srsly, wut da heck is dat O.o (and hows does she even tie it on her head lol)
    Anyways, sounds like a good volume. finally theres a novel about shiika!!!! XP

    1. Ever heard of head scarf?? I think its something like that >.>. But who cares, its one of her trademark (thump up) =P

    2. lol, head scarf....(why does she even wear it????) it looks pretty on her, though XP
      weell dang, looks like shiika's hair got longer :3

  3. Sounds like an interesting volume, can't wait ^^
    Thank you~

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  5. New characters .... new characters death

  6. stop jinxing it. lol but it does sound promising enough

  7. This has been bugging me for a long time. What is with Mushi-uta's LN cover? There's always different girls each volume. Are they all Kakkou's harem members or what!?

    1. Not quite, the LN's cover are signing who would be the main protagonist of this volume, or who's it gonna be mainly about/center around with. For example, each volume's prologue begins with the cover character. First volume was Shiika, and second volume was Senri. Something similar to that pattern I guess?

    2. If I remember correctly, there's one volume with Kakkou on the cover, right?

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    1. Click on the PDF download link and you'll see 3 volumes of Mushi Uta on Skydrive,