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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Epilogue: Girls

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Akamaki City greeted a new day as usual.

No clouds could be seen in the sunny sky. However, being an urban area, the air was still hard to be regarded as “fresh”. But even so, it was still one of Akamaki City’s features.

Even though it was already late February, the temperature was still pretty low.

Walking along the sidewalk, Daisuke exhaled a cloud of white mist from the scarf covering around his mouth.

A group of primary school kids ran past him, laughing at and chasing each other. Next to him, on the side, the birch trees that lined the streets were being flooded by the crowds heading to schools and workplaces.

Daisuke raised his face, and caught sight of a teenage girl walking towards him.

It was a teenage girl, still in junior high school perhaps, with a pair of red glasses and a lovely smile on her face. Taking a closer look, a Band-Aid on could be seen her forehead. And on her wrist, where her sleeve wasn’t able to cover, bandages could also be spotted.

Before the bespectacled teenage girl walked up to Daisuke, another teenage girl rushed to her side.


“Ah, Chie-chan! Good morning.”

“Good morning? How could you greet me so peacefully after being absent for so many days! Where have you been? We were all so worried about you!”

“Well…I went on a trip of some kind…”

“A trip?! Why so suddenly…Eh? Yuu, you got new glasses?”

“Ehehe~ Can you feel the love in them?”

“Hahah? What are you talking about--- Oh, by the way, we’re going shopping after school, are you coming?”

“Sorry, but I have to go to Higano City. There’s something that I must find.”

Daisuke gave a weak smile, and walked past Yuu.

He then retrieved a small paper package from his pocket.

A card could be seen attached on the package that was wrapped in cute ribbons.

--- Dear (Kakkou)-kun: I'm sorry that I've caused you troubles every time.

Daisuke scratched his head, before putting the package back into his pocket.

Even though there was no signature or name left on the card, Daisuke knew very clear who left this in that classroom.

Daisuke also knew that, for some particular reason, the sender couldn’t give this to “Kusuriya Daisuke”, who should be a normal boy that had nothing to do with the battles of Mushitsuki. But deep down, he still found it a bit irritating.

“Why not to Daisuke, but to (Kakkou)…?”

Daisuke muttered a weak complaint with a wry smile.

Just then, he heard a ringtone coming from his cell phone. It was the ringtone of a popular single from the famous band, “Crawling Life”, that he hadn’t changed since two months ago.

“Daisuke-san, have you seen Yuu-san yet?”

After picking up the call, a familiar slack voice came from the other end of the call. Maybe it was due to the fact that it was still early in the morning, Touko’s voice sounded even more absent-minded than usual.

“Yeah, she seems pretty energetic.”

“Although she will be monitored by the Central Headquarters for a while, it shouldn’t influence her normal life. Being able to resist the allure of (Oogui) as a normal human, she’s now a rare and significant sample. If the Central Headquarters knew that as well, she surely wouldn’t be handled in such a gentle way, wouldn’t she?”

“That girl’s battle has already ended in an all round victory. Even if some day she were to fight again, it would be a pursuit of her own.”

Speaking of those words, Daisuke smiled to himself.

“According to the request on the paper note left in that classroom, possibly by (Fuyuhotaru), we’ve mailed Tachibana Rina-san’s painting of the sunset to Yuu-san’s home…But is that really alright? That painting of the sunset and the portrait of Daisuke-san… Weren’t both paintings preserved in the school because Daisuke-san's own request?"

Daisuke stared at the space where Yuu was standing moments ago.

Truthfully speaking, he really felt a bit relieved back when he saw Yuu. Because he was happy that painting had finally found a deserving owner.

And he also felt relieved for Shiika.

When Daisuke heard that Shiika had escaped from the Central Headquarters' facility, he was really shocked. What had happened to Shiika? Why did she have to run away ---?

But Shiika took the portrait of Daisuke along with her. That was proof — proof that she hasn’t forgotten her promise with Daisuke.

--- I too can keep on waiting, and keep on fighting.

Shiika was looking forward to the day of their reunion, just like Daisuke. As long as their feelings remained unchanged, he believed from the bottom of his heart, that day would surely come.

“Well, rather than worrying about me, is everything alright with you, Touko-san? You’ve made some really reckless moves this time. The aftermath should be hard to handle, right?”

“Nope! No problems at all! After all, there’s no one that’s more useless than me in SEPB right now…!”


“The East Central Division is slowly recovering to its former state, little by little. Even though we’ve gone through a lot, we still have you (Kakkou), by our side. Plus we now have added the Kashu level two ranked (Kaguya) ---- Ogata Akatsuki-san; and the Hishu level three ranked (Himiko) --- Senri-san ,whom still has some uncertain factors to be taken care of, to our force. If there were a slightly more capable person taking the chair of branch director, there’s no doubt that some people might think we have ulterior motives. That’s why they allowed me to stay in such position. The Central Headquarters will also be at ease if the East Central Division were run by someone as useless as me. That’s why, cheers for being useless, uselessness for the win!”

Daisuke could almost imagine Touko showing her usual good-for-nothing smile on the other end of the call, and couldn’t help to burble.

Just then, Touko continued:

“About the people who have assisted Shiika-san…If, I mean if, they’re (Mushibane). The situation will surely become troublesome…Do you think they’re going to wage war against SEPB again?”

“As long as one remains as a Mushitsuki, they can never escape from the destiny of battle… nor can they ever give up.”

Daisuke then hung up the call.

He turned his head around, just in time to hear the determined voice coming from that lovely bespectacled teenage girl.

“You know what, about today’s post-graduation aspiration survey…I didn’t write down Ouka East High, but filled in the High School Division of Horusu Seijyou Gakuen instead…”

Again, Daisuke smiled, before turning around.

The teenage girls’ laughter gradually faded away from him.

Under the azure sky of Akamaki City, the cold February breeze kept on swaying.

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