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[Mushi Uta v3 ] Chapter 4.04: Shiika Part 7


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Shiika Part 7

On the national highway, Shiika could be seen running desperately.

Above the roads filled with passing vehicles, was a road sign which indicated the distance needed to reach Ouka City.

Cutting through the pedestrians, Shiika panted heavily as she continued running.


At that moment, she noticed a long shadow which flew across the sky in the distance.

That long shadow consisted of a herd of (Mushi) gathering together, flying towards a certain direction.


It seemed like Ubuki had successfully diverted the enemies’ attention.

Shiika shook her head in order to shake away the uneasiness that arose within her.

--- Ubuki promised us, she wouldn't die!

Subconsciously, the question “How long have I been running like this?” suddenly appeared in her mind.

The fatigue which resulted from over-exceeding her limits, began to make Shiika feel light-headed. Within her head that was starting to feel dizzy, all kinds of thoughts flashed through before disappearing.

In the end, she was helped by Ubuki time and time again, whilst unable to do anything for her in return.

It was the same with Rina who also worried about Shiika until the very end.

Why did she only have the power to destroy? Not only did it not help the others, but rather it hurt those around her instead. To Shiika, who only wanted to find a place where she belonged, this strength brought nothing but loneliness... Why did (Oogui) give her such an ability in the first place?...

How’s Yuu doing right now?

Did she arrive at Ouka City yet? Was she also worrying about Shiika?

The time that she spent with Yuu was very happy, if she were to have a younger sister, it would probably feel like that right? But if that were the case, from Yuu’s perspective, Shiika would probably be an unreliable older sister from head to toes right? Not only did she lack common sense, she was also pretty clumsy… When Yuu was angry for someone that was as useless as her, she felt happy from the bottom of her heart.

The time that she spent with Yuu was very happy. If she were to have a younger sister, it would've probably felt like that right? But if that were the case, from Yuu's perspective, Shiika would probably be regarded as an unreliable older sister from head to toe right? Not only did she lack common sense, she was also pretty clumsy... When Yuu became angry for someone that was as useless as her, she felt happy from the bottom of her heart.

Shiika felt that she was becoming weaker.

The resilience which resulted from her past escapes, was completely demolished when she was parting ways with Ubuki and Yuu.

--- This is the first time... I feel so happy from dancing! Why is that?! Why do I feel like this even though we're trying to escape from scary people...?!

--- That's not important at all okay?! If we have to run either way, why not make this as enjoyable as possible?!

--- Ahaha.

So happy. Even though she was still in fear of the SEPB’s pursuit, the happiness that she felt when three of them were together was much greater than that.

Even though it was the same as the previous escapes, it felt completely different, and now Shiika finally knew the reason why.

“I’m not scared at all… because Ubuki and Yuu-chan are with me……”

She continued running, while subconsciously muttering that line out.

Through her vision, which was becoming blurred due to the overwhelming fatigue, the image of traffic jam happening on the national highway could be seen. There seemed to be checkpoints up ahead. Uniformed police could be seen carefully checking every vehicles.

--- If it were just me, if it were just the weak me alone… I can’t do anything…

Shiika murmured within her heart.

After cutting into a nearby street, Shiika ran into the gaps between the buildings.

However, upon seeing several white-coated figures up ahead of the alley, she stopped. The figures stood close to each other as if they were discussing something.

Just then, one of them pointed his finger at Higano City as other members nodded their heads. Shiika could faintly hear “(Karasu) she… leave this area to the 3rd team…” coming from them. The white-coated figures suddenly turned around, and started running towards her direction.

Shiika immediately hid behind the buildings, the white-coated figures ran passed her without looking back.

Ubuki was trying her best. For their sake, she became a bait in order to lure the enemies away.

Shiika immediately returned back on track, and ran through the empty alleys.

--- If there were only me, I couldn't do anything… But……

After leaving the area where there were checkpoints, Shiika began to dash once again on the national highway. Next to the road was the sign of Ouka City’s entrance.

--- I’m not alone right now! Because of Ubuki and Yuu-chan’s help, I’ve made it here!

A nostalgic view expanded before Shiika.

A streetscape of high-rising buildings mixing among short worn-out buildings entered her view. The hooks of the cranes situated at the main streets could be seen hanging all over the place. The city was filled with the smell of a unique mixt of tide water and vehicle exhaust.

The city where Shiika was born --- Ouka City. The place where she had once lost her dream, but regained upon encountering Daisuke; it was also the place where she chanced upon Rina as well as where they separated.

“……I’m back, Daisuke-kun…Rina…”

Shiika had arrived at Ouka City.

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Does this means she will get to the Ouka East High school safely?


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