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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 3.03: Rina Part 7

Black Bullet's manga is totally awesome ~~~ Much better than its anime imo xD
After finished watching the 3rd ep, I noticed that the setting is also quite similar to Mushi Uta in some aspects, the cursed children = Mushitsuki (excluding the guys), Gastrea = Matured Mushi, the discrimination issue against the cursed children, government sponsored special agencies, and etc more.
Gotta love the tragedy and drama part of both series too, they are the best!

Version: 1.01

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Rina Part 7

When Rina returned to her home, everyone who had come for the funeral in the backyard all gasped from shock.

“Milady…What happened to you?! Are you hurt ---?”

“H-Hey! Someone please go and call the police---!“

Rina, who was wrapped in tattered mourning outfits, ignored the gasping visitors, and ran straight in.

She ran into the room where the funeral was being held, looking at her mother’s portrait before silently praying.

Good bye, Mom ---

She most likely would not come back to this house ever again. That’s why, the first thing she wanted to do, was to bid farewell to her mother.

I’m sorry, that I couldn’t save you ---

Ignoring those cold gazes from the consoling people, Rina ran once again, up the stairs into her own bedroom.


Standing in the corner of the room, there was Mikajima wearing a mourning outfit.

Rina walked past the private tutor, before stopping in front of the window.

She wanted to carve this twilight scene she saw from here, deep down her memory and eyes.

This scenery that she could see through this window, was Rina’s everything until yesterday. Every day she stood here and looked through the window, dreaming of a future someday when she could finally be free.

“Are you leaving this house?”

Mikajima asked quietly.

Rina didn’t turn around.

Let’s paint it down ---

This thought flashed through her mind.

Before that, I have to learn how to paint first ---

Not with pencils but rather with pigments, painting it down onto a piece of canvas. This scenery that she gazed at every day only existed in her heart. Neither camera nor photo could fully capture this scenery within her heart.

And don’t forget, this emotion I’m feeling right now. I will recall them altogether, and paint them all down.

Just then, a seven dotted ladybug landed onto Rina’s shoulder. Looking closely, one would notice that this creature was significantly different from the original insect.

“Why… do you not hesitate dirtying that beautiful profile of yours, and wear such tattered clothing ---“


“Also, that (Mushi) ---“


“You’ve changed. --- But in my eyes, you are still as beautiful as ever.”

Rina turned around, preparing to leave the room.

“Please take me with you.”

On hearing Mikajima’s words, Rina halted.

“I wish to forever stay by your side.”

Rina turned around, showing a smile. Her gaze slowly shifted onto the teddy bear on her bed.

“I’ll give that stuffed animal to you. If you really want to come with me, just think of that bear as me.”

“Are you going to abandon me?”

“Mikajima you’re a very strong person, I feel like if I were to stay by your side, I will only make you weaker.”


“From now on, you have to live for yourself.”

Mikajima clenched her lips slightly. It was as if she was signing that if that was what Rina wished for, she would follow that order until the end, and suppress her own aspirations.

“I will live for Mushitsuki.”

I’ve already decided.

After encountering with those three Mushitsuki, she finally understood.

Every Mushitsuki was moaning from their heart.

They needed a shelter where they can rest,

That’s why Rina --- she, who could hear those moaning within, would definitely create such a place for them.

It was for this purpose that she became a Mushitsuki --- She hoped she could think like that.

“Oh yeah, gotta go to school and bid farewell to that guy as well…”

The boy who had been acquaintance with her since childhood --- Shirotani Reiji’s face flashed through her mind for an instant.

She could no longer act spoiled towards the environment surrounding her till yesterday anymore.

She, who have committed a certain “sin”, from today onward, must march towards a new destination ---

“Good bye---“

Towards the private tutor who was standing there blankly,

And --- the last sunset, that she’s seeing through that tiny window for the last time.

Rina gave her brightest smile, and silently bid her farewell.

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Anyone wanna take a guess what is the "sin" which she committed?

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