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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.06: Yuu Part 7

Hey, could you tell me your dream?---

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Yuu Part 7

In front of Yuu, the white-coated figures were staring eye to eye at the two teenage boys.

---W-What’s going…on?

She had thought of using this chance to escape, but the situation of her being surrounded still hadn’t changed.

“I see, so the people who (Karasu) contacted were you guys! Does the East Central Division also want the CD?!”

“…(Kaguya), because of you, things have gotten really complicated.”

Ignoring the scolding coming from his partner, the teenage boy called (Kaguya) opened his schoolbag.

A black-colored long coat was then taken out from the schoolbag. Although it seemed very similar to the coats that the Mushitsuki surrounding Yuu were wearing, including the goggles that he wore, they were all pitch black instead.

A twin-tailed (Mushi) suddenly appeared next to the black-coated figure’s feet. The mayfly-like (Mushi)’s body gradually began to turn into a gold color.

“(Kabuto), I remember cleaning up problems that occurred between Higano City and Ouka City was also a part of our mission right?”

“But that’s after we retreat back to Ouka City… Hey you over there, can you still run?”

The teenage boy called (Kabuto) questioned Yuu.

The originally dumbfounded Yuu immediately nodded her head a few times.

“Good then.”

Just at that instant, (Kabuto) jumped from the building, and landed right next to Yuu.


Yuu’s hand was pulled by him, which caused her to run as well.

Immediately after that, golden lasers rained down upon the white-coated figures surrounding them.



The ground upon which the white-coated figures were standing exploded, sending every single Central Headquarters’ members flying. Their surrounding formation had collapsed because of this. The teenage boy called (Kaguya) and his (Mushi), descended behind the two of them.

They immediately ran towards the main road, following the path heading towards Ouka City. While cutting through the pedestrians, (Kabuto) raised a question towards Yuu.

“What exactly is going on? Can you explain why you are being targeted by the Central Headquarters?”

“I don’t have much time to explain!”

“What do you mean?”

The (Kaguya), who caught up to them, asked the question.

“If I don’t hurry and meet (Kakkou)-san, Ubuki-san she will…!”


“She’s trying to make time for me and Shiika-san right now! Facing a large group of enemies all by herself……!”

Yuu could feel the teenage boys’ expressions became solemn.

“Shiika…Do you mean Anmoto Shiika?”

Yuu nodded her head in response to (Kabuto)’s question, the two of them exchanged glances with each other immediately.

“(Fuyuhotaru)…so she really did escape from the Central Headquarters huh.”

Just then, Yuu suddenly came to a stop.

The bridge leading towards Ouka City was having a serious traffic jam.

And it was because of the police’s checkpoints up ahead.

Although Yuu tried to look for other methods to bypass, the river in front of her obstructed every other possibility.

“What should I do!! If I don’t hurry and get to Ouka City……!”


(Kabuto) suddenly grabbed the shoulder of Yuu who was turning her direction.

“If you only want to see (Kakkou), then there’s no point for you to go to Ouka City.”

“E-Eh, why? Isn’t (Kakkou)-san at the East Central Division’s ---“

“That guy is at Akamaki City right now.”

(Kabuto)’s sudden words, caused Yuu to black out for an instant.


Yuu could feel her body was slowly losing strength.

For an instant, she couldn’t understand what the teenage boy in front of her was saying.

(Kakkou) is at Ouka City.

A fact that she had believed in until now; for the sake of fulfilling her goal, she had worked so hard to come here.

Accompanied by the words of (Kabuto) soaking into her brain, a bottomless despair suddenly enveloped her completely.

“(Kakkou)-san he… is not at Ouka City……?”

Because of the overwhelming shock, her body began to tremble.

Even if she rushed back to Akamaki City this instant, there was no way she would make it there before evening.

--- Ubuki-san… Shiika-san…

The figures of those two teenage girls who believed in Yuu began to appear within her mind.

The CD that (Centi) risked his life protecting, for the sake of fulfilling his will, Yuu came here with the help of many people.

But she had never thought, after coming this far, that she would be told that (Kakkou) was not at Ouka City.

--- W-What… should I do now…?

The shadow of despair began to crawl onto Yuu’s feet.

Yuu, who was feeling like she would pass out any second, heard the surprised voice of (Kaguya) shouting next to her:

“Eh… Deputy branch director, are you sure?!”

(Kaguya) was talking to someone through the goggles.

“(Kakkou) has…come back to Ouka City already?!”


Yuu immediately widened her eyes as her weak legs began to stop trembling as well.

“What’s going on? We’ve never heard of such an occurrence; what’s the situation right now?”

“Yes…Yes, I understand now.”

(Kaguya) turned to face (Kabuto).

“It seems like he returned back to Ouka City before the Central Headquarters surrounded Higano City. Right now he is currently holding the Central Headquarters in check near the border line.”

“It’s as if he had already expected the movement of the Central Headquarters… Well if so, why didn’t we receive any evacuation orders?”

“No…The situation was actually not what we thought it was turning out to be. According to the deputy branch director, there seems to be reports of witnesses regarding the appearance of (Oogui) around this area, that’s why she didn’t ---“

“(Kakkou)-san is at Ouka City right now right?!”

Yuu suddenly grabbed onto (Kaguya)’s coat.

There was still some hope. If (Kakkou) were at Ouka City, then Yuu must hurry to his side as soon as possible.

“Why do you have to see (Kakkou)? I remembered you said something about a CD---“

“I obtained a CD from a guy called (Centi)… He wants to give this CD to either (Ladybird) or (Kakkou)…”

Yuu’s words caused the two of them to suddenly change their expressions.

Especially (Kaguya), he seemed really shocked for some reason as he held tightly onto the hands of Yuu that were grabbing his coat.

“From (Centi) you said?,,, Why is he…? And, what can he possibly want to give to Rina now.”

Yuu was scared by the other party’s sudden change of look. It seemed like (Kaguya) knows (Ladybird), and even calls her directly as Rina.

“(Kaguya), calm down. It really looks like we don’t have much time to let her explain.”

After hearing that line, Yuu and (Kaguya) both turned their heads around to the direction where they came from.

Amidst the honking lines of cars, white shadows could be faintly seen gathering. Perhaps it was due to the fact that there were too many civilians in the area; most of the white shadows were just hiding behind the buildings, observing their situation.

“Well, let me slightly tidy up the story then. In conclusion, you were entrusted with a CD-like object from a guy who claimed himself as (Centi), and for the sake of delivering that to (Kakkou), you came here. You were originally together with a person called Ubuki and (Fuyuhotaru), but have already separated… Am I right?”

Yuu nodded her head.

“Where is (Fuyuhotaru) right now?”

Yuu immediately pursed her lips upon being asked that question. Shiika was currently trying to escape from the SEPB’s pursue in general. Even if they were to tear her mouth apart, Yuu would never tell them the whereabouts of Shiika.

“Seemed like you’re alert against us; let me change to another question then, as long as you deliver the CD to (Kakkou), your problem will be solved right?”

“Yes! That’s why I have to---“

“Are you willing to entrust the CD to us then? It will definitely be safer than you doing it alone---“

Yuu instinctively distanced herself away from the two teenage boys.

It must be Yuu that delivers the CD. Because it was her that accepted (Centi)’s will first, and eventually came here with the help of Shiika and Ubuki, that was why she must deliver it to (Kakkou) personally.

The teenage boy called (Kaguya) showed a slightly reluctant expression.

“You probably didn’t know, that guy called (Kakkou) is actually……”

“He is just like a demon, right?!”


“I don’t care if he is a god or a demon! It was me who took the CD from that guy! And because of Shiika-san’s and Ubuki-san’s help, I’ve came here, that’s why I have to personally deliver it to (Kakkou)-san! No one else but me!”

Yuu tried to explain desperately as she held tightly onto the CD, while glaring at the two teenage boys. She had prepared herself to escape any time should the two of them forcefully snatch the CD away from her.

However, the teenage boy called (Kabuto) suddenly heaved a sigh.

“I understand.”

A Hercules beetle then descended next to the teenage boy who nodded his head --- No, after taking a closer look at it, one would be able to tell that it was not any normal Hercules beetle. The long horn on its head was branched off into many sub-horns; and its tea-colored body was shaking nonstop.


Yuu gasped with a startled look.

The Hercules beetle’s body began to swell up rapidly, before growing to a size that was at least three times taller than Yuu; its eyes were reflecting the sun’s glare.

The sudden appearance of the (Mushi) caused the surroundings to go into an uproar; screams could be heard coming from all directions.

“Get on, we’re getting out of Higano City right now.”


“This is something that the Central Headquarters values more than the recapture of (Fuyuhotaru), it is not something we can handle by ourselves anymore.”

However, (Kaguya) still seemed to be disagreeing with this as he clenched his teeth.

“Besides, this is your past comrade’s request. But, I just don’t understand why someone that has turned into a Fallen long ago wants to give this to (Kakkou) who’s their enemy….”

(Kaguya) squeezed his fists, while staring at Yuu with his eyes that were covered by the goggles:

“What’s your name?”

“Yuu…Ebina Yuu.”

“I’m Ogata Akatsuki, I don’t quite like this alias (Kaguya) given by the SEPB… Let’s go, Yuu.”

The teenage boy called Akatsuki carried Yuu with his arms and jumped on the back of the Hercules beetle by using its sub-horns as stepping stone along with (Kabuto). The Hercules beetle then spread its giant outer wings, while beating its thin inner wings to slowly lift off.


“Hold on tight.”

The Hercules beetle carrying the trio instantly climbed attitude. Although its accelerating speed was slower than Ubuki, its strong and powerful wings were making the flight less shaky for those who were sitting on it.

The white-coated figures surrounding the area immediately came charging at Yuu and the others. It seemed like they were not a part of the airborne squad, only their (Mushi) came attacking, not themselves together.

“Their number really did decrease quite a lot, it seems like that person called Ubuki is really trying her best.”

The gale started by the Hercules beetle immediately blew the approaching (Mushi) away. Compared to the giant Hercules beetle, the Central Headquarters’ (Mushi) were so tiny, like a bunch of louses. Even the attacks of those (Mushi) who charged through the storming wind and tackled the Hercules beetle with their bodies didn’t even have the slightest effect on it at all.

Below them, they could see the bridge connecting to Ouka City.

Yuu, who was sitting on top of the Hercules beetle, surveyed the surrounding streetscapes of Higano City.

But just in that instant ---

“Watch out…!”

Through Yuu’s eyes, she caught a glimpse of the objects that were flying diagonally from behind them.

The Hercules beetle’s body was shaken a bit immediately after that.


(Kabuto) showed a painful expression.

Piercing through the storm created by the Hercules beetle, countless arrows rained down from the sky.



The second wave came right away at the Hercules beetle without stopping. The arrows that were flying at a blinding speed struck the giant Hercules beetle’s giant body one after another.


Yuu mumbled lightly. He was one of the pursuers that attacked Yuu and the others yesterday.

“Damn it!”

“(Kaguya), don’t fight back! We have to focus on defense!”

Akatsuki manipulated the golden-colored mayfly, yet (Kabuto) cut in and stopped him.

“Right now is not the time for that! If this goes on, we will only become their target!”

“You don’t understand the Central Headquarters! If we were to fight back, they will use it as an excuse to attack the East Central Division!”

“Attack?! Why would they do such a thing?!”

“Focus on defense, (Kaguya)!”

“…What the hell are the people of the Central Headquarters thinking?!”

The mayfly curved its twin tails; the golden beams emitted from the end of its tails began to shoot down the flying arrows one by one.

However, (Toramaru)’s arrows were just way too fast; less than half of the arrows were shot down. The Hercules beetle’s body was continuously pierced deeply by the arrows, causing green fluid to spew out endlessly. (Kabuto) pressed hard onto his chest as he curved forward.



With a resolute attitude, (Kabuto) pushed away the hands of Yuu who intended on supporting him.

“Don’t worry about me… you should get ready yourself, we’re almost at Ouka City!”

Upon hearing that, Yuu raised her head.

The Hercules beetle just flew past the river, causing a broad streetscape to enter her view.

“This is…Ouka City……”

The air suddenly became different.

The fragrance of the tidal water could be smelled mixing amidst the wind and the streets were filled with high-rising buildings that were still under construction; the sound of constructing could even be heard from where she was.

Yuu then turned around to look back at Higano City.

Her hands holding the CD involuntarily increased strength.

After going through the past couple of days since they left Akamaki City, she finally arrived here.

Since that moment she turned her head around on her way home from cram school, she had encountered many different people. She had laughed, feared, been angered many times while coming here, as well as encountered those who she held dear, and parting ways with them.

A new dream began to surface within Yuu’s heart.

“I…I will definitely come back here again…”

She whispered lightly to herself.

Shiika-san and Ubuki-san have given me many precious things… I will definitely, never forget them in my life.

And the present Ubuki-san gave me… A remnant of her hometown that’s more precious than anything, how could she so easily sell something like that for me?...

I definitely have to repay her kindness.

I’ll find the pendant that Ubuki-san sold. And this time, it will be me that gives the present to Ubuki-san. Infuse everything that I earned, my feelings, my emotions, every single one of them into it as I return it back to Ubuki-san.

“I…want to see Shiika-san and Ubuki-san.”

No… I will definitely see them again!

After I deliver the CD to (Kakkou)-san, and finish everything! I’ll take Ubuki’s pendant with me, and go see them once again!

Yuu then gently placed the newly-birthed tiny dream into the deepest part of her heart. Until the day she reunites with Shiika and Ubuki, before the day she returns the pendant back to Ubuki, she would hold this dream within her!

“Even after we entered Ouka City… it seems like they still don’t have the intention of stopping their attack!”

While shooting down the incoming arrows, Akatsuki shouted loudly.

“Because those Central Headquarters people were often coerced… Of course they won’t let us go this easily!”


“The head director and vice director are very terrifying… Ugh, we’re going to land!”

After crossing the river, the Hercules beetle began its emergency landing towards the streets.

Akatsuki carried Yuu, and lowered his stance to get ready.

“(Kaguya), you go on ahead, try to get in contact with (Kakkou) and group up with him! Leave this to me!”

Facing (Kabuto) who turned around and said this, Akatsuki hesitated for a moment before nodding his head in response.


Out of nowhere, (Kabuto)’s body suddenly curved into a bow-shape from the pain. It seemed like (Toramaru)’s arrow had shot the Hercules beetle in the eye.

The Hercules beetle lost its balance in midair, and started crashing towards a building.


“Damn it…!”

Carrying Yuu, Akatsuki jumped off in midair, attempting to make a landing.

On the other hand, (Kabuto) and his (Mushi) crashed into the building together.



(Kabuto), who’s head was bleeding from the crashing, shouted loudly to Akatsuki and Yuu, who had just barely landed safely.

Akin to ants devouring an elephant, the Central Headquarters’ (Mushi) attacked the giant Hercules beetle at once. The Hercules beetle used its wings to blow away the enemies.

Meanwhile, a few (Mushi) came approaching Yuu.

“…This way!”

“B-But, that person he…!”

“This is Ouka City, there will be reinforcements really soon! Let’s hurry and go!”

Being pulled by Akatsuki by the wrist, Yuu began to run along ---

The place where Yuu and the others had landed was an alley far away from the main streets. Judging from the scene that they saw from the sky, it should probably be right in between the coast park and the main streets.


In front of Akatsuki and Yuu that were running towards Ouka City’s central area, a group of (Mushi) appeared and blocked their path. Behind the surrounding buildings, white-coated Mushitsuki appeared one after another as well.

“What?! Why are the Central Headquarters’ members here?!”

The (Mushi) came attacking the two of them unanimously.

Akatsuki immediately manipulated the mayfly to shoot out many golden lasers, which caused the Central Headquarters’ members to stop in fear.

However, when they realized that the lasers were not aimed at them, the white-coated figures immediately resume their attack at Akatsuki and Yuu again.

“W-Where is (Kakkou)-san?”

“I’m trying to contact him right now! He should probably be in the area!”

Akatsuki pressed his hand against the goggles, trying desperately to contact him. Yuu, who was running along him, gazed carefully at Akatsuki’s movement.

(Kakkou)-san is around here---

Yuu’s heart was beating violently.

After seeing him, what should I say?

How do I explain so that he would accept the CD? Can I really deliver (Centi)’s will to him?

New white-coated figures appeared in front of them.

The two of them hurriedly changed their direction, and moved along a different route.

Uneasiness began to arise within Yuu.

Even if I were to see (Kakkou)-san, will he really accept the CD?

He might possibly ignore Yuu’s existence and leave, since to him, he didn’t have the obligation to accept the CD.

For the sake of not letting that happen, what should I say?

--- (Centi) was fighting for (Ladybird)’s sake!

--- Ubuki-san was desperately protecting me!

--- Shiika-san had always believed in me!

--- I-I’ve finally come here after going through so much---!

The more that she thought, the more unsuitable lines that showed up. There were too many ways of putting feelings into words, but she just couldn’t find the right one.

Just then, both Yuu’s and Akatsuki’s vision became broad.

The two of them escaped from the labyrinth-like residential area, and arrived at a vast open space.

This place seemed to be a scheduled construction site of a high-rising building; there were two tall steel frame towers lining right next to each other.

“Huh? The communication got disconnected…?---“

Yuu heard Akatsuki’s troubled voice.

“There’s someone over there…”

Yuu came to a stop.

In the vast open space between the two giant towers, there was a figure.

So pretty ---

Yuu could not help but be fascinated from looking at the figure.

Which school’s uniform is that?...

The teenage girl was wearing a navy blue uniform blazer.


Akatsuki could not help but involuntary blurt that line out. The figure of him gazing dumbfounded, as he stood rooted to the ground as if he had just seen a ghost.



A light surprised sound was then squeezed from Yuu’s throat.

Facing their gazes, the teenage girl looked to Yuu and showed a glamorous smile:

“---Hey, could you tell me your dream?”

Unknowingly, the sun that had already tilted towards the western sky, rendered the vast open space into a deep orange.

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