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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Epilogue: Kakkou The Last

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For those of you who are interested in this series, you may begin reading it in this order. Volume 0's "The Beginning of Dream"(Shiika's arc), Volume 1~3, and then Volume 0's "The Dream of Sunset"(Rina's arc).

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Version: 1.01



Kakkou The Last

After walking out of the school gate with his classmates, he immediately noticed a black-colored car that was parked on the side.

And just when (Kakkou) shifted his gaze to that direction, the car’s door suddenly opened.

Walking out from the driver’s seat was a young man putting on a shallow smile. He was dressed in an expensive-looking suit as usual, but rather than gloomy gray, today he was in a full navy blue.

“Sorry guys, I guess I can’t go play with you today as well. I just remembered I had something important to do.”

On the face of (Kakkou) who was putting a smile, many Band-Aids could still be seen sticking all over. By using “falling down the stairs” as an excuse, he somehow managed to cover up for his injuries from his peers and teachers.

“Eh---?! Again? What’ll we do without you?!”

“I’m really sorry! Kinoshita, play for me this time as well okay?!”

Leaving behind his complaining friends, (Kakkou) sped towards the young man. Due to the injuries from the previous battles, just a little sprinting alone was enough to make his whole body rebel in pain.

Haji Keigo, as usual, greeted (Kakkou) with a shallow smile.

“Look at you and your body covered with wounds. I can’t believe you still want to go to school in that kind of condition, shouldn’t you at least take today off?”

“Weren’t you the one who kicked me out when I said that, and said “it would be suspicious so I should still go”?!”

“Ah, did I really say that?”

“…Whatever, putting that aside, what is it that you want? Didn’t I tell you to not come and pick me up?”

“No no, I just wanted to let you know about the current situation as soon as possible.”

Facing the silent him, the young man lightly clapped his hands, making *Papa* sounds.

“First of all, congratulations to you! You have been officially promoted to Kashu level one ranked.”

“That sort of thing doesn’t make me happy at all, you know?”

“I guess it was only natural for them to do so as matter of course. After all, you were the one who successfully captured the Ishu level one ranked (Fuyuhotaru).”

Hearing Haji’s frivolous tone, (Kakkou) zipped his lips into a straight line.

(Fuyuhotaru) --- that girl’s last smile, he could still remember it vividly even now.

No matter how many years pass by, he would never be able to forget.

“(Fuyuhotaru) will be accommodated in the isolation facilities used to isolate the Fallen, (Garden). In addition, despite her having turned into a Fallen already, we thought it would be best to arrange a watcher to monitor her. The one chosen for this task, was the combatant who had failed this operation and was downgraded from Kashu level three ranked to a Kashu level five ranked, (Namie). I heard she personally volunteered to be (Fuyuhotaru)’s watcher.”

“…Is that so ---“

“And lastly, as the hero who put this commotion to an end, me, I have finally obtained the title of branch director of the East Central Division. With this, you can say that we both have found a place where we belong, even though it is just temporary.”


(Kakkou) didn’t say a word, just merely gazed at the far eastern sky.

The snow from yesterday had already disappeared without a trace. A clear, blue sky filled his view. In the direction of (Kakkou)’s gaze, there was a neighboring city called Hashiba City.

(Garden) --- An isolation facility under SEPB East Central Division’s surveillance was located in that city.

“The resolve to do anything to protect your dream, do you have it now?”

Upon hearing Haji’s question, (Kakkou) replied right away:

“I’ve already made a promise with (Fuyuhotaru)… to never give up realizing my dream. Moreover, she hasn’t given up yet; she promised me she will one day remember her dream. As long as she lives, someday she will definitely…”

(Kakkou) gazed wordlessly at his tightly clenching fists.

The instant when he pulled the triggered on (Fuyuhotaru)’s (Mushi), he had already made up his mind.

No matter how painful and shameful the path would be, no matter how much resentment he has to shoulder, he would definitely protect his dream to the bitter end. Because in his heart, there were the feelings of the girl who had the same dream as him infused deep inside.

After looking at (Kakkou)’s profile, Haji once again showed a shallow smile.

“To remember her dream one day huh… I did not expect her to be able to say such words right before she turned into a Fallen. No wonder she was just as strong as you.”

Hearing the “Click” sound, (Kakkou) turned around and saw the young man opening the door to the driver’s seat and was taking a seat. He then raised another question he had on his mind.

“How’s Takakuwa? Is he arrested?”

“Still undergoing interrogation.”

Haji leaned against the door, and said sarcastically.

“I’m afraid he will not be sentenced. Using Mushitsuki to trigger a coup; there’s no way we could release something like that to the public. And besides, Takakuwa himself has a wide range of connections and influence. But I’m sure he won’t be able to do anything within a time period. In regard to that man, there’s nothing else we should be worry about, but ---“


“The impact that man has caused is immeasurable. After all, he has caused a large amount of Mushitsuki to appear before the public. The existence of Mushitsuki will surely cause an even bigger uproar compared to before. Even Mushitsuki themselves are gradually changing as well. Since the number is still growing, and even Strong Mushitsuki like you and (Fuyuhotaru) have appeared… who knows what will happen next…”

“It’ll be fine.”

He replied wryly.

“To survive, we just have to keep on winning – isn’t that right?”

“Yeah, we can’t lose, not until the day we realize our dreams.”

Leaving behind his usual smile, Haji sat in the car.

After seeing the car drive off, (Kakkou) turned around and made a step forward.

Walking on the sidewalk, (Kakkou)’s expression rapidly transformed into that of an ordinary school boy. Everything he had been doing was for the sake of hiding his Mushitsuki’s identity. From now on, he must continue this disguise, and act like an ordinary person without any special traits.

“Well then… I wonder if I can still make it if I go now… Kinoshita really sucks at that game after all.”

The green Kakkou Mushi that slowly descended from the sky began to chase after the boy who suddenly increased his pace.

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