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[Mushi Uta v0 ] Chapter 2.03: Kakkou Part 3

The becoming of a "Demon" --


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Kakkou Part 3

“Oi, (Hozumi)!”

On top of the elevated road, (Kakkou) faced (Hozumi)'s figure and called out to him.

However, on the concrete floor around him, water-like ripples suddenly began to spread like waves. A crustacean-like object appeared amidst the ripples, surfacing from beneath the ground. (Hozumi) immediately stepped onto its blue-colored carapace.

Ignoring the voice that was calling out to him, the carapace carrying (Hozumi) began to speed up like an arrow being shot from a bow. Without even turning back, his figure disappeared at the end of the business district.

Upon seeing the appearance of monsters, the passersby that were walking on the road all gave out screams of fear and fled in all directions. It seemed like the East Central Division members no longer planning on abiding to the iron rule of SEPB of hiding their identities as Mushitsuki anymore. They each rode on their (Mushi) and stampeded through the crowd.

"Damn it, what the hell is going on?!"

"(Kakkou), please immediately respond."

All of sudden, a familiar voice came from the wireless communicator of the goggles.


(Kakkou) pressed his hand onto the goggle and shouted.

"Just where the hell are you right now! Things have gotten outa control over here on my side you know?!"

"Calm down, (Kakkou). I already knew the current situation."

"You said you already knew...? Then what are you doing right now?"

"It took me longer than I expected for my tasks; that's why Takakuwa was able to get a step ahead. I would never have thought he would launch a coup this fast, looks like I have really underestimated his ambition.”


"That's right, Branch director Takakuwa is planning on suppressing the Central Headquarters, and taking over their authority. He is probably scheming to unite all of the SEPB's Mushitsuki under his control, and use them to subvert this country. If Mushitsukis' abilities were used strategically, then it might be even stronger than the military..."

"What the hell...!?"

(Kakkou) replied in a disgusted tone.

Is Takakuwa thinking on using Mushitsuki as an army?

"Don’t you think that's too boring? (Kakkou)?"


"If the coup were to succeed, your "place of belonging" will be under Takakuwa's control; are you fine with that, (Kakkou)? Is that kind of place, the place of belonging where you truly want to be?"


(Kakkou) wordlessly clenched his fists.


To find a place that needs him, where he belongs --- that was his dream. His place of belonging was definitely not somewhere where he would be used as a weapon.

"Keigo... What should I do...?"

(Kakkou) lowered his voice and replied. Although (Kakkou) could not see his figure, he could still imagine the figure of him showing a smile after hearing this line. To Haji, (Kakkou)'s reply was probably something he had already foreseen.

"Ok! No-rank member (Kakkou,), this will be my first order to you as the branch director assistant then. From this moment onward, you are to immediately catch up to the East Central Division's combatants, and seize Takakuwa who is a suspect of launching a coup against the SEPB. He will be at the very front of the group of combatants advancing towards the Headquarters. Any members that get in your way, you may dispose of them."

"Put it frankly, you want me to fight against the whole East Central Division?"

"You told me before, even if there are more than hundreds of enemies, you will never give up your dream. I've been believing in those words."

On top of (Kakkou)'s shoulder, descended a green Kakkou Mushi.

"Any reinforcements?"

"Nope, only you."

"… After I seize Takakuwa, I will contact you."

"Good luck."

The instant the connection was cut, (Kakkou) immediately took a step forward. He gradually increased his speed, and began to run.

Trotting through the alleys, he arrived at the bustling streets filled with crowds. While running, he reached his hand behind him, and took out the giant and heavy automatic pistol that the SEPB specially prepared for him from the holster.

The Kakkou Mushi resting on his shoulder, jumped onto the body of the pistol.

Even after the army of Mushitsuki had passed by, the business district was still in an uproar. (Kakkou), while making his way through the crowd, gradually increased his running speed as he whispered lightly to his (Mushi):

"--- (Kakkou)."

The Kakkou Mushi that was parked on the pistol's body suddenly changed its form as if it has exploded. The wings that were emitting a faint glow, legs, and antennae, instantly became numerous tentacles and covered him completely as he ran full speed on the sidewalk. Needle-sharp like tentacles dug into his flesh through the gap of the goggles and long coat.

The tentacles that took root in his body, slowly surfaced onto his skin, and formed a green glowing pattern. Meanwhile, the tentacles also dug into the pistol. The metal-made pistol gave off a crumbling sound, as its form was being materiality transformed, its small muzzle literally became the mandible of a monster giving off strange groans.

"Damn it... Why do I have to fight my own people for my first mission..."

(Kakkou), who emitted brilliant patterns all over his body, forcefully made a jump. The legs that had been strongly enhanced from fusing with his Kakkou Mushi instantly left a huge pit on the concrete ground, his body pushed high into the sky. The two antennae that grew from the pistol were swaying in the wind.

After jumping over the pedestrians that were in the way, he landed in the middle of a crossroad a distance away in an instant.

Because of the sudden appearance of (Kakkou) jumping down from the sky, the surrounding cars all had their emergency brakes go off. While hearing the sharp sounds of braking, he leaned his body forward once again, and dashed.

Carrying the momentum, (Kakkou) continued to speed forward on the road. With a speed that had already far surpassed human's velocity, he gradually caught up to the cars driving ahead of him. Upon seeing the East Central Division combatants that were speeding ahead in his vision, (Kakkou) accelerated even faster.

"Turn back now! Takakuwa is using you guys!"

On hearing (Kakkou)'s shouting, the combatants situated at the end of the group immediately turned around. After nodding to each other, those combatants riding on their flying (Mushi) flew towards him simultaneously. In an instant, four combatants in all four directions surrounded him.

"Who are you?! Why are you getting in our way?!"

The man, who was grabbing onto a giant (Mushi)'s head, shouted at (Kakkou).

"You guys are the ones getting in my way! Takakuwa is my only target!"

He replied that line as he tried to break through the surrounding formation. But in terms of mobility, those combatants that were flying in the air had an absolute advantage over him, who was running while dodging passing cars. He couldn't break free from their formation.

"(Hozumi) has already issued the order to wipe out anyone that gets in our way! Don’t blame us!"

The combatants shouted as they gradually narrowed the surrounding formation.

(Kakkou) had no choice but to raise his pistol.

"Damn it...!"

The (Mushi) flying before him opened its jaws, and spat out a mouthful of transparent liquid straight at him. (Kakkou) instantly dodged the attack with a jump. Through the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the spot where the transparent liquid had landed; it had already melted down completely as a smoking mist arose.

Aiming straight at (Kakkou), who had jumped into the air, another (Mushi) intended to use its body to tackle him.

"Go die, you traitor!"

"Who is ---"

(Kakkou) reached out the hand that was not holding the pistol, and went straight on against the (Mushi)'s attack.

"-- the real traitor!"

Seizing the (Mushi) by its body, he used all his force and threw it down at the ground.


An earthquake-like vibration shook the surrounding buildings. The (Mushi), that was thrown down by his arm covered in green aura patterns, caused a pit as huge as a crater on the concrete ground. Its body was instantly splattered, and the impact resulting from this force snapped all the surrounding wire poles in half. The combatant that had his (Mushi) killed was also sent flying. After bouncing a few time on the ground, he rolled to somewhere far away.


Those combatants that had witnessed this scene were dumbfounded momentarily.

"W-What the hell is that guy's ability...! Did he... fuse with his (Mushi)?!--"

Before they could finish, a loud gunshot that caused them to feel as if their hearts were strangled tightly rocked the surrounding air.

(Kakkou), who had landed onto the ground raised his pistol, and pulled the trigger. Accompanied by a loud roar that one could hardly believe came from a pistol, from the monster's mandible burst out a soaring bullet burning in hellfire.


Without even getting a chance to scream, the (Mushi) that was flying in the air was completely shattered.

The combatant that fell onto the ground could not stop himself from rolling.

"Wipe out those that get in the way--- That's the same for me as well."

(Kakkou) swung his arm holding the pistol horizontally, and waved away the smoke of gunpowder. He then again squatted down, before charging into a dash with fierce speed. The red dot that appeared on the lens of his goggles left a long trail of red light behind him.

"T-To think that there exists such a guy in the East Central Division... I have never heard of him before!"

"So this is... a Fusion type Mushitsuki...?---"

Facing the combatants that were shaken with confusion, (Kakkou) forcefully made a jump.

With just one single jump, the boy glowing in a faint green aura landed onto the combatant's (Mushi).

Fusion type Mushitsuki --

According to the data that the SEPB had gathered and confirmed. Mushitsuki were existences given birth to by beings called (The Original Three).

The largest population consisted of Minion type Mushitsuki, which was birthed by a woman wearing round sunglasses, (Oogui). The host was capable of controlling an individual (Mushi), which separated from the host themselves, that used numerous kinds of abilities. Those are the Minion type Mushitsuki.

Aside from Minion type, there were two other Mushitsuki's existences. The hosts of those (Mushi) that don't have a fixed shape, or form of itself, were called the Special type. Most of them were capable of manipulating a certain medium of nature, such as fire and water, or capable of manipulating one's consciousness, causing illusions or a mental attack.

However, despite Special Type Mushitsuki being low in numbers, Fusion type Mushitsuki were even fewer than them, it's the rarest of all. They were capable of fusing together with their (Mushi), and obtained increased body endurance and strength. In addition, the (Mushi) would also fuse with any weapon that was suitable to the host and strengthen it. However, due to its cases being limited, there was still not a very solid confirmation on this yet.

"Y-You're not one of the East Central Division are you...?!"

The host of the (Mushi) which (Kakkou) jumped on, raised his head while trembling in fear.

"I'm one of the East Central Division's, starting today."

After saying that, (Kakkou) aimed the mouth of the pistol between that guy's brows.

"No, S-Stop it... Don’t kill me! I don’t wanna die...!"

"--- Nobody wants to..."

(Kakkou) bit his lips, and suddenly changed the direction of his aim. Gunshots echoed as the bullet pierced through the back of the (Mushi) that was under his foot.

Jumping from the fallen (Mushi) onto another, he ignored the opposite party's crying beg of "Please stop!", and shot them down one after another.

After defeating the (Mushi) that were surrounding him, he continued to run forward. In his view appeared a large group of combatants that were flying in his direction.

While running, (Kakkou) clenched the fingers that was holding the pistol.

"Why... did things have to turn out like this... Ahhh, damn it!"

Amidst the buildings aligned right next to the sidewalk and national highway, (Kakkou)'s figure could be seen jumping up and down. He dodged the attacks of combatants that came straight at him; using his bare fist or pistol, he crushed them completely with overwhelming strength and sent them flying.

Pedestrian's' screaming could be heard rising up and down. Due to the sudden falling of the (Mushi) from the sky, many cars crashed into the sidewalk fences from sudden turns.

The combatants blocking ahead obviously did not care about normal citizen's safety. While on the other hand, for the sake of avoiding damage done to surrounding citizens, his actions were limited to a certain extent. That was why whenever possible, he would move to somewhere deserted and wipe the opposite party out before they could have a chance to counter attack.


Taking an advantage of his momentary distraction, a (Mushi) went behind him, and used its long tail-like object to wrap around (Kakkou)'s leg.


The instant when he felt his leg was pulled, his whole body went flying into the air. Like an iron ball attached to a chain, his body was swung forcefully against many wire poles, snapping them in half before being tossed at a building far away.


His body violently crashed into the wall of a high-rise building. The wall that was covered in glass was instantly cracked with radical patterns, causing fragments to scatter in all directions.

After that (Kakkou)'s body slowly tilted forward, and fell towards the ground. Before he crashed into the ground, a herd of (Mushi) swarmed toward him, not giving him a slightest chance of taking a break.

But in the next second, one of the (Mushi) suddenly stopped moving, before spurting out body liquid like a fountain.


The (Kakkou), who had made rough landing with his enhanced legs, pierced through one of the giant (Mushi)'s abdomen with his fist. He instantly drew back his arm, before throwing out a roundhouse kick and scattered a nearby (Mushi)'s head completely. The overwhelming bullet released from the pistol mercilessly blasted numerous (Mushi) ahead of him into pieces as he seized a gigantic (Mushi) from attempting to crush his head alive with its fangs. He then lifted up the gigantic (Mushi) by its fangs --- before smashing it down onto the ground with his full force.

After the loud sound echoed, the gigantic (Mushi) was splattered into a pile of lump.

"Huaa... Huaa...---"

The boy, who had his whole body covered in the greenish body liquid, slowly raised his head. His goggles' lens gave off a blinking red light as he made his first step onto the path made out of evaporating (Mushi) corpses.

"H-How's that possible?! Just who the hell is that brat ---"


The combatants standing in front of him stopped attacking at once, and gradually move back to make way for him.

The goggles that was glowing in red, the hair that was pushed back by the goggles which made them looked like a pair of demon's horns, the pitch black equipment that covered his entire body, and the automatic pistol that replaced the death god's scythe --- the boy, who was called the "Demon", was now walking on a path piled up by (Mushi)'s corpses, and the bodies of Fallen who had already lost all of their emotions and memories.

"--- Damn it."

Underneath the goggles, (Kakkou) was gazing at the Fallen lying motionless beneath his foot.

Those that had lost their (Mushi), would become Fallen. And being a Fallen means that they could no longer act on their wills anymore, just merely empty shells that only knew how to breath and gaze blankly at the void, like a puppet.

If they were able to become Mushitsuki in the first place, that means they must harbor some sort of strong desire right? --- but now, no matter how hard they try, they would never be able to remember the dream that they once harbored.

"… Stop it... you guys..."

Facing the combatants that came as reinforcements and blocked his path, he made a step forward one after another.

Just then, the swift tail that came from behind caught (Kakkou) by his leg once again.

However, this time --- "Bang", a loud gunshot echoed.

The bullet that he fired without even turning back, shattered the owner of the tail into pieces. The tail that wrapped around his leg disappeared as if it had melted into the air. The demon's advance --- was not stopped.

"Don’t... get in my way."

However, rather than backing away from (Kakkou) who was clenching his teeth, the combatants charged at him simultaneously.

"N-No matter how strong he is, he is just a newbie that has no combat experience!"

"Yeah! Surround him! Fight him at a distance! N-No wait, that gun is still very difficult for us to handle, we should fight him at close range ---"

"But even if we can get close, that ridiculous strength of his will ---"

(Kakkou) lowered his body, and leaped with an overpowered jump before dashing at full speed at the direction where Takakuwa was heading according to the lens of his goggle.

Although numerous (Mushi) had attempted to block him, he jumped over them with just one leap. He then landed onto the body of a (Mushi) that he blew its head into pieces, and continued to dash forward at an even higher speed.

(Kakkou), who had returned back to running on the national highway, was constantly assaulted by countless (Mushi). While defeating those (Mushi), he continued to run straight at his target ---

"Damn it... Why does this have to happen...! Stop it... All of you! Enough...! Damn it!!!"

Just how many Mushitsuki had he defeated in total, even he himself had already lost count of that. Even the long coat that was said to be very tough and enduring, had become so dilapidated beyond recognition. The goggles also had a crack on its lens, and the noise coming from the image of the lens inside was even worse.

"Takakuwa is merely using us as tools...!"

Through the gaps of the goggles, tears began to ooze down (Kakkou)'s face as he ran furiously.

No matter whether it was Takakuwa Azuma, or Haji Keigo, they apparently were all the same in the end.

Using them, Mushitsuki, to fight among themselves.

If so, is there a reason for him to keep fighting like this? Even if he were able to stop Takakuwa's ambition from becoming true, in the end, he would still be used by the SEPB one way or another.

But, even so --- he still wanted to trust Haji Keigo.

After all that young man, who always had a cheeky frivolous smile on his expression, was the one who took him in after he was abandoned by his family, and was very stressed out from the lives of living while hiding his identity as a Mushitsuki.

(Kakkou) was yearning for a place of belonging that needed him. And Haji Keigo swore that he will realize his wish.

But deep down, he knew that young man was also the same --- like everyone else, he was just taking advantage of him, of his strength.

Even though (Kakkou) clearly knew that, he still couldn't let go, he couldn’t stop clutching onto that man as if he was his only savior.

"… You guys, enough... stop it already..."

One after another... Every time he turned someone into a Fallen, his chest would ache in pain as if it was gouged out forcefully.

Each of them seemed just like a reflection of himself reflected in the mirror. Each harboring their own dreams, each fighting to realize their own dreams.

His bare fists were crushing those (Mushi) alive one after another, as if he was merely toying with tiny insects. So fragile and weak.

He wanted to stop, but he just couldn't bring himself to.

That kind of emotion, was just too heavy, and painful to the young soul of a merely twelve year old kid.

"Damn it... Why do I... have to do this..."

(Kakkou)'s running speed suddenly underwent a drastic decline.

Is there really a reason for himself to fight against those who were Mushitsuki just like him?

Was his dream something that he really had to go so far for it to come true?

He just wanted a place where he could belong ---

It's just a tiny, trivial dream... Why does he have to hurt others just so that he can realize this tiny dream of his? ---


Just when his heart was suffering from all the frustration, a speeding Mercedes-Benz appeared in his vision.

Next to the car that was speeding on the highway, a group of Mushitsuki riding flying (Mushi) could be seen guarding by surrounding it.

"Takakuwa --- Azuma ---!!!"

(Kakkou) instantly widened his eyes.

His original purpose had long disappeared from his mind --- right now, all he could think about was the fact that the culprit that's causing him so much pain was right in front of him. This fact set his mind on fire, causing his vision to be filled with a bloody red.

If it weren't for him ---!

Squeezing all the directionless emotions as one, and cast it onto that speeding Mercedes-Benz in his view, his expression once again surfaced into the expression of a demon. He then again burst into a flat out dash, heading straight at the speeding car up ahead.

But ---

"Don’t get carried away, you no-ranked brat!"

In (Kakkou)'s surrounding, tremendous ripples suddenly appeared in the ground.

Coming from the water-like concrete floor, some sort of arthropod's huge long leg suddenly appeared. There were seven legs in total. And on top of the gigantic carapace that appeared along with those legs, stood a person who tied his dyed blue hair into braids --- (Hozumi).

The long legs that had sharp claws on them, suddenly came assaulting (Kakkou) from all directions.


Although he reflexively moved his body out of the way, he was not able to dodge them all completely.

A sharp claw, that came from below, pierced through (Kakkou)'s long coat.

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