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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 4.00: Rina The Last

For some reason, some people were able to obtain the final volume of Mushi Uta before its release date (how's that possible? I have no clue). IF I can get some better quality of these *spoilers* that I just saw, I'll make a post about it, but if not then oh well.

Nonetheless, gotta post this anyway~

(Featuring people that you'll get to meet in the later volumes (7~10), expect ton of waterworks from them too)


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Rina The Last

“---And that’s it.”

Sitting at the end of the hallway of her apartment, Rina finished what she wanted to stay with a lazy tone.

Shiika, who sat next to her, blinked her eyes a few times.


“’Eh’ what? I’m done. This is the story of how I became a Mushitsuki. I’m finished.”


The most important part is missing --- She seemed to have wanted to say that.

The story that Rina had spoken was missing some part in the middle.

How did Rina become a Mushitsuki?

And why did she appear at Skypia at that time?

It felt like certain important parts were secretly cut away.

“Didn’t I tell you? I really couldn’t remember clearly what had happened at that time. It all felt like a dream, I really couldn’t tell what was real or not.”



Shiika still looked puzzled. Rina reached her hand to gently rub her head. Although feeling embarrassed, she still closed her eyes to feel the warmth coming from her palm against her.

“I think I was destined to become a Mushitsuki.”

“Destined… to become a Mushitsuki?”

“Those three that I’ve met, Centi --- which is Kazufusa, Rokko, and (Mr. Hat House)… there’s nothing special about them. But ever since I started to encounter different kinds of Mushitsuki --- somewhere during that time, I started to have the same dream as them.”

Shiika raised her head, gazing at Rina’s profile.

“To ‘create a place where Mushitsuki belong’…?”


Rina smiled as she nodded her head.

That’s right, the Mushitsuki she met at that time, they weren’t any special.

All Mushitsuki were suffering, seeking salvation.

The Shiika in front of her right now was also the same. Rina could clearly hear the moaning from her heart, so clear that even her heart would start to ache in pain.

Those moaning, from the people seeking salvation, would resonate with her heart ---

If it would resonate, it must prove that Rina herself must ---

“Okay, it’s time to sleep, go sleep!”

“What about you Rina?”

“I’ll go wash my face first. You can go back to the bedroom first.”

Shiika nodded and stood up. While walking through the dim hallway, she suddenly turned around as if she remembered something.

“Goodnight, Rina”

Seeing Shiika show a gentle warm smile, Rina felt relieved. It seemed like all those conversations had helped her calm down a lot, which was a relief.

“Mm, goodnight.”

For some reason, she felt at ease whenever she was with Shiika. Was it because she said that they had similar dreams?

Constantly fighting, constantly consuming her dream, she started to feel her tired heart heal a little just by staying around her.

But it didn’t seem to have worked that well as she had expected.

Just when she was about to stand up, she lost her consciousness for a moment. The heart that was being constantly devoured by her (Mushi) twitched in pain. The past memories flashed through her mind like lightning.

In front of Rina whose consciousness began to blur, a little girl’s figure appeared at the end of this dim hallway.

An illusion displayed by her almost overwhelmed mind.

That was --- the figure of Rina who had just become a Mushitsuki.


Step by step, the young Rina slowly approached through the dim hallway.

That tiny figure was crying.

Making a whining sound, weeping with a hoarse voice,

She, who was lost, was longing for a hand that could bring her out of this maze, sobbing as loud as she could.


The crying Rina walked past the current Rina’s body.

Rina instantly turned her head around, but found nothing but darkness behind her. Cold sweat formed on her forehead as she regained consciousness.

“---I’m sorry, Shiika.”

Rina quietly whispered.

She lied.

Everything that had happened, until now she still clearly remembered them. She would never be able to forget.

On that day, the young Rina cried.

The Rina, who was also so strong and stubborn, was shedding tears that no one had ever seen for the first time in her life until her voice became hoarse and broken.

“… Don’t worry, I will give you a place where you belong…”

These words that she uttered, was it for Shiika?

Or ---

“I’ll definitely…”

Her life,

Her dream,

They existed for this purpose.

After tonight has passed, Rina would make up her mind.

Even if it cost her life, she would definitely create a place where Mushitsuki could live happily at.

“It was for this that I’ve been fighting till now.”

Fighting so much that she had already grown tired of it,

She encountered many people, but also lost many comrades.

And at last --- She met Anmoto Shiika, a teenage girl who she could call ‘friend’ for the first time.

This path she had chosen, and the road she had walked, there was no regent in them.

Rina proudly raised her head, and puffed her chest.

“Yeah, I’ll definitely --- win!”

Covering up the pain in her heart with a face full of smiles, Rina moved forward.

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