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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.07: Shiika Part 8

Artist: 椎名樹

Regret that I didn't find this much earlier =3, it'd be a good joke for April fool's day.
(In case you don't understand the words and wondering what it is, it's saying the animation is green-lit for 2nd season(?), which will air on 2064... xD)

Version: 1.01


Shiika Part 8


In the alley of the shopping district near Ouka City’s train station, Shiika was running desperately.

There was no one passing through the narrow alleys; a completely deserted area.

Due to the fact that she had been running ever since she left Higano City, her stamina was now already running low; her running speed was almost the same as her walking speed.

But even so, Shiika continued to run.


Not noticing the rusty metal pipe on the ground, Shiika stumbled and fell.

However, even after falling onto the hard ground, her body didn’t feel any pain. Perhaps it was because of her excessive lack of oxygen? She couldn’t even feel her limbs anymore.

Shiika hurriedly groped around inside her pocket with her hand before she could even get up.

She then heaved a sigh of relief.

It’s okay. I managed to protect it right when I fell, so I didn’t crush it…

Shiika then raised her head, before suddenly widening her eyes.


One after another, figures began to appear from behind the buildings.

Shiika immediately climbed up from the ground, intent on turning around and fleeing.

However, her back was also blocked by the white-coated figures.

“Located (Fuyuhotaru), please immediately send reinforcement.”

The white-coated figure, standing in the front row, pressed his hand against the goggles and said this line.

--- No.

Fear instantly eroded Shiika’s heart.

It was the same fear that she had experienced numerous times already; however, this fear wasn’t the same fear of her afraid to get hurt.

“Before the East Central Division comes here, seize her!”

Dozens of (Mushi) began to appear one after another next to the white-coated figures, before leaping at her from both sides simultaneously.

--- Stop. 

Behind the white-coated figures, a tall white-colored building could be seen in the distance.

That was Ouka East High School.

The (Mushi) that were leaping at her and the nostalgic school building, began to overlap in her view.

--- Don’t get in my way!

Shiika could feel a voice echoed within her heart.

In that instant, a small snowflake descended from the sky ---


A firefly glowing in a pure white aura slowly rose into the air in front of Shiika.


The Central Headquarters’ members were stunned as they stood rooted to the ground with dumbfounded expressions.

The snowflake melted into the ground.


After bulging, the paved road exploded into pieces, sending numerous white-coated figures flying with the debris.

A deep fissure was then carved into the ground, slowly eroding the nearby buildings before bringing them down completely as well.

Shiika gazed dazedly at the scene of destruction unfolding before her.

I have to go --- 

Her heart was overtaken by a pure motivation.

For Ubuki’s sake, for Yuu’s sake, and… for my own dream.

I can’t stop here…

“What are you guys doing?! Use this chance and seize (Fuyuhotaru)---!”

Before the white-coated figure could finish saying his command, he was interrupted by another voice.

“[Don’t get in…my way…]”

The firefly suddenly emitted a much more dazzling glow.

At the reddish sky that drawing closer to evening, white dots appeared.

Those were the silhouettes of pure white snow.

And not just one snowflake, but countless white snowflakes were slowly raining down from the sky.

The Central Headquarters’ members were standing where they were, gazing at the sky. Some of them already slumped onto the ground as if they had foreseen their incoming end.

Shiika glared at the white-coated figures.

“[Disappear… before me…]”

--- Why do you guys always have to hinder me…?

Resentment began to spread within Shiika.

Right now, she needed to get to Ouka East High school as soon as possible. During the time she wasted from being stopped here, Ubuki was fighting against a large number of enemies all by herself, and Yuu was also desperately trying her best.

--- No matter what I endure… no matter how much I endure, God never gives me anything…

The aura coming from the pure white firefly gradually grew stronger.

The snow that was filling the sky began to descend onto the ground.

--- No matter how hard I tried… no matter where I go… I can’t find a place where I belong…

Shiika pursed her lips.

All I ever wanted was a place of belonging…!

“[Just destroy everything…!]”

“Just destroy everything …!”

Shiika’s voice, and the (Mushi)’s voice overlapped as one.

In that instant, Shiika’s surroundings darkened.


Shiika came back to her senses, and turned around.

Subconsciously, the sunset in the horizon on the edge of the train station were gradually sinking.

The dark shadows of the buildings nearby were cast onto Shiika and the surrounding white-coated figures.

The reddish sunset that was casted over the sky then entered Shiika’s view.

Feeling almost taken over by her negative emotions, ripples could be felt spreading within her heart.

Shiika bit tightly onto her lips.

“[Just destroy… and make them all disappear….!]”

Large pieces of snow were about to come in contact with the (Mushi) herd.

However, just at that instant ---

Shiika made a big jump next to a pile of metal pipes, and picked one up.

“Stop it---!”

Shiika held onto the metal pipe, and ran towards the firefly unsteadily.

Using the momentum resulted from running, she crashed into the firefly.

The tip of the metal pipe pierced deeply into the body of the pure white firefly.


A burning impact could be felt piercing through Shiika’s chest.

The firefly spurted out a large amount of fluid as it gave off a painful scream.

“What?! She actually hurt her own (Mushi)---“

The aching consciousness was starting to cause the white-coated people’s figures to become blurred in her view.

Shiika then collapsed onto the firefly as pain and emptiness carved a deep scar within.


Shiika’s eyes lost their lusters for an instant.

However ---

“Someday…I’ll definitely able to find… a place where I belong…”

The snow that was dancing down, melted into the space before disappearing.

Shiika clenched her teeth.

Although her dream was being engulfed by pain, emptiness, fear, and might disappear any time, there was something even stronger holding onto it.

“I’m going to use my legs… No matter how many times… I will not give up…”

Her (Mushi)’s pupils were gazing at Shiika from a close distance.

--- Daisuke-kun…

She then recalled the teenage boy who caused her to remember her dream.

“…There must be a place… where I belong…”

The place of belonging that allows Shiika to stay definitely exists.

Different from the Shiika four years ago.

Different from the Shiika two months ago.

The Shiika now, had people who believed in her, and would wait for her.

The fluid-soaked metal pipe fell onto the floor from the firefly’s body.

In front of Shiika, the injured pure white firefly gradually shrank down before flying into Shiika’s hair to hide itself.


Shiika then shifted her gaze to white-coated figures that were surrounding her.

This sent a chill running down the Central Headquarters’ members’ spines immediately.

“Please don’t… come after me anymore.”

After saying that, Shiika left the scene.

The combatants that had completely lost their will to fight were seeing her off dazedly.

And then, Shiika dashed.

Advancing towards the white-colored school building that could be seen in the far distance.

The soul-ripping pain and emptiness had caused her to trip countless time already. But even so, her gaze remained fixed on the school building.

--- Stumbling due to the sudden change in road height, Shiika fell onto the floor.

She possibly passed out for that instant right?

Shiika wobbly raised her head to gaze at the school building that was shrouded in the sunset’s glare.


On the pillar that she was leaning against, the words “Ouka East High School” were written.

Lifting her barely awake head, Shiika stood up.

Perhaps today might be a holiday; the interior of the school building was very quiet.

Walking past the front gate, Shiika followed the wall and walked to the 1st floor’s entrance. Although she had come here only once to look for Rina, she still clearly remembered the locations of various rooms in the school.

In the eyes of Shiika who raised her head, the building where the art classroom used to be could be seen.

It had been several months already since that incident; it seemed like the building was still undergoing maintenance, the ground was covered in iron wires. But she could still tell that the school was gradually returning to its original state. Upon seeing this, Shiika wanted to show a smile, but her body was too weak to even smile a bit.

Passing through the opened entrance, she stepped into the school building. Her consciousness was hazy enough that she even forgot to take off her shoes, but she probably didn’t even have the energy for that anyway.

Faster, even if it’s just one step faster, I have to obtain the painting… 


In her blurred view, a soft light appeared.

(Hotaru) --- It was the nickname that she gave to her (Mushi) a few years ago.

As if it was guiding Shiika, the injured pure white firefly flew deeper into the school building.

Shiika held onto the handrail of the stairway, and climbed up one stair after another.

The art classroom was located at this building’s top floor.

After a while, she finally finished climbing.

In front of her was a new hallway that had just finished being constructed. The nostalgic sign of “Art Classroom” could be seen at the end of the hallway. The white firefly was also floating in the air waiting for Shiika.

Shiika leaned her hand against the windows, gradually moving forwards to the art classroom.

--- E-Excuse me…

--- Shiika…? Didn’t you say you were going to see your boyfriend in the afternoon?

In her mind appeared the smile of Rina.


Shiika slowly trudged forwards in the hallway.

--- I’m attending Ouka East High School. You know which one?

She originally thought that even though it might be a holiday, there’s might be a chance that she’d chance upon Daisuke. But judging from the fact that there weren’t any students in the school, it seemed like he possibly wouldn’t be here right?

Recalling the memories of several months ago, the things that happened in the past few days also surfaced along.

--- UUuuuwaaahhhh…! Shiika-san you ecchi!

Although Yuu would always have an expression as if she would cry right away, she never gives up, always trying her best to run forward. She would definitely become a great adult in the future.

--- Congratulations!

The last smile that Ubuki gave was the happiest smile that Shiika had ever seen since their encounter. Thinking back at it now, the encounter with her was probably the beginning of everything. Although she had said that she wanted revenge for losing her hometown, was she still thinking about it now? If possible, Shiika hoped she could pursue her own happiness; she really prayed so from the bottom of her heart.

On the door of the art classroom hanged a sign that read “Interior undergoing renovation. Students are prohibited from entering”.

Shiika put her hand on the handle, and pushed open the doors.

The orange sunset rendered everything in her sight with its hue.

In the center of the art classroom shrouded in twilight, there was an easel standing there, while other canvases were covered with white sheets.

Shiika walked into the classroom, and took the white sheet off.

“I’m back, Rina……”

Huge tears were shedding down her cheeks.

A teenage boy’s familiar figure was drawn on the canvas.

Kusuriya Daisuke.

The well-drawn portrait of the teenage boy was already severely damaged, possibly resulting from the battle when Shiika was here last time. The corner of the canvas was cut off, and the whole portrait was covered in tiny scratches all over.

Shiika then embraced the canvas tightly in her arms.

“I’m back, Daisuke-kun……”

As Shiika shed more tears, white-colored figures appeared in front of her.

“Hishu level one ranked (Fuyuhotaru), we’re going to arrest you.”

It seemed like they were the Central Headquarters’ members that had come as reinforcements, the white-coated figures surrounded Shiika immediately.

Shiika slowly raised her head, before noticing another canvas that was hanging on the wall.

As if the whole sunset was put into the canvas, the breath-taking painting stood out very much. On the heading that reads “The Winner of The Painting Competition Hosted by Ouka City’s Mayor”, Rina’s name was craved.

Shiika subconsciously reached her hand towards that painting.

I’ve… made a promise with Yuu-chan, to give Rina’s beloved sunset painting to her as present ---

“Don’t move!”

A (Mushi)’s leg swung at Shiika.

Unsure of where she was hit, Shiika was send flying into a wall along with Daisuke’s portrait in her arms.

She then collapsed onto the ground weakly, completely unable to move.

A tiny package had fallen out of her pocket onto the floor at the same time.

It was the chocolate that she received from the teenage girl she encountered back at Higano City.

“S-Seize her!”

Hearing the shouted orders coming from around her, Shiika’s consciousness was taken by the darkness.

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Ahh~ Dark-Shiika! Pretty-moe dont cha think? She definitely wont lose to Kakkou if she turned devilish, here's a awesome fan fic that proves that. Ps, the special trait being her black ribbon lol xD

Artist: 柳原

Oh, in case if you're wondering what Shiika is saying on the April fool's pic, she's asking, "Who is Arisu?..." (Obviously directed towards Daisuke *cough*) And "Next, it's world debut." Smth like that =3=, me no pr0 japer


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