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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.12: The Others

The secret that they risked their lives protecting... Just what in the world is in the CD that Kakkou has received?! -drum rolls- =3=

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The Others

--- The CD was inserted into the goggles.

After some brief static noise and jumping lines that appeared on the lens, images and sound came.

“The third phase’s testing is now over. How’s (C)’s condition?”

“She’s still fine.”

“Good, let’s enter the fourth phase just like this then. Get ready to record the experimental data of Fallen test subjects numbered 1 to 15.”

“Everything is good to go.”

“Start initializing voltage onto (C). (C) is slowly adjusting her pulse.”

“…I-I… can’t hold on… much longer…”

“We have lost response from test subject number 3, 8, and 9’s brainwaves.”

“Continue the experiment.”


“Abnormal reactions detected! We’ve captured test subject number 5 and 1’s memory signals!”

“(C)! Covert the signal immediately, and turn it into images! Make it fall into a loop, and insert false memory into it!”


“…No good, the signals disappeared.”

“If (Fuyuhotaru) can awaken from Fallen state, there’s no reason that other Mushitsuki can’t… As long as (Fuyuhotaru) is still a Mushitsuki, that’s enough to keep this experiment going. No… Perhaps, this might give us a result that’s even better that. --- Well, it’s nice to have such results for the first time. Save the fourth phase’s data into the CD.

“Start saving the data.”

“Okay, today’s experiment ends here.”

“Yes, the above data will be save as the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau, Central Headquarters, Koushu “Ha” sixth experiment, fourth phase’s official ---“

“Warning! Test subject number 5 is going haywire! Detected brainwave signals --- Woahh!! It’s (Mushi), a cicada appeared!”

“Test subject number 1 also summoned forward (Mushi)… It’s a centipede!”

“Hurry up and save the data! (Mushi)’s elimination is prioritized first, as well as Dioresutoi’s fragments......!”

“But…That’s still---“

Static suddenly cut in, before turning the image into a single line and disappeared.

And then, the words “Data Lost” appeared onto the lens. Once the CD passed its expiration date, the data within would automatically destroy itself.

The CD that was extracted from the goggles was then crushed, since it could no longer play for a second time.

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Really short one, but very important xD.
Anyone got the tiny hint that was shown in this chapter? =3


  1. Thanks for the chapter...pity he couldn't listen to the cd until the end though. The tiny hint is probably the guy with the cicada mushi will make an appearance?

    1. well,not a guy... isn't there a girl who has cicada as (Mushi)? *cough*... xD

    2. Hmm...I must have forgotten about it. I skipped the first volume because I watched the anime back then, and haven't find the time to read it. That is why I've forgotten some of the events transpired and characters in the first volume.

  2. Thank you~
    And... Minmin!!

    1. So it was minmin when wing mention it was a female she first came into my head but really can't remember been a while
      Thanks for the chap

  3. This is not regarding the chapter.

    I would like to ask if you would allow me to post your translations on Baka-Tsuki were I to start a project page for Hyouketsu? I just don't like the feeling of having three volumes with no links. Details here: http://sakurahonyaku.wordpress.com/2013/04/19/mondaiji-and-hyouketsu-details/.

    Thank you for your consideration on this matter.

    1. It would be better if you could email this to the group's email, so that way he (Zgmfix09a) could see it. The email is ce.tl.contact(at)gmail(dot)com. I don't think he would mind as long as the volumes were posted as external links, how like Piano was done, but still gotta confirm with him to make sure. Godspeed on the project!