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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Prologue Chapter 0.00: The Others

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Translated : Wing
Edited : Akios, Skat

Version: 2.01



A teenager girl crash landed on a cliff.


Her back collided fiercely against a tree; the sudden intense pain caused the teenage girl to stop breathing for an instant. However, the teenage girl ignored the pain, got up quickly, and began to crawl toward the edge of the cliff.

“Ahh… Ahhhh……”

A groan that was different from her usual tone squeezed out from the deepest part of her throat. Just when she was about to shield her eyes with her hands, tears fell onto her stiffened hands.

The bright red light was reflecting the strange appearance of the teenage girl.

Two lens-like objects were covering the teenage girl’s face --- objects that could make one feel reminiscent of an insect’s compound eyes. The objects extended all the way past her neck, connecting to the two pairs of black wings on her back.

All of a sudden, the compound eyes and wings became tentacles and de-fused from her body, revealing the immature face of a girl who had just turned thirteen last month. After that, the tentacles deformed into a black-colored little creature with two pairs of wings and two pairs of legs --- very similar to a dragonfly.


She couldn’t bring herself to accept or reject the scene happening in front of her, and just merely cried in despair. On the necklace that was she was wearing, a gold-colored ring was swaying.

--- The island, that she was raised on, was burning.

Countless flames emerged all over the little town that could be seen from the cliff. Not only the little town, but also numerous ships that were parked near the harbor, were being devoured by the crimson flames. The only places that were excluded from this savagery were the seas surrounding this island, and the cliff where the teenage girl was situated.

Crimson flames sprang endlessly from the town; its fierce burning blaze seemed just like a giant monster in the teenage girl’s eyes.

And that monster had a pair of uneven sharp tusks, just like a demon.

The teenage girl widened her eyes, and quietly gazed at the view in front of her.

I won’t forget ---

She continued to gaze at the flames with a doll-like emotionless expression as she clenched tightly onto her necklace.

I won’t forget… … Everyone’s voices, pain, and their last expressions --- I will never forget ……

Just then, a presence came from behind the teenage girl.

“I finally found you… My lovely child.”

It was a young female’s voice. Right after she spoke, voices from other people interrupted.

“Reporting to vice director, there isn’t a single trace of (Sanbikime).” [T/N: Sanbikime = The third one (Nick name for the last original)]

“Miguruma-kun, you actually destroyed the whole island… isn’t that a bit too much?”

Upon hearing that, the teenage girl who had her eyes still wide open finally understood the identities of the people behind her.

These people… It’s all their fault that (Sensei) and everyone ---

She clenched her fist tightly on the ground, before turning her head around.

Just at that instant, her whole body trembled in surprise.

A beautiful, tall, and slender woman wearing a white suit; was shedding tears while facing her from a short distance.

“I’m sorry…”

The woman moved her lips as she closed up onto the teenager to where they could almost touch each other. The mole beneath her slender eyes was wet from the transparent tears. The voice that sounded through those rosy lips was filled with kindness and love.

“The things that we have done are presumably cruel and sad…”

The foreheads of the teenage girl and the woman finally came in contact.

The teenage girl was confused.

The woman that suddenly appeared and hugged her while crying --- Is this person, who is currently embracing her gently, really the culprit that destroyed her hometown?

Just then, the teenage girl’s doubt was instantly shattered without leaving a trace.


While their foreheads touched against one another, the woman's eyes gazed straight at the teenage girl.

“You will forgive me right? Since I love you this much…”

The teenage girl gasped.

The woman was still smiling as she continued to look at her with her slender eyes.

“You will also… love me right?”

Although it was a smile filled with gentleness and love, the teenage girl couldn’t stop her body from shivering from this fear that she seemed to have experienced before. She continued to quiver nonstop as if she had fallen ill.

She cursed herself for having such an illusion. After the disappearance of the comfort that she felt momentarily, the teenage girl firmly believed ---

This woman was the enemy.

And not just any enemy, she’s the most terrifying and unimaginable enemy that she had ever encountered before.

So scary ---

The teenage girl was terrified to a point where she couldn’t even bring herself to feel hatred or sadness.

(Sensei), help me --

“How pitiful, there’s no need for you to be this afraid …”

The woman hugged the teenage girl as she said that:

“Head director, you are going to undertake the entire responsibility of this mission.”

“H-Huh… What do you mean by that?!”

“Rest assured; the candidate to succeed you has already been chosen. If we leave everything to him, the Special Environmental Preservation Bureau will definitely be fine ……”

The voice of the woman speaking blew into her ears.

“From now on… you don’t have to be afraid anymore. Pitiful children like you, as well as every single Mushitsuki out there, will be loved by us…”

On the cliff that was brightened by the red light, aside from trembling — there was nothing else that the teenage girl could do…...

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Just a head up, this is the past. It's something that happened during Mushi Uta Bug (during the 4 years that Shiika was still a Fallen).


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