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Mushi Uta Volume 0: Main/Content Page

The Beginning of Dreams
Author: 岩井恭平(Iwai Kyohei)Illustrator : るろう (Rurou)


Story Synopsis:

(Kakkou)’s first mission, was to face a Mushitsuki (Fuyuhotaru) who had annihilated more than dozens of SEPB members, and capture her. After pulling through an intense battle where many lost their dreams, the only survivor (Kakkou) encountered a girl in a snowing street. Never had he expect, that the girl who was looking at him with those pairs dimly lit eyes and harbored the same dream as him, was actually (Fuyuhotaru) herself!

Included along with this fateful encounter between the two, was another story that depicted the birthing of the legendary Mushitsuki Tachibana Rina, “Dream of Sunset”.

This is the best, and the worst, beginning of dreams!


-- The Beginning of Dream --

Chapter 0.00: Shiika Part 1
Chapter 1.00: Shiika Part 2
Chapter 1.01: Kakkou Part 1
Chapter 1.02: The Others
Chapter 2.00: Shiika Part 3
Chapter 2.01: Kakkou Part 2
Chapter 2.02: The Others
Chapter 2.03: Kakkou Part 3
Chapter 3.00: Shiika Part 4
Chapter 3.01: Kakkou Part 4 
Chapter 3.02: The Others
Chapter 4.00: Shiika The Last
Chapter Epilogue: Kakkou The Last 

-- The Dream of Sunset --

Chapter 0.00: The Others
Chapter 1.00: A Centipede
Chapter 1.01: Rina Part 1
Chapter 1.02: Rina Part 2
Chapter 1.03: Rina Part 3
Chapter 1.04: Rina Part 4
Chapter 2.00: A Hatter
Chapter 2.01: The Others
Chapter 2.02: Rina Part 5
Chapter 3.00: A Puppeteer
Chapter 3.01: The Others
Chapter 3.02: Rina Part 6 
Chapter 3.03: Rina Part 7 
Chapter 4.00: Rina The Last
Chapter Epilogue: A Ladybird

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Wing (Translator)
Skat (Editor)
Akios (Editor)

 - Terms Corner -
SEPB’s classification:

Kashu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had outstanding ability in combat. Almost all of the currently existing Mushitsuki belong to this category.

Ishu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had some sort of special ability.

Hishu: Title given to Mushitsuki that had all sort of unique condition. This title is one of the rarest, not that many was given such title in the whole series. So far Shiika is the only one that had obtained this title. (Because she’s the only one that awakened from Fallen status.)

(Mushi) Types:

Minion Type: Also known as separation type whereas the Mushi would be separated from the host themselves. This is the most populated type of all, near 80% (estimated) of Mushitsuki population had this type.

Special Type: Every Mushi of this type have no physical shape of itself, but might form one when it actives its ability which would mostly likely be control of certain medium within its territory. IE: Fire, electricity, gravity, etc.

Fusion Type: The rarest type of all. The Mushi of this type would fuse itself with Mushitsuki’s body + weapon to active its ability and further grant super human strength, speed, and durability to its host.

And it's here!~ This is the volume that I think we should cover before moving any further.
We should at least know about our heroines' past right? The events that took place four years ago, from the beginning to the end, all of it will be in this volume! Not only that, we also get to see how Rina became a Mushitsuki~ ^ ^

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  1. Can't wait to read the 1st chapter. ^_^

  2. Rina's already dead right? Why would we need her flashback?

  3. This novel already completed translated right? Can you make the pdf?

    1. No? There's still 4 more chapters to go for the Beginning of Dream.

  4. ? The dream of sunset? Is there still more for this volume?

    If not then can you make the PDF? For collection.

    1. Yes there is still more to this volume, "The dream of sunset" isn't finished TLing. However, due to their timeline being different, I'm planning on making separate PDF for each arc and that will shall done after i finish my finals, when i have more time to tl.

  5. Thanks for the translation keep it up :D

  6. Is volume 4 gonna be translated once volume 0 is done?