About the Site

Guess I'll just place up the edited version of the intro which I've done when I first started so that people know what to expect here.

Site creator here. I go by the nick of zgmfx09a.
Currently in university.

Started this site probably as a hobby.

What to expect from this site? I'll mainly be doing Engrish translations from Light Novels that has been translated into Chinese.

This means that whatever you are reading undergoes two translations. Things may be lost in translation here. If you are particularly anal about it, close this window/tab now.

If you expect excellent grammar, then close this window/tab now too.

My aim is to ultimately share light novels that I find interesting to the English community. While I won't go to the state of posting gibberish for people to read, ultimately, as long as the plot/idea gets across to the audience, I am done. Alice, Drkmerc and Yeb are currently helping me out with the editing.

Then there's Sveroz and Wing who works on Mushi Uta. They are a separate team, but do give them your support if you enjoy their work as well.

I am studying Japanese as my elective currently, but it is not proficient to the stage where I can read or translate. I can only work out simple sentences. So yeah. Chinese is my mother-tongue, which is the reason why this site exists.

You may ask why didn't I use Baka-Tsuki instead. I like my freedom here. Comments in the blog posts also makes it easy for readers to voice out any mistakes that they see.

As for the frequency and speed of update, it all depends on how busy I am.

I may also use this blog to do reviews on novels I've read (lots of incest stuff...), maybe some brief summary on titles I've no plans to translate alone (like Oreimo novels and stuff).

Just for the records, C.E. stands for Chinese->English. Also a small play on the Cosmic Era of Gundam SEED, because if you haven't realise, I am a Gundam fan.

So there. Hopefully you'll enjoy the stuff here.